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At that moment, I perceived the boss’ entrance, prompting me to rise from my chair and turn towards the door. It was CEO Jang Wonhyung emerging.

Following his departure, I seized Jung Yiyeon’s garments and tapped on the boss’s door. Inside, the air conditioning was running, chilling the room.

“Here’s a fresh set of clothes for you, sir.”

“Ah, thank you.”

I set his clothes down and quickly scanned the table. There were two coffee cups—one empty and the other with just a hint of liquid, seemingly identical in volume. Clearly, Jung Yiyeon hadn’t taken a sip. 

Despite that, they had brought a hot cup for someone already feeling warm, which was to be anticipated. Realizing I should have used a tray to remove them, I refrained from carrying both cups out in hand and quietly left the room instead.

After allowing him around 10 minutes to change attire, I returned to the boss’s office with a tray in hand. 

Upon knocking, a voice beckoned me inside, prompting my entrance.

Jung Yiyeon had shed his black suit, retaining only the tie. Initially, I transferred the teacup from the table to a tray and gave the surface a swift wipe. Then, I hung the discarded clothes he had taken off onto a hanger atop the sofa. As I handled the slacks, vest, and jacket, I noticed the fabric was notably thick to the touch.

Around that time, Jung Yiyeon meticulously adorned himself with multiple ties, presenting a composed demeanor. A striking deep-blue tie resembled the profound hues of the sea. The idea of spending the night at his place crossed my mind, and I found it intriguing to plan his morning attire. However, that thought was far ahead considering I’d head home after sex.

Almost involuntarily, I gravitated towards him. As he lifted his jacket, my familiarity with such gestures led me to meticulously knot his tie at a leisurely pace. Draping his jacket over me, I positioned myself in front of him, perfecting the knot of his tie.

“I heard you asked Secretary Park to get you a gift.”


“You could have asked me instead.”

“But doesn’t Secretary Park handle these things well? Just by seeing her bag, you can tell she has a knack for picking gifts.”

“Nevertheless, shouldn’t I be aware and arrange the gift for the person?”

“It’s a trivial matter for you. Let it remain something personal for me to handle.”

Jung Yiyeon grinned, avoiding a direct response, skillfully asserting it as his personal affair.

While chatting, Secretary Park mentioned it was a gift for a young man. Jung Yiyeon had numerous cousins and friends, making it a deeply personal gesture for them. Thus, it made sense that he hadn’t seen a need to inform me about it.

However, despite understanding this, a part of me felt unsettled because my fondness for Jung Yiyeon fueled a desire to know every detail of his life. It saddened me that he kept his personal reasons hidden.

The past month had been tranquil and enjoyable, yet every setback triggered a sense of unease. The fluttering heart suddenly harbored concealed anxieties.

Naturally, I couldn’t express these emotions. I redirected my attention to his attire, masking any hint of my inner turmoil. Although everything appeared immaculate, I instinctively adjusted the collar, scrutinized the jacket’s lapels, and secured one of the top buttons once more.

“Why are hands so nimble?”

“Would you like it rough?”

“What do you mean I like it rough? You have skinned me off my clothes so roughly multiple times.”

At his words, I widened my eyes. Jung Yiyeon was smiling in front of me. He was wearing the expression whenever he made fun of me.

“I… When did I get rough…”

“A few shirt buttons are rolling around the house. Lee Secretary ripped it off.”

I felt the heat rising on my face. Of course, there have been times when I got impatient a few times with his touch and couldn’t even wait and ripped his shirt off.

Hearing about our activities in bed at work in broad daylight made me embarrassed. Especially hearing from Jung Yiyeon was so…

“How harshly you untied the knot of my robe. You are very good at untying things, I see.”

“… It’s all because I learned these from you, Boss.”

… It was such a bizarre thing. It was a conversation like a lover, and it reminded me of the situation at the time, making me want to take it off just like that time.

Jung Yiyeon laughed at my reply. He tilted his head slightly and placed his lips on mine. It was a sweet kiss. As I struggled to put my tongue in his mouth, I quietly accepted his kiss. He made a sound, flirting lightly with his lips, and fell, wrapping his arms around my waist and clasping his hips with his hands.

Ah…Obviously, regret was lurking in my heart from the previous conversation, but apart from that, it was sweet again as if it had been soaked in honey. My heart was tickling and I wanted to hug him too. He rubbed my front at random, showing excitement as if he wanted to gobble me up.

But the mouth must utter a sound that was not even in the spirit or the heart.

“… You are too inappropriate for the office.”

“Who was the one having sex in the bathroom over there?”

“It was night then.”

“Oh, is it OK at night? So, would you like to do it here at your desk tonight?”

“We will think about that after the next salary negotiation.”

Jung Yiyeon burst into laughter at my joke. Ha. It was truly a smile that jeopardized my ties of reason. If I stayed like this, I really felt like I was going to knock him down on the desk and get on it.

Striving to contain the soaring urge, I raised my wrist and looked at the time. It was past midnight. It was time for him to leave.

“Time is up.”

Jung Yiyeon kissed my lips once more.

As I paused in amazement, he released his hand from my ass and said.

“Since you have nothing else to do now, make sure to have lunch, Secretary Lee .”


Jung Yiyeon left the office with a bright smile. I stood in the boss’ office blankly for a moment. Belatedly, I thought that I should go down first, get the car out of the parking lot, and prepare myself, but Jung Yiyeon had already left.

Lightly patting the right cheek with the palm of my hand, came to my senses, grabbed a tray, and left the office. I went into the bathroom and washed the teacup, but I couldn’t calm down my dazed mind.

Jung Yiyeon was so kind. We exchanged kisses in the office in broad daylight, just like lovers. Interacting with him while concealing my feelings took a toll on me, yet it was both exhilarating and blissful.

Without realizing it, I raised my wet hand while rinsing the teacup and touched my lips with my fingertips. My lips felt hot and my hands were wet. No, my whole face was hot. It was a very hot day, so that was an excuse that even I wouldn’t believe. I couldn’t hide the redness on my cheek.

It was a mortal disease that would never go away. The fever of love was getting worse and worse.

It wasn’t long before it was revealed what the personal gift Jung Yiyeon had requested from Park’s secretary was. When I was close to leaving work, Secretary Park appeared in the boss’s office.

“Are you in, Boss?”

At the same time, Jung Yiyeon had just returned from a lunch break and was working. When he answered yes, Secretary Park knocked on the door of the boss’s office and went inside with a small paper bag in her hand.

The envelope size was small. Its upscale packaging hinted at jewelry. Jewelry for a young man… Who could this gift be for? Regret flooded my mind, wishing I had followed Secretary Park inside earlier without letting on that I knew anything.

Fortunately, Secretary Park didn’t stay inside for long; she came out soon. As expected, her hands were empty this time, unlike when she went in. Unable to hold back, I grabbed her as she tried to leave and asked her.

“What did you buy?”


It was also a piece of jewelry. It was a gift for a man, but it was a bracelet, so I tilted my head for a moment. Secretary Park smiled with a familiar face.

“Recently, even men wear a lot of bracelets. I bought it from a brand that many celebrities use and endorse. Have you seen it before?”

“Oh, um, no. I’m not really interested in that sort of thing.”

“There was a reason I ended up buying the gift, right? I’m so lucky there’s something Secretary Lee can’t do.”

There was a sense of satisfaction hidden behind an uneasy smile. Even when buying someone else’s belongings, shopping itself brings enjoyment.

“Bracelets would suit Secretary Lee really well, too. Summer’s coming soon, right? You could take off those glasses. Your eyesight isn’t even that bad.”

The glasses were the issue. My face was too good-looking to conceal behind them. I preferred projecting a more professional image without them. When I started working, I was just past my mid-20s, and I disliked appearing younger, so it became a habit. My eyesight wasn’t severely impaired, but reading distant text without glasses was uncomfortable.

“Secretary Lee, while we’re at it, do you not have a girlfriend? I have a style in mind that I’d like to dress this secretary up in.”

“No, I don’t. But is what I’m wearing really that bad? Something you want to dress up?”

“No, it’s not that. It’s just that I feel anything I dress you in would suit you perfectly. But it’s a bit disappointing that you always stick to wearing classic suits. Even your watch lacks that certain charm.”

How should I come to work then, wearing jeans? Also, this watch was a cherished possession of my father’s. He didn’t wear it for its symbolic value, but he wasn’t short on timekeeping tools. It also served as a reminder to resist the impulse of buying other pricey watches.

We were colleagues in the same secretary’s office, and although I was trying to maintain proper etiquette as there was something more I wanted to ask her, I was slowly growing weary of her interest in me. Whether it was out of kindness or not, it didn’t matter.

I was simply curious. What exactly was that personal matter of Jung Yiyeon’s that he hadn’t properly explained to me? Of course, Secretary Park probably hadn’t been informed either, but maybe she didn’t even know who the gift was for.

Maybe… Maybe by any chance, it couldn’t possibly be that he intends to give it to me…? That part about ‘wanting to dress up as someone special’… Jung Yiyeon might have felt something and wanted to give me a gift…?

Even though I knew it wasn’t true, I couldn’t stop the futile cycle of false hope and anticipation, tormenting me like a mental struggle.

“Why aren’t you dating anyone? There are quite a few friends here at work who secretly want to set you up. Should I arrange a blind date?”

“I’m too busy to find time to meet someone. But didn’t you mention where that gift is supposed to be sent?”

The topic that even led to discussions about setting me up for a blind date became awkward and exhausted from the torment of hope, I finally turned the conversation by asking directly what was on my mind. Thankfully, she didn’t persist any further.

“Could it be that he is trying to give it to them directly? He didn’t mention where it’s supposed to go.”

Her response invalidated all the efforts I’d made to be polite and answer her questions kindly. Frustration surged within me toward her inability to properly satisfy my curiosity.

“I see. Thank you for your help.”

I said rather coldly, then focused on the computer monitor. Secretary Park realized I had no intention of continuing the conversation and left.

Alone and restless due to my unresolved curiosity, I couldn’t concentrate on work at all.

Until Jung Yiyeon, who had decided to leave at the normal time, emerged from the office. Despite not working, I found myself just staring at the distant monitor.

“Secretary Lee, let’s leave now.”

“Ah, yes.”

Since leaving work on time was rare, I was a bit surprised. I quickly shut down the computer and got up from my seat. While riding the elevator together, Jung Yiyeon spoke to me.

“Let’s grab dinner together.”

That was a date proposal.

“I’ll buy something delicious, so sleep early.”

…No, it was a tempting offer from hell.

In an instant, all the negative emotions I had felt, wondering who would become the owner of the bracelet due to that temptation, evaporated. I was completely thrown off by every word Jung Yiyeon uttered. However, the excitement and joy filling my heart were incredibly sweet.


My face probably turned bright red. I couldn’t bring myself to look at Jung Yiyeon, so I turned my head. He might have seen my face, but I couldn’t tell. Yet, I heard Jung Yiyeon chuckle quietly.

I felt like I was losing it. It was getting hard even to manage my expression. Amid the chilling realization that Jung Yiyeon might even discern my feelings explicitly, my cheeks remained hot, refusing to cool down.

I might not be able to hold out like this for long… Even though I know that hiding my emotions is reaching a dangerous level. The affection I feel towards him seems to swell and grow rapidly, ready to overflow at any moment. Jung Yiyeon’s sweetness was simply fatal.

After spending our respective weekends apart and reuniting on Monday, the man tempting me from Monday seemed so lovable that it hurt my heart as if we hadn’t seen each other in more than just a weekend.

Jung Yiyeon took me to a renowned French restaurant in a famous hotel in Seoul. It was an expensive fine dining experience that I wouldn’t have paid for myself. While Jung Yiyeon and I were sex partners who occasionally dined together after work, today felt different.

“You went through the trouble of bringing my clothes today.”

“…It’s my job.”

“Still. Maybe you’re losing weight because I’m indulging too much.”

The gentle smile on Jung Yiyeon’s lips and his affectionate voice drove me crazy. Or perhaps Jung Yiyeon had gone crazy today. He’d been affectionate lately, but today, he seemed overly warm and affectionate, which left me perplexed in front of this pleading man. Despite that, I couldn’t help but feel happy to have him in my heart.

The darkness descending upon the reddening sky, juxtaposed with the city lights illuminating the beautiful night scenery. Jung Yiyeon under the soft glow of the restaurant’s lighting. While most of our conversation revolved around work-related topics, the subject matter didn’t matter.

This was a date. If this dinner wasn’t a date, then no dinner anywhere in the world could ever be considered one. Jung Yiyeon, meticulously asking for my opinion, choosing the menu, and even ordering wine pairings, was the epitome of a perfect partner.

“Isn’t it nice to have these kinds of moments sometimes?”

“Yes. It’s a bit overwhelming because you’re giving me such wonderful things.”

“I don’t think anything I’ve bought was bad.”

I chuckled softly at his remark. For the most part, the dinners we had together were indeed delightful. They mostly took place in expensive restaurants booked for Jung Yiyeon’s business meetings. However, memories of a few burgers or doughnuts were too vivid.

Soon, the server began to bring out the dishes. As it was a Michelin-starred fine dining establishment, the amuse-bouche set a high standard. Despite not indulging in such cuisines, my modest knowledge of French food stemmed from studying to accompany the hotel management executive.

Even without such knowledge, the dishes were splendid. The red sorbet, yellow cookie, and blue jelly delighted the eyes first. The vibrant colors resembled a blossoming spring rather than mere food on a plate, leaving a stunning impression. The taste was so excellent that it was almost regrettable they were bite-sized. However, that regret swiftly turned into anticipation for the next dish.

“How is it?”

“It’s delicious.”

“Tell me more in detail.”

Ah… Why is Jung Yiyeon so affectionate like this? Instead of the generic answer that it tastes good, he wants to hear my detailed opinion, and my insides just melt into a blur.

I know I shouldn’t get my hopes up. I know it’s just polite manners engraved into his body without any real significance. Yet, I couldn’t help but feel jittery from head to toe out of excitement.

The colors are nice, the textures are nice, and the taste is nice. I tried to describe my impressions as detailed as possible, and Jung Yiyeon nodded in agreement.

Next served was the king crab chosen as an appetizer. Even before putting it in my mouth, the citrus aroma tantalized me. The chewy texture and the gentle sweetness spreading in my mouth from the taste of the crab meat made my palate happy. The harmony of aroma and taste blending in my mouth was excellent.

“Is it good?”

“Yes. The aroma is delightful, and it doesn’t overpower the crab taste. It has a slight tanginess, making it a perfect appetizer.”

“That’s good to hear.”

However, Jung Yiyeon didn’t touch the appetizer after taking a bite. The reason was obvious even without hearing it. Despite choosing the escargot, it seemed he wasn’t fond of snails. I nudged my plate toward him.

“Give it a try.”

Even such a childish display seemed excessively adorable in my eyes. The power of stubbornness is truly something. Even his food fussiness at a fine dining establishment looked cute to me.

Jung Yiyeon smiled brightly as he ate the king crab I swapped for him.

“As expected from you, Secretary.”

“If you can’t eat it, why did you choose this?”

It was delicious for my taste. It reminded me of a snail dish I once had at a high-end French restaurant, gifted by a wealthy friend who fancied me while studying in the US. Perhaps due to the grandeur of the hotel restaurant, the rarity of having escargot after a long time, or simply because it was Jung Yiyeon who got it for me, it seemed even tastier than what I had back then.

“I was curious if even someone who doesn’t like it could eat it deliciously.”

“You might have enjoyed it without knowing it’s a snail.”

“That could be true. The sauce is good, but I can’t get over the idea of eating snails.”

“You ordered foie gras earlier. Are you eating that?”

“No. But if I can’t eat it, I figured this secretary would swap it.”

His smiling face was shamelessly bold. It was so unabashed that I just laughed. While Jung Yiyeon looked at me in that manner, he whispered.

“Eat plenty. I’ll make you work out a lot today.”


That was truly an unamusing remark. It felt like the wine I drank with the meal suddenly rushed to my head. I felt my cheeks redden, so I lowered my head, avoiding his gaze, and focusing on the food.



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