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Chapter 16


I can’t believe he was being ignored by his team members and staying in such a tiny room. If I knew, I would have brought him to our house out of pity. Of course, there was Tae Jae-heon in the house, so it was hard to be sure whether it was the better option……. anyway.


“Poor fellow.”


Kicking my tongue and shaking my head, I started searching the room to find my original goal, the guide card. Just like a person who will stay for a while and leave, his belongings were kept to a minimum. It made it easier to search the room.


I looked through the orderly pile of clothes but couldn’t find anything noteworthy, so I went to the drawer, which wasn’t too dusty. When I opened the first compartment, there was a black leather wallet.


“I knew it!”


When I opened the wallet, the guide card I was looking for was inserted in the front. The logo on the wallet was a famous brand that I have used before. It may have been used for a long time, but it was good leather, so it was still stylish in time.


“Did you get it as a gift?”


It’s too good of a wallet to be in such a dirty room.


After taking all the bankbooks, contracts, and documents that were separately filed under the wallet, I just roughly opened the remaining drawers and checked them. When I reached the bottom compartment, thinking it was the last one, I pushed the drawer that I had taken out with my feet. The drawer, though, was stuck somewhere, and there was a sound of a glass bottle hitting something.


“What’s going on?”


There was a sound coming from the drawer’s interior. Nothing on me could have made that sound. I opened the drawer again just to make sure and checked it. Not much caught my eye. Although I had assumed it wouldn’t be a big deal, I felt uneasy and this time completely pulled out the drawer. It was then that I heard the rattling sound of the bottles bumping into each other again.


It was not until I leaned over and looked into the place where the drawer was missing that I could know the identity of the sound. There was a palm-sized hole in the floor where the drawer was located. The last drawer was roughly pushed in, and the board covering the hole was hung open. I put my hand deep in, lifted the board, and took out the things inside.


A white, unlabeled vat and several finger-sized ampoules containing dark purple liquid. I don’t know what the medicine bottle was, but the unique colour of the ampoule made it difficult to see what was on the outside.


If I had a skill, I could have done a simple component analysis right away, but my skills are all locked now.


With regret, I put it down next to it and opened a white medicine bottle without a label. Inside were half a dozen round white pills. As soon as I opened it, a peculiar smell came up.


“What is it?”


I had no idea what medicine it was. I frowned at the frustration. I tried to think of something for a long time, even grabbing my head, but eventually gave up and got up. There’s nothing more dangerous than smelling drugs in a room the size of a rat hole that doesn’t even have ventilation.


I got up from my seat and returned to Han Seo-jin’s room with all the ampoules, medicine, Joo Ho-hyun’s documents, and bank accounts.


“Where should I hide…….”


No matter where I hid it, I was anxious because it wasn’t my room. Eventually, I came into the next room where I had slept on the first day and entered the bathroom looking for a place to hide.


He raised his foot and lifted the check-out opening on the bathroom ceiling. In the space that was revealed as part of the ceiling went up, the items brought from Joo Ho-hyun’s room were hidden inside, and they were firmly grooved again.


“I don’t know anymore, maybe here? Let’s go.”


I stepped out of the mansion. In my pocket, there was a guide card and two tablets packed separately.


As I stepped out onto the main street, a red stop with the sign “High-level Esper Team Accommodation Complex” appeared not far away. After a while, a small yellow bus came up from the forest in the distance.


The bus stopped right in front of me. As I got on, the driver, who looked quite young, greeted me cheerfully.




“I’m going to the examination centre.”


“Get in! Yeah. Let’s see…. a medical examination center. This is a circular bus, so it’s about 10 stops away.”


I was the only one on the bus. As I went to the back and sat in a spacious seat, the driver glanced back and said,


“Can I turn on the radio?”


“Do as you please, ….….”


“Thank you. Then I’ll go.”


The bus left. The wind coming through the open window was cool, so I looked out blankly, and at some point, the sound of the radio played by the driver caught my ear.


[Issue Sniper asking about today’s Issue! I’ll be informing you of today’s traffic. Who owns the gate that appeared at Suwon Haenggung [1] ? With the help of the Hunter Union, Deogyusan Mountain’s 1000 m above sea level dungeon was finally cleared! Who are the five producers who claim to be the students of Kang Eui-jin?


In the second part, we have an interview with an anonymous informant who quit Nox after working until very recently, from the whereabouts of the missing Nox guild leader and Kang Eui-jin to the current and internal situation of Nox! I’ll tell you, so don’t miss it and fix the frequency~]


‘What the hell are you talking about? My assistant?’


He raised his head. I didn’t raise an assistant. Not only did the madman not allow it, but he didn’t have anyone he liked.


At least, Yeon Seung-yeon made me think about raising him (as an assistant) at first.


Of course, there were also three faces that bothered me. But one of them is a traitor……. Damn it. Let’s not talk about that.


Aside from that, a Nox insider? Don’t you know Tae Jeheon? What terrible retaliation you’re doing that crazy thing to get? What an unbelievable thought to go on the radio and file an internal complaint against Nox unless he gave his life away!


Even considering that it is a place where provocative broadcasts are made with issues and tabloid rumors, it is crazy.


“Is there anyone who listens to B class radio like this?”’


The radio went over to the advertisement, but before I knew it, I had approached the front seat, the chair close to the driver’s seat, as if I were possessed. While waiting for the signal, the driver looked back and asked.


“You must be interested in Nox”.


“No, I’m not interested. Who cares about Nox? I hope it’s ruined.”


“Hahaha! Is that so? As soon as we talked about Nox, you came running to us. I was mistaken. I’m sorry.”


At my answer, the bus driver almost missed the signal while laughing with her full belly. I didn’t hate the loud laughter, so I asked while staring at it.


“Does the driver live here, too? At the Isle?”


“Sure. You’re a guide, aren’t you?”


“How did you know?”


“Because the place you rode is the accommodation complex.”


“I could be an Esper.”


“Hahaha. Esper is very sensitive without the guide. They can’t stand the sound of the radio. Besides, they don’t take a circular bus in the first place.”


Come to think of it, I’ve never seen old people walking around without blood bags in their lives.


Deeply sympathizing with the saying that Esper was sensitive, as the driver recalled Esper’s five senses, Joo Ho-hyun recalled Han Seo-jin’s personality and since then, he has passed several stops talking with the bus driver.


Strangely, however, no one got on until a few stops had passed. Again, no one got on and looked at the closing door and asked.


“Why aren’t there people today?”


“Oh? You didn’t know? The leader of the Cheon Rang Guild is visiting today. Everyone went to see it.”




Cheon Rang was one of the largest and most influential guilds in Korea, along with Nox.


Hunters in the guild and Espers in the nation. As the two had different personalities, the relationship between the country and the guild was not good, but I wondered why the head of the Cheon Rang Guild would visit the center.


Even Seong Hwon, the leader of the Cheon Rang Guild, was a total grandfather.


“Why did you come to the center?”


“I heard that he visited in the spirit of friendship to celebrate the expansion of the new dungeon…”


Even though there were only two of us on the bus, the driver looked around and whispered quietly.


“It is being said that there may be some kind of backdoor deal between acquaintances.”


“What kind of behind-the-scenes deal?”


“I don’t know what it is, but isn’t it related to Nox? The news of Nox Guild President Tae Jae-heon and Kang Eui-jin being cut off at the same time meant that Cheon Rang couldn’t stay still.”


Cheon Rang and Nox have been rivals for many years because they are large guilds that have been active since the earliest days. A few years ago, I was secretly scouted, and Tae Jae-heon, who knew about it, blew up the branch and dungeon of Cheon Rang, making headlines for three days in the news. In a way, it was natural to take advantage of this opportunity where Nox was reeling.


‘I meant about the reason why the old man was here…….’


The driver, who looked forward again, turned the steering wheel loudly and spoke in a quiet voice.


“Today is the weekend, and the leader of the Cheon Rang Guild is not a person who can easily go out, is he? He is so famous and handsome.”




“Of course! He’s the most popular hunter these days, very popular.”


He looked at the driver with shocked eyes. Of course, he was well-known as the handsome grandfather [2] not only in Korea, but also in other countries.


He looked bitterly at the driver, whom seemed to be in her late 20s and early 30s at first glance.


“……that’s your preference?”


“Of course!”


  • 1. I believe it’s inspired from actual 화성행궁.
  • 2. Search up 중후한 남자 on google, you’ll totally get the appeal xD
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  1. I’m also quite sad for the og tho we don’t know how he acted before right? Maybe he was a villain but…I find it difficult for villain to quietly accept to live in a tiny room in a attic