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It was the moment I had hoped for my entire life. If I could stab that bastard in the back of his head, even just once……….


I had endured all the humiliation for this day. And finally,


“Kang Eui-jin, now you are my—”


“Fck-, you little brat!”


With the last of my strength, I raised his middle finger on Tae Jae-heon’s face.


First, a cry came between the darkened vision and blurred hearing. Having been together for over ten years, it was the first time I heard such a desperate voice from him. I was so ecstatic that I smiled even in the midst of the terrible pain of the strands of blood vessels being torn apart.


To be killed by a lifelong enemy bastard who treats me like a dog. By death, I was finally able to escape from him. There was no need to turn your tail to intimidation, or to be afraid of revenge.


I now finally understood the phase; I could leave without any regrets as I closed my eyes in anticipation of eternal rest.


There was so much suffering. Kang Eui-jin. Let’s rest now.




One day, something strange happened on Earth.


All around the world, horrible looking monsters began pouring out of the large and small gates that occurred simultaneously in the sky and the earth.


With no emotions, and no communication l, monsters were able to slaughter humans at random for no absolute reason. Countries fought against monsters with all their might to protect their people, but human weapons did not work against beings from another dimension.


Having lost hope, mankind fell into a state of great depression. However, there was a miracle that came along with the disaster. It was the awakening system.


The few people chosen by the <System> awaken this ability. They called them Awakeners.


The Awakeners hunted the monsters according to the instructions of the system and eventually were able to close all the gates. In the process, many Awakeners lost their lives, and those who survived became heroes.


Now the world began to revolve around the Awakeners.


It has already been several decades since the first dungeon break occurred. After numerous trials and errors, Awakeners, Gates, and Monsters have become familiar daily life occurrences that people cannot separate from.


Gates that appear from time to time no longer pose a threat to humanity as before. In each country, gates and corresponding dungeons were thoroughly managed by dividing them into series, and the awakened people who learned that the by-products of the monsters turned into money, became ‘hunters’ and voluntarily entered dungeons to hunt monsters.


The hunters joined forces together and founded a guild, operating by themselves. Among them, the largest guilds had enormous power that even the governments of each country could not ignore.


Of course, among the Hunters, there was a class.


This is given directly by the system; from F-class, which is no different from ordinary people, to S-class, which is the highest class.


To EX-class that cannot be measured outside of the standard that is passed down as a legend… It is just a legend, so let’s leave it out of the topic.


Finally, there were very few ‘masters’ who were out of rank.


The title of ‘Master’ was given only to those who reached the top of one field regardless of rank, so you can just look at it as something that’s fucking cool and awesome.


And that damn potion master is me, Kang Eui-jin.


But now I’m dead.


The first thing I felt as soon as I became conscious, was a bright light that covered my entire vision, so white that I couldn’t see.




Even when I closed my eyes again, I could feel the hazy light through my eyelids.


At some point, the pain that seemed to tear my body was gone. Even with my dizzy and confused mind, a thread of laughter leaked out.


If it’s a pure white space for an ordinary person who just died, isn’t the answer obvious?


It was clear I am in heaven.


Which means I’ll never see that devil bastard again!


That crazy bastard Tae Jae-heon used to tell me that we should die at the same time and go to hell with him on a fictitious day.


But in the end, I’m in heaven and the bastard will fall in hell, the deepest of them all.


“Uh?  Are you awake?”


“What, Is he laughing? Something is wrong with him.”


“Wake him up.”


I frowned at the noise around me. I haven’t even tasted the feeling of victory yet. A distant mumble sounded annoying. Can’t I rest more for the past ten years I have suffered?


The hand that shook my shoulder was annoying, so I slapped it away. Accompanied by a fake laugh, a violent hand pulled me up by the collar.




I opened my eyes in surprise. I couldn’t tell what was ahead because of the blurry vision.  I instinctively twisted her body and tried to get out.


Contrary to my thoughts, my body did not move as I intended. Before he could figure out what was going on, a large hand flew into his face.




I thought he had hit me with his fist, not his palm with the amount of power applied. The whole body shook with a dull noise. Before I had time to come to my senses, I was hit in the same spot once more and flew to the side, crashing under the bed.




I heard a ringing in my ears. With a clearer vision, I could see the blood that splattered when the ringer needle that was previously attached to my arm, was pulled out.


I felt the fishy taste of iron as if the inside of my mouth had been torn. I spit out and wiped my mouth with my arm, a long red trail of blood appearing on my cheek.


“It fucking hurts.”


The unexpected violence was insignificant, but it was difficult to hide my surprise, seeing the medicine pills and drops of blood scattered around me who was dressed in a hospital gown.


From the machines in the room to the five pairs of hostile eyes looking down at me from across the bed.


Tears came out, not because it hurt, but because…


Fuck. This is not heaven.

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