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Chapter 26


As I was going down the stairs, I saw a white ambulance just exiting the mansion outside the staircase window. When I thought of Shin Yeon-hyung who was riding in it, I felt relieved.


‘Think that it was brought because of Yeon Seung-yeon.’


I tried it on Hunter, but I didn’t know how effective it would be for Esper, who was superior in physical ability to Hunter. Probably less effective than Hunter.


As I followed Woo Ha-yoon, who was far ahead, to the living room, the team leader, Woo Han-se, and Ye Sung-woo were sitting. As I stood far away wondering why he called me, the team leader jabbed at the vacant spot.


“Sit down.”


‘It’s an order, damn it.’


When I sat roughly on the stool, grumbling inside, a scene similar to the current situation overlapped in front of me and disappeared.


Joo Ho-hyun was bending his shoulders and sitting down, with the team members in front of him.


‘Huh? What’s this?’


I rubbed my eyes at the scene that disappeared in an instant, and Woo Han-se shouted at once.


“Hey, it’s you, right?”


When I heard Woo Han-se’s shouting, my fingertips trembled weakly. He looked at my hand in bewilderment.


‘What? Crazy, why are you shaking? Hey. Wake up.’


“Woo Han-se.”


When the team leader spoke as a warning, Woo Han-se pointed his finger at me with an unfair look.


“Honestly, who else would do that to Yeon-hyung hyung? It’s definitely him.”


I bit the tip of my tongue at the words of Wuhan Se. I thought it was peaceful even though I woke up. Maybe it was because I didn’t get caught yet. There’s no Han Seo-jin right now…….


In the end, after Woo Han-se was sat down by Ye Seungwoo’s dissuasion, the team leader looked at me. The moment my eyes met his, my body shrank under pressure again. I noticed something when I repeated my anxious feelings several times.


‘Status window.’


「 [Kang Eui-jin] ◀ ▶ [Joo Ho-hyun]


Would you like to sync?」


Is this what synchronization means? Damn it, don’t synchronize this shit!!


I wanted to grind my cheek whenever I faltered because I was frightened by trivial actions.


The team leader’s eyes became a little more fierce as he interpreted my agitated eyes.


“Shin Yeon-hyung hyung was found unconscious by Seong-woo and was just taken to the ward. And now I’m searching for the criminal who put Shin Yeon-hyung hyung into that state.”


The team leader said he was looking for the criminal, but I could tell when I met his eyes.


‘That fucker already knows everything but still asking.’

As he kept his mouth shut, the team leader took something out of his arms. It was a familiar thing.


“Do you know what this is?”


The spray, which was now completely empty, was made by Yeon Seung-yeon himself, so there were no letters written on the outside.


At the end, I was angry and threw it in Shin Yeon-hyung’s face, and now I regret it a little. Should I have just brought it out…….? I’m sure it’ll still be found out one day.


As soon as I woke up, I sat down and looked at the people who talked as if they were interrogating me.


“It’s mine.”




“Joo Ho-hyun. Do you know what that means? Damn it, Yeon-hyung hyung is now……!”


There was no time to answer what Woo Han-se said next to him. I was facing the angry gaze of the team leader, and…….


“What? I can’t move.”


It must also be the doglike Esper’s power. Perhaps because of synchronization, he shook his head to the sound of his heart pounding several times. He glared at the team leader as his body stiffened, and he tapped the spray with his hand. The rolling spray stopped right in front of me.


“Do you admit that you attacked Shin Yeon-hyung with this?”




When I nodded, my neck got stiff this time. At last, he answered with his lips that did not fall off his clear intention.


“That’s right… Ah.”


“As expected! I told you! It’s a lie that he lost his memory!! That’s all a trick.”


Woo Han-se ran wild like a monkey who lost a banana. In the end, Park Ga-in and Choi Jae-hee, who were not called by the team leader, came out.


“What’s the fuss, man…….”


“Hanse yah, what’s wrong?”


“It’s all a lie that Joo Ho-hyun lost his memory! He fed Yeon-hyung hyung something weird, so he’s in that state, of course! I won’t wake up like this…….”


“That’s just sleep.”


As I said, the Woo Han-se stopped and looked back at me.


“…what if?”


“It’s just a sleeping pill. He won’t die.”


It’s sad but.


I murmured my true feelings to the team leader.


“The madman did a perverted thing, so I sprayed him back. I was going to say it in words, but I can’t say it because my Guiding was being taken away.”


At that moment, the atmosphere in the living room subsided coldly. And only then did everyone’s eyes reach the neckline that no one was thinking of paying attention to. There was a handprint bruise on his neck. Even Woo Han-se couldn’t say anything, and only his lips were clapping.


“Ho-hyun ah… that bruise.”


Park Ga-in was so surprised that she walked up to me muttering. At that time, a trembling voice was heard between Park Ga-in and me.


“It’s…. all my fault.”


“Seong-woo yah.”


“If he did that to Ho-hyun, it must have been because Yeon-hyung ssi lacked Guiding.”


Why did he come out? For a moment, the team members soon began to fight among themselves.


“So he’s only done that for Guiding now?”


“I knew I would eventually do Shin Yeon-hyung’s job.”


“Are you covering Joo Ho-hyun?”


“Hey. That’s not true. Don’t be childish. He doesn’t remember how to Guide at all, but [tnote keyword=”he”]This he refers to Shin Yeon-hyung[/tnote] was going to take the Guiding.”


“What’s wrong with getting Guiding from the Guide! If Su-yoon hyung knows you’re doing this….”


“Are you the only one who thinks of Su-yoon oppa? I have told you not to bring him up recklessly.”


Rather than the fight, the sound in my head hit the goal.


‘I’m scared… I’m scared…….’


Maybe it was Joo Ho-hyun’s memory that responded to the loudness and harsh attitude, but something was murmuring in my ear that it was scared.


The firestorm of the Woo Han-se, which had been pushed back in the middle of fighting, soon splashed on me.


“I’ve been letting you off the hook so far, you aren’t doing all your responsibilities? If you’re a Guide, you have work to do.”


“Hanse yah, things are still difficult for Ho-hyun…….”


“Stop accepting me, too.” That’s why he’s making a big fuss about that easy thing! Did you ask me to leave the scene, or did you put me on a difficult mission? Can’t you do that one easy thing?”


‘I’m scared…’


“Leave me alone!”


Woo Han-se and Joo Ho-hyun in my head closed their mouths at the same time due to my shouting. Thn Woo Han-se asked in bewilderment.


“You, you’re telling me…….”


“Does Guiding mean accepting perverts? I will be the one who’s releasing then.”


“What? Ha, let’s see, let’s see, let’s see…….”


“Let’s see, let’s see, what? Don’t just look at it, say it outright. You jerk.”


Woo Han-se took a step forward as if he were about to hit. I stepped out in anger, despite knowing I couldn’t compete in strength because he was an Esper, the team leader’s voice was heard.


“Sit down, both of you.”






Woo Han-se and I fell on our knees. We wriggled to hit each other even if our bodies were pressed tightly by intangible power.


“What is going on right now?”


Han Seo-jin’s voice came from behind.




The idea that I don’t want to be unnecessarily involved in the work of the team, which has been in the spotlight for a while, has never changed. It was also the same when Joo Ho-hyun, who woke up from falling down, found out that he had memory loss. However, curiosity rose due to the attitude that changed as if it were someone else.


-I’ll do it.


It was just a quick impulse.


Joo Ho-hyun, who lost his memory, was an out of control bully. Joo Ho-hyun, who does things that he cannot think of as a Guide, often made me feel dumbfounded, and he was, in a way, naive, making him speechless.


-It’s just… It’s boring. What are you doing alone?


-Can’t you sleep with me?


-Hold it. I’ll guide you.


-I don’t feel good because you got dumped because of me.








-You….you don’t like me either?


Han Seo-jin had no choice but to admit it. Joo Ho-hyun penetrated deep into my daily life in a short time, and now I can’t stand it because I’m worried about him.


It was the first time I was looking forward to returning to the team’s dormitory after finishing my personal mission, which is more frequent than the team mission.


No, I’ll correct it. I am not looking forward to it, but I’m curious. I’m just curious. I didn’t think there was anything strange. Also, because I don’t know what kind of problem the colt-like Joo Ho-hyun might have caused.


But I didn’t expect a situation like this.


“…You’re bullshitting, too! Did I tell you to leave the scene or put you on a difficult mission? Can’t you even do that one easy thing?”


As soon as I opened the front door, I heard a cry. The disturbance from the inside informed us that it was a different situation than usual.


Instinctively, feeling that Joo Ho-hyun was involved, he hurriedly moved his foot inside. At the thought of meeting Joo Ho-hyun, the smile on his mouth unknowingly disappeared in an instant.


Entering the living room, what I saw was Joo Ho-hyun, who was forced to kneel in the presence of his team members.


“What are you doing?”


A strange cold voice came out. His gaze did not leave the back of Ho-hyun, who was wiggling and unable to look back.


What’s the matter? You have to complain that you’re late for me, that you were bored to death. You.


“Han Seo-jin. Right now, this is…”


“……No. Never mind.”


The team leader opened his mouth, but Seo-jin shook his head and took off the gloves of his left hand. Then he immediately grabbed Ye Sung-woo’s wrist, who was closest to him.


“Han Seojin, what are you doing?”


“Seo, Seo-jin ah……. I’m scared.”


Ye Seong-woo was startled when he noticed that Han Seo-jin was trying to use his power and shrank away. Han Seo-jin’s face hardened as he continued to read Ye Sung-woo’s recent memories in just a few seconds.


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