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Mad Scientist Research Director.

Evie’s pupils shook vigorously, unable to grasp the situation.

Gillen tenderly caressed her cheek, wiping away tear trails. He then touched the tip of her round nose and traveled down to her plump lips stained with dried blood from the constant biting.

Sneaking peeks at the mad lab director, Evie hesitantly spoke up.

“Um… M-Mr. L-Landis…?”

Evie stuttered, barely able to get the words out.

Her voice quivered terribly, as did her body. She couldn’t meet his gaze.

Even if bravery possessed her, the mad lab director’s bandaged eyes wouldn’t meet her sight anyway.


Gillen responded docilely, using honorific language.

He even smiled shyly.

The monster who had just tried to cut off a still-living person’s forehead with a saw…smiling shyly.

Evie broke into goosebumps upon a furtive glimpse at him.

She already knew this monster was a mad lab director, but seeing him smile made the chill even worse.

Gillen withdrew his hand from Evie. Still shy, he opened his mouth.

“Will you call me Gillen?”


Evie only gaped wordlessly, terrified that she might die.

Though the system claimed this mad scientist wouldn’t harm her, she couldn’t relax her mind. He could snap back at any moment and smash her head.

Gillen gently stroked Evie’s cheek as he spoke in a kind voice.

“Call me.”


“Come on.”


Gillen nodded in satisfaction and scanned Evie’s body.

No part remained unscathed.

Broken glass shards pierced her entire body, and her knees were particularly severe, with dangerous depths reaching the bone.

Though not fatal, she had bled profusely. Bloodstains trailed from the entrance to the operating table.

Gillen said in a commiserating tone.

“You’re badly injured. It must be painful.”

Half of these were your doing!

Something surged inside her, but Evie tightly sealed her lips. She had no courage to voice her thoughts. For now, she had to lie still and quiet.

Gillen turned his body and headed toward a corner. Only then did Evie exhale somewhat comfortably.

Opening a drawer in the corner, he retrieved something and soon returned to Evie. In Gillen’s hand was a small bottle containing a sparkling transparent liquid.

No, the bottle was quite large.

Only when Gillen approached closer could Evie gauge its true size. His hands were so large that the bottle appeared small.

Opening the bottle’s lid, Gillen reached out toward Evie.

She flinched and tensed up. The hand, large enough to cover her entire face, was aimed at her forehead.

“You’ll get better soon.”

Stroking her forehead and lightly pressing his lips there, Gillen pulled back. Evie shut her eyes tight and turned her head. The caring act, suitable for lovers, was outright grotesque. Moreover, Gillen’s entire body emanated a strong scent of blood.

While not unbearable, she felt repulsion. It was disgusting.

Gillen tilted the bottle, slowly pouring the transparent liquid onto Evie’s body.

Wherever the fluid touched the skin, the wounds instantly closed.

Despite little usage, recovery was remarkably rapid.

Embedded glass crumbled like powder and disappeared while the torn and cut areas sprouted new flesh.

She felt nothing at all.

Accustomed solely to the lowest-grade healing potions causing excruciating pain and itching, Evie momentarily forgot her fright and marveled in a daze.

Could this be the top-tier healing potion that elite hunters use?

But how could a monster possess such a thing? Was the lab director’s specialty in this field?

Lost in the flow of thoughts, Evie snapped out of it at the sound of the glass bottle being set down.

Evie gulped and glanced furtively at Gillen. She couldn’t tell if their eyes met, but he raised the corners of his mouth, smiling.



Rolling her eyes to examine Gillen, Evie continued in a small voice.

“Could you…maybe untie this? Please. It hurts.”

Evie subtly moved her arms and legs, expressing discomfort. While discomfort and pain were true, what troubled her further was the inability to move freely.

Gillen answered softly without taking his eyes off Evie.

“Mmm…I can’t. I have research to do.”

Evie startled at his words, eyes widening in terror. She struggled to suppress her fear yet managed to utter a question.

“W-What research…?”

Upon hearing the word “research,” her barely calmed body began shaking uncontrollably again.

‘You said he won’t hurt me, you fucked system!’

Gillen stuck out his tongue.

His parted lips, which split all the way to both cheeks, emerged a thick, long tongue and lightly licked Evie’s lips as it passed. Evie stiffened with a jerk.

“From now on, I have get to know you better. Would you like me to make you feel good?”

Gillen cupped both cheeks in his hands, blushing brightly.

Evie grew even more terrified.

She honestly dreaded what this lunatic might do to her.

Amid her panic-stricken, quivering view, that cursed window reappeared without cease.

Warning !

Time remaining until gate closure: [05:49:59]

Difficulty adjustment due to the initial achievement reward
Subtract 6 hours from the remaining limited time.

‘You fucking asshole….’

Evie cursed inwardly while crying. Adjusting difficulty just because the initial achievement triggered?

Such a flimsy excuse to adjust difficulty!

‘Can’t you see my limbs are bound?’

Anxiously biting her inner lip, Evie’s eyes darted around.

Only one door leading out of the lab, and right next to it, Gillen stood guard. Plus, she was currently restrained physically.

Could she escape this dungeon within 6 hours in this state?

‘You truly think that’s possible? Seriously?’

Evie wanted to cry. 

She was already crying but wanted to cry even more.

What if she couldn’t get out of this dungeon in time? Would she have to stay trapped here until death? With this monster?

‘No. I’d rather die.

No, I don’t want to die. No, but…’

Evie’s mind was clouded with anxiety and restlessness, making it hard to think straight.

Gillen was calmly observing Evie’s face.

“Ah, that’s right.”

He spoke as though a realization had struck.

“How did you know my name? I never told you.”

“Er, uh, that is…”

Evie stammered, then remembered the photo she had seen shortly after entering this dungeon. She continued in a small whisper.

“In hall…photo I saw…staff of the lab…”

“Oh, that photo. Is it still there?”


Gillen tilted his head and muttered.

“You recognized me from that photo? I must have changed a lot.”

Gillen observed Evie closely for a moment, then broke into a broad smile.

Though his smile appeared grotesque due to his extensive split mouth, Evie awkwardly smiled back.

She sensed a strong need to match his mood with no provocation.

“Well, that’s good to hear. Shall we start the research now?”

“Uh, I, uh…”

“I’m new to this kind of research. But I’ll try my best.”

As if Evie’s nervousness didn’t matter, Gillen swiftly changed the topic.

Research. He insisted on conducting research!

As Gillen took out a pair of experimental gloves and slipped them onto his hands, Evie hastily spoke up.

“Can we do something else, 

something different, maybe?

Um, um… how about just talking?

Like what we each enjoy or dislike—!”

“Sure. We can chat while doing the research. What’s your name?”

“…Evie James…

Oh, hold on, hold on···!”

Gillen grabbed the hem of Evie’s clothing and tore it apart with both hands.

It was a reinforced item, though an inferior quality one, designed to provide protection and durability. But, in Gillen’s hands, it was nothing more than ordinary rags.

Gillen hummed while turning Evie’s clothes into rags and grabbed her chin with one hand.

Overwhelmed by shame and fear, Evie turned her head, squeezing her eyes shut, trembling.

“Evie, you have to look at me. We’ve agreed to have a conversation, haven’t we? But if you avoid eye contact like this, what am I supposed to do?”

Swallowed saliva, Evie cautiously opened her eyes. Tears seemed ready to fall again.

Gillen slightly lowered the corners of his mouth, appearing sad.

“Don’t be afraid. I won’t hurt you. I just want to get to know you better.”

‘You’re are the boss monster of this dungeon!’ It would have been great if she could yell. Unfortunately, Evie didn’t have the guts to do so.

Despite that damn system assuring that she would never be harmed, knowing it in her head and actually believing it were two different things. 

Evie could have died with just Gillen’s one move. It was not a metaphorical expression but a fact.

Gillen gently pressed his lips against Evie’s small one.

“Tell me where makes you feel good.”


“You need to answer.”

“Yes, yes…”

Though choked with tears, Evie dutifully replied. Gillen smiled, nodded, and affectionately stroked Evie’s cheek before slowly lowering his hand.

The hand traveled down her neck, past her collarbone, and reached her chest, pausing near her heart. Her heart was pounding loudly and rapidly.

“Don’t be afraid.”


Gillen’s large hands, big enough to cover Evie’s face, tightly grasped the heaving breasts, sending shivers down her spine. He gently kneaded her breasts, then started toying her stiffened nipples with his fingers.

“Normally, this part is an erogenous zone. Does it feel good?”

At first, he caressed and gently flicked it, then pinched, pulling it upwards with two fingers.

Unlike his bluish skin tone, Gillen’s body temperature was high.

The sensation of his warm hands roaming over her body felt strangely not unpleasant. It was puzzling how she had been so frightened just moments ago.

Anomaly detected!
An unknown aura is clouding your mind

Calmness E activated

Slightly calmed down

Her blurry eyesight slowly regained its clarity. Evie wrinkled her brow and vigorously shook her head.

For a brief moment, her mind went blank. Worse, she didn’t feel any discomfort. This situation couldn’t be normal.

It felt as if someone was forcing her mind to think that way.

‘No, I hate it! It’s gross!’

Evie desperately tried to think differently. Escape. She had to get away from here.

“You’re thinking about something else right now.”

Gillen’s face suddenly drew closer. Even with his eyes covered by the blood-soaked bandage, she could sense his gaze.

Gillen raised his hand and toyed with her ear.

“Look at me, Evie. Focus on me. Only me…”

A low voice whispered into Evie’s ear. It was subtle, yet seductive, like a snake coiling its prey.

Anomaly detected!
An unknown aura is clouding your mind

Calmness E activated

Gillen Landis activated Serpent’s Whisper A

Calmness E interference impossible

Warning !

Anomaly detected!

Evie’s clear pupils gradually became clouded. She exhaled slowly.

Gillen teased the hardened nipple with his fingers, extending his long tongue. As Evie exhaled – slightly parted her lips, his tongue plunged inside without hesitation.

He tickled her tongue, then delved deeper into Evie’s mouth, giving a more passionate kiss.

“Mmm… Mmmh…”

The thick, persistent tongue penetrating deeply overwhelmed Evie, causing her mouth to open wider to accept him.

Gillen dexterously moved his tongue, exploring the inner recesses of her mouth, occasionally playing with her little tongue.

As Gillen pulled their lips apart after a long kiss, Evie’s eyes filled with haziness.

Abnormal state!
Growing hazy. Feeling affection toward the person in front. Cannot resist external stimuli.

Time limit: [4:00:00]

Seeing Evie’s dreamy eyes, Gillen smiled satisfactorily.

Evie smiled back faintly.

“How cute… I’ll untie your legs.”

The shackles binding her legs were released. Evie’s half-closed eyes blinked slowly in haze.

Unable to withstand her loveliness, Gillen pecked her small lips several times.

Trailing down her neckline, Gillen lightly pressed his lips against her nipple, causing Evie’s chest rose with anticipation.

Chuckling, Gillen whispered.

“How would you like me to treat this peak?”

His fingertip circled her nipple. Facing Gillen, Evie murmured.

“Please suck…”

“You want your nipples sucked?”


As soon as Evie nodded, Gillen engulfed the swollen bud into his mouth. They felt damp and warm against his tongue. Gillen began to suck on Evie’s nipple, just as she had wished.

“Mmm… ah, that feels good, ah…!”

Gillen pressed and lightly scratched the other nipple with his fingernails.

The long, sharp claws that had brutally killed Evie’s party members a few minutes ago had now transformed into short, blunt tips.

As he released the nipple from his mouth, Gillen began to harass her other breast with the tip of his tongue.

Evie gasped for air, moaning as his tongue circled it.

“Do you prefer me to suck it hard or gently?”

Without waiting for an answer, Gillen immediately swallowed the nipple in one gulp. Sucking forcefully, flicking, and even grazing it with his teeth multiple times.

“Should I make milk come out from here next time? What do you think?”

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