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Chapter 46


Guiding figures have increased, albeit slightly. I don’t know if it’s because I got used to the body synchronized with Joo Ho-hyun, but now I can say that I can do enough for the C-class guide on the spot.


Total amount of guidance (379rp)


Guide target [Kim Tae-hyun] with [____]rp.


Guide target [Han Seo-jin] with [____]rp.


Guide target [Woo Ha-yoon] with [_____] rp.


Guide target [Woo Han-se] with [____]rp.


Guide target [Choi Jae-hee] with [_____] rp.


‘100 rp to Kim Tae-hyun, 18 rp to Woo Han-se, and the remaining equal distribution.’


These days, I purposely gave a little more to the team leader. After the mission, the team leader, who met my eyes while moving around with the team members, said as if passing by.


“You’re getting better.”


Woo Han-se, who was next to me, stared at me with a sulky look. Unlike unilateral Radiation Guiding, I didn’t know that I could control the amount of guidance the target receives, so it was natural for each person to feel differently.


“Take time to get a re-examination of Guiding. I think your rp is higher than before.”


“Thank you. I guess it’s because the supplements are working well.”


The team leader frowned when I pretended to be humble.




“Oh, there’s something Seong-woo hyung took care of.”


When his name was mentioned, Ye Sung-woo, who was sitting next to Choi Jae-hee, glanced away. However, he turned his head without saying much as if he knew it was just a stabilizer.


For a week like that, I went around and spread rumors.


– You should ask Seong-woo hyung for supplements too, noona. It’s good to eat it.


– Hello, I’m here for a regular checkup……. Rp improvement? I’m just taking supplements……. Our team’s main guide gave it to me.


– Are you okay? If you’re tired, do you want some supplements? ……What? How can I eat something suspicious? Do you want to go to hell. Are you suspecting our main guide?


In the end, Ye Seong-woo called me out.


“Did you call me?”


“Ho-hyun ah…….”


“Yeah. Why?”


“You……. Sigh.”


Ye Seong-woo, who swept his face down with a tired expression, said in an exhausted voice,


“Supplements elsewhere……. You shouldn’t talk too much.”


“What? I shouldn’t have told people that you gave me supplements? Why?”




“Anyway, I’m sorry. I didn’t want to be the only one using it because it worked so……. Then I can’t get supplements anymore?”


When I asked, looking around, Ye Seong-woo sighed and took out a medicine bottle from behind.


“I’ll give it to you if you promise not to talk to anyone else.”


“I promise. Come on, give it to me.”


Ye Seong-woo handed over the medicine bottle with a bitter expression.


This medicine case was brought to the next room in Han Seo-jin’s room, not the attic. In a very visible place. I looked at it proudly, and the phone rang.




[Ho-hyun nim. It’s Seung-yeon. I’m all set. Can you come to my studio when you have time?]


“I’ll be there now.”




Just in time, the consecutive month was given a few days of rest after the mission. As soon as I went to the examination center, Yeon Seung-yeon came out to meet me.


“Ho-hyun nim!”


“You said it would take a while. Are you ready?”


“Yes. I shouldn’t be late because of me, so hurry up a little…….”


“Good job.”


When I patted his head, Yeon Seung-yeon smiled brightly. When we entered Yeon Seung-yeon’s studio together, the empty interior unfolded. Except for a few essential fixtures, the books and all of Yeon Seung-yeon’s personal items had been organized. 


“You took out everything.”


“I organized it little by little. I’m leaving soon, so I have to do it in advance…….”


“Did you resign? How long are you going stay here?”


“I’ve announced my intention to resign, and I’ve decided to go only until the end of the study I’m currently working on.”


“Well. Good.”


When he went out and set up a studio, he had to come in as an assistant, so it was time to sort out the center work for the winning year.


“Ho-hyun nim, I chose this place as my house to stay for a while before I found the site of the studio. There are three rooms, one bathroom, and there is no danger zone nearby. 


I bought bedding delivered by the xx hotel, as Ho-hyun said, and I will prepare clothes accordingly if you tell me your preference. In the case of funds, as you said, I did not touch the first account, but only the second account bought gold and mana stones at regular intervals.”


I listened to Yeon Seung-yeon’s report with satisfaction. Before finding a studio, he also found a house to stay for a while, and more than half of the money saved by Joo Ho-hyun was also cashed in.


‘That’s about enough to buy basic ingredients.’


In the case of money, I had a lot of worries at first. If Joo Ho-hyun, an orphan of Cheon-ae, dies, his property will naturally belong to the center, but it would seem strange to withdraw a large sum of money right before he dies in an accident. It was a waste, but it was better to go out empty-handed than to be suspected. 


But one day, while talking to a shuttle bus driver, I found out that there are many hunters who buy gold and mana stones with financial techniques these days. Immediately, I gave Yeon Seung-yeon a bankbook and ordered him to buy gold and mana stones.


All the preparations were smooth. Now it’s really close to running away from the center.


“Seung-yeon ah, what did I ask you to do?”


At my words, Yeon Seung-yeon brought a paper bag from one corner of the lab.


“Thank you.”


“Hey, Ho-hyun nim! May I ask……why it’s necessary?”




Inside the paper bag was a small gift box and a glass jar the size of a fist.


One was Han Seo-jin’s gift, and the other was…….


“Ingredient items? I need it when I go out to the center.”


“Well, I…….”


“Why? What is it?”


I looked at Yeon Seung-yeon, who was hesitating. Didn’t I give you a detailed explanation?


Yeon Seung-yeon, who had been hesitant, said in a crawling voice.


“The line next to it…… Oh, never mind. I’m curious how Ho-hyun nim will go out, and when…….”


“You’ll find out right then.”




At Yeon Seung-yeon, who opened his eyes wide as if he didn’t understand, I shrugged my shoulders and said, “There is such a thing.”






Han Seo-jin, who was walking with me, immediately grabbed my shoulder as I staggered while holding my head.


“Are you okay?”


“I feel a little dizzy.”


As I shook my head frowning, Han Seo-jin lifted my shoulders and said to the team leader.


“I’ll go to the ward for a moment.”


“…..You’ve been sick a lot lately. Go ahead.”


As D-Day approached and I entered the dungeon, I pretended to be sick whenever I had time. As soon as I woke up this morning, I ran to the bathroom, vomited a little, and even tripped and fell down the stairs, claiming that I couldn’t see.


‘This is about enough for today.’


I was going to stretch out a little in the ward as if I had filled my quota.


“How about now? Are you okay?”


“Yes. It’s all right now.”


Han Seo-jin’s expression was serious as he dragged a chair next to the bed.


“I can’t do this anymore. Let’s pay for the vacation.”




“Let’s get you hospitalized only for about a month and treated.”


What kind of nonsense is this? I could never take a month off when I was about to enter the dungeon.


“What vacation is it? You don’t have to.”


“You need to get some rest. It was an unreasonable schedule in the first place. To someone who hasn’t even recovered.”


“That’s enough. I’m not paying for the vacation.”


“Then cut back on your dungeon schedule.”


“No, it…….”


I tried to fool Ye Seong-woo, but my plan came to nothing in the end. I jumped up and showed off my health by doing push-ups that I was fine.


“Hey, look at this. I’m fine.”


“Are you crazy? What’s the patient doing?”


“No, look. I’m really fine? Whoo! Whoo. Even if I lie down…….”




Eventually, I was forced to rise before even twenty. Han Seo-jin grabbed my head, so I patted him on his shoulder, and said,


“It really doesn’t hurt. I don’t want to take a break and stop the flow.”




“I’ll be more careful, so relax your face. Anyway, there’s no vacation?”




Han Seo-jin answered bluntly, but I eventually knew that he would listen to me.




Finally, tomorrow was D-Day.


I’m ready to go out and screw Ye Seong-woo.


I didn’t want to suffer in the attic even on the last day, so I came back to Han Seo-jin’s room today. The first day I woke up here was vivid, and I can’t believe it’s already the last day. It felt new for no reason.


I was lying on a soft bed and rolling around, when Han Seo-jin brought something. I raised myself curiously to the box that suddenly stuck out at me.




“Take it. It’s a potion.”


“What potion?”


“You’re going to say that you won’t get a heel even if you call a healer.”


When I opened the box, seven potions wrapped in a red carpet appeared. As soon as I saw the colorful potion bottle with decorations and gold pieces, I noticed who made this.


‘Isn’t that Francois’ potion?’


As expected, the name came out of Han Seo-jin’s mouth.


“It’s nothing strange. There’s a potion maker named Francois from the Altron Guild. It’s the master of vitality potion, and the effects are guaranteed, so have some. If it suits you, I’ll get you more.”


I stared at Han Seo-jin’s face as he spoke. I hated the way that bastard was and his point of view that ‘beauty is one of the values ​​of a potion’ was pathetic, but as Han Seo-jin said, he was quite capable when it came to vitality potions. It would not be a potion that can be obtained only by giving money because it is so popular with hunters, especially old financiers.


‘How did Han Seojin get it?’


Anyway, I was faking ill, so I didn’t need them. Han Seo-jin, who will spend more time in the dungeon in the future, will need them more.


I covered the box and gave it to Han Seo-jin again.

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