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Chapter 51


“Oh, no, I’m sorry.”


I can’t believe the gate that was just before disappeared in front of my eyes. I’ve never heard of such a case. I was increasingly suffocating to face only darkness for a while even denying reality due to absurdity.


‘No, no, no one locked me up. It’s dark…. It’s not completely dark either.’


No matter how many times I repeat to myself that I’m not trapped, it was bullshit. No matter how many times I convince otherwise, I was trapped.


I felt the entire cave wall with my hands, relying on the light so weak that I could barely see the shape in front of my eyes. I tried to find a crack, but I couldn’t find any small cracks when I looked from end to end.


My foot fell off where it touched the water. I lowered my gaze and looked down at my half-submerged calf and dipped my face in water.


“……Whoo! Spits! Gasps…! Oh, it’s cold.”


I got out without holding out for a few seconds. As expected, it’s impossible. To make matters worse, the arm that was bitten by monster throbbed to the point where it was unbearable. 


When I brought my hand up, the hand that touched my arm became wet, as if blood was still flowing. I knew a few potions that can help with these wounds, but there’s nothing I could do right now.


What can I do if I get hurt? I thought about what else to do other than potions and heal, but I couldn’t think of anything. This is why I hate Dungeon. 


I grumbled as I took off my shirt and wiped away the blood.


“It won’t rot at this rate…….”


Is it better to starve to death while staying still here, or is it better to die of suffocation while swimming into the water. No, why should I think about what’s less painful? I don’t like both.


With a sullen expression, I raised my head and looked into the pitch black sky. It was dark everywhere. A fearful feeling arose, as if the endless darkness were coming to swallow me up. The feeling of my body shrinking and my heart beating loudly was unpleasant, so I got up and slowly crawled towards the light. It was a faint light, but the fear subsided a little.


If Joo Ho-hyun is treated as a dead person, he will be able to open the inventory. But it wasn’t expected to contain anything to break the current situation.


“……I’m dizzy.”


I crouched down in the corner. A fever broke out in my swollen arm. I fell asleep thinking that I was out of my mind or that it was good because I was warm.






The faint sound of crying slowly brought me to my senses. When I opened my dizzy eyes, a pink object filled my view.


What the hell is this? I blinked slowly. When I saw the round eyes and fluffy white fur that were revealed as the object that was tapping me moved away, I could see that it was Cloud’s nose that was hitting me. The inside of the cave is brighter than before, thanks to the clouds emitting a subtle light from all over the body.




“Oh, my!”


When I heard that strange cry, I felt a sense of relief. Cloud was with me.

The comfort of not being alone has come more than ever. Apart from that, my body when I woke up from sleep stretched heavier than before I went to bed, so I couldn’t feel anything. The muscle pain felt all over the body made me groan, and the injured arm felt numb.


Cloud, who rushed to me again, grabbed my arm and stretched out.


“Behhh, beh!”


“Oh, nice to see you, too. But right now… Ah……. My body won’t move. I’ll sleep a little more and wake up and play with you.”




It hit my body as hard as it could with its small head, climbing over my body, biting the shirt I was sleeping in; and even shaking me.


“Your temper tantrums are really…….”


It was the moment when I stood up, grumbling, and took a big step toward Cloud.




I stood frozen when a heavy weight brushed my back by a slight difference. I got goosebumps all over my body as I scanned my back from the top of my head. When I turned my creaking neck around and looked back, a large stone fell where I had just been.


It was the beginning. Soon the whole cave shook and vibated. I ran to the other side, freaked out by rocks the size of a fist falling randomly with falling stone powder


“Ugh! what’s this!! Cloud! Come here!”


I ran to the other side of the cave, following Cloud who was running ahead. As the size of the falling stone grew, a thumping sound rang through the cave.


A bright light was seen far behind the dusty view. It was sunlight.


“Light… It’s the light!”




Hope, which had raised been slightly, was crushed by a rock falling on it and blocking it instantly.




What hope! It would be a relief if I didn’t die on the way there. I stuck close to the wall in amazement. As I held Cloud tightly and watched, I felt a vibration coming from that was different from before. The darkness collapsed with a deafening roar.


The light, which was as small as a fingernail, burst into the sky in an instant and poured down. In an instant, the tables had been turned upside down. I frowned.




“You should feel sorry for me too.”


When I raised my head at the voice above my head, a sparkling seal was reflected in my blurred gaze.


‘This annoying voice…….’


Before I could confirm who it was, I noticed the status window in front of my eyes.


 「 There’s master nearby. Keyword commands cannot be rejected.」


“How can he be here…?”


Every time I blinked, the appearance of Seong San-ha became clear. 


Seong San-ha’s eyes, which were approaching, slowly scanned from his head 

covered with dust on my naked upper body, and eventually burst into laughter when he looked at my injured arm.


“What’s wrong with that poor thing?”


“What on earth are you doing in the dungeon?”


“Well? I’m here to save my puppy. Come here.”


‘He’s here to save me? Why…….’


I frowned at a completely unexpected remark. However, I couldn’t think more about the system window that immediately opened.


 「The master has told you to ‘come here.’ Hurry up and run to the master.」


“Fuck! What are you doing?! I don’t need your help…….”


I felt like I couldn’t move because it felt like a thousand pounds, but thanks to the damn leash, I somehow got up and headed to Seong San-ha. 


In the end, when his leg was bent and collapsed due to his body not following him, Seong San-ha easily caught me with one arm, hugged me and laughed. Unlike me, who was on the verge of death just moments ago, Seong San-ha’s relaxed attitude made me struggle, but instead I was laughed at.


“My puppy says thank you in such a unique way.”


“Who’s thanking you? I thought it was a monster because the cave almost broke down, but it was you instead. It’s like you’re not here to save but to find the body. You.”


Seong San-ha, who looked around me completely buried in my words, shrugged.


“I can heal you.”




Annoying ‘heal’ dependency that just treats the injured person and makes them better, regardless of whether they are sick or not!!


I hated healers even more.


In any case, it is true that I owed Seong San-ha my life. Unlike before, when I was trapped in a dark cave, as soon as I saw Seong Sanha, the death and lethargy that hung before me disappeared as if washing away. Even if Seong San-ha turns his back right now, I would still be able to survive somehow by myself.


‘Whatever the intention was, should I be grateful?’


As soon as I thought about it for a second, Seong San-ha’s rude voice started a quarrel.


“But why are your arms like this again? I’m asking just in case……You don’t know you have to stop bleeding where you’re hurt, do you?”


“I cleaned it. Blood stopped.”




“Well, say something. Why are you looking at me like that?”


I cried out in tears because Seong San-ha’s silent gaze seemed to be looking at me pitifully.


“There are potions; why do I need to know that?”


“……What a terrible potion depency.”


“What, what? Who is telling who about depency? You’re the one……!”


“Yeah, yeah. I know you were sad alone, but I don’t have time. Let’s go out and talk for now.”


Seong San-ha grabbed my injured arm and lifted me up. I flinched in pain from the rough touch, but soon a warm sensation flowed from the area where it was touched.




“……Puppy. I’m sad if that’s the reaction you give when you get heal.”


Blood slowly began to flow from the fingertips that had already lost their senses and had turned blue, and in an instant, the tattered arm was healed. I was going to go out and buy a potion! Even my body felt refreshed!!


I can’t believe I got heal again. I struggled with a big hole in my pride. When I was about to shake off the arm that was caught by Seong San-ha, a familiar sound came from somewhere.




Cloud, who had disappeared before I knew it, reappeared and attacked Seong San-ha’s legs by its head. Seong San-ha and I opened our mouths at the same time.






“What cloud…….”


Part of me wanted to tell him to chew this bastard to pieces, but if I did that, this unsophisticated crazy bastard could have kicked the little fluffy cloud.


“Cloud! Come here. Hurry up!”


Cloud, who was biting the skirt of white pants under Seong San-ha, turned his eyes and looked at me. After biting his lips and nodding his head, Cloud often walked toward me after spitting out Seong San-ha’s pants.


“I told you not to come out when there’s someone else. Hurry up and go in.”




“Hurry up!”




Cloud, who made a long cry as if it were dissatisfied, hit its head on my ankle and disappeared. I closed my eyes in relief that I had saved Cloud, and Seong San-ha, who was looking at me with a serious expression, asked in a firm voice.


“Where did you get the Hamal?”

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