Author: WhatTheFlo

Chapter 37


“You don’t look happy with the present.”


“Are you kidding me? What owner? How is this…….”


“You’re going around with a similar face, so I should at least put you on a leash.”


“Don’t pay attention to Kang Eui-jin?! You crazy psycho stalker!! Just go out and find Kang Eui-jin instead.”


In a fit of anger, I was running wild and trying to throw away the leash in his hand, but Seong San-ha grabbed my hand. His face was smiling, but the violence lurking behind was not hidden.


“I’m the one who wants him more than anyone else. Unfortunately, you are the only clue that has appeared since Kang Eui-jin and Tae Je-heon disappeared at the same time……. If I die because of something absurd like this, I’ll be embarrassed, too.”


Even I didn’t know why I entered Joo Ho-hyun’s body, and Seong San-ha’s forced answer pointed to a fairly plausible answer, so I had nothing to say. I shook my head, speechless.


“I, I don’t care.”


“That’s what we’ll see.”


The hand that grabbed the wrist came up and grabbed the leash together. Unlike the rough and fierce grip, the texture of the gloves was only soft. Seong San-ha’s breath came from a short distance.


“Let’s do this, if I find Tae Je-heon, I’ll get you off the leash as soon as I find him. I can’t afford to care about things like you then.”




“I don’t think the conditions on the item are that bad?”


“Who do you think you are? Do you think you don’t know what an item means to listen to the owner’s command even if there is a distance condition?”


“How would you, a low-grade guide, ever get any closer to me than this?”


“I can just not wear it…….”


“Then you’ll get a scarier present.”


Seong San-ha’s threats made me swallow the curse. Tae Je-heon and Seong San-ha, and the guild leader…….


It may be better to wear a leash with great restrictions for Seong San-ha before taking out other compulsory items. I rolled my eyes and looked at the leash.


Seong San-ha’s smile deepened as he noticed the signs of contemplation.




Like Seong San-ha said, it was not a very unfavorable condition. I have only encountered Seong Hwon, the former guild leader of Cheon Rang, once in his life, so would it be any different for Seong San-ha?


‘He said until he found Tae Je-heon…….’


Tae Je-heon, who went into hiding after the incident. However, a guild leader could not remain in hiding forever. Unless you’re really going to ruin the reeling Nox. Perhaps the deadline that Seong San-ha said will come sooner than expected.


“You don’t need to think hard about it.”


Seong San-ha slowly pulled the leash out of my hand as I hesitated and looked at it unwillingly. When he shook the leash in his hand lightly, it shone and soon turned into a thin silver necklace.




Seong San-ha smiled with his eyes bent as I stared in surprise.


“Good will?”


“Goodwill, how terrible…….”


The relaxed attitude of knowing what choice I would make me muttered curtly. But it’s better than before, so I reached out to see the system window once again.


“……give it to me.”


Seong San-ha raised his hand high to avoid taking the necklace.


“You’re a rude dog. The leash is for the owner.”


“Stop sounding like a master, damn it.”


“You have to get used to it from now on. I’m your master within a kilometer.”


“I haven’t said I’d do it yet. I won’t. I won’t wear it!”


Even though I said I wouldn’t do it, only a relaxed smile was built on Seong San-ha’s face.


“Did you have a choice?”


“…… what a prat.”


Seong San-ha flapped his hand at me. While looking at the necklace that was shaking on the other hand, he shook his head when there was no answer and said, looking at me.


“Don’t show up before me.”


“Get disappointed.”


I chose it after thinking about it, but why am I so reluctant? When I looked at him with my mouth closed in dissatisfaction, the white gloves holding the necklace came to my neck. I frowned at the cold sensation of the metal brushing against his neck, crouched down, and raised my head suddenly at the thought of brushing.


“Ah! Hold on!”


I tried to step back because of the excessively close distance of Seong San-ha, but I couldn’t help it because of the necklace and ended up facing Seong San-ha with disapproving eyes.


“Until I find Tae Jeheon. Keep it.”


“Even so, I tend to keep what I say once.”


At the same time as Seong San-ha’s answer, a translucent window came up in front of me.


Would you like to wear the leash of Lyraffs?




Condition has been created with the right of the eligible person.


[As soon as the owner recognizes the location of Tae Jae-heon, the contract will be terminated]




「Currently wearing the leash of Lyraffs.」


「There is a master nearby. Keyword commands cannot be rejected.」


‘What the hell are you…….’


While staring at Seong San-ha through the system window, Seong San-ha, who saw something as if another window had opened in front of him, bent his eyes and smiled. Enchanted by the angelic smile, I stiffened my body at the words that sputtered out of his mouth for a moment.


“999 days to set a deadline. Keyword puppy.”


“999? Hey!”


“It doesn’t matter if I find Tae Jaeheon.”


“No matter how much it is, it’s not the 999th day!!”


Seong San-ha smiled and opened his mouth as I tried to grab his collar in anger.


“Puppy, wait.”


「The master said, ‘Wait.’ You must wait nicely and concentrate on master.」


“This fucking!”


While swearing with my mouth, my eyes quickly chased the movement of Seong San-ha. I couldn’t care less about anything else. Even when I tried to get out of my seat, my body only flinched and my foot didn’t fall.


Seong San-ha laughed at me as if he was seeing something funny.


“It’s much better.”


“You punk!!”


“When you’re with me, you should change your vulgar way of speaking.”


Seong San-ha, who released the foolish wait only when I nodded slightly to mean that I would not swear, turned around first.


“Follow me.”


The road he headed was in the exact opposite direction to the road I was going to take, so I had no choice but to follow it with a grumpy look.


I could hardly feel any presence until I went down to the basement to see if it was true that he had vacated the building. Even so, it’s a state agency, but I can’t believe I’m lying on my stomach like this.


‘What’s wrong with him.’


I trudged along, staring at Seong San-ha’s back with bitterness. I wanted to finish quickly and get him out of my sight.


Seong San-ha, who stopped in front of one of the doors that looked all the same, told me.


“We’re here.”


I passed Seong San-ha and grabbed the door handle. As I opened the door and entered, I looked back at the sign of coming in.


“What? Why are you following me?”


“That’s strange. I’m sure I said I’d help. To finish the work and go out.”


“I don’t need it. That’s enough, go back.”


“I can’t do that. You are already subordinate to me, but if I let you do stupid things, it will get difficult even for me.”


Even though it was true, the word really bothered me. I tried to refute it, but I turned my back with a deep sigh because I thought I should just finish it quickly and send him away.


“Never mind, don’t cut in.”


It was dark inside the room. As soon as I entered, I frowned at the smell of alcohol. Beyond the inner curtain, I could see Shin Yeon-hyung leaning against the bed and sleeping. There are so many bottles on the table that it’s hard to count.


“He’s having a good time.”


I thought it was strange that there was no sign of alertness even though I came in front of him. I clicked my tongue and tried to take out the potion, but when I turned around, Seong San-ha, who was leaning against the wall with his arms crossed, made a chin gesture as if to continue.


“Aren’t you getting out?”


“What’s that?”


“It’s none of your business, so stop caring…….”




He’s crazy…….


I turned around with a murmur. I didn’t want to take out the potion in front of a guy who suspected me as Kang Eui-jin, but I couldn’t help it because I didn’t think I would go out even if I died.




Shin Yeon-hyung had a black band around his neck. I searched my memory for familiar forms and realized that it was the same one I had on the first day I opened my eyes at the center.


When I took the potion out of my pocket and opened the lid, a thick smell came out. Ignoring the hot gaze felt from behind, I approached Shin Yeon-hyung to sit down properly. The moment I reached out, the eyelids of the sleeping man suddenly opened.


“Ugh! Scared me.”


“What… hey, you…… Joo Ho-hyun? Why are you…….”


Red-blooded eyes turned on me. He seemed to have not come to his senses yet, frowning and blinking his eyes long and unable to open them properly.


It was an unexpected situation, but it turned out well. Should I feed him while he’s awake or not?


“Because of you, I……!”


I kicked Shin Yeon-hyung’s body, which was running unsteadily.


Gasps, Ack.”


“I heard you’re going to Ulleungdo island, too? Congratulations.”


“Fu…….ck, do you know what will happen if they know you’re in here? If it’s known, you won’t be safe…….”


“Say it louder, you fucker. If I were scared, I wouldn’t have had this in the first place.”


Shin Yeon-hyung, who was quick to notice me approaching with a potion, slipped and fell on his hip while trying to get up in a hurry when he saw the potion in my hand.


“You, what…!”


“This is what I personally made for you…….”


As I explained one by one, I opened my mouth, expecting Shin Yeon-hyung’s expression that would change every moment, and a big shadow passed by my side.


When Seong San-ha, who passed by me in an instant, put his hand on his head, Shin Yeon-hyung immediately lost his consciousness and fell down.

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