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Chapter 28


Han Seo-jin’s voice came to my ears while I was looking at the window next to what “such eyes” were.


“My grandfather is the president of the Esper Association.”




“This is the house he gave me after I was assigned to the Seoul Center. Until now, I didn’t think I needed it, so I stayed at the team’s dormitory. ”


I was surprised by the unexpected words and looked at them absurdly. Why is the president coming out of association here?


Even if I was far from being a hunter, I thought Esper, the president of the association, had some influence.


“Aren’t the president of the association above the center? The center is managed by the association after all.”


“It’s structurally, but it’s not that easily explained.”


“Then you….”


A gold spoon? No, a diamond spoon?


However, there were many things that were unclear. Especially the attitude of the team members.


Isn’t Woo Hanse’s behavior toward the head of the association too reckless for the grandson of the head of the association? Plus sending his grandson to an Esper team that’s like a dog of the country? All power begins with the exclusion of his own blood from hard work.


“Why are you on your team? Your grandpa won’t take you out? The team members treat you like crazy. Don’t they know you’re the grandchild of the president?”


“……The mandatory service period must be filled. And of course they don’t know.”


“Why don’t they know?”


“Because I didn’t tell them.”


“Why didn’t you tell them, umph, umph!”


Han Seo-jin picked up the gloves next to him and covered my mouth. I licked without realizing it, felt a chewy sensation, and spat it out quickly.


Spits, so dirty!”


“Go up now. It’s getting late.”


The gloves disappeared, but the remaining dog-like feeling stuck out my tongue and followed Han Seo-jin, who went up first.


Unlike the wide open lower floor, there were several rooms upstairs. Han Seo-jin passed several rooms and entered the innermost large room.


Han Seo-jin poked around the drawer and closet, gave me a fluffy towel and well-folded clothes, and said, jawing the bathroom inside.


“That’s the bathroom. Go wash up and come out.”


“Oh. Are you going to sleep here today and go tomorrow?”


Han Seo-jin, who was staring at my question, shook his head.


“I’ll stay here until I get my new job done.”


“I didn’t bring my cell phone.”


“Why do you need a cell phone when I’m here?”


“I have to contact Yeon Seung-yeon.”


“……Why do you need to contact him?”


“Why should I tell you that?”


When asked in a strange way, Han Seo-jin’s eyebrows twitched and he soon turned his back.


“I’ll give you anything new, so go in for now. If you don’t know the number, I can’t help you.”


“I know the number. Thank you.”






I wiped my body and came out of the shower booth. There was nothing left after wearing underwear and even a little loose T-shirt.


“What? Where are the pants?”


Searching for the pants that I couldn’t find no matter what, I opened the door to see Han Seo-jin talking to a high-pressure voice I had never heard flowed in.


“……there? That’s too late. It’s okay if it’s dawn, so send one. You know the address, don’t you?”


What is it? Send what?


I forgot to ask for pants and looked out curiously. As I leaned against the door, there was a squeaking sound.


“……I’ll leave it as a message. Hanging up.”


Han Seo-jin, who glanced at me, roughly answered the other person and hung up.


“Are you done washing up?”


“Yeah. Who’s coming?”


Han Seo-jin’s gaze slowly went down and stayed near my neck when I asked him with only his neck sticking out.


“I called for a healer.”




His expression crumpled with instinctive rejection. When I thought about why Han Seo-jin was looking for a healer, the white, long fingertips that stretched out to me touched my neck.


“You need to treat it.”


The fingertips that had touched slightly gently brushed down the neckline. The movement of his thumb, tracing under the wool band, tickled him, so I trembled and removed his hand.


“What, what. Me?”


“Yes. You got a lot of bruises. It would’ve been worse inside.”


“Why healer with this stuff. At times like this, you just drink a potion and sleep well to get better!”


“You can’t just have a potion. Just accept healing from the healer. They’ll arrive at dawn, so…….”




When I opened the door and entered, Han Seo-jin took a step back in embarrassment. Han Seo-jin’s face turned pink in an instant.


“Hyung, why are you…….”


An angry, excited face blushed. As a potion maker, I lived my whole life being compared to Healer. Healer, Healer, Healer, Healer, Healer just because my potion is a bit shiny and amazing!!


I couldn’t stand such an insult to receive such a heel from me.


“Take that back now, now!”


Han Seo-jin, who turned his face the other way, shook his hand and nodded.


“Okay, okay!”


“Seriously. Cancel it right away. Even if you call me, I’ll never get healer treatment.”


“Please go in and finish your clothes, then come out.”


Han Seo-jin’s words, which hiding his face down, reminded me of the reason why I visited Han Seo-jin in the first place. I looked down and said,


“That’s right, you didn’t give me any pants.”


“Ha……wait for a moment.”


Han Seo-jin, who returned, brought a light steaming mug with his pants. Han Seo-jin opened his eyes slowly and looked at the pants as if guessing.


“I’ve never had a client, so I only have my pants. If it’s long, fold it and wear it.”


“That’s funny. How long is it? It’s good if it’s not small.”


I’m 185cm tall though. With a huff, I threaded my legs as if to look. But unlike how it looked, the pants were a little, too long. I was embarrassed by the different length than I thought and raised my back, but nothing changed.




In the end, Han Seo-jin’s eyes turned to my feet as he tried not to notice the pants that covered the top half of his feet and went out of the bathroom. His eyebrows went up.


“It looks long.”


“No, it’s just right.”


Han Seo-jin handed over a mug in my hand as he answered sharply because his voice seemed to be mixed with laughter for some reason.


“Well, aside from that, Here, take it.”


“What’s this? Milk?”


There was a white liquid in the warm mug. When I sniffed with my nose, the warm steam moistened my nose.


“……it’s me. You don’t have to send a healer. Yeah. But if you have a good potion, send it to me. To the healing class.”


Han Seo-jin was talking to someone on the phone even before he asked if it was milk.


Does he normally just drink milk? I have it with bread or with something. I don’t remember having it alone. I tilted my head in wonder and sipped a little milk with a suspicious look. The unexpected sweetness that touched the tip of my tongue opened my eyes.


“It’s sweet?”


Han Seo-jin’s eyes turned to me when I muttered without realizing. My voice may have been heard over the phone, but soon enough, the other side shouted something loud.


Han Seo-jin, who had put his cell phone far away from his ears because his ears hurt, couldn’t hide his irritation and massaged his temples.


“You misheard. Who do you think there is?”


[…! ……!!]


“So noisy. Don’t worry about me. I’m hanging up.”


There was still a loud noise from the other side, but Han Seo-jin mercilessly hung up the phone.


“Who is it?”


“Just an acquaintance.”


Han Seo-jin, who answered vaguely, stared at me drinking milk, and said,


“Drink slowly.”


“Yes, but is this milk? Why is it so sweet?”


“I thought you wouldn’t drink it if you just gave me milk, so I put some honey. Why, you don’t like it?”


I liked it so much [1] , in fact, so I took the mug back near my lips and shook my head.


“No. It’s delicious. Do it tomorrow, too.”




I looked forward in wonder at the answer that didn’t come back, and the tips of Han Seo-jin’s ears were red as he smoothed down his face.


“Hey, you….”


“I can do it for you every day.”


Han Seo-jin, who answered in a casual tone, went straight to the bathroom.


I, who was left alone after the door closed, murmured as I looked at Han Seo-jin’s disappearance.


“What’s wrong with him……?”


Soon the sound of water came from the bathroom. In the meantime, I lay down on the bed, thinking while niggling my toes.


Whatever it was, now was the chance. A chance to temper Shin Yeon-hyung with a potion.


‘Which one would be good……’


While organizing the instructions to be given to Yeon Seung-yeon tomorrow in my head, the bathroom door opened. Han Seo-jin, who changed into comfortable clothes with wet hair, came out. I thought it was good timing, so I called Han Seo-jin.


“Han Seo-jin. Give me your cell phone.”


“I’ll give it to you tomorrow. I have to go to the warehouse and look for it.”


“I have to text now.”


Han Seo-jin flicked the cell phone that he had put on the table.


“If it’s urgent, send with this.”


“Well, thank you.”


Han Seo-jin, who was looking at me texting Yeon Seung-yeon on the cell phone, asked crookedly.


“Do you know my number?”




“You don’t know your fellow team member’s number, but you memorized the outsider’s number well.”


“Why are you picking a fight again?”


After sending the text, I went through the transmission history and immediately deleted the record and said,


“I didn’t memorize it because it was saved as my team member. What’s important to memorize when you see it once anyway……. I still remember it roughly except for the last digit. Was it three or four?”


“…… it’s three.”


“Okay. I’ll memorize it.”


Nodding half-heartedly, I looked back at Han Seo-jin, who was lying next to me.

  • 1. Our boi has a sweet tooth xD
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