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Chapter 63


C-rank hunter Yang Su-cheol was lying down and browsing his phone again today.


Three years ago, when he first awakened, he thought his life would finally bloom and continue to prosper. However, life was not always smooth sailing. C-rank wasn’t low, but it wasn’t high either; it was just an average grade, and Su-cheol’s skills were also mediocre.


The results of the large guild recruitments earlier this year were gradually being announced, and just last week, he received a rejection from the last resort, Cheon Rang. So, Yang Su-cheol is currently unemployed.


As soon as he opened his eyes, Su-cheol logged into Hunpo and browsed the bulletin board to see if there was anything interesting today. But something felt off. As he observed the speed at which new posts were appearing and the tone of the people, Su-cheol had a premonition that something unusual had happened.


[Chit-chat] Everyone, check out the recruitment requests, damn it, a legend is coming this year (12)


[SOS] Even if the enemy is coming, stop it, part-timer.jpg (271)


[Chit-chat] Oh, crazy, it already got 1-star ratings there, damn lololol (34)


[Chit-chat] Has anyone visited that workshop? (22)


“Recruitment board?”


As he entered the recruitment board, numerous posts were already being uploaded.


[Mercenary Wanted] A potion workshop with better conditions than ‘that workshop’ (5)


[Mercenary Wanted] We look at even the weak (13)


[Mercenary Wanted] Peanut’s Forge offering armor, not mercenaries


Scrolling down a bit further, he found the post that seemed to be at the center of all this.


“That’s insane!!! Three thousand comments?”


From the title alone, it was clear that it was meant to be provocation.


[Mercenary Wanted] Only come if you’re strong (3194)


Author: **How ​​much is it? I’ll just pay you


We’re recruiting mercenaries for our workshop. The interview date is one week from today at 11 AM.


Number of recruits: 2


Affiliation/Grade: Hunters who won’t get fooled anywhere else


Working hours: Anytime the boss wants


Job Description: Item collecting, workshop assistance


Salary: To be determined after negotiation


Application requirements: Must bring a loot to prove your strength (Successful liquor hunting preferred)


Attention: No Nox, no Cheon Rang


[Show Workshop Information]


Comments (3194)


—What is this… Am I dreaming?


—This isn’t the humor room, is it??


—Is this really a real workshop… Woah


└ There’s no name, could it be an error?


—LOL this is crazy, No Nox, No Cheon Rang LOL


—What’s with the talk about loot when it’s just a grade 6 workshop?


—The nickname is classic.




—Hunterpolis Administrator Da-on here. We’re currently verifying the authenticity of the workshop, so comments are prohibited until then.


“Hahaha! Oh, crazy, where do all these people come from? What a lunatic.”


As he scrolled down the comments, hunters were already having fun, posting all sorts of trendy phrases and funny images. It was getting boring until this happened. He happily joined in on the issue and was about to engage eagerly when the door suddenly opened.


“Yong Su-cheoll!!”


“I told you to knock before coming in! And don’t call me Yong Su-cheol, if I’m Yong Su-cheol, then dad is Yong Su-man!”


As my father suddenly turned on the lights while coming in, Su-cheol furrowed his brows, feeling dazzled by the sudden brightness.


“Why are the lights on? It’ll increase the eye pressure! Hunters rely on their bodies for their lives!”


“What hunter? Are you training? Are you working at a guild? Oh, pathetic, so pathetic! Three years since awakening, huh? Always lazing around.”


“Oh, get out!!”


“You get out of my house. You’re an awakener, right? Huh? Is it a lie?”


When his father came into the room and pulled the curtains aside, Su-cheol covered himself with a blanket.


“Oh! I was looking for a job right now. You don’t know anything!”


“What job? Do you think I’ve been fooled once or twice? If so, just hit the awakener! It’s better for you to live safely even if you’re just an ordinary person.”


“Seriously! I was looking at job recruitments!”


Feeling unjustly treated, Su-cheol pulled out his phone from under the blanket. The screen displayed the mercenary recruitment ad, and his father, who had been pressuring him all this time, fell silent.


“…Is it true?”


“Yeah. I’m preparing for the fall recruitment.”


Su-cheol sat up and spoke firmly.


“I think I didn’t get into the spring recruitment because I lacked specs or experience. I thought about improving while doing mercenary work.”




Initially just excuses, his words carried more sincerity with each utterance.


“I just need to gather some skills and experience. That’s the trend for guilds hiring rookies these days. It’s easy, right? You know it too, Dad. If I do well, there’s no better job than making money like an awakener. I’ll succeed and take care of you.”


Father patted Su-cheol’s shoulder and nodded.


“Yeah. Give it your all. But your mom and I believe your safety comes first.”


“I know. I’ll go for the interview next week.”


Su-cheol’s gaze returned to the phone screen.


“I never thought of attending interviews at such places… But I’ll just use it to gain some experience.”


He felt a surge of confidence. There’s no way he’d fail here.



During the same time frame, hunters who logged into Huntropolis all saw that post. Whether in front of dungeons, at Wolgye Naru, or at the association building, the news spread widely through people’s mouths and phones, naturally reaching Seong San-ha’s ears as well.


“This is insane…”


Seong San-ha, covering his face with his hand, chuckled and shook his head. Unlike Seong San-ha, who found amusement in the situation, Ahn Song-ah and Lee Cho couldn’t close their mouths in shock upon receiving the news in the same place.


“He said he was hiring mercenaries, but I never expected it to be like this…”


“It’s quite a skill to attract attention like this while moving around.”


Reading the notice again, Ahn Song-ah shivered and trembled while pointing at Lee Cho with concern.


“I’m worried that the weirdos might bother him. Guild Master, send him to stop it.”


“Ai-goo, noo-nim! He’s the person to listen to me. I’m scared of Ho-hyun nim. Last time, I asked for more potions and was almost thrown out like chasing away a fly.”


“Ho-hyun has a quirky personality, but he’s kind. Maybe Lee Cho hasn’t let his guard down yet, so he’s acting like that.”


“What? Quirky… Do you think he’ll kill someone if he acts out twice?”


Upon Seong San-ha’s words, Ahn Song-ah nodded while tearing a bread roll.


“Yes. Didn’t you send a bouquet and a gift last time to say thank you?”




Seong San-ha, doubting his ears, asked again. Lee Cho just laughed as if he heard nonsense and waved his hand.


“Phahaha, it feels like I’ve heard one of the least likely things to be associated with Ho-hyun. He wouldn’t do such a thing.”


Lee Cho fell silent as if there was no need to say more, after seeing the text messages on Ahn Song-ah’s phone screen.


Song-ah: [Photo]


Song-ah: “Thanks, Hohyun~”


Hohyun: “Come over next time”


“Is it true? Why would Joo, Joo Ho-hyun contact you, noo-nim? Could it be…?”


“Lee Cho, get a grip. Don’t speak carelessly.”


“But, but still, isn’t it strange?”


“He just sent a thank-you. Isn’t it cute? I saw the delivery person carrying something else. I wondered if it was from the guild master back then… but judging by the expression, it doesn’t seem like it.”


“This is upsetting. My puppy never contacts me unless he’s forced me to.”


“He even invited Ahn Song-ah! He told me to buzz off until the deadline and not to show a strand of hair…”


Muttering with a sense of injustice, Lee Cho turned his gaze back to the recruitment notice posted on Huntropolis. Ahn Song-ah also looked at it with a hint of disappointment.


“If he needed mercenaries, he should have just asked me. This way, no one will go.”


“The notice is filled with confidence. Even without any customers, they’re still so confident.”


“How come they don’t know that? It’s no big deal. Last time, he looked so gloomy after accidentally mentioning the invisible customer, his lips were pouting like a duck’s. After seeing that, I felt sorry and didn’t mention customers anymore.”


“Noo-nim, in my view, that’s a lame excuse. You shouldn’t distort reality just because you received a bribe.”


As they argued, Seong San-ha, who had been quietly poking their arms with his fingers, suddenly spoke up.


“We should also send someone.”


“Huh? Oh, are you going to monitor him?”


Lee Cho asked immediately. It was a natural thought, considering Seong San-ha’s concern about Joo Ho-hyun. Seong San-ha laughed and shook his head in response to Lee Cho’s question.


“I feel upset that you said that. I just imagined him being discouraged somewhere else and it was not a good sight.”




Was it because of Joo Ho-hyun? Or was it because of Kang Eui-jin? Lee Cho almost blurted out the question, but he held it back and replied without further inquiry.


“Yes. I’ll pick out a suitable person……. Where are you going?”


Lee Cho stared blankly as Seong San-ha picked up their coat and walked straight out of the office with a bright smile.




I enthusiastically rushed up the stairs upon hearing the bell indicating a visitor’s arrival, only to be met with the confidently seated Seong San-ha in the lobby. With a thud, I planted myself in front of him with a determined expression.


“Why the hell are you here?”


“Do I need a reason? Or do you want to hear something from my mouth?”


Stunned by his confident retort, I stuttered and pointed a finger at Seong San-ha.


“No, I said get lost!”


“Come here, puppy.”


「As commanded by the master ‘Come here,’ you shall hurry to the master.」


I couldn’t help but glance back, wondering if Yeon Seung-yeon had heard, but my legs were steadfastly directed towards Seong San-ha.


When my hand reached right next to them, Seong San-ha lightly nudged it and whispered mockingly.


“You’re scared.”


“…If you have nothing to do, get out of my workshop.”


“Why wouldn’t I have anything to do? I’ll buy all the potions you have, so bring them.”


“I’m not selling. Get lost.”

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