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Chapter 52




I paused at the familiar word. If he’s talking about that…….


「 You have met the requirements for achieving the request. Maintenance of Hamal ♈ (1/1)


Acquire title {Hamal♈ temporary guardian}!」


The system was the first name to refer to Cloud. But how does Seong San-ha know that? Even such an agitated attitude…….


“So, that’s why he didn’t comply to the Tot’s eyes either. Then Ryu Suyun…….”


Seong San-ha, who was talking to himself, looked back at me and ordered.


“Get Hamal back out right now.”


“Fck off.”


When I refused immediately, a big smile was caught on the corner of Seong San-ha’s mouth.


“Come here, puppy.”


“This coward……!”


Once again, his feet naturally turned to Seong San-ha with the state window of the master’s call, which floated in front of him. Seong San-ha looked down at me with an arrogant expression as I approached the front right after leaving one step behind.


“I think we need to re-establish our relationship.”


As I was trying to escape from the leash’s command, I couldn’t help but laugh at those words.


“Damn, it just worked out. That’s what I was going to say. You’ve already caught on.”




“Is there anyone who had the ‘Hamal’ other than me?”


Watching Seong San-ha’s eyebrows wriggling, I raised the corners of my mouth.


I didn’t even have to hear an answer. I don’t know what Hamal is, but it was a linked quest by a golden system window. It could never have been common.


Seong San-ha quickly lost his expression, but the angle of his twisted eyebrows revealed his discomfort at the question.


“Do you mean to make a deal with me?”


“A deal? Sounds good. Don’t forget to write my name on the case.”


“My little puppy. Don’t you think we can get by with the deal? This dungeon has already been closed two days ago, so you won’t be able to get out of here alone.”


“Why am I going out alone? You should take me out. You said you needed something. If I die, there’s no more Hamal. No Ho-hyun, no Hamal.”


Seong San-ha smiled slowly. Although his cool eyes glowed dangerously, it was nice to see his true nature finally revealed. It really seemed to confirm that Hamal had a great influence on Seong San-ha.


‘I’ll never show you.’


Soon after, Seong San-ha, who regained his composure, opened his mouth.


“I’m looking forward to what my puppy wants from me.”


“First, let go of this tight leash.”


Seong San-ha shook his head as he tapped my neck where there would be an invisible leash.


“That’s not allowed. If it wasn’t attached in the first place, you wouldn’t know, because it can’t be forcibly canceled as long as the conditions are set.”


This is the first condition that came to mind, but in the end, I have to be tied to him until Tae Je-.


“What the hell can you do? I can’t help it. Show your sincerity with your body.”


Seong San-ha burst into laughter as I spoke with my arms folded. Soon, he barely managed to smile and opened his mouth to tell me.


“…… It’s beyond my expectations. In what way?


“The first thing to do is lead me out safely. And as soon as I get out, you’re going to make a commitment not to stalk me. I’m very suspicious that you’ve come all the way here. Oh! And don’t forget to apologize to me with all your heart. In other words, depending on the sincerity you see, Hamal can be close or distant. Well, I’ll give you extra points if you kneel…….”


As I continued talking excitedly, Seong San-ha’s smiling face seemed to be getting closer, and at some point, the hem of a white dress filled my field of vision.




My body went limp after the last blow I felt on my neck.




Lee Cho glanced and looked opposite him. As soon as his boss returned, the man who had been roughly thrown away was crumpled up in a haphazard manner. 


He looked like he hard roller around in a dust pit and there was nowhere to look at his upper body, which was clearly exposed as though he had sold his clothes.


When he eventually took off his outerwear and covered him, he immediately heard the sound of kicking his tongue as if he didn’t like his action.


He couldn’t even muster the courage to look back because the image of Seong San-ha was so uncomfortable even without looking at it.


‘What on earth happened in the dungeon…….’


Lee Cho sat back in place and recalled the first time he delivered the news about Joo Ho-hyun.


There was a lot of news from the center’s sources, such as Dungeon’s wavelength has changed or Han Seo-hyun, the head of the investigation bureau, visited the site, but the first word that popped out of his mouth was about Joo Ho-hyun.


“Joo, Joo Ho-hyun is dead!!”


Seong San-ha, who was talking to another subordinate, looked back with an absurd smile as if he heard something absurd.


“No way.”


“It’s true. The center said that there was a casualty due to the change of the wave of Dungeon, which entered before the temporary closure, and that’s Joo Ho-hyun…….”


As soon as he realized that it was concerned about Joo Ho-hyun, he rushed the report, but Seong San-ha’s response was a little different than expected. Seong San-ha, who sent out his subordinate who was with him first, frowned and stared into the air as if checking something.


A firm answer soon returned.


“He’s alive.”


Lee Cho, who was unable to refute the confident answer, was embarrassed and glossed over the report that Joo Ho-hyun failed to make it.


“What? Ah…….Right. Then maybe he’s not dead yet……. For now, Dungeon is said to have been shut down. The center seems to have taken quick action as it has also begun to recognize the wave change these days.”


“……… shut down? What about Joo Ho-hyun?”


“Joo Ho-hyun is dead… Well, they say he’s dead……. I think they tried to find him. Seeing that Han Seo-hyun of the investigation bureau also withdrew after staying at the scene for a while.”


“They even call Han Seo-hyun to find Joo Ho-hyeon?”


“I heard they’re on the same team as the youngest member. Well, the team where Ryu Soo-yoon was last time.”


Seong San-ha, who had been agonizing for a while, narrowed his eyes and asked what he was thinking.


“Which dungeon did you say?”


“It’s Oido…… Are you going?”


When Lee Cho, who recognized the intention, asked in surprise, Seong San-ha replied with a nod in no big deal.


“Find a way in.”


“You’re, you’re sending someone to find him, right?”


“No. I’m going in myself.”


Meaning that he had to find a way to sneak in unconditionally.


He was glad the center pulled out from the case, but it’s not something he can spit out as if he was going on a walk in the mountain behind!


Eventually, the center closed the entrance and replaced the services called with their people, barely creating a gap. Then his superior, who entered the dungeon alone, came out in two.


“……Uh! Yeah…. That…….”


He looked at Joo Ho-hyun, who was talking in his sleep with an incomprehensible sound, and asked.


“How did you know that Joo Ho-hyun is alive?”


“The leash of Lyrafs is the property of Cheon Rang. If Joo Ho-hyun had died, he would have been returned to me.”


“Ah… That’s why…….”


He roughly understood it, but he didn’t understand why he went to the rescue in the first place.


“What about Joo Ho-hyun? Are you sending him to the center…… You won’t do that, right?”


Lee Cho, who noticed Joo Ho-hyun talking nonsense in his sleep as soon as he spoke at the center, kept his mouth shut.


He had no choice but to squirt water while awkwardly holding a bottled water at the voice of Seong San-ha, who replied.


“Joo Ho-hyun is currently the delegate of Hamal.”




Lee Cho, who hurriedly turned his head aside and managed to prevent an mishap from splashing on someone, looked back in surprise.


“Joo Ho-hyun is the Hamal?……Oh! Was it not Ryu Su-yoon? Then Ryu Su-yoon was the last holder!”


“Maybe so. The key is whether they know Joo Ho-hyun has Hamal.”


“Then we can’t send him to the center. The guy who killed Ryu Soo-yoon would be looking for a sculpture. Then isn’t Joo Ho-hyun death also their ploy? Have they seen Harmal?”


Seong San-ha, who frowned as if he had a bad memory, shook his head.


“My puppy is not very stupid. He made a deal with Hamal as a hostage.”


“So he was already aware of Hamal.”


“It seems that it recognized Joo Ho-hyun as a delegate. Even if the host’s body is in danger, it won’t come out. It’s bothering me.”


Seong San-ha’s gaze reached Joo Ho-hyun, who crouched down in the chair next to him and fell asleep.




The relationship of subjugation with the collateral of the soul disappears.


You can view the status window.


You can open your inventory.


The small range alert skill will be revoked.






As soon as I opened my eyes, a system window came up in front of me. It was an alarm that not only inventory and status windows but also a number of minor constraints had disappeared. Joo Ho-hyun was officially killed.


‘Those terrible people……. putting everything on the line.’


Then came the golden quest window.


Quest successful!


Pay compensation.


+ Your fame has gone up 600!


(Current fame: 1499)


+ Increases skill proficiency.


Please select the skill you want to activate.


►Touch of God (醫神) (S)


►Golden Cauldron (SS)


►Born to be Star (S)


►Owner of Burial Ground (S)


►Flamel’s Pending Issues (S)


►Cheonji Bogam (S)


►Mental defense (S)






My skills to shine. Previously, I had no choice but to choose the B-level skill to escape from the center. Now, however, was not the time to miss out on.


“Golden cauldron! Give me the golden cauldron!”


The skill was returned and an alarm came up that Main Quest 3 was cleared.

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