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Chapter 40


“Ugh, …. ck.”


“Are you okay?”


Damn it, seasickness. What do you mean, I’m seasick!!


It was during the briefing that I recognized abnormalities in his body. It was fine until the weapons were distributed. However, as soon as the annoying team leader picked up the microphone in front of me, I suddenly had to cover my mouth and ran out.


It took me dozens of times to realize that I was getting motion sickness. I didn’t know whether Joo Ho-hyun’s body was a problem or my mind was a problem. It was my first time riding a boat in my entire life.


I had to sitt on the deck with Han Seo-jin all the time because it was worth enduring the wind that was quickly brushed by the speedboat.




My heart and my stomach were shaking strangely and I felt like I was urging you to vomit. What’s more annoying than that is that my grand dream of throwing lobster sticks to seagulls and watching dolphins passing by in the sea breeze has been ruined.


“My dolphin….”


“There are no dolphins here.”


“They’re swimming. There’s no wall in the sea. Boo, woo, woo! The prejudice that it won’t come this far!”


As I sat down clinging to the railing, Han Seo-jin’s large hand slowly brushed my back. As the warm temperature steadily passed, the speed of the fuss calmed down a little, so I entrusted my body to the touch.


Han Seo-jin, who naturally embraced my body, said in a worried voice.


“Go in and lie down.”


“No, I don’t want to be in the wind… It’s better.”


“…..okay, then.”


Even after his low voice, the hand that swept my back continued.

The ship stopped for another hour or so. There was no place on the uninhabited island to anchor a large ship, so I had to enter close by boat separately. In the distance, I could see a swinging gate under a cliff facing the coast.


When everyone landed on the beach, the team leader looked at the number of people and said.


“We will enter the gate in the order in which we briefed in advance. The time limit is three hours. Even if you haven’t solved the mission, you will definitely return when the time comes.”


“Yes, sir.”


I didn’t hear the briefing and looked at it as if it was not my business, but I knew that our team was the first batter in the eyes of the team members. The team leader’s cold gaze fell on me as he said.


“Let’s go.”


I followed the team leader who turned his back first.


Maybe it’s because it’s been so long since I went into the gate, but my body shrank a little when I passed through the turbulent wave even though I knew it was nothing different.


“Move directly to your respective positions.”


As soon as I passed, I looked around at the team leader’s voice.


Sky and rock walls. It is a landscape that has not changed much from outside. Looking back, I couldn’t see Esper and the guides standing behind me until just now.


“Is this…a mirror type?”


The mirror-type dungeon, which brought reality and reflected it as a distorted space, was a relatively easier dungeon to fight than other places because of its familiar topography.


“That’s right. It’s not as dangerous as other types, but it’s my first day, so don’t let your guard down and stay with me.”


“Aren’t you going to fight?”


“I’m a guide protection. It’s more efficient for combatants to come forward than me.”


I can’t believe the Guides are moving together. I wanted to look at Ye Seung-woo, but that’s good.


As I turned my eyes along Han Seo-jin, who was moving forward, I saw the Espers who were getting rid of the monsters that were just starting to come out.




Unlike the hunters’ splendid skills, the powers of the Espers were simple but powerful. I admit it. Honestly, it was cool.


I couldn’t get enough of the burning, beating, and popping scenes all day long. As I was just looking, I was conscious of the power to pull my hand and looked forward. There was a smiling face of Han Seo-jin.


“You have to go so that you don’t fall behind while you’re on the road.”


“I see.”


Park Ga-in and Ye Seung-woo, who are familiar with the scene, had already departed. Following the team leader who led the way to the other side of the island, I listened to Han Seo-jin’s advice.


“It’s not a very difficult mission, but it won’t consume the energy of the Esper. So don’t feel pressured about Guiding. Just think that you’re getting used to the scene today. Don’t get hurt.”


“Then when am I going to Guide?”


“Most of the time, Seungwoo and Ga-in will do it, but if there’s an Esper that falls back, it means there’s not enough Guiding, so just release it in moderation.”


From what I hear, when the quality of by-products acquired in dungeons decreases and the cost of managing dungeons begins to exceed it, the center decides that it is no longer worth maintaining dungeons and temporarily closes the dungeons.


However, the former internal ecosystem, which was only a human standard, needs regular inspections because it continues to run, and today was the day of the inspection.


As Han Seo-jin said, it was not a difficult task such as breaking a new dungeon or dealing with a boss.


‘Well, they’re doing a good job of getting rid of all the monsters that appear.’


Han Seo-jin settled in a relatively safe place with coverings.


“We’ll wait here.”




While watching monsters popping in the distance without saying much, the grass between the rocks in front of me caught my eye.


‘That… that bush looks like a flower sage.’


Until now, the bush, which had only seen the collected form, was shaking as the flower sage rooted on the ground and was alive.


‘It’s common, but most of them are dried……. Is the scent stronger because it’s alive? I don’t think it’s weird just to smell it once, do I?’




As soon as I stood up with a slight stretch, I heard Han Seo-jin’s voice next to me.


“Sit down.”


“I’m stuffed.”


“This is inside the dungeon. You know what’s going to appear. It’s hard to protect if you’re away from range. I told you not to let your guard down.”


I got up for a moment and sat down again, pouting my mouth.


‘I can’t go around alone……. It’s a burden no matter how hard I think about it.’


I didn’t think about it when I was with Han Seo-jin, but I felt it clearly when I came to the scene like this. The guide is the burden.


No matter how well trained one is, it was difficult for an awakened man without combat skills to survive in a dungeon. However, Guides are tied to Esper no matter what the physical conditions are if they have high Guiding ability, and they fall into a dungeon……. They’re literally Esper’s blood bags.


However, Esper cannot survive without a Guide. Isn’t it right to say that I am a slave hunter to the state on the condition of Guiding?


If it weren’t for Espers, the Guides wouldn’t have been dragged to the dungeon.


‘Burden? But what Dungeon needs to protect is Espers……. Who is whose burden.’


As I spent time thinking about [tnote keyword=”whether chicken or egg came first”]I personally stand on the side of the chicken coming first. The dinosaurs are the ancestors of the chicken and as their characteristics change, chickens exist. Their body’s characteristics are ones that change, not their eggs. What do you think?[/tnote], I saw the Espers returning to this side.


Park Ga-in and Ye Seung-woo’s bodies emitted the soft light that I saw last time and flew toward the espers. Ye Seong-woo was A-class and Park Ga-in was B-class. Ye Seong-woo had higher grades, so there was more light.


Looking at the Espers who desperately absorb energy, he muttered to himself, wondering if this was the “time” Han Seo-jin said.


‘Radiant Guiding.’


I was worried about 1g of what if it didn’t come up, but I ignored him easily and a status window came up in front of me.


Please select a destination.


(Multiple choices available)


– Nearby Esper


►Kim Tae-hyun


►Han Seo-jin


►Woo Han-se


►Woo Ha-yoon


►Choi Jae-hee


I tried to choose without Seo-jin as long as he did not participate in the battle, but I remembered that general radiation guiding would be guided by anyone within the range.


‘I almost got suspected.’


After seeing Woo Han-se, who was breathing hard in the distance, I set a target while laughing inwardly.


“Everything but Woo Han-se.”


Targeting signs floated over the heads of the Esper.


Total amount of guidance (267rp)


Guide [____]rp to target [Kim Taehyun]


Guide [____]rp to target [Han Seojin]


Guide [____]rp to target [Woo Hayoon]


Guide [____]rp to target [Choi Jaehee]


The total amount of rp has increased compared to before. I don’t know why, but isn’t it because I’m good at this?


Looking proud, I distributed rp points equally.


Light emanated from me and flowed to the Espers. When I was alone with Han Seo-jin, I was proud to see my energy shining, but compared to Ye Seong-woo and Park Ga-in, it was like a firefly in front of the moonlight.


Starting with Han Seo-jin, who was the closest to me, Woo Ha-yoon and Choi Jae-hee, who were far away, and even the team leader looked at me one by one.


“Good job.”


“This was nothing.”


Han Seo-jin patted my knees and praised me. I was flattered at the thought that Guiding could no longer get in my way, but Woo Han-se shouted sharply.


“Hey! What are you doing not guiding?”




“Guiding? I’m doing it properly.”


“What? This is a joke…….”


Even before Han Seo-jin came forward, Woo Hayoon blocked the annoying voice of Woo Han-se.


“What are you doing? It’s been less than five minutes since the mission was over.”


“Joo Ho-hyun isn’t guiding right now!”


“Seriously… Don’t pick a fight with your childishness. He just did a good job guiding you.”




Woo Han-se looked at me with shaky eyes at Woo Ha-yoon’s words. Han Seo-jin also stood up and approached him with a firm expression.


“How long do I have to accept you as a kid? Don’t you know that even a team member has a line to follow?”


“What, what the….”


“It’s malicious if you’re still being guided and disparaging.”


“He’s really, really not guiding!!”


Watching Woo Han-se shout unfairly, even the team leader frowned and kicked his tongue.


“Woo Han-se. Don’t cause trouble and be quiet.”


When he was even rebuked by the team leader, Woo Han-se looked back at me in tears. I gave him a smile, with an expression of knowing nothing, if I had to tell the truth.


‘Ha ha. What an idiot.’



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