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Chapter 27


Ye Seong-woo, who was shaking with fear but couldn’t shake his hand, hurriedly fled to a place far away from Han Seo-jin as soon as his strength was released. Han Seo-jin glanced at the team leader without holding eye-contact.


“Relax your psychokinesis. What are you doing to the victim?”


“You’d know if you had read it. Don’t you see that the team is resolving the feud?”


“I am surprised that there is a priority to deal with the case where Esper tried to take the Guiding by force without the consent of the Guide.”


All the team members were surprised by Han Seo-jin’s way of speaking, who did not hide his laughter at the irony, and looked at Han Seo-jin alternately. Han Seo-jin continued to say without paying any attention to their gazes.


“Guiding to the extent that the Guide loses his mind is a crime that can be disciplined at the level of the head of headquarters without going to trial.”


“That’s the case if it’s real.”


“……are you serious?”


“Currently, Shin Yeon-hyung is unconscious due to an unknown drug. Joo Ho-hyun has just confessed that the drug is his.”


The team leader’s insensitive gaze reached Joo Ho-hyun.


“It’s a situation where we can’t say who’s the victim.”


“Joo Ho-hyun is a Guide. In this situation, it’s natural to protect the Guide….”


“If Joo Ho-hyun didn’t lie, I will protect him according to the procedure.”


Han Seo-jin, who breathed a sigh of frustration at the stubborn team leader’s attitude as if there was no further disagreement, approached Joo Ho-hyun and reached out.


“Go. Get up…….”


[Scary. Scary. I’m scared. I’m scared. I’m scared.]


Han Seo-jin let go of his hand that had been touched by fire due to the fear that flowed into his head as soon as he touched Joo Ho-hyun.


“What is this….”


Rather than being surprised that Joo Ho-hyun’s thoughts, which I was not able to read so far, were read, I was worried that he might be panicking with such intense and clear emotions.


When he helped Joo Ho-hyun up with his firm hand, Woo Han-se, who was barely released from psychokinesis, stared at Han Seo-jin and shouted bitterly.


“Are you really crazy?”


“Come out.”


“What’s wrong with you now? You implicitly agreed to it, too!!”


It’s these guys who made Joo Ho-hyun like this.


I raised Joo Ho-hyun up, ignoring all the words of Woo Han-se. His leg was bent and I hurriedly hugged his body as he was about to fall and came out of the entrance.


Joo Ho-hyun’s lips, leaning his head on his shoulder, turned around.




Unknowingly, I swiped over his sweaty hair, and once the flesh touched me, his thoughts and emotions began to be conveyed more concrete and direct than before.


[I’m scared. It’s my fault. It is my fault. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.]


I couldn’t say anything back out of mixed feelings.






I felt sorry for him for trying to hold out with his shaky legs. I could not take my eyes off the drops of blood on his red lips, that formed from biting and endured with resentment.


“It’s alright. We’ll go out for now soー”


I soothed him, saying, “Don’t overdo it,” and helped him outside again. However, Joo Ho-hyun stopped and raised his trembling hand as if he had to say something.


What are you trying to say to me this much?


With a deep sigh, Han Seo-jin brought his ears close to Joo Ho-hyun. Soon, Joo Ho-hyun’s small but angry voice immediately caught my ear.


“…… My feet are so numb……. Why did you talk for so long? You punk.”




“If you’ve seen a person crumpled up, you should’ve raised them first. How could you say everything you have to say before helping me up first? It was a trial and a rash, and my legs almost died…….”


Joo Ho-hyun’s resentment, who had fought alone for a long time, continued for a long time.




Standing next to Han Seo-jin, I stared blankly at the scenery passing by the window. At some point, I noticed the wind tickling my bangs, and when I looked up blankly, the window I hadn’t even manipulated was down a little.


“Do you want me to lower it more?”


Looking back at the voice from the side, Han Seo-jin opened his mouth with his eyes fixed on the front.


“You like getting winded.”


“Huh? Yeah. That’s right.”


I nodded in spite of myself and paused. No, even more than that…….


“Where are we going now?”


“You can’t go to the dormitory after making such a fuss.”


“So? Is there somewhere else to go?”


Han Seo-jin, who looked at me with a sidelong glance, answered lightly.


“I have to go home.”




“You’ll know when we go.”


Han Seo-jin, who’s an expert, has a house other than the dorm?


The question completely disappeared when the car entered the bridge.


“Wow! What is it?”


At night, the bridge connecting both ends of the wide river was brightly lit. It was nothing special when I saw it during the day, but now it felt many times better because of the reflection of the sparkling light on the water.


“Are we crossing the river?”


“It’s not a river, it’s an ocean.”


“The ocean?”


“The center consists of two artificial islands. This is the bridge that connects the two.”


“It’s not just a river but connects the two islands…….”


Closer to the open window, I heard a small laugh next to me as I looked outside.


“You’ve never been to the island across, have you?”


“Yes. And Pagan is much better to see at night.”


Han Seo-jin paused at my murmur.


“……Have you ever been here with anyone?”


“Yes. I’ve driven with Yeon Seung-yeon before, and the bus driver told me that she would show me around, so I took a circular bus and I saw her then. It was daytime……huh?”


Suddenly, the window that I was holding with my hand began to rise.


“Huh? Huh?”


Just before it closed, I pulled out my hand and looked around Han Seo-jin. I asked Han Seo-jin, who seemed to be uncomfortable for some reason.


“What? Why did you close it all of a sudden?”


“I told you not to go around uselessly. Where were you going?”


“It doesn’t relate to you.”


“It’s dangerous.”


“No, yah. All of a sudden……. You know Yeon Seung Youn….”


“Anyway, the bus driver? Aren’t you aware that you have lost your memory? It’s the same for today. I was not alert even though it happened.”


My lips tugged out out of embarrassment and unfairness of being vicitmized all of a sudden. I turned my head to the opposite side as my ears were torn apart by his naggings, and muttered under my breath.


‘What did I do wrong…….’


“It’s all reflected in the window.”


“Look ahead, you punk!”


Soon after, the car that went to the opposite island entered a high-rise high-end building concentration area located on a high-altitude area. Naturally, I followed Han Seo-jin, who parked his car in the parking lot in the complex, and asked in a bewildered way.


“Hey, are you sure you can come here?”




“We’re not going to get caught and kicked out embarrassedly, right? Then tell me in advance. Pretend you don’t know.”


“Stop talking nonsense and come quickly.”


Han Seo-jin, who was holding the elevator, shook his head and urged me to come in.


Once I came in, Han Seo-jin pressed the top floor.




I had no idea where Han Seo-jin was taking me.


The elevator door that stopped on the top floor opened. When I followed Han Seo-jin with half curiosity and half excitement, there was only one door at the end of the hallway, contrary to what I expected to be a rooftop. I followed Han Seo-jin, who naturally went straight to the door.


When Han Seo-jin grabbed the handle, the door that recognized biometric information opened. I opened my eyes wide at the large porch that was immediately revealed.


“Is this really your home?”


“Come on in.”


The spacious living room and hallway welcomed me as I went inside wearing the slippers that Han Seo-jin gave me. The height of the floor was high, so I looked around, and there were even stairs on one side.


“You have this floor, too?”


The house was cleaned neatly, but there was no sign of people staying. Han Seo-jin naturally walked around the house, closed the curtains, and turned on the lights.


Expensive materials and smooth furniture that don’t get on people’s hands. The smell of leather on a new sofa that hasn’t flown away, etc.


It couldn’t help but be a space that I liked. On the other hand, the box-like room was disgusting to consider again. Having scanned my surroundings satisfactorily, I immediately criticized Han Seo-jin.


“If there was a place like this, you should have brought it quickly.”


“I wouldn’t have come if it weren’t for….”


Han Seo-jin, who made a small excuse, roughly took off his outerwear and gloves and threw them on the Irish table. I asked again, watching how he acted in his own house.


“Is this really your house?”


A place that’s so nice?


Han Seo-jin, who had been looking into my eyes for a while as if he had read the omitted words from my expression, tapped the table and replied.


“Because I have a situation.”


“What kind of situation?”


“……In general, it means that you don’t have to worry about it if I say I have a situation.”


The lips that were attracted to the rough answer fell slightly.


‘You rude brat. This place is so expensive.’


Han Seo-jin, who made eye contact with me who was grumbling inside, paused.


“Why are you….”




Han Seo-jin’s eyes didn’t stray away from me.


“Even if you look at me like that…….”


What are you saying? He’s looking at me.


Han Seo-jin, who couldn’t finish his sentence, looked up as I looked at him.


He tightened his lips and looked at me again. He shook his head and suddenly turned his back to open the refrigerator door.


Han Seo-jin, who was struggling with his head, walked to me with his long legs as he tried to ask if I was crazy because I couldn’t stand the act of closing the refrigerator door with a bang after drinking water.


“Are you that curious about me?”


“……What are you talking about….”


“Okay. I’ll tell you, so don’t look at me like that.”


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