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Chapter 61


There was an awkward air in the lobby. Unlike Seong San-ha, who sat comfortably as if someone had invited him, Baek Da-in was hugging her sister in a frozen state, as if she knew that the leader of the Cheon Rang Guild was the one sitting in front of her. 


Lee Cho rolled his eyes at him while Yeon Seung-yeon walked around and offered tea to everyone. Finally, as I sat at the head table and looked around, I smiled with satisfaction. 


“What do you think? Isn’t it cool?”


“I was worried because it was a remote place, but I think it’s better than most potion stores. Thank you for treating me like this, Ho-hyun.”


“It’s bright and warm. It’s really nice to see.”


I listened with joy to the compliments of Lee Cho and Baek Da-in. Everything in Nox was dark, including the building, so I wanted to make my workshop bright and grand. It’s still bright and I haven’t achieved grandeur, but I’ll leave that for later.


While everyone stood up and looked around the workshop, Seong San-ha, sitting elegantly sipping tea, let out a satisfied exclamation.


“It’s a nice place.”


“Of course. Whose workshop is this?”


“Did you prepare it by finding out my tastes? Is this like an appeal to come visit often?”


“This freaking…… !”


I was about to swear at Seong San-ha, who was laughing and talking nonsense, but I endured it with tremendous patience. The little kid was watching the show right behind me.


“Don’t….say such nonsense. I’ll let you off guard today because it’s the first day, but don’t come here unnecessarily next time. I’m going to be very busy, so I don’t have time to deal with you.”


“Really, would you even be busy?”




When I got up in a fit of rage, Lee Cho who was looking at the potions displayed next to me, stopped me.


“Ho-hyun, do you only have lower-level healing potions? I want to buy some potions.”


“Potion? I don’t sell them.”




Am I crazy to sell my precious potion to you? Baek Da-in, who was standing in the compartment next to Lee Cho, took a shaky breath at the firm wave of my hand.


“Are you not selling it because it’s your first day? Actually, I was going to buy a potion, too.”


“Are you going to the dungeon? How much do you need?”


“That’s… I was going to ask the price first… I am going to buy about ten.”


“I’ll just give it to you.”


“Ho-hyun nim! How about me!?”


“No, I’m going to buy it.”


“Can’t you sell it to me?”


Even so, I was puzzled to see Da-in’s younger sister being desperate to spend money. The answer came from Yeon Seung-yeon.


“I think she’s trying to buy them because it’s an acquaintance’s shop. It’s a common occurrence.”


“Why? Are you feeling sorry for me for not making money?”


“Hey, Ho-hyun nim. No way!”


“I’m rooting for you.”


“It’s the first time I’m making a way for it to work out well in the future.”


“That’s right! I hope you’re on a roll.”


“Our potion is expensive. And you don’t have to buy it when you don’t even need it. What if people who really need it can’t buy it?”




Yeon Seung-yeon looked impressed. Lee Cho protested, saying, “Why wouldn’t I need it?” and Baek Da-in also intervened while watching Lee Cho’s passion.


“I was going to buy it because I really needed it!”


“I’m also going to Dungeon the day after tomorrow, so I need an emergency potion.”


I was the first to raise the white flag at the persistent nosiness of the two.


“It’s my first day, so I only have a hundred lower-level healing potions.”


“It doesn’t have a high level of ability, but it’s okay if it’s a lower potion.”


“I was going to buy the lower-level potions because it’s for new employees who just completed.”


“Since you really want to buy it so much, buy only ten each… Seung-yeon ah.”


I was going to show the two of them the sample potion. Seong San-ha, who had been quiet so far, opened his mouth.


“Why don’t you sell them when you have the chance? A hundred… I don’t think you can sell them all.”


“What? You’re so cute trying to pick a fight.”


I could not stand looking at that obnoxious guy in my workshop. I pointed at the door and shouted at them to get out immediately.


“I am not selling it to you, or you. Get out both of you! From now on, Cheon Rang is off limits to our workshop!”


“How many can you make in a day?”




I frowned and looked at them. Seong San-ha said while measuring the number of lower-level potions on display.


“Soon, the Constitutional Council will begin a large-scale support project for young creators. There is pressure from the government so we have to participate.”


“Are you saying that your target of support will be our workshop?”


“If you meet a certain standard, we will order in bulk.Of course, this is taking into account that the quality is a bit low, so there is no need to feel burdened.”


“Po- Poor quality???”


I clenched my fist to the words of Seong San-ha. I knew the value of my potion. Even if no one knows it now, I have no intention to sell it if I am being ignored like this!


The moment I tried to say no in a heartbeat, Yeon Seung-yeon grabbed me and pulled me back. As soon as I saw the squirrel’s shining eyes, I knew what he was trying to say.


“No. I’ll refuse.”


“B, But Ho-hyun! We need to find mercenaries soon, as well as for Ho-hyun’s personal research. It’s a great opportunity……”




“Since I promised to help you achieve your noble goals… I will respond and proceed with Cheon Rang on behalf of you!”


Yeon Seung-yeon clenched his fists and spoke with determination. With a sigh, I reached out and ruffled Yeon Seung-yeon’s hair.


“No squirrel. Don’t you know how crazy that bastard is?”


“Huh? Me, me?”


“Keep this in mind. All guild leaders are nut-cases.”


I looked at Yeon Seung-yeon who was nodding his head awkwardly and then turned to look in the direction where Seong San-ha was.


By the way, what should I do? I was unlucky, but I was sure to be of great help to my battlefield if I received support, as Seung-yeon said. In the end, I had only one choice as president.


“Go and get a sample order.”




I went back to the lobby and sat in front of Seong San-ha. I asked, meeting his carefree gaze with disapproval, as if he knew that would happen.


“Well, how much do you need?”


“Are you confident?”


“Yes. For your information, our potion is three times the price elsewhere.”


Yeon Seung-yeon, who was coming out with documents from behind, opened her eyes wide. His shaking eyes shouted silently, “It’s not three times; it’s two times!” 


When I shrugged my shoulders, lightly ignoring him, Seong San-ha smiled and shook his head as if he were dumbfounded.


“What… I think it’s time to admit that business doesn’t have talent.”


“If you don’t like it, then get lost.”


“I’ll pay the down payment in advance.”


In good faith. I crumpled my face and frowned at the sight of smiling Seong San-ha.




With down payments, startup costs, and support for up-and-coming producers, the account—which had been reduced significantly to establish a studio—increased multiple times over the prior one. 


However, the order volume was too large because it was an order from a large guild. When Yeon Seung-yeon and I tried to match the quantity, we had to focus on making portions as soon as Mana kicked in.


“I can’t believe you’re making all these potions. I know there are some internal producers besides us…. Ack. Ho-hyun nim, how many times have you been doing this?”


“It’s the second time.”


“No! I’m sure this is the fourth time….. you’ve got to rest now. Come on!”


“I was going to do that anyway.”


How did you know? As Yeon Seung-yeon said, Mana was about to fall below the danger level. This garbage mana doesn’t increase. I came off the workbench grumbling.


Unlike other potion makers, I didn’t need a small process when making potions thanks to “Golden Cauldron”. It was a great merit to save time, but because Joo Ho-hyun’s mana was insufficient, I had to take a break every time, so the number of potions he could eventually make was not much different from that of other potion makers.


On top of tha, post-processing should be done on the potions of consecutive years for additional capabilities….


‘I can’t just make a hundred-day low-level potion every day. I need to start researching.’


If the mana had fallen, there were only two ways. Either get enough rest or drink the mana potion and charge it as soon as the mana falls. But the process to make the potion was too slow.


This was all because of Seong San-ha. If only I hadn’t been asked to do it by that bastard… My ideal and artistic workshop turned into a basic factory.


I hung on the sofa and imagined fighting Seong San-ha in my head. By the time Seong San-ha collapsed about five times in my imagination, the bell rang, indicating that someone had entered the garden.


“It’s a customer! I’ll go out!”


Since there have been no customers since the first day of Seong San-ha and Baek Da-in, I jumped up with excitement. But what I saw was none other than Lee Cho. My shoulders immediately dropped at the sight of him.


“Hello, Ho-hyun nim!”


Lee Cho was smiling awkwardly.


“I thought you were a guest.”


“Ha, ha… If you are too disappointed, you will be hurt. Would it have been better if the guild leader had come?”


“Why are you here? It’s still away from the deadline.”


“The potions I received last time are of great quality. They are very popular with the kids and even existing Cheon Rang Hunters are asking if they could get more.”


“Of course. I was the one who made it.”


“So by any chance… Can I place an additional order?”


Lee Cho belatedly brought up his real intention. Lee Cho’s proposal, which he asked with his eyes shining, was rejected as soon as possible.


“No way. My workshop has become a factory because I’m making supplies for Cheon Rang.”


“Not even a little? Just ten percent!”


“No. There is a profound problem that you will not understand even if you hear it. There is even a separate commission from Seong San-ha.”


The profound problem was Joo Ho-hyun’s pitiful management, but it was none of Lee Cho’s business. After kicking him out and telling him not to come anywhere before the due date, he was about to close the garden gate when a blue truck rumbled closer from a distance.

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