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Chapter 31


“Thanks. See ya later!”


The car stopped in the parking lot behind the examination center. I tried to get off in a hurry, but there was only a rattling sound and the door didn’t open. When I pulled the handle a few times and turned around in a strange way, Han Seo-jin was looking at me dissatisfiedly as to what he didn’t like.


“Why are you in such a hurry? They haven’t even come out yet. You can’t go in alone anyway.”


“Seung-yeon doesn’t keep me waiting.”


It was Yeon Seung-yeon who had never been late, so he answered without thinking..However, whatever part touched Han Seo-jin’s heart, he now turned his head forward.


“Let’s wait here and go.”




He nodded casually and sat comfortably in a chair, sending a message that it was a parking lot.


Han Seo-jin looked back at me and asked.


“Are you sure you won’t tell me what you’re doing when you meet?”


“I told you. You were the one who didn’t believe it.”


“……Trust me to believe that Lego and coloring books.”


“What can’t you believe? Just don’t ask too deeply about playing with my friend.”


Han Seo-jin, who eventually gave up trying to find out when he answered brazenly, sighed and said.


“I’m just leaving it because I think it’s better here than running into a team member. If I caught you walking around somewhere else, I’ll really put a bodyguard on you.”


“Bodyguard, what kind of bodyguard?”


Han Seo-jin stared at me when I mumbled quietly.


“Don’t go out uselessly and wait. I’ll be back at six.”




“I’m telling you from the bottom of my heart. Don’t go around alone.”


“All right.”


I was going to be busy all day anyway, so I didn’t even have time to go out. I took Han Seo-jin’s gaze, leaning on the steering wheel, and boasted that he should trust only me without any remorse.


As expected, Yeon Seung-yeon arrived less than a minute late compared to the promised time. Yeon Seung-yeon, who often ran out in a white gown, was looking around vaguely at the entrance of the parking lot. Han Seo-jin’s eyes immediately caught his when he smiled like a squirrel who lost an acorn.


Even before he opened his mouth, Han Seo-jin got off first, saying he would go now. I, too, hurriedly followed down and asked.


“Why are you getting off?”


“I saw him, so I have to say hello.”


Since when?


Han Seo-jin took the lead with his long legs. Yeon Seung-yeon, who was about to run to me, faltered in his place without approaching or running away after finding Han Seo-jin as well.


Han Seo-jin, who stood in front of Yeon Seung-yeon, seemed much more intimidating, perhaps because of the height difference.


Han Seo-jin, who was looking through Yeon Seung-yeon with his eyes down to the fullest, reached out his hand and said,


“We’ve before. I’m Han Seo-jin.”


“Oh, yes. I’m Yeon Seung-yeon, a senior researcher…….”


“Yes, Won Seung-won ssi.”


Yeon Seung-youn cried little by little, doubting his own ears. He stammered and opened his mouth.


“It’s Yeo, Yeon Seung…..yeon.”


“I see. I’ll be here at six, so I hope you’re not a minute late.”


“Ah, I se…….”


“Then go in. Im Seung-in ssi.”


I hurried towards the two. However, I didn’t even hear the conversation, so I looked at the two holding hands intimately and asked in wonder.


“Did you even say hello?”


“Ho-hyun nim…”


“I’ll be on my way. If you contact me, I’ll pick up.”


“All right.”


I waved to Han Seo-jin to get lost and turned around. Yeon Seung-yeon, who lowered his eyes to the floor with his fist clenched, was seen. I looked at him wonderingly and gestured with my chin.


“Let’s go.”


“Ah…. Ho-hyun nim.”




Yeon Seung-yeon, who was pursing his lips, hesitated and asked.


“Does, does he know?”




When I asked Yeon Seung-yeon again because I didn’t understand, he jumped up and down with his own numbness in his eyes.


“Oh, no, that’s for me. About Ho-hyun’s skills……. I don’t know if he knows, because I have to be careful what I say……. I’m curious about that…….”


“Oh, that? You’re the only one who knows. How would he know about that?”


“I am the only one?”


Naturally, Yeon Seung-yeon took more courage and asked the spitting words.


“You’re saying I’m not the same…… as that person?”


“You’re better, man.”


You’re good at work and good at potions at the same time.


As I was saying it, I remembered that I got quite a lot of help from Han Seo-jin.


I’m Kang Eui-jin. I give back as much as I get.


‘I can repay him later.’


More than that, I approached the strange Yeon Seung-yeon today and examined his face. Yeon Seung-yeon blushed and jumped up to hide his face.


“Oh, Ho-hyun nim!”


“What’s wrong with you today? Did you make any mistakes while I was away? What?”


“Oh, no. It’s not like that…….”


“But why are you doing this? Huh? Huh? Why don’t you tell me?”


Tears came to Yeon Seung-yeon’s eyes, who was avoiding him because my poking touch was itchy.


“No, I’m just glad……. That’s why.”


A little superiority rose together through the relief of the timid mind.




Joo Ho-hyun and the researcher walking side by side.


‘With no thoughts.’


He touches the researcher without hesitation and looks at Joo Ho-hyun’s face, smiling with disapproval…….


It was then that the researcher, like a cicada next to Joo Ho-hyun, looked back.


The researcher’s large eyes, which were full of fear, soon filled with vigilance when he found Han Seo-jin.




While Han Seo-jin was bewildered by a completely different expression than in front of Joo Ho-hyun, the researcher, who turned his head again, ran after Joo Ho-hyun, who was ahead of him.


Han Seo-jin’s hand was strained by the intimate appearance of the two standing side by side. As the hand wrapped in black leather gloves clasped the handle tightly, the sound of leather rubbing rang throughout the car.


“It’s not a big deal….”


Han Seo-jin, who couldn’t take his eyes off, turned the car only after the two men disappeared.


The car was headed to the central headquarters of the Seoul Center. Passing through the main gate of the headquarters and going deeper inside, a sky-high fence appeared. The door, which had been tightly closed, slid open as if it had been waiting.


Unlike the central headquarters, where there were many people, the interior was quiet without anyone wandering around. Han Seo-jin, who was guided to the top floor of the building, opened the door familiarly and entered.


There were ten people gathered in a large conference room with one wall made of glass and overlooking the center. When the door opened, everyone inside turned to Han Seo-jin.


Among them, the most eye-catching was the old man standing tall among the people.


Despite his age, the old man, whose silver beard shone brilliantly, was filled with spirit. Han Seo-jin bowed as soon as she made eye contact with him.


“Good morning. President of the association.”


“Everyone, please leave your seats.”


At the old man’s words, people went outside without asking anything. After the door closed, only four people, including Han Seo-jin, were left in the conference room.


“You said you couldn’t come, but you did!”


Han Seo-jin nodded roughly when the woman who was standing with her arms crossed asked as if it was unexpected.


“Because the president of the association visited.”


“Well, that’s funny. You knew it then, but why are you suddenly fickle?”


The old man, who was still looking at Han Seo-jin at the question of the woman raising her eyebrows, said,


“We’re the only ones left, so what’s up with the stiff title: President of the Association?”


“……yes, grandfather.”


At Han Seo-jin’s words, the president of the association’s stiff expression instantly relaxed and smiled lightly around his mouth.


“Yes. Sit down.”


“I just came to say hello. The investigation bureau is scheduled immediately.”


“Well, we can’t hold on to our Esper’s future for a long time. Did your work go well?”


“I’m trying.”


In contrast to Han Seo-jin’s hard voice, the president of the association’s tone was soft all the time. Unlike the woman who was familiar with listening, the short man who was sitting on the other side looked at the figure with dissatisfaction, and eventually opened his mouth crookedly.


“I’ve been hearing strange noises lately… Weren’t you busy with that?”




“Don’t you often hang out with the Guide of the same team? Especially with that C-class one.”


Han Seo-jin’s expression hardened at the words referring to Joo Ho-hyun. The man was rather excited about it.


“The service period expires in only half a year, so you’re not going to work without enduring it, are you? When I looked it up, it was a Guide that had quite a lot of problems. ”


“I have to get guiding, so it’s natural for me to go along with the Guide.”


“It’s because I’m worried. I’m afraid our quiet youngest will suddenly bring a C-class Guide to imprint.”


When the word ‘imprint’ came out, the elderly and women’s eyes turned to Han Seo-jin.




Han Seo-jin, who swallowed the ridicule inside, opened his mouth crookedly because he has read about the intention of Han Seo-no, his cousin, whom dared to talk about a low-level Guide in front of his grandfather on Joo Ho-hyun while talking about a low-level Guide in front of his grandfather, was to trip Joo Ho-hyun.


“I didn’t know hyung was worried like that……. But you can’t afford to worry about my work, can you?”


Contrary to his stiff look, the man paused at the cold retort. He stiffened his tearful expression.


“What? What are you saying?”


“Aren’t you being sued by each person and banned from access? You said you need to cancel the engraving. And if it’s something to deal with, it’s more about bros…….”




Eventually, Han Seo-no, who couldn’t stand it, got up with a bang on the desk. But he couldn’t hide his trembling pupils.

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