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Chapter 42


“What are you talking about all of a sudden?”


“Now that you’ve done the guiding without difficulty, you have to return to the original room.”


“I don’t even remember it yet! To go back there right now…….”


Go back to my room. I was quite surprised because it was totally unexpected. But I had a rough idea of what was going on.


‘It’s probably Ye Seong-woo’s fault.’


“If you’re going to force me, I’ll take you out again.”


“If that memory stays with you, will it come back? I think it would be faster to find memories in the same environment as before. Joo Ho-hyun.”


I glanced at the team leader when my name was suddenly called out. The team leader asked me.


“What do you think?”


I knew he didn’t ask me because he was curious about my answer. His eyes automatically turned to Ye Seong-woo, who sat next to the team leader, looking restless.


The look on the faces of the Esper, who confronted me with anxious eyes, seemed really concerned. But I didn’t have a chance to know the truth about him.


‘Maybe it was Ye Seong-woo who told the team leader…….’


I don’t know what he’s thinking, but you shouldn’t be caught fishing.


“I’ll do that.”




“I have to do my job now.”


Han Seo-jin was more surprised than when he heard the words of the team leader and looked back with an absurd face. A look of incomprehension was directed at me, but when I shook my head slightly, he eventually closed his mouth in dissatisfaction.


The team leader looked at the two of us with a disapproving expression even though it was what he wanted.


“You thought well. It would be better for you to adapt quickly regardless of your memory now.”


When the lull was roughly reached, the team leader began his original purpose of briefing in a disgusting atmosphere.


Upon returning to the room, Han Seo-jin closed the door and asked in a sharp voice.


“What are you talking about all of a sudden? Why did you answer I understand there?”


“It’s just. A life that I wish I could spend once…….”


“Lies. Who believes that a person who likes luxury goods and comfortable and colorful things suddenly wants to go to the attic?”


“Hey, when did I?”


Even though I denied it, I was a little guilty.


‘When did you figure me out like this?’


“Hyung. What are you thinking?”


“I said yes because I really wanted to stay there for a while.”


“What are you talking about for a second……! Ha, that’s all I need to say. I’ll tell the team leader, so take your luggage.”


Han Seo-jin hurriedly grabbed my arm as I tried to turn my back away.


“Hey! What are you saying?”


“What do you mean? I’m leaving the dorm right now. Still, I wanted to end it well because we were a team, but if it comes out like this…….”


He only opened his mouth at my firm tone.


‘Oh, what should I do?’


I thought Han Seo-jin would hate it, but he was more stubborn than I expected. I hesitated and opened my mouth as I thought he was about to shake my arm off at any moment.


“My memory came back a little.”


“……What? How much? How far.”




Unlike my smooth talk towards Ye Seong-woo, I was reluctant to make up words to Han Seo-jin. I was born honest and nice.


“I don’t have to say how far I can go, but I just remember a few. Anyway, maybe that’s why I’m not happy to bump into my teammates. I want to avoid friction if possible.”


Han Seo-jin, who was now completely facing me, asked in a hesitant voice.


“……”Do you remember SUYUN?”


“Uh. A little.”


If Ryu Su-yoon gets his memory back, do you ask him first. Is it because Han Seo-jin also thinks Ju Ho-hyun killed him.


“You don’t have to worry about bumping into each other. I don’t know if this team…….”


Han Seo-jin, who opens his mouth again, seemed to persuade him to leave in the end, so he grabbed his hand and stopped talking.


“It’s because I want to find more memories.”


“What do you mean you want to find more memories…….”


“I was wondering if they’d come back if I slept in the room I stayed in.”


Han Seo-jin bit his lips. He lowered his head and fisted his hands, but he couldn’t see his eyes because of the eyelashes.


After a while, Han Seo-jin raised his head with a deep sigh.


“It’s narrow there. You don’t like small places.”


“It’s all right.”


“It’ll be cold. The mattress is not good either.”


“Not cold. It’s warm now.”


I sincerely answered Han Seo-jin’s worries out of apology. Han Seo-jin, who was faltering, eventually nodded.


“……I’ll leave the door open. If you want to come to the room, come back anytime.”


“Okay. Thanks.”


“You’re really……. Sigh.”


“If you sigh, you grow old quickly. Hang in there, even if the sigh comes out.”


Han Seo-jin, who glared at me, said as he walked to the closet.


“I’ll help you carry your luggage.”


“Why are you helping with my luggage? There’s nothing to move.”


“Why? But if you want to wash up with your pajamas…….”


“What are you talking about? I’m going to wash up, get dressed, rest, and everything here.”




Han Seo-jin’s attitude of looking back with his eyes wide open flustered me.


“I’m only going to sleep there. What’s wrong? How can I live in that trashy room?”




“You didn’t try to kick me out, did you?”


“Not… It’s not like that.”


Han Seo-jin’s face has become a little brighter.


It was late at night, and I went to Joo Ho-hyun’s room with a pillow and a soft blanket on each side of my arm.


When I opened the door by pushing it with my feet, I saw Joo Ho-hyun’s attic, which was terrible even if I looked at it again.




I can’t believe I have to sleep in a place like this. It seemed to squeeze me because everything was blocked by walls. The mere sight of it suffocated me.


When I threw the blanket on the mattress, the dust that came up reflected the moonlight, creating an unbecomingly mysterious feeling.


I thought I would feel really trapped if I closed the door, so I left the door wide open without even thinking about closing it. When I lay down on the mattress, I frowned at the stale smell coming up. I wanted to go back to Han Seo-jin less than five minutes after I arrived.


‘Let’s hang in there. Just a little…….’


The last time was to take out the white medicine bottle that I brought and put it on the next table.


I closed my eyes with a grimace.




It has been three days since I stayed in Joo Ho-hyun’s room.


After the first day, similar scenes continued every day, so when I returned to the dorm, I was exhausted and stretched out. Contrary to the idea that he would approach Han Seo-jin as soon as he was separated, Ye Seong-woo did not even show his nose, and I just became an uncomfortable sleeper.


‘Shit, did I get it wrong?’


Using rp while radial guiding means that it eventually consumes physical strength and mana, so you have to relieve your fatigue in time. However, taking a nap in the attic did not relieve fatigue, but it only accumulated. I couldn’t erase the thought of buying and suffering for no reason.


I sleep because I’m tired, but the quality of sleep was……. I missed Han Seo-jin’s bed.


“Quest window.”


{ Main Quest }


#1. Reveal Joo Ho-hyun’s cause of death.


Difficulty level: A


Time limit: 20 days 5 hours 47 minutes


Reward: Recovery of intermediate skills (excluding special/S-level/SS-level)


Permanent deletion of quests and skills on failure


※Can’t refuse


“20th? The front number will be changed by tomorrow.”


My mind was on edge at the flowing time. However, my whole body dropped while guiding on the spot today. Tears welled up in the corners of my eyes as I yawned.


Yawns……. Let’s think about it tomorrow.”


What a man I am, I can’t believe I’m letting a high-quality worker roll on the ground. This is nothing short of a disaster…….


I left myself to sleep in the swarming waters.




Han Seo-jin looked worried as I dozed off even when I got on the helicopter.


“Hyung. Lean here and sleep.”


I was half-awakened by the touch that grabbed my head, which was swirling in all directions, and pulled it to him.


With a mumble, I threw his hand away and leaned my head against the wall of the helicopter. Perhaps because of the propeller, my head was shaking with the shaking helicopter.










Han Seo-jin, who looked at me pitifully, reached out. The hand that wrapped around my head and pulled it to him made my neck bend. Han Seo-jin’s voice was heard over my head while I was leaning on his shoulder.


“It’s going to take about 40 minutes, so sleep a little.”


I nodded softly and closed my eyes.


I thought I wouldn’t be able to sleep because it wasn’t very comfortable to lean my head on Han Seo-jin’s shoulder with my arms crossed, but when I opened my eyes that I had closed for a while, the helicopter was already landing.


I got off the heliport and got my last briefing. After waiting a little, I followed the guide to the place where the dungeon was. There were a lot of people at the start.


Although I have been with other teams in my duties so far, I noticed something strange as I looked around the scene that was several times more crowded.




At my murmur the guide kicked his tongue and looked at them with disapproving eyes.


“Recently, a new gate was opened right next to the state-owned Dungeon. Because of the low level of difficulty, dogs and cows are flocking and making noise.”


Just like how hunters don’t like Espers, the center people didn’t like hunters very much. Following the Guide who did not hide his displeasure, I looked back at the side where the hunters gathered.


However, the pattern embedded in the clothes of one of the hunters was familiar.


“Wait, what’s that?”


It was a guild that remained in my memory. Was it Terran?


As one of Nox’s unofficial guilds, I clearly remembered it as a name that often appears when dealing with troublesome things.

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