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Chapter 6


The one who ended the situation was the team leader.


“Ye Seong-woo, You don’t have to push yourself. For the main guide, guiding team members comes first, so you only care about that. For education, it’s the same, Woo Han-se and Park Ga-in.”


“It’s not that, Tae-hyun-ssi. I’ll take it.  I can take it.”


Ye Seong-woo hurriedly intervened at the team leader’s dissuade. I looked at him curiously at the way he begged so desperately at first glance.


‘Is he close with Joo Ho-hyun?’


Seeing that the other guys were looking at Ye Seong-woo with a surprised expression, it didn’t seem like that.


“Tae-hyun-ssi, only then I’ll feel comfortable.”


The team leader, who saw Ye Seong-woo’s dark eyes, slightly frowned with a troubled expression.


“Seong-woo you…….”


“I’ll do it.”


When I turned around at the voice, I saw Han Seo-jin standing in a corner with arms crossed.




“What? Han Seo-jin, Why are you suddenly?”


“No, Seo-jin. You don’t have to. I’ll just.…….”


Ye Seong-woo, Woo Han-se, and other team members whose names were unknown, looked at me alternately with Han Seo-jin, confused. Even so, Han Seo-jin just stared at the team leader.


Eventually, the team leader, who met that gaze without speaking, nodded.


“Do it then. As you may know, you have to return to normal within a week and post it.”


“Is it okay if I move rooms?”


“Even rooms?”


“It’s hard to get to Joo Ho-hyun’s room.”


At Han Seojin’s words, the team leader scanned me from head to toe and muttered,


“What, there shouldn’t be any problems.”


Are you talking about me now?  The team leader checked the time and roughly shook his hand and gave permission..


“Manage it yourself. Jae-hwi and Ha-yoon, follow me.”


Two team members went out together following the team leader who was going ahead, probably planning to go out in the first place.


As soon as the front door closed, the Woo Han-se, who opened their eyes sharply, cursed loudly as if to listen to him.


“A real naughty bastard.  How many people are suffering because of that one thing??”


“Ah..…………. Ho-hyun seems to have changed as a real person.”




“I must have caught it. Or are you acting? You shameless asshole.”


I had no patience to give into the noisy Wu Hanse. It was because Han Seo-jin, approaching from behind, grabbed my arm and pulled towards him.


“Follow me.”


I stared at Han Seo-jin. Unlike the other team members who were hostile to ‘Joo Ho-hyun’, Han Seo-jin did not hide his annoyance, but he did not feel disliked. However, he volunteered to educate Joo Ho-hyun, whom everyone was reluctant to do…


‘It doesn’t sound friendly……Is he a good guy although he doesn’t look like it?’


Anyway, among the team members, Han Seo-jin was the best. Even though I could shake him off, I obediently followed him.


“Seo-jin ah. Wait, I have to talk with Ho-hyun for a bit….”


“Joo Ho-hyun doesn’t know you now, hyung.”


“Seo-jin ah.”


Despite Ye Seong-woo’s call, Han Seo-jin went ahead as if he couldn’t hear.  In the end, even Woo Han-se yelled behind him.


“Han Seo-jin!!”


He’s a bean flour, a real bean flour. [1]


I clicked my tongue and glanced back. Woo Han-se, who can’t control his temper, and Ye Seong-woo, who looks at me with desperate eyes beside him.


Despite wondering why he was looking at me like that, I moved my feet again at the urging of Han Seo-jin’s hand.


“Ya, they’re calling for you.”


[Be quiet and follow me.]


I shrugged my shoulders and muttered in response to Han Seo-jin’s face that resonated in my head.


“Wow, the team atmosphere is bloody.”


Han Seo-jin stopped abruptly at the muttered words that were insignificant.


“…..You can say stuff like that in this situation?”


“So? We’re not on good terms, anyway.”


At my words, Han Seo-jin looked back at me as if he couldn’t stand it any longer and fired at me.


“Are you ignorant, or are you just stupid? 왜 Are you so carefree? Can’t you see that everyone hates you now?”


“So what?”




Han Seo-jin, with an frustrated expression, opened his lips to say something, but eventually shut his mouth with a sigh.


When I saw the confusion in his eyes toward me, I realized, ‘He thinks I’m Joo Ho-hyeon.’ Thinking of this, I tapped Han Seo-jin’s shoulder and added a light comment.


“Don’t worry. I’ll get my revenge later. It’s okay, right?”


“…..You have become strange.”


I followed Han Seo-jin, who turned his back, and looked around. I had thought about this when I saw it from the outside, but the inside of the mansion was also really spacious.


Seeing Han Seo-jin continue to walk even after climbing the stairs, I was curious about where he was going, so I asked while pretending to walk.


“Where are we going now?”


Han Seo-jin didn’t answer anything, probably because he decided to ignore me.


“Hey, I said, where are we going?”


“….to the room.”


Han Seo-jin stopped in front of a large door at the end of the hallway on this floor. The door opened with a slight push, revealing the inside of a large room. Curiously, I stepped in and looked around.


“Oh, Is this my room? It’s worth it.”


It was smaller than the room I stayed in before, but I liked the clean interior.  It wasn’t a long stay anyway, and it was useful for a short stay.  Now where should I check the condition of the mattress…


I went straight to the bed, about to throw myself, but my shoulder was grabbed.


“What are you doing?” Han Seo-jin asked the question naturally.


“I’m tired so I’m lying down.”


“That’s my bed.”


“Then where’s mine?”


Han Seo-jin’s gaze was directed to one place.  At the end of his gaze, there was a door attached to the corner of the room.  A feeling of uneasiness crept in.


“……What is it?”


“That’s the room for you to stay in.”


Han Seo-jin went ahead and opened the door as if to follow him. As I approached the room, it was the the size of a fucking box, confirming my suspicion.


“This….is my room?”




“Are you joking?”


Out of embarrassment, the question popped out before thinking.


This bastard, still I think you’re more sane than the others. I treated you favorably, and you fed me shit to my room in a mean way? It’s such a small room….


Just in case, I pressed the bed with my hand, and I felt a slight spring bounce. It was clear that it was an entry-level mattress.


“What’s the problem?”


I asked back in bewilderment at Han Seo-jin’s words, as if he really didn’t know.


“You want to see me sleeping in this filthy room?”


“Are you talking about this room?”


“Yes. Look if you have eyes too. A king-size bed, a wardrobe and a desk for furniture? Besides, there is no terrace in the narrow aisle where only one person can barely pass. I can’t sleep in such a small room. I won’t be able to breathe.”


As I explained the problems one by one as he didn’t seem to know, Han Seo-jin, who had been listening quietly, let out a laugh.


“How can you be sure that you can’t sleep when you don’t even remember?.”


“That…..I just know it.”


“It’s four times bigger than the room where hyung used to sleep, so don’t be silly, just stay there..”


“If this is four times……….no, wait. Hyung?”


My eyes widened when I heard ‘hyung’ coming out of Han Seo-jin’s mouth for the first time, but Han Seo-jin bit his lip a little as if he had made a mistake.


“Ah, I’m the hyung? I knew it.”


“You didn’t mean to know?”


“How would I know? I haven’t even opened the chart yet.”


I shyly turned my gaze to Han Seo-jin’s flustered expression. Of course, as soon as I saw it, I knew what it would look like to speak casually.  Of course, you only know it with your head, and once you spit it out, it’s half talk.


It’s all because of Tae Je-heon. That madman told me to use only honorifics, so I couldn’t say honorifics to other people.


While thinking about the past, Han Seo-jin, who was about to close the door and leave, caught my eye. As I hurriedly followed him, Han Seo-jin looked back at me without hiding his irritation.


“Why? Why are you following me?.”


“Just because. I’m bored. I don’t want to be alone.”


In Nox, there were a lot of annoying people, so I rather liked being alone. I researched new potion recipes in the lab, made commissioned works, picked out the ones I didn’t like, and cursed to go to the clinical room, but now the status window doesn’t even open. I don’t have any skills and I can’t use them.


I didn’t want to be left alone in a small, suffocating room.


I said, closing the door tightly. “And I want to wash. I was hit by some kind of water splash earlier. That’s right, who was that bastard? Ah, nevermind. I’ll look for it myself. Anyway, if I look at the chart, I will be able to figure it out.


Is there a bathroom in your room? Then I’ll be washing, so bring me some clothes. Do you have any clothes I used to wear? If you’re going to get a new one, I’ll let you know the size. My top…………….”




It was a good choice to wash in Han Seo-jin’s bathroom. Han Seo-jin tried to put me back in the box-like room, saying that my room also had a bathroom, but I liked Han Seo-jin’s room, which was spacious and had a large window.


“If I asked him to change rooms…..he probably wouldn’t do it.”


The bed is twice as big as mine, so can’t you just give me one?  Even five people would have enough space to lie down.


Thinking about this and that, I refreshed myself by washing my hair, roughly drying my hair and wrapping a towel around my waist.


As soon as I opened the door, I ran into Han Seo-jin, who was approaching the room with clothes in his hands. For a moment, Han Seo-jin’s hardened face crumpled as if it had become a stone.


“……Dude, what are you doing now?”


“Don’t look. I’m embarrassed.”


“You say you’re ashamed yet you came out naked?”


“Take it off! Can’t you see this?”


When I said it while waving the towel tied around my waist, Han Seo-jin looked at me with a shocked look and threw a piece of clothing at me.


“Go inside and put it on.”


“What? We’re both men.”




If I said one more word, I would really get kicked out, so I turned around and put on my clothes, grumbling inside what I wanted to say.


Lastly, I felt a warm gaze behind my back as I put on my top, and when I turned around, Han Seo-jin was looking at me.


‘What? He was swearing and yet.’


“What, you turned your back.”


It was only then that I thought about the tattoo on my back as I stared at him without a slight movement even when I blurted it out.


“Oh, you got a tattoo too?”


The tattoo, starting from the wing bone, covering half of the back and slightly reaching the back of the neck, was engraved with me, who once said hates crazy bitch like Tae Je-heon.


As the Awakener was summoned and put into power, it seemed to be moving, so people who saw it for the first time couldn’t take their eyes off it.


Han Seo-jin is different, he was not fascinated by the tattoo……. until I realized that Han Seo-jin knew me as Joo Ho-hyun. Of course, Joo Ho-hyun does not have the same tattoo as me on his back.


‘Ah…………….I’m fucked.’


Suddenly, I turned my back to hide the tattoo and faced Han Seo-jin.


“Ah, that’s why this…….”


Embarrassed, my heart beat fast. I stuttered about how to make an excuse, but Han Seo-jin, who slightly raised his eyebrows, asked in a questionable voice.


“What are you talking about? There is nothing.”




“There is nothing that looks like a tattoo.”

  • 1. It originally refers to someone that is in a very bad relationship with each other and is not harmonious. Since bean flour usually does not clump together, it is usually used as bean paste to prevent rice cakes from sticking together.
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