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Chapter 67


Seung-yeon, who was trimming the roots of cave garlic with tears streaming down his face, suddenly looked up as if he had just remembered something.


Sniff… Um, Boss. The interview time you mentioned is getting closer, sniff! Shouldn’t we prepare in advance?”


Lying on the couch to recharge my mana, I lazily replied while wiggling my feet.


“Do we need preparation just to pick up the loot? I only invited a few strong hunters on purpose, so there won’t be many. They still don’t know me well enough.”


“Yes. Then I’ll just, sob! finish this…”


At that moment, my phone rang from my pocket. Checking the screen, the name “<Ahn Song-ah Noona>” was displayed clearly.


“Yeah. Noona.”


[“You’re having an interview for workshop mercenaries today, right?”]


“Huh? How did you know?”


[“I saw the notice on Hunpo. I’m on a break, can I drop by for a moment? I’ll help with employment and contract issues.”]


“Sure, that’s fine. Around eleven.”


[“Oh, Ho-hyun ssi, our guild master might…”]


“Cough! S-sorry!”


Seung-yeon, who was trimming the cave garlic, coughed loudly. Surprised, I took the phone off my ear and looked at him. Yeon Seung-yeon hastily nodded, indicating it was okay, but it seemed like garlic juice had splattered on his face. I quickly ended the call.


“…Just wanted you to know in case you got surprised.”


“Okay, Noona, see you later then! … Seung-yeon ah, are you okay?”


“Yes, I’m fine!”


“You’re fine, but you’ll get holes in your face if you’re not careful. Go wash up with purified water and come back.”


While Seung-yeon wrapped his face and went to the pantry, I finished peeling the remaining cave garlic and made another potion.


‘He’s so quick with his hands. He really is a potion master.’


As we finished tidying up, the bell rang indicating someone had entered the shop. I knew it was noona, so I left the workshop, but the bell rang again repeatedly. This time, I expected it to be a customer, so I hurriedly bounded up the stairs. However, as I reached the top of the stairs, the faces I saw were all too familiar.


“Hello. I’m Collector Baek Da-in.”


“Hello, I’m Ahn Song-ah. I’m not an Awakener though.”


Ahn Song-ah and Baek Da-in were exchanging greetings, and for some reason, both of their faces looked strained.


“What are you two doing… Da-in Noona, what’s going on?”


“I happened to find the materials we needed last time, so I brought them…”


Baek Da-in glanced back with a fearful look. Ahn Song-ah also sighed and shook her head.


“Ho-hyun ssi, the situation isn’t good.”


“What do you mean?”


Their words drew me towards the lobby. As I turned the corner, I froze at the sight of what looked like a massive window.


“What’s going on…”


Beyond our modest garden, the area outside the fence was packed with numerous people. Their extraordinary appearances made it clear at a glance that they were all Awakeners. Moreover, several cameras were passing overhead, capturing the scene.


“Ho-hyun ssi! Your face!”


Seung-yeon hurriedly covered my head with a cloth and rushed to the back of the lobby, pressing a control button to make the window opaque, blocking the view from outside. Ahn Song-ah messaged her head.


“It’s the worst situation. It seems to have become such a big issue that the media even came to report on it.”


“Damn, I can’t be caught on camera! What’s the issue? Why are they causing a scene in front of someone else’s workshop?”


Seung-yeon hastily logged into Huntropolis and spoke with a trembling voice.


“Ho-Ho-hyun… it seems like everyone is here to apply as mercenaries.”




Outside the fence, there was a massive crowd. Fortunately, they hadn’t entered the garden, but they were waiting outside. Or perhaps, they couldn’t enter?


When someone tried to climb over the fence in a corner, the large elf tree in the garden vibrated heavily and emitted a faint light, causing the person to be flung back far away.


“…Did it have such functions? How did you two get in?”


“A lot of people came in through the side gate, and there wasn’t any other interference.”


“Me too. Maybe Ho-hyun ssi didn’t stop anyone he allowed in.”


“What should we do? Should we send them all away?”


Seung-yeon and the noonas looked at me as if waiting for permission. I shook my head, gazing at the bustling crowd even behind the opaque window.


“Since it’s come to this, let’s hire mercenaries.”


“But, Ho-hyun ssi, your face shouldn’t be seen…”


Seung-yeon hesitated, gesturing towards Ahn Song-ah and Baek Da-in. While Seung-yeon’s words made sense, Ahn Song-ah licked her lips and looked outside.


“Ho-hyun is right. With this level of excitement, even if we send them away, it won’t die down easily. They might even protest more if we just send them away.”


“Then let’s hire quickly and get rid of them.”


“Okay. I’ll assist with the outside control. Ho-hyun, do you have any specific conditions you want? We can’t let all those people in.”


“Strong ones.”




With that Ahn Song-ah kept her mouth shut. Baek Dain looked at my advertisement on her phone and said, “Since you mentioned rewards in advance, we can let them in after confirming. How about only allowing hunters with rewards of grade A or higher?”


“That sounds good. Then let’s only let in the ones approved by the noonas. Well, the tree will probably choose, but if there’s anyone who doesn’t listen…”


I rummaged through a drawer and handed them each a small spray. Question marks appeared on the sisters’ faces.


“What’s this?”


“It’s a special spray made by Seung-yeon. You just spray it on the eyes.”


“On the eyes…?”


Although they looked hesitant, they still put the sprays into their pockets.


As Ahn Song-ah and Baek Da-in went outside, the noise outside intensified. Perhaps because they were from the Cheon Rang Legal Team, there were people who recognized them despite being ordinary citizens.


“Isn’t that Ahn Song-ah?”


“Is she related to Cheon Rang?”


Ahn Song-ah smiled wryly at the faint voices. Baek Da-in expressed her concern, “Are you okay?”


“Yes, I think my face has become too well-known. Maybe I should ask the guild master for a raise.”


“Is this workshop affiliated with Cheon Rang?”


As Ahn Song-ah approached, a reporter standing near the door straightened up and shouted. Ahn Song-ah immediately went over and lowered the camera illuminating the workshop, saying, “I only have personal connections with the owner, and if you know who I am, you know I’m just an ordinary person, right? I’m not subject to the Special Awakening Law. If you write an article associating me or my name with Cheon Rang, both parties will sue you. Sir.”




“Only applicants remain, everyone else please leave! As announced in advance, only those who have brought A-grade or higher rewards can pass.”


“Suddenly it’s A-grade rewards, that’s unfair!”


“Where is that law?!”




Seung-yeon hesitated and said to me, “Ho-hyun nim, then let’s conduct the interviews on the third floor… Since there’s no one to guard the lobby, I’ll guide them to the outdoor stairs.”


“Then I’ll go to the third floor…”


“I’ll guide them, so Ho-hyun nim, hurry up and go inside and put on your hood!”


Pushed by Seung-yeon in the back, I went to this floor and put on a robe, pulling the hood tightly over my head, and went out again. Although it was appropriate for me to help Seung-yeon upstairs, I found myself looking down. I wanted to see the crowd again.


“It seems like everyone recognizes me. My reputation can’t even be hidden by a grade 6 shield…”


I mumbled happily as I went down, but I shouldn’t have shown up in the lobby. Seong San-ha, sitting on the sofa as if it were his own living room, was shaking his shoulders with his face covered. He was laughing!


I took off my hood and pointed a finger at him.


“When did you come in?”


“Now isn’t it a bit redundant to ask such questions? We see each other’s faces every day, we’re practically family.”


“Don’t say disgusting things and shut up. Why isn’t the bell or alarm popping up just for you?”


“It’s not cool if the owner has to report everything individually.”


“I shouldn’t have trusted you in the first place. I’ll chop down that tree right away.”


Seong San-ha slowly stood up from his seat. Unlike usual, the serious look on his face made him seem like he was trying to act cool, which made me cringe internally.


“I came here today even though I’m busy for a reason.”


“What reason?”


“I was worried that the boss had momentarily forgotten about our contract.”


“As long as Cloud is well-fed and taken care of, you don’t have to worry about that.”


“…I don’t know what you’re feeding him, but if you’re going to attract this much attention by keeping your promise, what are we going to do?”


Crossing my arms, I spread my shoulders wider, feeling annoyed by his gaze.


“Is it my fault for being exceptional? Even if I stay still, people recognize and come looking for me. What am I supposed to do about that?”




As I stared back, Seong San-ha’s expression softened. He forced a serious tone, suppressing the corners of his mouth that wanted to smile.


“Puppy. You’re being scolded. Why do you keep trying to make me laugh?”


“Scolded my ass, you…”


“Such pretty words.”


「The owner said ‘Be quiet.’ Your mouth will be kept shut.」


Seong San-ha said, tapping my chin with his gloved hand as I bit my lips, struggling to speak.


“Just look at the workshop right now. If I hadn’t provided the elf wood, the hunters outside would have taken over. If my face had appeared in the media, both the Center and Nox would have targeted you. Are you still doing well?”




“Puppy. The reason I let you off…”


At that moment, Seong San-ha’s gaze shifted to another direction. He grabbed me and moved his body behind a wall after scanning the area.


As I tried to break free from his grip, he whispered, 


“Come here.”

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