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Chapter 41


Soon after, a signal went off that there was no abnormality in each part of the island. In conclusion, Joo Ho-hyun’s first mission ended successfully.


As I came out of the gate, I saw boats waiting on the coast. Feeling down at the thought of having to go through that disgusting seasickness again to go back, I kicked the pebbles on my feet and got scolded by Han Seo-jin.


As soon as I boarded the speedboat, I headed straight to the deck to prevent motion sickness. I then heard a voice calling me from behind.


“…hyun ah! Ho-hyun ah!”




Perhaps Ye Seong-woo hurriedly ran to catch up with me and Han Seo-jin, who took a long stride. He took a gulp of air and said,


“Ho-hyun ah, you can guide… You can guide……. Since when?”


“It just worked.”


When I answered in a vague way, Ye Seong-woo’s expression hardened at first glance, maybe it was a different answer from what he must have been expecting. I added, squinting my eyes.


“Oh, yes, and that helped a lot, too.”




“The supplement you gave me.”


Ye Seung-woo’s expression slightly brightened. I noticed that what I said was the ‘right answer.’


Only Han Seo-jin asked questionably next to him.


“Supplements. What do you mean?”




“There’s a medicine that Ho-hyun was taking. I want to increase the amount of mana a little.”


Han Seo-jin’s eyes turned to Ye Seong-woo, who came back after cutting off my words.


“The medicine you took? What is it?”


“It’s like a nutritional supplement. Ho-hyun lend it to me, so I’m not sure. I just gave it back. Ho-hyun ah, did you get your memories back?”


“A little? Well, that’s back and forth.”


“Then, Su-yoon……. Never mind. Ho-hyun ah, you did a great job today.”


Ye Seong-woo, who was trying to ask something more, sneaked a glance at Han Seo-jin, hurriedly finished talking, and went back to the team leader.


I was lost in thought for a moment, and I heard Han Seo-jin’s twisted voice.


“What kind of nutritional supplements are you taking? I told you not to eat anything. What if it’s dangerous? When did you eat something without telling me again?”


“Ye Seong-woo gave it to me.”


“You don’t even have your memories back, but you eat what others give you? At least you could’ve told me, your guardian. It’s the same when you were with that researcher. Today, too. Please take care of yourself…….”


My head was dizzy at the scolding that my ears were pouring out for making a single excuse.


“Ah, I’m getting motion sickness. I’m getting motion sickness, Seo-jin.”


“Don’t be ridiculous. The engine hasn’t even turned on yet.”






It hasn’t even been a week, but seeing Han Seo-jin’s room again felt very strange.


“Long time no see.”


“I’ve got all your luggage.”


“In my room?”


When I tried to enter the small room, Han Seo-jin held up his arm.


“Where are you going? You’re going to sleep here anyway.”


“Right. But my room is over there.”


When I waved my arm to let go, Han Seo-jin opened his mouth with an embarrassed face.


“Well, then…….”


“Let go.”


“……just stay here all the time. Not that small room. All the luggage is over here.”


“Well……. if you are asking me that much.”


Han Seo-jin’s arm slipped out of my relaxed hand.


I turned my back from Han Seo-jin and glared.


‘You strange quick witted bastard.’


While changing, I was going to check if Joo Ho-hyun’s items that I hid before were okay. The surveillance is tight now, so I’ll watch it later.


When I washed up and came out, I couldn’t see Han Seo-jin. When I picked up my cell phone just in case, there was a message that I couldn’t read because I was in a hurry to go out.


I immediately entered the small room and checked if the items hidden in the bathroom ceiling were well. Fortunately, they were all safe. However, the number of ampules was significantly small.


“Two, three… Is this the only one left?”


I used a few while analyzing its ingredients, but I didn’t know there were so few left.


I sighed automatically. When I first found them, I thought I’d find them at once.


I hesitated to throw away all my useless supplements.


‘But Ye Seong-woo acted very suspicious today.’


Even after officially verifying the ingredients and even finding out the manufacturer, I felt uncomfortable.


I couldn’t let go of this uneasy feeling, so I jumped up. I was thinking of going to Joo Ho-hyun’s room and looking for clues.


Curiously, I went up to the top floor and as soon as I opened the door to Joo Ho-hyun, I took a step back, trembling in surprise at the human figure.


“Fuck, what is it?”


“Surprise! … … Hohyun?”


“That….. Why are you here? I was freaking out.”


As I wiped away my beating heart, Ye Seong-woo smiled as if he was embarrassed.


“What are you doing here?”


“That’s what I want to ask. This is my room.”


“As soon as you came, you went to Seo-jin’s room, so I thought you didn’t use this place anymore. As you can see, it’s a little remote and small. I was just going to bring my luggage after I organized it……. I must have gone too far ahead. I apologize if I offended you.”


I looked at Ye Seong-woo’s face, which seemed to be saying the truth, and shook my head.


“What’s wrong with the apology? I’d appreciate it.”


“But what brings Ho-hyun to this room? Did your memories come back?”


“I think it’s coming back little by little. I keep having strange dreams.”


While I was roughly surrounding myself, I witnessed Ye Seong-woo’s eyes shining at the sound of a dream.


“What is it?”


I looked at Ye Seong-woo’s face strangely. Ye Seong-woo asked me insidiously.


“A strange dream?”


“That’s…….not it.”


When I sighed and shook my head, Ye Seong-woo’s expression, which was inflated with expectations, also distorted.


“Ha, ha……. You can say it comfortably, Ho-hyun ah. I really want to help if it’s something that I can help.”


“Really? You want to help me that much. Should I just say it?”


“Yes. It may be an important clue to finding memories. Let’s find out together.”


“Actually, it’s…….”


“Yeah. Slowly.”


“I had a dream…….”


“A dream? Who appeared?”


“……….Never mind, it’s not manly to complain about this.”


“Ho-hyun ah!”


In the end, Ye Seong-woo, who couldn’t stand it, screamed. When I looked at him with an exaggerated surprised look, Ye Seong-woo, who closed his eyes and opened his eyes, tried to smile with a face that lost his composure.


“Hey, I really want to listen to it. Can’t you tell me?”


“Do you want to listen to it that much?”


“Of….course. Ho-hyun ah. I’ve told you so many times.”


“I just don’t think it’s a big deal. Ryu…Suuu…….”


At a moment, I was confused whether the name was Su-yeon or Su-yoon, so I roughly glossed over it. Fortunately, Ye Seong-woo asked with a surprised look as if he had understood.


“Su-yoon? Did he come out in your dream?”


“Yes, we seemed to be very close…….”


“That’s right. You were close……. Did you remember what happened to Su-yoon?”


“Of course. It’s such a pity…….”


When I muttered, Ye Seong-woo also closed his mouth and lowered his head. Ye Seong-woo hurriedly opened his mouth so as not to miss the moment when he was shaken.


“But you came out in that dream, too.”




“I don’t remember well, but I was holding Su-yoon, who collapsed, and everyone is sad, but you’re looking around.”


Although I can’t remember well, blood faded from Ye Seong-woo’s face when I described the scene in detail.


“What did I find?”


“……I don ‘t know. It’s kind of a white….”


“White sheep?”


Ye Seong-woo suddenly screamed and took a step back. Ye Seong-woo’s eyes were filled with madness.


“Did you see a sheep in your dream? Is that so?”


‘What’s wrong with the sheep…….’


Although I intended to provoke, he hurriedly stepped back from the reaction, which was much more intense than expected.


“What are you talking about all of a sudden? A white medicine barrel.”




“It was a white medicine barrel. What you were looking for. Maybe I remembered you giving me guidance supplements. Isn’t it funny?”


Ye Seong-woo didn’t laugh at all.


He bit his lips with a cold face, as if he had no thoughts of managing his expression.


“I’m tired. I’ll go down first.”


“Let me know if you need supplements, too. It makes me sleep well.”


“It’s all right.”


After confirming that Ye Seong-woo, who turned his back, had gone down the stairs, I immediately closed the door and leaned my back.


“Fuck. I’m so surprised.”


As soon as he heard the sound of the sheep, I saw his eyes twinkling. What Ye Seong-woo was looking for in the vision shown by the system must have been the lamb.


“Does this mean he knew there would be a sheep?”


Taking a breath, I looked around the room, which was so small that I could see it all at once.


The location of the things I organized that day was slightly changed. It’s a mess to organize. It was clear that Ye Seong-woo had come to find something like me.


Today, I turned my back again, thinking to go back for now, something was trampled under my feet. It was crumpled paper. Like someone deliberately left it somewhere easy to spot.


I bent over and picked up the paper. When I opened the crumpled paper, I could see that it was a receipt.


The receipt showed the purchase of an unknown potion with Joo Ho-hyun’s card. Maybe this potion is the poisoned ampoule.


“Why did Joo Ho-hyun buy this……?”




The next day, the team leader called the team members. The reason was a preliminary briefing on tomorrow’s site, but what the team leader said was different.


“Joo Ho-hyun. You’re going back to your own room.”


“Team leader!”


Immediately, Han Seo-jin jumped up.


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