Author: Gumi

Warning: Gore

Despite speaking in a low murmur, it sounded as clear as if he spoke directly into her ear. But Evie didn’t dwell on such thoughts. Her sole focus was on helping that person. That thought occupied her entire mind.

Evie fidgeted, then turned to Gillen and poured out words.

“We have to help that person, they’re badly injured! No, we can’t just stand here, we need to go down and help them quickly—!”

“That, I can’t.”

Evie’s eyes were slightly clouded.

She felt so weak as if she had fallen under an otherworldly curse.

Gillen held Evie tightly and pulled out a vial from his pocket.

Grasping her restless head, he made her drink the liquid from the vial. After taking a sip, Evie blinked dazedly, and Gillen gestured downward, signaling her to look.

“It’ll come out soon.”

Evie followed Gillen’s gaze downward. The blood that had flowed from the injured person had formed a pool on the ground.

Several monsters surrounded him, closing in on him. With her mind now clear from drinking the potion, Evie didn’t feel a strong urge to go down to help that person like before. She simply stood frozen, terrified at the sight of monsters.

One of the monsters closed in on the injured person and lunged at him. Unable to bear the sight, Evie covered her face.

Puuk. The sound of something piercing flesh resonated, accompanied by a pained outcry. It wasn’t a scream but a howl of agony. Gillen lightly tapped Evie.

“Evie, look, it’s out now.”

Evie shook her head. She had no desire to witness someone’s final moments. However, Gillen’s subsequent words puzzled her, so she raised her head and looked down.

“The hunt was successful.”

What had been pierced was not a person.

All the monsters surrounding the injured person lay dead, pierced by sharp objects emerging from the ground.

And the person stood unharmed on the ground. No, that wasn’t a person.


An unknown mass curled up from the ground. What Evie had thought was a person was merely a part attached to that mass. It took on the form of a human. The figure, which had been moving and speaking on its own just moments ago, was gradually being absorbed into the mass.

Hair, skin, and the fabric of the clothes draped over the body were transforming into a squishy flesh-like substance.


And that spectacle was quite torturous for Evie to endure.

 Evie turned her head away from the writhing mass, unable to keep her eyes on it.

Her stomach churned, and she felt nauseous. She covered her mouth with her hand, swallowing saliva, and tried to think of something else.

“Sometimes, it’s entertaining to watch.”

Gillen spoke with an indifferent tone.

“It imitates the appearance of the person it devoured quite skillfully, even fooling other species. Quite a few dead humans have been tricked by that sight.”

Evie struggled to calm her unsettled stomach, but her efforts turned futile. Hearing Gillen’s words made her feel even more nauseous.

Could that part of the mass she just saw was once a living person who eventually got devoured by the monster?

“If you want to see more, shall we go outside?”

Gillen stretched his arm beyond the railing. The moment his fingertips crossed the railing, sparks flickered, scorching his fingers.

Despite his burning hand, Gillen remained unfazed. In a nonchalant voice, he asked Evie.

“It might be a bit of a nuisance, but if Evie wants, there is nothing I can’t do for you. Do you want to go out and take a look?”

Evie shook her head vigorously. 

From below, she could hear the sound of the mass that had imitated a deceased person, devouring the monsters.

Crack, crack, crunch. The sound of bones grinding and flesh tearing. Amidst it all, Gillen’s voice reached her ears.

“Is that so? Then let’s go next time. Hmm… That thing sometimes crawls up here, but it didn’t today. It’s my seniors’ favorite prey, so I planned to catch it once it came up.”

Gillen sighed, seemingly disappointed.

Evie shuddered at the thought that she could have seen that horrible thing up close. 

Then, suddenly, she muttered a word.


Seniors. A term used to refer to individuals more experienced in the same field.

It was strange to hear such words from a boss monster in a dungeon. Gillen, who had been fiddling with his fingertips, heard Evie’s voice and looked down at her.

His charred fingertips had somehow healed.

“Yes. My seniors are also here.

Oh, I realize I haven’t introduced you to them.”

Seeing the smile on Gillen’s face made Evie feel uneasy.

She was about to say that there was no need for introductions, but Gillen was faster.

Gillen briefly kissed Evie, whose lips were trembling, then turned and started walking away.

Evie’s face turned pale.

It took her a moment to realize the phrase, ‘my seniors’ favorite prey.’

The fact that they would eat such a thing implied that they weren’t normal people.

No, I don’t want to see it.

But before Evie could speak to Gillen, they had already arrived at the basement. Evie couldn’t distinguish the hallways of each floor, but as soon as he opened the door leading to the rooftop, she saw it.

The fluorescent lights were steadily lit, but the illumination in the hallway was incredibly hazy.

It was as if the brightness had been turned down to a minimum. A faint smell of blood wafted in the air. Evie tugged at Gillen’s sleeve. Gillen smiled and whispered softly.

“We’re almost there.

It’s right in front.”

“No, that’s not it…”

Just as Evie was about to plead with Gillen to let her back to the room where she belonged, Gillen reached out his hand to the firmly closed iron door.

The door was several times thicker than a typical door. Without exerting much force, Gillen opened the door.

Gasp, ugh…”

As soon as the door opened, the putrid odor that had been trapped inside spread outward. Evie hastily raised her hand, using her sleeve to cover her nose and mouth.

Wearing a thin shirt, it didn’t make much difference, but she couldn’t lower her hand. The stench was so overpowering that she felt she might collapse immediately. Her head was spinning, and she desperately wanted to empty her stomach.

No sane person could smell like this. As a hunter who had traveled through dungeons and faced undead creatures emitting a putrid stench, this smell was unlike anything she had ever encountered. The smell of decaying flesh and the faint scent of burning assaulted her nostrils. Evie was on the verge of losing consciousness.

“Evie, say hello. 

They are my seniors.”

Suppressing her queasiness, Evie managed to lift her head, tears welling up in her eyes. She wanted to grab Gillen and plead with him to return to the room. However, her unnecessarily good eyesight took in things she didn’t want to see.

Hic… Ugh, ugh, ugh…”

Living masses.

No, could those be considered alive? In Evie’s eyes, they were just writhing masses of flesh.

Flesh corroded in places, blackened and moving, congealed masses of flesh.

Amidst the folded layers of flesh, organs spilled out while multiple eyeballs slid in and out like snails.

Arms and legs decayed to the point where bones were exposed.

Teeth embedded in flesh stuck to the floor. Evie ended up vomiting. It was kinda fortunate, all she had eaten today was a small amount of soup due to her unappetizing.

Gillen gently patted Evie’s back in worried.

He wiped the corners of Evie’s mouth when she stopped vomiting and graciously led her out the door. The heavy iron door shut, and Evie could finally escape the noxious odor.

It didn’t take long for Evie to reach the room she always stayed in.

Unlike the hallways or the basement she had seen earlier, the room was clean and neat.

After rinsing her mouth with the water Gillen handed her and quenching her thirst, Evie collapsed onto the bed.

Her hands were still shaking. Gillen had an unusually sullen expression.

“…Was it really bad?”

Evie didn’t have the energy to answer. The day had been too traumatic for her. 

She didn’t want to think about it, but the monsters she’d seen on the roof and the flesh in the lab’s basement wouldn’t leave her head. Holding Gillen’s hand, who slumped his shoulders, Evie said.

“I just… I just want to be alone with Gillen.”

Because then, at least, she wouldn’t have to see such a sight again.

Until now, she had thought it was terrifying to have Gillen by her side, but after experiencing an even worse situation, it was no longer the case.

She shouldn’t leave this room and the adjacent lounge, even if it meant being alone with Gillen. Evie sobbed and continued.

“So you don’t have to take me anywhere else…”

Evie still feared Gillen. Although the description of the [Enchantment] skill mentioned that its effects would last permanently when the system was accessible, she was terrified that if Gillen’s affection waned, she would become one of those grotesque beings she had just witnessed.

However, Gillen didn’t kill Evie, even without the system or status window.

Was it safe to assume that the effects of the skill that captivated Gillen would never fade? 

Gillen didn’t cause her any physical harm, though the same couldn’t be said for the psychological toll. However, the emotional damage inflicted upon her was unintentional.

So, Evie decided to believe in the effects of [Enchantment].

She resolved to obediently give herself to Gillen and whisper the words he wanted to hear.

If that was what it took to survive, to avoid pain, then it was okay.

After all, Evie wanted to live.

Gillen seemed somewhat dazed. Not having the strength to sit up, she turned to the side and continued.

“It’s just the two of us. Here. I don’t want to leave.”

Gillen’s mouth dropped open and then a smile formed on his lips. It was a bizarre smile that tore the corners of his mouth wide. 

Gillen brought his face close to Evie’s.


Caught off guard by his sudden approach, Evie tried to move back, but Gillen only closed the distance further.

Lying beside her, he enveloped her in his arms and asked.

“Are you sure you don’t want to go out?”


Evie replied softly, nodding her head. Gillen said with a satisfied smile.

“Okay then, if that’s what Evie wants.”

He began unbuttoning Evie’s shirt, revealing the dampness around her chest. Evie remained still, as she always did. It wasn’t that she welcomed Gillen’s actions, but she didn’t resist either.

Gillen grasped Evie’s breast and took it into his mouth.

The white liquid from her nipple entered Gillen’s mouth.

Evie closed her eyes and let out a breath. The nipple, surrounded by warm and moist membranes, pressed against the tip of Gillen’s tongue. It hardened quickly, scraping against his teeth and being sucked forcefully.

Moaning, Evie pulled Gillen’s head closer. Gillen paused momentarily before moving his tongue again. He circled the areola and set his teeth to nibble at the hardened nipple.

The large hand holding her breast gently kneaded it. Gillen’s hand roamed over her breast, then firmly pressed and squeezed her nipple as if wringing out milk.

A small amount of white liquid splattered upwards. Feeling strange, Evie covered her face and whimpered.

“When will this… when will it stop?”



Without giving a response, Gillen opened his mouth and engulfed the nipple before him.

He sucked hard and flicked it with his tongue. Evie gasped for breath, pushing her chest forward and holding Gillen tightly.

While vigorously sucking the nipple, Gillen occasionally pulled his lips away and pressed them against it a few times.

“At this rate, it will only last another week.”

The slightly swollen nipple, which was slightly enlarged by the tentacles, was tormented by Gillen’s fingers. It was pulled upward and rolled around. As the sensitive nipple, which had been touched for a while, grazed against his fingernail, Evie let out a moan.

“Ah, mmh…”

“Spread your legs, honey.”

At Gillen’s words, while caressing the inside of her thigh, Evie slowly spread her legs. He could have done it himself, but Gillen always liked to see Evie willingly follow his instructions.

Bending her knees and spreading her legs wide, the intimate area was fully exposed.

Gillen trailed his fingers between Evie’s folds.

As the stimulating breeze aroused her, Evie’s wet womanhood quivered under Gillen’s palm. When he removed his hand, a clear and viscous liquid stretched between them. Extending his tongue, Gillen licked the entirety of her womanhood, and then he opened his mouth.

Evie’s wet pussy quivered under Gillen’s palm while her breasts were stimulated. When he removed his hand, a clear and viscous liquid stretched between them. Extending his tongue, Gillen licked her entire pussy, and then he opened his mouth.

“I want to see Evie touch herself.”

Looking at Evie’s flushed face, Gillen urged.

“Show me.”

Evie froze for a moment, taken aback. But Gillen had no intention of waiting, so he pulled her hand and placed it between her legs. Evie hesitated, glancing at Gillen.

Forcing their bodies together and touching herself in front of Gillen were two completely different things. Even if Gillen was coercing her, the act of doing it herself in front of him felt like a way to show herself to him, which made her reluctant to do it.

Gillen just stared at Evie in silence. Evie got scared again and decided to do as she was told. She squeezed her eyes shut, turned her head away, and slowly moved her hand.

Before and after awakening, Evie was always reserved.

She didn’t have much of a sex drive.

Author's Thoughts

So hard...
I dunno if the warning was used right. Correct me if I'm wrong. Also, I haven't found the time to edit this chapter due to hectic work and my bad at time managing. I'll do it soon!
Pardon forthcoming flaws present in this chapter ಥ‿ಥ
Thank you for enjoying this series!

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  1. The translation was still very good, I didn’t notice any errors (granted I would miss most punctuation errors if they were present unless it is a very obvious one)

    Well, I was definitely taken aback with some of what happened in this chapter.
    She is smart in relying on Gillen, and with how she phrased that she just wanted it to be the two of them.
    It might be a good idea for her to tell him that she lost access to the status system and her skills, as a way of explaining why she is weaker and seems to be deteriorating over time; since he is already concerned about her sleeping more and more as well as her decrease in appetite.

    He might capture a hunter to ask them for some information about the status system and what would happen if they lost it. (he won’t take them to Evie since she said that she wants it to be just the two of them)
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    It might be interesting to see how he would respond to that information.
    He is a researcher he might test it out on some of those hunters to see if he can find a way to save Evie. He would likely keep them locked up and watch them degrade over time and experiment on them to gather data and to see how the react to different things. (I would definitely feel bad for them because we all know he won’t treat them well and they will die miserably)

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