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Chapter 29






“Why are you lying here?”


“……This is my room.”


“There are a lot of rooms. You are going to sleep here?”


Han Seo-jin sighed. What did I do again?


Whether it’s Shin Yeon-hyung’s work or going to see Yeon Seung-yeon tomorrow. Han Seo-jin was needed inside the center. I opened my mouth after thinking a little about whether I could get help from Han Seo-jin in approaching Shin Yeon-hyung.


“Hey, Han Seo-jin.”


Han Seo-jin looked back at me without saying a word.


“I mean Shin Yeon-hyung…….”


As soon as the name Shin Yeon-hyung came out, Han Seo-jin’s brows were frowned upon. Han Seo-jin stretched out his arm and pushed my chest to the mattress.


“Don’t think about useless things and go to sleep. It’s none of your business.”


“Huh? Hey, no. It’s my business. Why shouldn’t I worry about it? Anyway, didn’t I throw it away and run? I need to finish it.”


“You don’t have to worry. I’ll take care of your business.”


At Han Seo-jin’s words, I raised myself up, taken aback.


I can’t send Shin Yeon-hyung with just one spray that Yeon Seung-yeon gave me. However, if I said my plan, Han Seo-jin would have asked me where I learned how to make potions.


I pounded my chest with frustration.


“I can’t let him go like this either. Revenge should be done.”


“……You’re not taking revenge on him.”


Eyeing me like what can you do.


I knew it wasn’t true because Han Seo-jin ignored me, but when I faced that gaze, my pride hurt and I choked up. However, Han Seo-jin’s help was essential because it was not easy to meet Yeon Seung-yeon with a broken body without a cell phone and a car. He suppressed his emotions and looked at Han Seo-jin with serious eyes.


“Han Seo-jin. Trust me once. Please make room for me to meet Shin Yeon-hyung separately. I’ll definitely get back at that bastard with my own hands.”




Han Seo-jin’s pale hand, which had been staring at me without a word, came close. Then it touched my cheek. Han Seo-jin’s eyes shone golden as soon as the flesh met each other.


‘He can’t read my thoughts anyway.’


Han Seo-jin’s expression crumpled as he faced the eyes with pride. And… hugged me tightly.




I stiffened in surprise. Han Seo-jin’s deep voice came to my ears.


“Stop pretending to be strong.”




I was embarrassed and pushed it away, but Han Seo-jin hugged me harder. He quietly said, wrapping my head with his big hand and pulling it into the product.


“Now I can read your thoughts. I know what you really mean. So stop pretending to be strong.”


Han Seo-jin’s words saying that my thoughts could be read made me surprised and murmured blankly.


“……to Shin Yeon-hyung…… read what you’re trying to feed?”


“If I had known you were so scared, I wouldn’t have left you like that.”


“What are you saying? What bullshit! My real heart wants Shin Yeonhyung……to make it!”


What grade S? Isn’t this a pure quack? In the end, when I slapped his back and shouted to get out, another unexpected answer came back from above my head.


“Get out! Get out!”


“Even if you didn’t say that, I don’t intend to leave you alone today. I know you’re scared of sleeping alone, so how can I leave you alone?”


“Hey, Han Seo-jin!”


Did he lose his hearing in a second? Or is the mental Esper’s new runaway direction turning around?


Although he protested strongly, the voice blocked by Han Seo-jin’s chest was not heard.






On a sunny morning, Yeon Seung-yeon opened his eyes refreshingly and checked his cell phone.


In case Hohyun-nim contacted me, I got into the habit of checking my cell phone first thing in the morning. I happened to get a text message today!


“It’s not Hohyun-nim…. Wait, what’s this?”


I was briefly disappointed by the new number on my cell phone, and when I saw the content, it was indeed Hohyun-nim.


「Tropical Adlay, Deep Sea Adlay, Swamp Fern, Spotted Fern, Poisonous Fern



I think he’s asking me to prepare the ingredients……. Looking at the ingredients alone, I had no idea what potion would be made.


“As expected, he’s amazing…….”


The knowledge that Ho-hyun knew was not in the book that even the senior professors did not know.


The potion maker I respect the most was Kang Eui-jin, but it was also before I met Hohyun.


‘Despite the limitations of being a guide, with that skill……. He might be even greater than Kang Eui-jin’


I couldn’t let such a precious person rot at the center. Helping Hohyun-nim to be free was like a mission given to me.


Yeon Seung-yeon, who came to work, headed to the materials room. The study began with the distribution of materials, so even today, the front of the material room was crowded with researchers.


“Hey, Seungyeon! You’re early today, too.”


“Hello, Doctor.”


“Why is the list so long today? What are you going to make? Would I live

with fear of this?”


The production industry was a jungle that was thoroughly results-oriented.


Everyone had focused on the achievements of Yeon Seung-yeon, who succeeded in a series of potions and research that no one could catch up with due to recent remarkable developments. Subtle checks and spying were also carried out at any time and place.


For Yeon Seung-yeon, all the attention was burdensome and overwhelming, but he was also proud. It’s the result of Ho-hyun’s collaboration. Ho-hyun himself did not know how much Yeon Seung-yeon was looking forward to the day when Hohyun-nim appeared in the world someday.


The lines gradually dwindled and the person right in front of them was finished. Yeon Seung-yeon stepped out to the window with a note full of pride.




“Good morning. Please put your ID card on the pad in front of you. Yes, Yeon Seung-yeon nim. Are you in room 416b?”


“Yes, that’s right.”


“It is confirmed that there is an ingredient you applied for yesterday afternoon. Are you going to change it?”


“Oh, no! I’m going to add a little bit to that…….”


“Yes. Additional……. What additional ingredients do you need?”


He opened the note that Yeon Seung-yeon had folded. Everyone in front of the ingredient room, even the staff in the window, focused on what would come out of Yeon Seung-yeon’s mouth.


Yeon Seung-yeon opened a note and recited the ingredients clearly.


“Yes. Tropical Adlay, Deep Sea Adlay, Swamp Fern, Spotted Fern, Poisonous Fern…….”


Among those who overheard Yeon Seung-yeon, quite experienced male researchers were shocked at the same time.


Gasp! No way!”


They forgot that they were eavesdropping and had no choice but to ask Yeon Seung-yeon.


“You! Why on earth do you need those ingredients?”


“What are you talking about?”


Yeon Seung-yeon, who looked back for fear of disturbing the potion that Ho-hyun was preparing, looked at the window again and said the last ingredient.


“And give me a steroid of Deadfall.”


“De, Deadfall!! He’s, he’s definitely going to make ‘it’!”


“…I think it’s rude to pay too much attention to other people’s materials……!”


Yeon Seung-yeon, frowning, hurried out of his seat, wary of the people’s attention. Only after Yeon Seung-yeon disappeared, did the questions arise among the remaining researchers.


“Dr. Hwang! What’s that?”


“I can’t, I can’t say…….”


Instead of Dr. Hwang shaking his head with a serious look and stepping back, the researchers changed their target to his colleague, Dr. Yoo.


“Dr. Yoo. I’m sure you know what researcher Yeon Seung-yeon is trying to make, right?”


Dr. Yoo eventually cleared his throat and opened his mouth as if he could not help it.


“Of course you know. That’s….”




“……it’s the medicine that makes the Goja.”




Dr. Yoo shook his head and said in a voice full of consternation.


“Don’t you know? The number one dungeons to avoid male hunters? The poisonous ferns, which only grow in dungeons, are also famous ingredients for severe energy degradation, such as tropical adlay, deep-sea adlay, swamp fern, spotted fern, and poisonous fern.


If you look up their places, they’re all home to them. After a tricky process, we finish with a poisonous weed and a steroid from Deadfall……. Not only will it never rise again, not even one of its hundreds of millions of precious sperm will survive! A very poisonous poison.”


A researcher shireked at Dr. Yoo’s detailed explanation.


“How has such a terrible thing not yet been designated poison? I might as well die drinking it!”


Then Dr. Hwang, who was behind Dr. Yoo, clicked his tongue and shook his head.


“It’s because you can’t succeed without a lot of experience. Even if ‘Kang Eui-jin’ comes, it is not possible to make it with only S-class skills.”


Only when the name of “Kang Eui-jin” came out, the disturbance subsided a little. This was because Yeon Seung-yeon could not have succeeded in making a potion,  difficult even for Kang Eui-jin.


However, “it” chilled male researchers’ spine just by hearing its explanation.


While shaking with the pot’s viciousness, the researchers began to speculate on how many percentage points Yeon Seung-yeon, who has been riding on a scary trend these days, could boost its manufacturing rate.

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