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Jung Yiyeon said that he had gone to exercise, and it looked like he had bought underwear and a lunch box. It was surprising to me. As a third-generation member of the Eunha Group, one of Korea’s leading conglomerates, even knowing that convenience stores sell packed lunches seemed surprising. Especially since he bought it himself.

He was a strange person in that respect. He didn’t bother with the protocol unless absolutely necessary. He was also a chaebol and a man who drove his car himself. A person in a position like Jung Yiyeon would have a bodyguard on the phone who would deliver food prepared by a hotel chef rather than a convenience store lunch box, but he acted as if he were a mere citizen.

“They said it wouldn’t taste like an instant porridge”

“…Do you buy anything like that?”

“Bachelor life is like that, hm?”

He said it as if it wasn’t a big deal, but I was rather embarrassed. I thought there would always be someone who would come and take care of the house even if it wasn’t a caretaker, but I wondered what happened to the instant porridge.


“Over there, in the corner…”

It was also natural to take a convenience store lunch box and put it in the microwave. The hand that puts the lunch box in and presses the button seemed proficient. Do you like not only hamburgers but also cheap convenience store food? It seems like he had a lot of money, but I was just wondering why his preferences were like that.

Yet at the same time, the scene in my eyes was so overwhelming. Jung Yiyeon warming up a convenience store lunch box was so cute. Pressing the button with his hand and the machine making a beeping sound even though he looked like he never touched a microwave oven was a really cute sight that made me sigh.

When the lunch box was warmed up, Jung Yiyeon took them out and returned to bed. Although it was small, there was an intact table, but I did not know why he came to the bed. But what was his act of serving things on the bed…It was like the feeling of a spouse who brought meals to bed in the morning. That, too, was quite a surprise.

I had just woken up, so my mouth was dry and my body was tired, so I didn’t have much appetite, but I couldn’t help but lie still as Jung Yiyeon opened a lunch box on the bed.

I had sex with Jung Yiyeon, who suddenly came into the house yesterday, and had breakfast after eating the porridge he bought, so I needed to eat. So I had no choice but to raise my upper body. The blanket slid down from my naked body, but I didn’t care as long as it would cover my lower half.

The only problem was the back pain. I couldn’t get myself up at once. I was not even sick, why was it hard to get up like this? Taking a small sigh, I placed my arms on the bed and twisted my body at an angle, raising my upper body.


When Jung Yiyeon saw me making a strange noise all of a sudden, he stopped unfolding his lunch box and looked at me. I managed to get up and sit at an angle.

“Secretary Lee, are you hungry?”

“Actually, I have no idea.”

I tilted my head and answered, wondering why he suddenly asked even when he was opening a lunch for me without even asking. Then, at a speed that would be three times as fast as Jung Yiyeon’s packed lunches, he suddenly closed the lid of his lunchbox and put it on the floor.

I didn’t even have time to ask what he was doing. He cleaned up the bed and sat beside me.

“You look so sexy right now.”


“Yeah, like a mermaid prince.”

It was nonsense that I couldn’t understand.

No, what is it all of a sudden? I couldn’t get up straight because my back hurt, so I got up at an angle and was on the bed with one arm. My legs under the blanket were slightly exposed. Of course, it can be said that this was a typical posture drawn in the form of a mermaid, but…


Jung Yiyeon kissed me and pushed my body back. My body slipped over and Jung Yiyeon fell over me.

I haven’t even brushed my teeth yet! There was no time to utter those words or to refuse, his tongue burrowed into his mouth and entangled in a mess. While I was stiff, Jung Yiyeon removed the blanket from my body and brushed his clothes against my naked body. The texture of the jeans touching my bare skin was unfamiliar and I felt goosebumps.


Jung Yiyeon, who quickly took off her pants and underwear, rubbed her genitals on my thighs, and poured kisses, making me crazy. The part he touched always tingled like burning, his bare skin rubbed against mine, and each other’s body temperature mixed between them was just ecstatic.

The tongue that engulfed my mouth, I didn’t even want to refuse anymore. As he tangled his tongue with my tongue and sucked it, I felt like I was out of breath with the rising heat and pleasure. At that moment, I felt no discomfort in his lower back. Naturally, my legs wrapped around his waist. I couldn’t come to my senses at Jung Yiyeon, who caressed my body as he kissed me as if my whole body would melt.

So I didn’t hear the door knock again.

Of course, I didn’t know that anyone had entered the house.


Until I heard a voice that was neither Jung Yiyeon’s nor mine from afar.

At the sudden voice, both Jung Yiyeon and I were startled and turned their heads towards the sound. My eyes, which had been blurred by her heat, became clear in an instant. No, my eyes rounded as if it would pop out of its socket.

My room was the living room. The living room could be seen through the front door. As soon as someone walked in, they could see the bed right away. Jung Yiyeon and I were lying naked on it.

He said he wouldn’t come but he  came in two days later,

My older brother, Lee Won.



My brother, Jung Yiyeon, and I were completely stiff at that moment.

“…I came here to get something.”

It was my brother who broke the silence. My older brother went straight into his room at a normal pace that was neither fast nor slow.

Until then, I had not been able to understand the situation. Suddenly, Jung Yiyeon rushed in, saying I was sexy. A kiss that was hot as if it melted the bones. The sweet sensation passed through my naked body.

Lee Won witnessed it all.


I screamed, pushed Jung Yiyeon, who had been hardened like a stone statue above me and jumped up from my seat.

Clothes, I couldn’t see where my clothes went, so I put on my jeans which were scattered on the floor. While wearing it, I somehow moved and headed for his brother’s room. Of course, there was no time to wear underwear.

My body was in pain due to the sudden movement, but I didn’t even feel any pain in my body at that moment. Lee Won saw us. I was so shocked by that fact that I couldn’t think of anything else.

Wait. Wait a minute. No, I had to do this now.


When I opened the door to my brother’s room and tried to enter, he was already out with a bag to see if he had the things he needed to bring. I went into complete panic and followed my brother.

My mind was all messed up. I didn’t know what to do to rectify this situation. But I had to somehow explain. Damn, but how do you explain this situation!

I was crazy about a man and brought him into my house. It was my mistake to show my brother this way. It was my fault.

“Hyung, I’m not gay.”

In a hurry, the words ran out. Was my brother angry? Was he trying to leave because he was so shocked that he couldn’t find what to say?

Suddenly, I remembered my hyung who beat up the teacher who harassed me. Perhaps my older brother was homophobic. If that hatred is sublimated into anger, he might come with the force to kill him. He will try to beat Jung Yiyeon without any hesitation.

But that was another issue. The important thing now was that Lee Won was shocked.

My only family. My only older brother who tried to act like an older brother, but did a lot for me. But my brother saw us. He wouldn’t have thought of two men wrestling naked no matter how he looked at my appearance earlier.

He ignored me and went to the front door without saying a word and put on his shoes. He had no words to come out of his mouth. It was so frustrating. I was in a panic and didn’t even come up with the words to request to listen to me for a moment.

Lee Won’s gaze, who had all his shoes on, turned to me. I was restless and just shuffled my feet. I had to say something, but I couldn’t even think of a word.

I should have said it to him now. Even if hyung didn’t have time to listen because of work, I had to tell him it was a misunderstanding. But how can you say this is a misunderstanding? It was a very obvious situation without any misunderstanding.

No, what should you say? Lee Won opened his mouth when I couldn’t keep up with my words.

“Is that the guy you like? The lover who makes you suffer these days?”


Lee Won’s remarks were enough to put me into a second panic. It was like dropping a bomb.

No matter how much conversation we had at the entrance, Lee Won’s voice was not small. The entrance was connected to the living room and not far from the bed. It was a sentence that was loud enough to be heard by Jung Yiyeon.

At that moment, I knew my face turned pale without looking in the mirror. Lee Won knew that I slept with a man; maybe he knew I liked Jung Yiyeon and Jung Yiyeon knew I liked him. Two bombs went off in a row, which I never expected, and I couldn’t keep my mouth shut. It felt like blood was draining out of my body.

Whether you like him or not, Lee Won concluded.

“Take care. Ventilate the room well.”

…It was definitely a different reaction from being shocked or angry. Rather, it was the same as his usual appearance. 

Lee Won, who was leaving the front door, suddenly turned around and added a word.

“Be sure to use a condom.”


Leaving those words behind, Lee Won left the house without any regrets. The door closed with a squeaking sound, followed by a beeping sound and the door lock locking.


On the contrary, the one who was supposed to be stiff after confronting Lee Won but was rather carefree was Jung Yiyeon.

“… Secretary Lee.”

When I heard Jung Yiyeon’s voice, I suddenly came to my senses. Two bombs exploded in succession, and my mentality exploded, and I stood still. My brother found out that I was having an affair with a man. Jung Yiyeon and my heart…

“Hey, Lee Secretary…”

I heard Jungyeon’s voice again. But it was not his usual voice. I was startled and approached him. But what really surprised me was what happened next.

Jung Yiyeon is sitting on the bed and supporting his nose and mouth with her hands. Blood was dripping from her hand that covered the lower half of his handsome face.

“No, what happened!”

I was startled and found the tissue. I pulled out several things from the table and asked him to put his hands away, stuffed his bloody nose, and screamed. I couldn’t figure out why he was bleeding out of nowhere.

But he looked at me again with a frown. As if it was my fault that he had a nosebleed…

“Lee secretary slapped me with the palm of his hand.”

“Me? I?”

I was very confused at that moment. When I saw my older brother, I was so startled that I pushed Jung Yiyeon out of the way with my hand, which meant that it hit him in the face. There seemed to be a tingling sensation in my palm. As if it was true that I hit him.

It was really my fault. At that moment, I couldn’t control my expression. Without realizing it, I started crying.

“I’m sorry, sir. I was so surprised, are you in a lot of pain?”

It was maybe good that I didn’t hit this handsome face. There were times when I hated him, but I didn’t mean to hit him, and I felt like a criminal when he punched his nose like this.

I wiped the blood from his face and looked around his nose. It was fortunate that his nose didn’t appear to have been broken. There were no red bruises or swelling now. He was holding a little tissue and the blood stopped quickly.

I couldn’t make eye contact with him in regret and embarrassment. Was this the only problem? I wondered if he hadn’t heard his brother’s story. Thinking of Lee Won here, it felt like the blood all over my body was drying up.

“… Done. Wash with water before coming.”

While Jung Yiyeon went into the bathroom, I looked for a first aid kit. Thanks to my brother who came in often injured, the house was equipped with a first aid kit. When he got out of the bathroom, Jung Yiyeon’s nosebleeds seemed to have stopped, but the tip of the back of his nose was a little red.

“Do you want some medicine? What if you get bruised? Oh, I’m really sorry.”

“I think it will be fine.”

I looked into his eyes, restless with guilt. A bruise on that handsome face would be a problem in itself, but his position as the president can cause an embarrassing situation.

I eventually found a bruising ointment and carefully applied it to the tip of his nose. As remedies, there seem to have been methods of rubbing cold raw meat or eggs, but I was worried whether I should do that.

At the same time, the mind itself was chaotic. I wasn’t out of panic yet. Lee Won. What about my brother who went out so coolly, so can I just send him off? Could I call him right now and explain? Or should I not?

No, no matter what type of a person Lee Won was, wasn’t it too cool of a reaction for an older brother who saw his younger brother mixing his body with a man? At best, the warning of ventilating the room and using condoms? Besides, he asked about the guy I liked… What if Jung Yiyeon heard him asking me such a question?

Even for a moment while concentrating on applying the ointment, I was caught up in all sorts of thoughts and lost my mind. Lost in my consciousness, I swam through a sea of chaos.

“But Secretary Lee…”


I was startled by the sudden call from Jung Yiyeon, as my shoulders flinched. Isn’t ‘but’ a conjunction used to change topics? Could it be that he asked for an explanation after hearing my last words?

It was only a brief moment before he continued his next words, but my heart was pounding like crazy. My heart pumped loudly. When he opened his mouth, the words that were mouthed…

Jung Yiyeon said with a serious face.

“Your zipper is open.”

My zipper was open.

I didn’t understand him for a moment.

“… What zipper?”


Namdaemun. It was clear what that meant, so I turned my head downwards. I saw the zipper wasn’t closed as he said, and my bare skin was exposed thanks to it.

“… Ah!”

I was so startled that I screamed and zipped my pants up. I was so surprised that Lee Won suddenly came, so I just remembered that I didn’t even wear underwear and that I was wearing Jung Yiyeon’s pants, not mine.

Jung Yiyeon had seen everything to see and not to see, but even so, fuck, the problem was that I had never been like this before. In front of my brother like this. I was sporting a half-boner because I was in the middle of something with Jung Yiyeon. 

My eyes flickered. I felt like I wanted to pass out. I wanted to die by sticking my nose in the dishwater. What the hell did I show my brother today? It seemed that this should be wrapped in the word “dark history”.

“…It’s okay. He must have seen it a lot when you were young. He is your hyung so he would understand…”

I hope he was saying this to comfort me. Of course, it was not at all comforting, and I was already completely unsure of Jung Yiyeon’s expression and tone of voice. In the meantime, it seemed that he had nothing to say to defend himself about having an affair with the same sex in front of my brother.

“Well, I, going no commando, showed everything so…?”

Yes. It must have been an experience that Jung Yiyeon had never had before.

It was then that I realized I was really crazy. No matter how much my brother went out and said that he wouldn’t come in for a while, it was true, I brought a man into the house he lived in. I was so intoxicated with my feelings for Jung Yiyeon that I violated the taboo. A single negligence led to this worst outcome.

“… What would your brother think when he saw a man holding his younger brother and with a boner?”

“I told you not to say it…?!”

No fuck, if you were going to comfort me, just comfort me! The moment I imagined the previous situation from my older brother’s point of view, a chill came in and my whole body trembled. Was there any such shitty situation? Did  Lee Won go through such a situation? My brother saw me like this!

“Haa. How did you come to our house in the first place? I never do this at home… !”

“I saw the employee roster.”

Wow, a straightforward answer might make someone even more pissed off. I was so stunned that I was speechless, but Jung Yiyeon continued to speak.

“It was you who told me your hyung won’t be home for a few days. I just wanted to give you porridge..”

“It was you who said you wanted to come in to eat together. You totally came to do it with me, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, but as expected, when you open your eyes like that, I get excited.”



Translator’s Notes:

  1. Namdaemun: It is the south gate of Seoul. An alternative way of saying that the South gate which is his pants, was open 🙂 I wanted to change it to pants because that seemed more efficient but I decided to keep the original because I found it funny.
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