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Chapter 57


“…I don’t know what the hell persuaded the researcher at the center to be like that.”


“Okay, so what’s that? What am I drinking?”


“You didn’t know what it was, but you were trying to accept it as good? Are you naive or stupid…”


Lee Cho stepped out from the side of Seong San-ha.


“Ha ha, ha, ha. These days, supplements and drinks that dull the senses are prevalent because hunters are so overawakening. There is no danger, but you have to be careful because you may be less judgmental or have small impulses.”




“Yes, there have been several cases of fraud where extremely large sums of money are simply wasted or products of poor quality are handed over.”


“What? Then that guy… that bastard!”


The face of a kid smiling kindly came to mind. Seong San-ha, with a blunt expression, shook his head. Lee Cho, who was next to him, received a call and spoke to Seong San-ha.


“San-ha nim. I received a call that there’s a movement.”


“Let’s go.”


Seong San-ha, who was about to leave, looked back and said.


“As I’ve said before, if you’re not confident, don’t do useless things and come into the heaven. Stop being so kind.”


“Get lost!”


Perhaps the shock of fraud was huge; even after Seong San-ha left, Yeon Seung-yeon’s face was not good. Eventually, before entering the wholesale mall again, they decided to sit down and rest for a while and buy a warm drink from a nearby cafe.


Seated side by side, Yeon Seung-yeon muttered while looking down at the warm car in his hand.


“How can I eat this…”


“Others drink well, too. Drink.”


“I’m sorry, Ho-hyun nim. I should have recognized you better…. I thought I should have looked around a little bit and turned it down and went inside.”


“No. The frauds are the fools. Why is that your fault? I’ll give you a whack on the way later.”


When I said this while shaking his fist, Yeon Seung-yeon smiled slightly and shook his head, probably thinking it was a joke.


“Ho-hyun is protecting me like this….. But still, you have to endure it. Stores can form alliances, so if you mess with them, you may face retaliation…”


“Is there such a thing?”


“Yes, there are several coalitions, and if you get caught wrong by vicious people, you may not be able to buy materials from Wolgye Naru due to bad luck. That’s why we have to be even more careful about new workshops like ours.”


“There are a lot of things.”


In addition to guilds, merchants gathered to form an association-like group. The more I knew about it, the more interesting it was.


‘Well, I’m a potion master…who almost got scammed by a material dealer. I wish I could make money by making potions as comfortably as I did in Nox…’


The manager of the brokerage house appeared in his head and shouted.


—That’s what self-employed people do! You don’t like it? If you don’t like it, you can go back to Nox and do something like that!


I heard something the boss didn’t even say. I quickly shook my head and let the man out of my head go away.


I could never do that. I liked it better now that I was free even if it was uncomfortable.

After calming down, I and Yeon Seung-yeon started walking around and looking for a good store.


“There’s not much sage that I use often here.”


“The quality there is good.”


“But it’s too expensive… Then how about number 32 just now?”


“The boss over there is so annoying.”




In the end, we chose a small material store run by an old couple.




Are there so many things that people need to live? Are there so many things to buy for production?


When I moved to the studio in earnest, there were so many things to buy, from big to trivial. I couldn’t believe I needed a small teaspoon or a rug for customers to shake their feet and come in, much less indoor shoes. I always stayed in a place where everything was prepared, and when I tried to get it myself, things kept falling out and I got into trouble.


For a while, I focused on filling up my workroom fixtures and essentials like that.


After some organization, the opening of the business is just around the corner. It was time to slowly make a port, so it was the day to go to Wolgye Naru again in a few days.


“Are you ready?”


“Yes! I’ll be out soon!”


It seemed that Seung-yeon was a little nervous, still remembering the previous incident. Today, I decided to walk while looking at other potion stores to do a preliminary survey.


“It’s fortunate that the agency will provide signboards and stands. I think we need to buy more props and items that directly touch the potion. In the case of potion bottles, there are simple ones and colorful ones with gold leaf and jewelry. There’s also a suitable potion bottle decorated with metal embossing and leather in the middle. Which one do you like, Ho-hyun?”


“Simple. I don’t like to decorate for nothing. You can’t see my perfect potion.”


At the words uttered, Yeon Seung-yeon nodded with moved eyes.


“As expected… It’s great that you don’t lose your pride as a potion maker.”


“Of course.”


“Oh, Ho-hyun. And how should we promote our studio? There are so many ways to go…”


“What do you mean by promoting?”


I tilted my head at a word I had never thought of. Yeon Seung-yeon continued awkwardly as if he was not used to saying it.


“There is a community for hunters called Huntropolis, and if you post a banner there and make premium payment, advertising emails are sent to all subscribers.”


“Who buys something like that?”


“I’m not sure about that either. But everyone’s doing it. There’s also a way to buy time on the billboard in front of Dungeon and to hold a tasting event in the most primitive way to catch a hunter passing by. In the case of tasting events, the price of the potion is a little bit, but it’s promoted free of charge on Hunter’s community, so there’s no advertising fee…”


Yeon Seung-yeon diligently recited what he had studied.


‘Kang Eui-jin is making a potion yet he is not receiving any thanks or bribes….. Do I have to follow the hunters around and promote while saying “Please Drink this”?’


While we were walking together, listening sullenly, we suddenly heard a loud noise next to us. A group of hunters was standing in front of a potion store.


“Is this really true?”


“It’s, it’s true. The efficacy is certain.”


“It’s freaking suspicious. My mouth is luxurious mouth that has tried a few Kang Eui-jin’s potions.”


“Hahaha, how can you do that? I heard you gathered 10 people and just touched their tongues once!”


“Fuck, won’t you shut up?”


The store owner trembled at the sight of the two hunters, who seemed to fight at any moment. Another hunter said, casually throwing away a small potion bottle.


“I can’t even feel it. Is ti mixed with water?”


“No, it’s 100 percent pure. If you wait a little longer, the effect will be….”


“I guess it didn’t work because I’m tall. Give me another bottle.”


“Ha, ha ha…….we, the tasting rules are one sample for one hunter…..”


“Is it okay to do this to future customers now!! Should I post a review on Hunpol?”


As Hunter raged and tried to overturn the stand, the potion maker became restless and eventually pulled out a new potion.


“Oh, no. Take this. I’m not supposed to, but Hunter is so cool that I’m giving it to you.”


“Yes. It was supposed to be like this. I’ll leave you a good review.”


I couldn’t believe my eyes. Until the shocking scene was over, I and Seung Yeon froze and watched on the spot.


“What was that…”


“Ho-hyun nim.”


In shock, Seung-yeon and I canceled our trip to the Wolgye Naru Market and started going around all the stores. And we saw the stark reality of all the producers.


Portion makers were not the only ones. In any production industry, the higher the rank, the more the hunters borrowed, and the lower the rank, the more the producers were treated with contempt. In the first place, the price of materials was expensive, so in order to sell even one, they had to bend it to Hunter.




“I’m sorry, Ho-hyun. I don’t think samples will work…”


I was also quite shocked to learn that I had to act like this when I came to the capitalist market because I was just researching with support. A man appeared in my head again.


—That’s what self-employed people do!


I murmured, looking at the sight I couldn’t bear to see with my eyes open.


“Seung-yeon ah, do you feel anything?”


“What? Yes, yes, as expected. If you live hard and don’t forget your love for potions.”


“As expected, you have to be the best.”




“If you’re a low-level person, you’re ignored. If you go to a higher level, that won’t happen. And I have the best skills.”

Yeon Seung-yeon blinked his eyes in a panic and then quickly nodded.


“Yes! That’s right!”


“But let’s not promote us. We don’t look good.”




“Review of Hunpol? Horoscope? That must be really scary. Everyone tries to pass out when they hear that.”


“That’s right. I guess it’s very effective…”


“Let’s go toward the market before it closes.”


Along with Yeon Seung-yeon, he passed through the lower shops of shock and headed to Wolgye Naru.


The place to go today was not a wholesale shopping mall but a marketplace held on odd days. Hunters or awakeners with collection skills gathered to luckily obtain special ingredients that were uncommon for each to sell items collected directly from Dungeon. Many brokers were only entrusted with sales on behalf of hunters who continued to enter Dungeon to supply and demand ingredients.


“Seung-yeon. Here’s what I need.”


When I handed over the note, Yeon Seung-yeon received it with both hands. He immediately opened and read it, and he tilted his head in wonder.


“Ho-hyun, there’s gon-dal jeub and drowsy eggplant… All of these are not included in healing potions.”


“Oh, I’m going to make a guiding potion, not a healing potion.”




Yeon Seung-yeon shouted in surprise.

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