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Chapter 3


[News] This year’s Hunter TOP50 announced by real-time WOH [1] (+ the most selected in Korea)


Wow… We just finished the International Hunter Association seminar. This year’s Hunter TOP 50 has been announced.


(Actually, I took care of this)


Korea did one thing right. These 8 people were the most selected among allied countries excluding disputed areas.  Below are the hunters’ profiles.




  1. Tae Jae-heon S Class




  1. Yoo Hae-shin A Class




  1. Lim Dan [2] A Class




  1. Kang Eui-jin A Class (Estimated)




  1. Seong Hwon A Class




That’s 8 people.  Last year, there were 7 members, but Yeo Hae-shin was newly added and Tae Je-heon has dropped a lot in the rankings.  Additionally, it is notable that Mystic, who was ranked 36th last year, climbed to 2nd place this time.


  1. Mystic




Mystic only has photos taken from a distance; Their nationalities have not been revealed yet, but if they are Koreans, it is a new record with 9 people (If it is kimchi soup, sorry). When will they reveal their identities…….




Comments (574)


Reveal 들어내다(X) Reveal 드러내다(O) [3] It’s been a long time since I lost my spelling confidence. But I brought it up because there are people who are curious.

ㄴ It’s indeed kimchi soup, but there’s still brats who don’t know Mystic’s an American?

ㄴWhat did you say? I laughed at you calling him the American Hunker [4] . The country is important, and it’s 100% certain that he’s an Asian now.

ㄴDo you have proof that he’s an American?

ㄴI’m done. / Does anyone not know that Mystic’s hair color is yellow? Because his name is Mystic. [5]

ㄴ Damn. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

ㄴ It’s the first time I’ve seen an American with hair colour. It could be a trait or an item.

ㄴ Please take down the post. I’m actually an American MissyUSA ha ha ha ha ha



Our Dan Nu-nim [6] is in the top rank as expected♥


ㄴI hate bastards like Lim Dan

ㄴThat’s right! That’s right! Because i love her instead!!!

ㄴLim Dan! Lim Dan!

ㄴ(This comment has been deleted.)

ㄴThat crazy bastard who wrote the comment, Dan Eonni is sleeping right next to me.



Who is Kang Eui-jin and how did he appear so high [in the rankings]?






ㄴ? Who is Kang Eui-jin??


Eat aggro [7]


Qin Shi Huang [8] is alive? Ah…ㅇㅇ;;;;


ㄴI’m telling it’s an aggro



Fuck?! I really don’t know who Kang Eui-jin is!!


ㄴIf you don’t know, search for it, instead of putting your finger on the soup and [9] eating.


ㄴYou don’t know Kang Eui-jin? The Potion Master?


ㄴ Don’t react;; Pretending not to know Kang Eui-jin and attacking the production world [10] is a play that comes back all the time. But it’s so damn annoying.


ㄴ Who doesn’t know that?  It’s just fun, so I’m commenting, but I’m wearing an armband and training hahaha



Hah….. Tae Jae-heon just went to hell


ㄴㅋㅋㅋㅋTae Jae-heon went to hell with WOH 0th tier combat system with all guns.

ㄴ It’s making me dizzyㅋㅋㅋFuck

ㄴThis year is just an event. Tae Je-heon is actually building materials!

ㄴWhat building materials ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Just go rebuild the collapsed Nox Dungeon.

ㄴFck. Fuck the stock as well.

ㄴ The Nox followers have come in droves.

ㄴ This aggro is also interested~ Thank you. Thank you. May you win more in front of Kang Eui-jin!!

ㄴAnyway, I’ll follow Tae Jae-heon

ㄴWhile you live your life with comments like this, these gangsters make legendary potions to save money and get contribution points as a bonus. Heh [11] *tongue out*




[Chat] I’m asking because I really don’t know(I’m not an aggro ㅠ ㅜ) I knew that Tae Jae-heon was strong.  But why is the ranking so low?  Originally, I heard that he won one-on-one with Seong Hwan.


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ㄴ There was a rumor that he and Seong Hwan were involved;  WOH ranking is not a measure of combat power, but a measure of contribution, so then…

ㄴ I’m sorry, but can you tell me what the contribution is?

ㄴ By calculating how much did they contribute to humanity this year = Contribution points are the highest in percentage

ㄴ Oh!  Thank you!




[Chat] Honestly, am I the only one who thinks that Kang Eui-jin ranks high every time?


Kang Eui-jin’s fans will hit me up if I say this, but to be honest hahahahaha If you stick with the combat for just 1 month, isn’t it just 3 seconds of contribution? Of course, contribution is technically contribution but I don’t understand that it is high; I admit that there are many hunters who survived with this potion. It’s a fact.


But why do you sell it for a damn high price?  And Nox is given priority unconditionally; If you’re going to serve society, don’t you think it’s funny to give some money for free or pay a contribution with what you sell for money when it’s so expensive?


Comments (54)


ㄴ Kang Eui-jin belongs to Nox, so of course Nox comes first.

ㄴThey’re here again, the bastards who are furious with Kang Eui-jin. It’s obvious that you tried to buy Kang Kang-jin’s potion, but you got rejected too, right? Why should he serve for free to brats like you?

Maybe [12] / ? Aren’t you honestly a little curious? I went in and tried ticketing; There are a lot of things to say about that, but it’s ridiculous to prepare 100 potions while ticketing. Isn’t that just noise marketing? People see this and call him a craftsman.

ㄴMaybe / Oh, I’m screwed. The drug lords [13] are coming;;;

ㄴUh? What are you drunk on now? [14]

ㄴMaybe/ Suddenly, I am drinking coffee. [15]

ㄴThe gangster there is poisonous.  Slowly paralyzed from the extremities of the body, blood vessels constricted, and heart tightened, then blood bleed from all the cavities of the body and seemed to die

ㄴ Fuck HAHAHA I wonder what you are curious about.

ㄴOf course it would be that. Bring a diaper

ㄴ Maybe / Ah Fuck. I’m crossing the line, I won’t say anything I can’t say

ㄴ 5

ㄴ Maybe-nim?

ㄴ 4….3…..

ㄴ Hey, Maybe! Come out to Freedom Square;

ㄴㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋAre you scared or serious?

ㄴ If you use 7 here, you will be immune to strong RG potions for life.

ㄴ 7

ㄴ 7


ㄴMaybe— Are you scared? 😉





[Chat] There are rumors that one of the S-class has died.  One of the 3 guilds are turned over.


…(This post has been deleted.)


[Chat] What was the post just 10 seconds ago?? I tried to read and it was deleted really quickly.


Comments (21)


ㄴ Just an aggro

ㄴ It’s obvious even if you don’t look at it ㅋㅋㅋ Write everything in the title and wait for 10 seconds~

ㄴ There was no picture attached.

ㄴMaybe…. What’s the photo?

ㄴ No photo, no authentication = Aggro

ㄴ Has anyone clicked on the post to see it?

ㄴ Posts like that come up 8927983274892761 times every day

Sommelier [16]



I don’t know what tests they did, but those guys who failed to get me back to ‘normal’ brought me to a room like an interrogation room.


Then I was tied to a chair so that I could not move at all.  Not even mention running away……


“It’s called short-term memory loss?”


“What kind of memory loss can change his personality…”


“Isn’t he lying? He’s good at that.”


“That, um……………. Several factors contribute to memory loss.  Joo Ho-hyun would be very embarrassed. Calm down for now……….”


“That’s because I’m not Joo Ho-hyun!”


I interrupted because I couldn’t handle hearing this anymore but everyone just glanced at me and then turned their heads. They ignored me, and continued talking.


“Look at that. Isn’t he completely crazy? How can he be cured?”


“Can’t he eat potions? Let’s call a healer.”


“Stupid. He hurt his head, how can a healer treat that?”


“Excuse me! I’m telling you, you got the wrong person! And I’ll never get a healer!”


“Ah, it’s noisy. Can’t you close his mouth?”




When I shouted at him, the team leader frowned and gestured toward me.


“Gag him.”


“Ummph, ugh!!”


I cursed him at the way he handled it arbitrarily in spite of my intention. Of course, there was no spitting sound out of the mouth due to being gagged.


I looked at the guys in front of me with a puzzled expression.


‘Am I crazy, or am I being kidnapped by a group of crazy pseudo?’


Even when I called the status window, instead of my beautiful skills, I kept repeating the nonsense that I was not qualified to read. And those whome I had seen for the first time called me ‘Joo Ho-hyun’ and treated me as if they knew me.


At this point, I, too, could sense that something was terribly wrong.


“In this case, your will is the most important.  You need help from those around you.”


The guy raised his eyebrows at the doctor’s words and asked in frustration. “So, that means we have to wait and see the situation?”


“Yes.  There is no other option at the moment.”


Sighs, For now………. You don’t even know from where to where [of the memories] disappeared?”


“The difference is so large that there is no other way to find out except through consultation with patient…..…………….”


As soon as the doctor finished speaking, the boy’s eyes lit up and gestured toward a man.


“Hey, Han Seo-jin, read him.”


“Didn’t you hear Han Seo-jin saying earlier that he couldn’t read him?”


“Then leave it as it is? Shouldn’t something be done?”


“It’s because you’re trying to do something stupid.”


The woman and the man soon began to fight, grabbing the horses by the tail.  Now that I see them, their faces are very similar to each other, so I look at them curiously, but the childish argument ended when the team leader called Ham Seo-jin himself.


“Read him again  Aren’t you lying?”




Han Seo-jin was wearing black leather gloves. Is that the rare physic ability? I didn’t think it was a big deal, but I remembered the cold touch on my cheek right before I lost consciousness and opened my eyes wide.


‘I bet that bastard!?”


It was only then that I began to understand the contents of the conversation, which I listened to in one ear and spilled in the other, as if it were someone else’s business.


That hand was reading my memories earlier! And he’s going to read it again now!


Han Seo-jin, who had been watching while taking a step back, approached me with his mouth pursed at the team leader’s words.  When I saw him approaching, taking off one glove, I struggled while tied up, knowing that he was trying to read my head again.


“Eup, ugh!”


‘Get out, don’t come! You bastard!’


Normally, I could block it enough with my mental defense skill, but now that the status window doesn’t open, it’s dangerous.


I struggled to the point that the chair would shake in fear that my thoughts would be revealed, but I couldn’t stop Han Seo-jin from approaching.


Han Seo-jin, who stopped in front of me, looked down at me in annoyance and stretched out his gloved bare hand.


Seo-Jin Han’s pure white hands overlapped on the back of my clenched fist, and their flesh touched each other.


I got goosebumps at the dirty feeling. As I struggled to shake it off, a voice flooded into my head.


[Stay still. If you were bound again, it would hurt.]






‘If you say that, who would want to say, “Yes, I understand,” and and cooperate?’


As the struggle intensified, Han Seo-jin sighed and shook his head.  Fortunately or not, after a while, Han Seo-jin let go of his hand and shook his head.


“It’s the same. It doesn’t work.”


“Whether it’s true or not.” Han Seo-jin, who looked back at me for a moment at the team leader’s stiff question, quickly took his eyes off me.


This action quickly drew the attention.


“I’m really not lying.”


When he concluded whether it was because of his ability or because of Han Seo-jin’s high reliability, the same controversy did not arise anymore.


It was fortunate that my thoughts weren’t being read, but I couldn’t figure out what the situation was nor where this place is, even who those guys are.


  • 1. I think WOH means World Of Hunters but the author hasn’t revealed the long version yet.
  • 2. But pronounced as Im Dam
  • 3. [ I left it like this so that you can see the two obvious spelling differences. It’s apparently a word that many confuses, including me😭💔. The right one means revealing something or the wrong one is carrying out something. The writer of the post wrote the wrong spelling so they’re pointing it out themselves. ]
  • 4. I think it’s an abbreviation to Hunter, combined with something.
  • 5. This is such a horrible pun. LMAO
  • 6. Means sister.
  • 7. It is an abbreviation for feeding ban. Meaning, a sudden uproar in the community that doesn’t fit the mood. A term used against opponents who are deliberately trying to attract aggro.
  • 8. It’s an expression to say how outdated someone is about the news or how someone just belives bs Full story
  • 9. Meaning unnecessarily causing the mood to change. The long version of eating aggro.
  • 10. Remember the producer Kang Eui-jin is dead line in the synopsis? Yup, that’s the one.
  • 11. The Oikawa sounds lol
  • 12. They used ㄱㅆ a slang for meaning Maybe? But it seems the account name of the writer which also fits the context so I’m not sure which one is correct 😂.
  • 13. It’s the name antis gave to Kang Eui-jin’s fans. It’s ironically funny.
  • 14. Saying like what did you drink to say nonsense like this?
  • 15. Saying they’re not sober as heck.
  • 16. A person who tastes and evaluates joke instead of wine like a sommelier.
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  1. THIS IS HORRIBLE LOL he doesn’t even know what’s happening and who they’re lol

  2. A história é legal, só achei desnecessário ter tantos diálogos aleatórios de Facebook? 🥺🦎