Author: WhatTheFlo

Chapter 2


I roughly removed the machine from my finger and the dangling patch from my arm, and stood up. A sound, not knowing how stiff the body was, came out of nowhere.




I could feel the eyes following me, but I checked the face reflected in the window without paying attention to any of them. The cheek on the other side was swollen blue before I knew it. Subconsciously, I raised my hand and touched it, feeling a tingling pain as I ran my hand over it.


‘How hard did you even hit? Anyway my head………”


What was more terrifying than the swollen face was the shaggy hair that had grown terribly. I shook my head and brushed off the bangs poking out of my eyes.


‘If my hair is this long, how long has it been?”


Seeing as I woke up with my eyes open, did I fail to die in the end?


“That crazy wizard………..”


Aren’t you a pure quack? He said he would send me away in a bang without any pain. When I actually used the scroll, the pain was so fucking painful, and in the end, I couldn’t even die.


I could just eat the poison I made. If that were the case, it wouldn’t have happened like this.  Thinking that it was the last chance, I became restless and behaved on a whim, resulting in a failure, not even managing to die.


I turned my eyes away, cursing the wizard who boasted that his scroll was the best in Korea.  Unexpectedly, the guys who were looking at me with bewildered eyes from across the bed were all unfamiliar faces.


‘Tae Jae-heon isn’t here?’


In fact, as soon as I got hit, I expected it to be Tae Jae-heon, so I was quite surprised inside.  He’s not the one to leave me alone unsupervised. Leaving only the people I had seen for the first time.


After a moment of doubt, I understood the rough situation.  If the plan I had prepared worked properly, it would have been so big that any guild would fall apart. It was clear that Tae Je-heon was quite busy trying to sort things out right now.


I felt good at the thought that the one shot went well, but when I realized that I was living again and watching this, I was breathless. It was said that if you bounced once and got caught, or if you escaped and got caught again, you would be cut off a limb…


My body trembled at the terrible thought. My eyes automatically turned to the door.


‘Will I bounce? Can I bounce?’


Even though he knew how meticulous and venomous Tae Je-heon was, the situation was highly questionable that he thought of running away.


‘Do not act hastily. It took me two full years just to find an opening to implement this plan.’


I barely resisted the strong urge and looked back at the doctor who was just watching from the edge of the bed.


“How long have I been lying down?”


“Yes…………? Around three days………….”


“What are you talking about?  How long have I been lying down?”


“Thr- Three days.”


My hair was so long, what do you mean three days? Did you get it wrong? I looked at the doctor who stuttered stupidly.  Then, a cold voice came from behind.


“What are we going to do now?”


These were the five guys I had been ignoring.  When I glanced back at them, they were glaring at me with a mixture of bewilderment and anger.


The person who spoke to me was the man standing at the front of the dog. My eyes went straight to his hand. He looked at his large hand and the chin opposite him slit and ran his tongue down the inside of his cheek.  It tasted like blood.


“It fucking hurts……….”


“I’ve been looking at how far they’ve gone, and they’re climbing up without knowing the end.  There’s no time to delay with your business, so get dressed right now.”


“Don’t want to?”


At my words, the mouths of the guys standing behind me dropped wide open. The man also looked at me with a frighteningly stiff expression.


I knew all too well that those bastard men hated me. Of course, wanting to take advantage of the opportunity and defeat me even once. Needless to say now that he betrayed Nox. But there was no reason why I should accept their complaints.


“When you’re done with your work, go away.  If you see that I’m awake, watch and go report. Why are you giving orders?”


“Are you rebelling against me now?”


“What?  What rebellion, what are you…”


I raised my head in annoyance at the strangely out of focus conversation from earlier.  I had no choice but to stop talking in the eyes of those guys who were looking at me like crazy.


It wasn’t the insensitive attitude of simply coming to watch over me after receiving an order.  It was a look full of caution and this strangeness.


It was full of machines whose purpose was unknown, and the clothes the doctors were wearing and the uniforms they were wearing were also……


Now that I see it, the surroundings are also strange.


It wasn’t Nox’s. I asked a stupid question for granted.


“Did you guys kidnap me?”




I asked quite seriously, but their expressions were distorted.. At the same time, my expression crumpled.


Was I really kidnapped?


“Where (Which guild) do you belong?”


When I asked again, the man who hit me touched my forehead and let out a deep sigh holding back his anger. Then he spoke to the doctor in a raspy voice.


“I heard that he was simply unconscious, that there was nothing wrong with the body.”


“Yes, yes. That’s right, boss. Theoretically, nothing is wrong………”


“It seems to me that there is nothing wrong with him now. Oh look.”


“Right?! You’re out of your mind, now!”


The man behind the team leader nodded vigorously in agreement.  With people in front of him, he asked perversely, feeling very dirty right now.


“What is your name?”


“Check again right now.”


“What is your name?”


“Yes, yes. All right, team leader…”


Team Leader? That’s the team leader? So which team leader are you?


The doctor, who had been bowing down to the team leader, approached me while looking at him curiously and reached out to ask me to lie down on the bed.


“I’ll have to do a test so please lie down………….”


“What, don’t want to.”




I kicked him in the shin in anger, and the doctor grabbed his leg and jumped up and down. I didn’t hit as much as I thought.


I clicked my tongue and looked at him. Is it the loss of muscle or weakened energy? My body must have been hurt.


“That’s Joo Ho-hyun??”


“He’s crazy, how can he…..”


I glanced at the guys behind me at the whispering sound, but I felt like the only fcking stranger who couldn’t grasp the situation here.


I shoved the doctor who was still holding his leg and made my way to the door.


“Move. I will find out by myself.”


“Really…….You’re annoying me.”


Ignoring the soft sigh, I passed the team leader, but a violent hand grabbed the nape of my neck.




Before I could even look back, I felt my breath stop, so I hurriedly grabbed my neck with both hands. My body stiffened from the oxygen escaping in an instant. I couldn’t even make a sound as the veins in my whole body shrank, the strength drained from my muscles.


‘What the hell is this?!!’


“Hyung! No matter how angry you are, he’s just recovered…”


“Team- team member!! It is dangerous if you put too much strain on his body before re-examination!”


“Cough, cough…….”


Did you get a status ailment? What kind of skill is this… As I struggled to escape, I cried out inwardly, feeling like I was going to die.


‘Status window, Status window!!’


A translucent window floated in front of my eyes.  The letters seemed to come to my mind vaguely, but all of a sudden they all disappeared, leaving only one hard sentence.


「You are not eligible to view.」


‘What? Crazy, what……. Status window!!’


It was the first time that I was told that I was not qualified to read it. No matter how many times I called it again, the contents displayed in the status window were the same.


「You are not eligible to view.」


「You are not eligible to view.」


「You are not eligible to view.」


Eventually, not being able to find out anything, I stopped struggling and limped. The team leader let go of the scruff of my neck only before I could not breathe. I fell to the floor unable to control my body.


The team leader grabbed me by the collar as I urgently took a breath from the slowly opening breather.


“Han Seo-jin. Check his head.”




A cold hand that was the opposite of a rough hand gently touched my cheek.  A calm voice came over my head as I flinched.


“I can’t read.”


“What?  Are you not going to do it right?”


“I said, I can’t read it.”


“I couldn’t read well from the start. You know, since that day.”


At Han Seo-jin’s words, the team leader threw me onto the bed without asking further questions.


“Cough, Shit…….”


“The reason, find out why. You will have to put it back the way it was.”


“Yes. Yes. I get it, team leader.”


The doctor replied with a strong nod.  I knew that the belt attached to the bed was tightly tying my body, but I couldn’t resist even a little with my still weak body.  Something filled my mouth and foul gas began to flow.


The team leader, who had been looking down at me with disgust until the end, turned his back and left.  The sound of a door closing was heard in the distance.


“Then, Joo Ho-hyun-ssi, I’ll start checking.”

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