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“As expected.”


It was clear that these guys mistook me for Joo Ho-hyun and brought me here. I was quite surprised that there was another person who looked like me in the world. I quickly glanced at the documents even though I was embarrassed.


<Joo Ho-hyun (Guide)〉


–Belongs to: Team Raven


–Rating : C Class


–Auxiliary Awakener


–Awakening day: 20XX.07.14


After looking at Joo Ho-hyun’s personal information, I naturally had a question. If I was caught by mistake instead of Joo Ho-hyun…….


‘Where did the real Joo Ho-hyun go?’


Surely this guy didn’t enter Nox instead of me.


A chill ran down my spine and I shivered at the horrible home that made me feel goose bumps just thinking about it.


If that was the case, it couldn’t have been fine.  Before he could open his eyes and his mouth, he would have been tortures by Tae Je-heon all over………


I’m so sorry about this.


At the same time as escaping from here, I need to figure out the whereabouts of Joo Ho-hyun.


The video that had been playing in front of me finally came to an end. The one who stood silently behind me approached, covered the tablet, and released my handcuffs. As soon as the last control device I wore around my neck was released, I asked him.


“Are you an Awakener?”


“I’m not.”




The plan to ask about the status window was ruined, so I nodded easily.


As soon as I packed the files and went out the door, one of the Espers I saw earlier, Han Seo-jin, was waiting for me.


Even when I came out alone, I was expecting that I would be able to escape, but as soon as I saw Han Seo-jin, all hope disappeared. Han Seo-jin, who glanced up and checked my face, immediately got up and turned his back and went ahead.


“Follow me.”


Fuck. If you do that, you know I’ll follow you like a dog……..


“Hey! Hey! Let’s go together!”


It’s only a short walk for Han Seo-jin but not for me.


I quickly caught up and stretched out my hand toward Han Seo-jin’s shoulder.  As soon as I touched it, a cold hand slashed my arm.


“Don’t touch me carelessly.”


“…I…am slow.”




I took a step away from Han Seo-jin, who asked sharply, and shook my head.


“Uh, it’s nothing. Where are we going?.”


“Team dormitory.”




Han Seo-jin turned around as if I was done. I asked him more questions as I followed him.


“Hey, you’re an Esper too?”




“Don’t just sigh. You’re an Esper then. About that thing from before, what did you do to me?”


“Yes, I’m an Esper and you are a guide.”


“Yes! That’s what I mean. If I’m a guide, then I’m also an awakened person, right?”




Han Seo-jin openly ignored my words. But he didn’t even cover his ears, so I followed behind and asked questions I’ve been curious about before.


“But why can’t I see the status window?  It says I don’t have the right to read it.  Why is this?”


Only then did Han Seo-jin, who stood tall, look back at me.


“It seems if you lose your memory, your intelligence declines…”


“Eh? Uh?”


“It’s more annoying than I thought.”


This fucker……


The moment I opened my mouth after realizing that Han Seo-jin had insulted me belatedly, a golden discoloration appeared in Han Seo-jin’s eyes and quickly disappeared.


“You cannot open the status window from inside the center. Espers and guides are entrusted to the center.”




In this world, skill was power and money. As much as that, the status window, which contains all the secret information of the Awakener, was very personal information, and to the Hunter, the act of asking about skills was treated as a very rude act.


Of course, there are items that can forcibly or secretly scan the status window, but they are extremely expensive, and the scope is narrow and limited, so it was not worth using recklessly.


But sharing such status window?


“Share the status window?”


Han Seo-jin didn’t care about my answer to my shocked expression.


“There is no way to control it from the center.”


The center belongs to the country anyway, but the situation is insane. I clicked my tongue inwardly at the situation of the old men who were much more horrible than I thought. It was absurd that even my status window, which I had not entrusted, was controlled.


‘Is it a structure that operates by designating a space?”


Well, in a way, I was quite fortunate. In fact, when I died after taking revenge on Tae Je-heon, in the aftermath of the scroll, I had an instinctive fear of what to do as an eunch, a word used to refer to each saint who lost their power to unjust accident in the world, but that was not the case.


“I want to see my status bar. How can I see it?”


“If you ask the team doctor, he’ll tell you right away.  You can see it even if you go to the medical building for a checkup.  Anyway, you’re going to have another health checkup soon, so see you then.”


When I left the building, a car was waiting.  The driver opened the car door, and Han Seo-jin and I sat comfortably and headed to the team’s quarters.


The team’s accommodation, arrived by car, was a mansion that was considerably larger than expected. I thought the size of the dorm would be small because I received less than 10 team members files…….


I naturally leaned toward the window as mind was only about ways to run away. As I rolled her eyes to find an escape route, I heard a sigh from behind.  When I turned around, I immediately met eyes with Han Seo-jin, who was looking at me with tired eyes.


“What are you looking at?”


“We have arrived.”


Han Seo-jin, who was about to say something with a frustrated expression, shut his mouth again when the driver said that we had arrived.


I followed Han Seo-jin, who went ahead, not even looking back as soon as he got out of the car.


‘This bastard who eats cheap rice.’


I cursed inwardly and followed.  As we approached the door, Han Seo-jin suddenly stopped and looked back.


‘What, did he hear? It doesn’t look like it.’


When he chinned the doorknob to open the door without revealing his surprise, Han Seo-jin tousled his hair annoyedly and spoke with a sigh.


“Wait here for a while.”




“Why….?! Sighs… Please be quiet for once and do what you are told to do.”


Han Seo-jin, who had a temper, opened the door first and entered. I stared at the door that slammed shut in bewilderment.


“Why is he annoyed?”


The door closed in front of my nose and I was left alone outside the dorm. Find the possibility that Han Seo-jin did not fuck me up in this situation.




After thinking about it for about three seconds, I came to the conclusion that the possibility was zero and that Han Seo-jin had fucked me up.


The moment I opened the door, a column of water gushing out from inside filled my field of vision.




The body, hit hard by the water, floated and flew backwards.


Unknowingly, I tried to summon a weapon, but nothing appeared even when I was fumbling in the air. Ah, right, I’m naked right now.


I never thought being hit with water would hurt so much.  For a moment, the sight before my eyes flickered white.


“Fuck, what is this?”


I wondered if the intense pain would go away, but when I opened my eyes, my cheek was stinging with pain. Water trickling down from my head obscured my vision.


Han Seo-jin’s voice came to my head as I was sitting there in a daze at what had happened in an instant, shaking my head and shaking off the water.


[I told you to wait. You can’t even wait for a bit….. Are you a fool?]


I shook my head and looked ahead to see Han Seo-jin and other people standing inside the open door.


“Come in.”


I got up from my seat grumbling at the appearance of the team leader talking to me with his chin raised.


Even the arch-hunters outside didn’t show off their talents like this, but the old bastards…


‘Fuck, Even my panties are wet.’


As I picked up the files that had been blown everywhere, unpleasant eyes were fixed on me.


A pathetic gaze and a stinging gaze. It was impossible not to know the negative emotions contained in it.


The team leader’s insensitive gaze was fixed on the tattered files in my hand.


“You don’t have to do something stupid like an introduction.”


“Whatever the situation, the fact that you are our team’s guide doesn’t change.  It is also the fact that it is causing enormous damage to the current team..”


The feeling of getting scolded in front of strangers who I met for the first time when I’m wet made me feel like a dog. Focusing on his eyes, I let out the nag in one ear as I thought of something else.


“There’s no point in taking the time to act foolishly, so Woo Han-se and Park Ga-in take charge of him and make it possible to guide somehow within this week.”


As soon as the team leader finished speaking, dissatisfaction erupted immediately.


“Why should I do that!  Ga-in noona alone is not enough to teach him?”


“All right, boss.”


Unlike Park Ga-in, who nodded her head meekly, the little kid named Woo Han-se said he didn’t want to while glaring angrily.


Now that I look at it, it was the guy who was annoying from the hospital room earlier. Of all the people here, he was the one who didn’t hide his hostility toward me the most, so he was particularly memorable.


I thought it had nothing to do with me, so I just watched the situation in front of me, but a man with light lines, standing quietly as if he was next to me, approached the team leader.  Along with Park Ga-in, this man was also one of the faces I have seen here.


The man who slightly pulled the team leader’s sleeve said,


“Tae-hyun-ssi, I think it would be better for me to take charge of it rather than Ga-in.  It’s my job, and Han-se doesn’t want to be tired even for a second..…….”


The voice that blurted out the end was small, but the aftermath was great. Because Woo Han-se, who was rampaging like an angry monkey, became silent as soon as he heard that, biting his lip.


“I didn’t mean to report you…”


“No, Han-se. That’s what I have to do. And the reason why Ho-hyun became like this….”


“It’s not your fault!  Stupidly kind and nice!!  That bastard is stupid, so why is my brother taking over the digging of my grave?”


Woo Han-se’s anger, which has nowhere to turn to, eventually poured out towards me. Thinking that the stain on the wallpaper resembled a rabbit, I glanced sideway at him.


‘I know he’ll be scared if I stare. He’s as tall as a fuck.’


If only he was shorter, I would have squeezed through [and escaped]. I wet my lips with my tongue in regret.

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