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Chapter 62


The words ‘Daisy 37’ were wrapped in large letters on the side of the truck that stopped in front of our store. The car door opened and a bear-like man got out of the truck and greeted us.


“Hello, boss!”


“Ah, Jin-myeong ah.”


He was the grandson of an elderly couple in a wholesale mall that we decided to trade with. I approached Jin-myeong, who put down the ingredients I had ordered, and picked up the box.


“Oh, I can do it.”


“I’ll help you. Just inspect it.”


“Yes, the ingredients you have ordered separately this time are in this box, and ten boxes of healing potting ingredients and six hundred litres of purified water, as before, will come this evening.”


“All the numbers are correct. By the way, did you find out what I said last time?”


“Oh, that one…..”


When I asked, Jin-myeong couldn’t hide his embarrassment by holding and fiddling his hand with the gloves a few times.


“I tried to find even one of the things that were there, but I couldn’t find any. Either there are no items for sale or they are ridiculously expensive…..”


“As expected… how much is it for sale then?”


“Waktos’ hooves are priced at 5 million won each, and Galaxy flower buds picked at dawn are priced at 20 million won.”


“What, what?”


“Other than those two, the rest are hard to come by.”


My mouth opened at the unexpected amount.


“No way! Even though they are not such hard things to come by other than the mane of the Riker and the feathers of the Seyren?”


“I think it’s the price to call it because there were few sales on the market in the first place. Special items are market prices in Wolgye Naru, maybe because they came into the auction of hunters.”


“No one pays for that!”


“That’s true, but they’re saying it’s enough if you don’t sell it. I’m sorry, boss. You trusted me and left it to me…”




I put my head on it. It wasn’t that I didn’t have money, but it’s a valuable asset that disappears if I fail, so I don’t need one or two, but I can’t buy it every time.


“Okay for now. Come inside and take the potion. Tell the boss.”


“You don’t have to give it to me… Oh, right, my grandmother said she would make some side dishes and send them to you.”


“My squirrel is good at cooking, so say it’s okay.”


“What? Oh… Alright.”


Jin-myeong, holding a potion box in his arms, bowed his head and left.


Judging from the fact that even the most well-established Daisy Mall owners can’t find it, it can be said that we can’t find it in Wolgye Naru. Is there nothing left to do but hire mercenaries and supply the materials ourselves?


I went down to the basement to tell the story I just heard from Jin-myeong, but when I saw Yeon Seungyeon working hard to make a potion, I quietly closed the door and came upstairs.


Since Yeon Seung-yeon was having a hard time in place of Joo Ho-hyun, who is suffering from an untimely depletion of mana, I should at least take care of finding the mercenary. Yeon Seung-yeon’s touching voice rang in my ears.


I sat down in front of the computer curiously, but I didn’t know what to do. I clicked the mouse and eventually picked up my phone. The registered number ended up on one page without needing to scroll down.


“Well…… Seong San-ha is off. Lee Cho is with Seong San-ha so he is also off…”


The only people left were Song-ah and Da-in. I felt like things would get bigger if I asked Song-ah So I pressed the number that said “Bae Da-in Noona.”


[Hello, Ho-hyun?]


“Yes, noona. I have a question.”


[What do you mean?]


From the other side came a screeching little voice.


[She’s not on the phone right now!]


“Yeah. I’m thinking of getting a staff in my shop.”




“I heard there’s a way to get it from Huntropolis. Tell me how to get it.”




Huntropolis. It’s a community for Awakeners. I knew there was a community of Awakeners because they often appeared in conversations with Nox, but so far, I had little to no interest. But I never expected to use it like this….


After a brief security check, the main Huntropolis page was opened. The banners under the simple logo caught the eye with colorful advertisements passing by, and numerous articles were being updated in real time on the bulletin board, divided into various sections.


“She said membership in the upper right…”


I went to sign up for membership like Da-in told me to. But why were there so many eye-catching things while only moving 10 centimeters? I clicked without realizing it because there was an advertisement for the potion workshop on the biggest banner.


“Your mood today, emotional potion? The studio has a unique name.”


It was written that ‘you mood today, emtional potion’ founded by four young potion makers. It seemed like they were supported by a certain guild like us. 


The concept I saw for the first time was unique, so I tried to look around a bit, but no matter how much I lowered the screen,all I could see were beautiful pictures of the dungeon scenery. The only potion that happened to come out was a picture at the end. 


When I finally reached the end, potions appeared, but the ingredients or effects were not listed, and I couldn’t figure out what the potion was.


“Afternoon potion with French sensibility? A sigh of a man left alone in the dungeon on a rainy day…….? Why are all the names like this?”


They were worse than that François bastard. Who is going to buy this after seeing this? As I looked at it, I felt like I was getting weird too, so I quickly left the page.


When I went back to the main section, several posts passed, such as a new gate or recruiting a party to target a new dungeon. There were also titles that sometimes looked for Tae Je-heon’s whereabouts among a ton of posts.


“Because of that bastard Tae Je-heon, I got involved with Cheon-rang, which has ties with the royal family.”


There was a post that caught my eye while I was walking around clicking around, forgetting my original purpose.


[Chat] So who is number one in the potion world now?


Because Kang Eui-jin is dead;; I’m also preparing to buy a high-quality insurance potion, but I don’t know where to go.


Comments (16)


– François


└ François is not appropriate for insurance.


– Honestly, I don’t think there is one


– I’m trying to hold on until the new star rises. Fortunately, I have about 35 of them that my uncle gave me!


└ No way, they are made by Kang Eui-jin?


└ Yes, my uncle is an acquaintance! Actually, even 35 makes me anxious ㅠㅜ Life is the most precious thing.


└ I’m really jealous…


– I went into one of the big guides this time, and I got a potion there. It’s so nice. I’m thinking of breaking through soon.


└ Please give me some information


└ Where is it from? No way. Nox?


└ Sorry, it’s a benefit from the guild I worked hard to get into, but it’s kind of weird to share it like this ^^


└ Then why are you bragging?


– I know where the majority of Kang Eui-jin’s potions are kept. Send me a message if you need it. There are a lot of A-class people who only took a sip.


└ I sent you a message.


└ Can you tell me too? I still have a low Hunpo [1] level, so I can’t write a message.


“As expected, everyone is going crazy without me.”


However, it was on my mind that it was a used potion in the comments. The entire bottle of potion was just the right amount, and the risk of deterioration increases when opened. I didn’t use expensive potion bottles for anything.


I was going to tell them not to buy it, but when I clicked on writing a comment, a window popped up to log in.


“Please log in to use more Huntropolis.”


“It bothers me…”


But it was something I had to do anyway. I belatedly remembered my original purpose and entered the membership window.


But the hardships started from now on.


“ID? Ho… Hyun, one, two, three.”


When I hit Ho-hyun123, the notification window appeared.


「It’s an ID that already exists!!」


“…Ho-hyun, one three two. Ho-hyun three two one. I can’t do this either? ….Ho-hyun seven, seven, seven. Ho-hyun, zero, zero, zero.”


「It’s an ID that already exists!!」


「It’s an ID that already exists!!」


I think I used at least 20 of them. No matter what kind of combination you make, the ID that already exists keeps popping up.


“What do you want me to do? I won’t do it.”


I was so fed up that I pushed the keyboard far away. The enter key was pressed on my finger, and this time a different screen appeared.


“Tlqkf999 is an ID that can be used.”


I thought I had crossed a large mountain, but since then, it has been difficult to create a password by combining capital letters, lowercase letters, and certain characters, and to make a nickname because all the cool nicknames have already been taken away.


Potion Master, Supreme, Best, Master, SS-level Potion Maker, and Legendary were all inapplicable.


“How ​​much is it? I’ll just pay you!!”


It was adopted when I cursed in the input window because I was annoyed.


“Dear, “How ​​much is it? I’ll just pay you.” Welcome to becoming a citizen of Huntropolis.”


I was only signing up for membership, but I already felt exhausted. Looking at the time, it’s been 30 minutes.


I looked up the potion post earlier, but I couldn’t find where it went, so I gave up and entered the job search board. When I clicked on writing the post, the application form automatically appeared.


[Set up your profile.]






* You must fill out all the forms.


* Due to the nature of the bulletin board, the nickname will be released.




Affiliation /Grade:


Working hours:


Job description:




Application requirements:






Completion of workshop information required


I thought about how to write it for a while. I’ve never seen such a style before. Until now, all the contracts I stamped were either my own way or Tae Jae-heon’s own way. After agonizing over it for a while, I decided to write honestly without worrying about it.


“There are two people, but the rank or grade is… Of course, you have to be strong so that you don’t get hurt after you enter the dungeon. Oh, I should tell them to click only if they are confident. They will get hurt if they fail after an interview.”


I paused after murmuring while concentrating. It’s because what I just said was very cool. As expected, you become a grown-up when you become a boss.


I was more excited and wrote it. Once I started, it was weirdly easy to think about.


“I’m done. Hmm… Easy. Register!”


「[Recruiting mercenaries] Only come if you’re strong.」

  • 1. Hunpo (헌폴) is short for Huntropolis.
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