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Chapter 25


Except for him, the rest of the team was the same. Woo Han-se, Woo Ha-yoon, Shin Yeon-hyung, and the team leader who welcomed the man and Joo Ho-hyun. Ye Seong-woo, Park Ga-in……. And even Han Seo-jin, who has a younger face than now, was standing far behind him and looking at him with a sour expression.


As soon as I saw Shin Yeon-hyung, my face crumpled with a shitty feeling. I should’ve killed that damn thing.


‘It’s gonna be terrible again.’


I expected that only the memories that I didn’t want to see would continue in the future because I already knew how they treated Joo Ho-hyun. Contrary to my expectations, however, Joo Ho-hyun got along strangely with his teammates in the ensuing scene. In the dormitory, on missions, in the dungeons.


Memories showed only scenes, and no sound was heard. Woo Ha-yoon, who is standing next to Joo Ho-hyun without saying a word and holding the hem of his clothes, is following him, even though words can be read through his mouth.


Shin Yeon-hyung rarely encountered Joo Ho-hyun, but showed no signs of violence. And at every moment, there was always the man next to Joo Ho-hyun.


Although they were convenient for short memories that were not cut off, Joo Ho-hyun was undoubtedly relying on his teammates.


‘It’s so different from now…….’


Gradually, my eyes began to darken. And the scene that unfolded was three-dimensional, unlike before. Unlike previously existing on the screen, the objects were presented in real size and were dark and opaque.




My eyebrows, which I had been watching with a bystander attitude, were raised at a high note that seemed to rip my ears. Joo Ho-hyun, who had collapsed with his back to me, was sobbing and calling out a name. Joo Ho-hyun’s arms and legs were drooping helplessly.


I approached there and checked who was in his arms. It was the Guide who took up the majority of Joo Ho-hyun’s memories. As I knew how much Joo Ho-hyun was relying on the man, my heart trembled even though I knew this was not reality when I saw his face over Joo Ho-hyun’s shoulder.


Soon after, team members who ran out of the darkness one by one passed me and ran to Joo Ho-hyun.


-Su-yoon hyung!!

-Oh, my…..oh no….


-Joo Ho-hyun! You crazy punk. What have you done?


-Save him! Save hyung!


Woo Hanse screamed as Ye Sung-woo collapsed, clutching his heart. Choi Jae-hee hurriedly hugged the man’s body.


Joo Ho-hyun was also shocked, but everyone demanded an explanation from Joo Ho-hyun, as if they couldn’t see it. It was an instant that asking about the situation turned into asking for responsibility.


“It’s a mess….”


I looked around slowly, leaving the new wave [1] behind. There must be some reason why the system suddenly changed the memory it was showing. However, except where Joo Ho-hyun and the guys were, everywhere else was covered in darkness.


“Cham, you’re so cheap. So you’re not going to tell you where it is. I’m not good at fields…….”


I was forced to approach a noisy place.


Instead of looking at Joo Ho-hyun, who was punched by the team leader and flew to the side, he looked at the traces on the spot. On the rough floor, a pool of blood was made with the blood of Joo Ho-hyun and the man.


Throwaway guns and cheap potions. Something flashed between the messes as I tried to pass by with a frown. Looking closely, I saw a white sheep struggling to get out of the collapsed rubble.




I approached it as if possessed. Translucent and smaller than it really is…….Is this also a vision of the system?


While looking at it curiously, the sheep suddenly raised its head. I felt sorry for the way it was struggling, but I couldn’t touch it easily, but the sheep’s expression suddenly changed and bit my pants crotch.


“What, you punk?”


Sitting on one knee, I grabbed the sheep. Unlike the fluffy look, the feeling of being held in the hand was normal. After pulling with force, the sheep finally escaped from the wreckage.


At first, the sheep, who was shaking his legs and stumbling, soon turned around and hit my leg with his head. When I pushed the sheep away with my feet because I was lazy, it jumped and ran away from me as if we were playing around.


Then at one point, the sheep suddenly bent its legs and hid itself between my legs.


“What’s wrong?”


Ye Seong-woo was there where the sheep’s gaze, peeping through his legs, was directed. He seemed to be looking around for something. I asked, looking down at the sheep.


“Are you afraid of him?”


Bahh. The sheep stuck its head in its leg. Looking at Ye Seong-woo approaching this way, I bent down and lifted the sheep.


“I have to go in a minute. But before that, hide somewhere else……. But there’s no place to hide. I can’t take you with me, man. Don’t bite. You don’t eat it.”


As soon as he said that he had to leave, the sheep began ripping off his clothes, so he spread his arms widely to separate it and set it down on the ground out of fear that it would bite his finger.


Then the sheep, who had jumped in place a few times in excitement, approached me and banged its head in its legs again. While flinching in a different century [2] than before, the appearance of the sheep disappeared.




I looked around, but the sheep was nowhere to be found. If it was the system doing, there would be nothing strange about it, but I felt sorry for the sudden disappearance of something that bothered me just a moment ago.


The boring new wave ended when Joo Ho-hyun fainted and collapsed. At the same time, the sights in front of him slowly began to blur. Since there was nothing interesting here so I continued looking at the people disappearing, when I heard someone whispering to Joo Ho-hyun.


‘You killed him. You should have died instead.’


“What is this? What’s wrong?”


I got up from my seat and looked around to see who said it. It was already almost gone, so even the voice was blurry, so the criminal who said it couldn’t be found. While looking around the space left alone, a system window appeared with a ringing sound.


You can no longer see it. Please proceed with the quest.


This means I can’t see it any further. While grumbling, my mind quickly became distant as if I had taken medicine. As soon as I closed my eyes, I was driven out of this space and found myself convulsively on the bed.




I lay in a daze and blinked.


Videos were often drawn in front of my eyes, such as when acquiring recipes or entering dungeons, but it was the first time my mind moved to the space of the system like this time. I wasn’t just looking at something, but I was so tired that I couldn’t compare it to being forced into my head.


Lying absent-mindedly and reflecting on what had happened with the system, I murmured, just in case.




Immediately, a translucent golden window appeared in front of my eyes.


{ Main Quest }


#1. Reveal Joo Ho-hyun’s cause of death.


Difficulty level: A


Time limit: 29 days 3 hours 56 minutes


Reward: Recovery of intermediate skills (excluding special/S-level/SS-level)


Permanent deletion of quests and skills on failure


Time was already passing.


“Cham. You’re so cheap…….”


Still, unlike the status window, it was nice to see the visualized system window in front of you. I shouted, raising my body.


“Status window!”


「You are not eligible to read.」


“……Surely so.”


I banged on the bed irritably when I heard the door-ring turn.


“Han Seo-jin?”


However, it was Woo Ha-yoon who opened the door and came in.


When I looked at her with my eyes wide open on an unexpected face, Woo Ha-yoon shook her head outside and said.


“Come out. They’re calling you.”


Only then did I realize that I had not solved anything since my work with Shin Yeon-hyung.


They’re calling me? I knew they wouldn’t let it slide. Numerous thoughts flashed through my mind.


‘What did I do wrong! Just tell me he’s a crazy pervert…….’


‘No, Shin Yeon-hyung. There’s no way he’ll stay still. I don’t trust my teammates either.’


‘…Then what if I tell Han Seo-jin?’


‘I just saw Joo Ho-hyun’s memory. There’s no way Han Seo-jin will help you.’


In all of Joo Ho-hyun’s memories, Han Seo-jin was always standing the farthest away and indifferent. Or he doesn’t look at all. I don’t know what kind of whims it is now, but I just knew there was no one I could trust among these team members.


‘Traitious bastards. You used to pretend to be so close.’


Eventually, his eyes turned to the window.


‘…Should I jump?’


I knew it was nonsense. How can you run away from combat-specific Espers when you don’t have any equipment or items?


Eventually, I looked up with a bitter look.


“…What about Han Seo-jin?”


“He’s not here yet. Personal duty.”


Han Seo-jin isn’t here? Then who moved me to the room? Looking around, I sensed a feeling of annoyance on Woo Ha-yoon’s face for a moment. When I looked at him, Woo Ha-yoon said irritably, turning her back.


“You fell down in front of my room. The door won’t open either. I didn’t take you home because I was worried, so don’t be mistaken.”




“If it’s your taste to be right, hang in there more. I already told you.”


Woo Ha-yoon turned her back and left the room.


I’m afraid that she might not be the younger sister of Woo Han-se…….


I was about to lie down again because I didn’t want to go out, but the quest window popped up in front of me as if I had forgotten about it.


{ Main Quest }


#1. Reveal Joo Ho-hyun’s cause of death.


“It’s not related to me…..”


Reward: Recovery of intermediate skills (excluding special/S-level/SS-level)


“I’m going to do it slowly.”


Time limit: 29 days 3 hours 56 minutes


“…….Oh my god.”


I’m sure the quest window just pops up, but why does it feel like you’re talking to me? Eventually, I got up and got out of bed.

  • 1. Originally, 신파 was a word that meant a play based on a Western-style play in the modern oriental world, but now it is used to mean ‘a movie with excessive emotions or forcing emotions on the audience while ignoring logic and probability’.
  • 2. The raws used: 다른 세기에 움찔하다 There must have been a typo cuz it doesn’t make sense at all.
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