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Therefore, I could easily guess Jung Yiyeon’s intention in proposing a sex partnership with me. There was no need to ask if he liked me.

Jung Yiyeon would never love me.


This was all new to me. Could it be okay for my heart to throb just from thinking about it like this?

Although I understood what Jung Yiyeon wanted, I was hurt the moment I realized his deeply selfish motives. It felt strange to be hurt by someone else’s words and actions.

“It’s a question of whether to eat even if it gives you indigestion or to just watch it out of fear of getting indigestion.”

“Well… yeah.”

“How interesting. I never thought I’d hear you worrying about something like this.”

He said, placing his hand on my head and ruffling my hair. It wasn’t meant to tease, so I didn’t mind. Ultimately, the decision was mine to make. Just having someone listen to my unanswered concerns made me feel a bit lighter.

“But from my perspective…”

He messed up my hair even more, as if I was the only one who hadn’t suffered for love. His slightly smiling face seemed somewhat melancholic, perhaps recalling a piece of his past.

“You won’t be able to resist eating it.”

It was a prediction that my rationality would crumble, and even knowing it was wrong, I’d step into the mess. I couldn’t even muster a bitter laugh at his words.

As Jung Yiyeon started endless overtime, I began to understand why his secretaries kept quitting.

He was truly a workaholic. From morning until late at night, he worked tirelessly, and it was pitiful to see the chief secretary withering away day by day.

But the most wretched of all was my situation. Once capable of working alone without a secretary, he had a terrible mindset that he didn’t need an attendant secretary who left early when he needed them. Thus, if he worked overtime, I had no choice but to work overtime as well.

I didn’t particularly mind the long hours. I had accepted the condition of flexible end times from the start. I was okay with it because I was getting paid well in return.

However, since I had left work after nine the previous day and had some wild sex, waking up earlier than usual, I was more tired than usual.

Luckily, when Jung Yiyeon had an external lunch schedule, I didn’t have to accompany him and could rest a bit. But come nighttime, I couldn’t avoid the fatigue.

“I’m hungry.”

“Would you like a donut?”

Usually, Jung Yiyeon would say he was hungry after nine, but now it was past ten, and he was still at his desk, so I had prepared some snacks. Despite not being a child, he had a sweet tooth, so I had gone out before the store closed to get some for him.

For a man well into his thirties, his taste was peculiar. Not enjoying fish dishes was one thing, but he liked burgers, donuts, bread, and junk food.

“Would you like some coffee?”

“Sure. Make it light.”

As requested, I brought him a weak drip coffee. By the time I brought it over, he was already munching on a donut. When I placed the cup on the desk, he looked at me. He swallowed what was in his mouth and then licked the sugar powder from his lips with his red tongue.

“If you’re hungry, I feed you. If you’re thirsty, I give you a drink.”

He stared at me intently, which was unlike him,

“So why can’t we have sex?”

His words were outrageous. I froze as if struck by lightning.

“Do you dislike me?”

Oh, come on… Don’t ask such things with such a casual face. My heart was pounding so hard I could hardly breathe. Seeing his discontented expression, my insides felt like they were burning. His sulky face was so cute it was driving me crazy.

I dislike it because it’s the opposite.

Unable to give a straightforward answer, I sighed briefly and shook my head.

“I can’t do that with my boss.”

Him being my boss provided not only an excuse to hide my feelings but also a convenient justification.

“Think of it as part of your job.”

…How could giving my body be part of my job?

The man was unbelievably shameless. He had a knack for spouting absurd nonsense without a second thought.

“Considering that you’re my employer, this could only be seen as sexual bribery.”

I tried to speak as calmly as possible. A hint of fatigue crept into my voice, but that was unavoidable.

However, as soon as Jung Yiyeon opened his mouth,

“Then what about me, who is going crazy right now?”

Boom. My heart plummeted to the floor and started pounding wildly. Why is he going crazy? Why, why? Is it because of me fluttering around in front of him? Is he constantly thinking about me, no matter how much he tries to ignore it? Going crazy because of me?

But the words from his mouth never matched my feelings.

“If relieving stress for me was eating, I would have bought food. If it were playing games, I would have brought a game console. You’re such a considerate secretary.”


“But if relieving stress for me is through sex, why can’t I have it? Huh? Why. Why not. I’m not asking for a relationship, just sex. What’s the difference between sweating in a sauna and sweating in bed?”

“How can that be the same in common sense?”

“Of course, it’s different. But it’s not impossible, is it? Sex.”

Oh, please stop saying that word…! Every time his impossibly pretty, almost provocative lips uttered that word with its double ‘s’ sound, I felt like I was going to die from nausea. Honestly, I wanted to strip off his clothes and smother those lips with kisses.

I’m the one going crazy. I’m dying here. Please, save me.

“…You’re persistent.”

“I keep seeing you in front of me, making my mouth dry.”

“Should I leave?”

“Should I fire you?”

“…Isn’t this sexual harassment?”

“If I’m already harassing you, I might as well go all the way.”

Wow. This would sound like a trashy boss abusing power to coerce a subordinate into sexual favors to anyone else. So why was I still sitting here listening to this? Why were my ears turning red, and my heart racing?

It was utterly bewildering. While my mind understood that Jung Yiyeon was acting this way because he knew it would work on me, a tingling sensation spread through my chest.

“You shouldn’t have let me find out you’re gay.”

Jung Yiyeon smirked as if even he found his words absurd. Despite his persistence in asking for sex, his demeanor was strangely calm. It was as if he would never bring it up again if I refused.

And he would go back to how things were before.

To the time when we didn’t know each other were gay, when he had no interest in me. To the Jung Yiyeon who couldn’t even bother to remember my name.

“…No. If things go wrong, I’ll lose my job after providing sexual favors.”

I turned him down once again, omitting the fact that it was because I liked him, and instead citing the cowardly reason of job insecurity.

“I’ll take responsibility and help you find a better job. How can you live worrying about every little thing? Enjoy the present.”

“I’m already enjoying it enough.”

“That’s why you’ve been like a chick on medication all day.”

You observed all that…? His gaze when we met was always dry and businesslike, so how did he know? A chill ran down my spine. This bad man, constantly making my heart flutter…!

“Find a lover or a sex partner. It doesn’t have to be me. I don’t want to complicate things by getting physically involved and making our relationship awkward.”

“Isn’t it the same for both of us, too busy to find someone to bring to bed? What’s wrong with thinking about efficiency when it’s just for relieving desire?”

We both knew it was nonsense. It was just like a child throwing a tantrum.

Even so, if I had no feelings for Jung Yiyeon, I might have accepted his proposal without hesitation.

Jung Yiyeon was an attractive man, so from my standpoint, tired of searching for a new partner recently, I might have easily taken his hand. As he said, it would be efficient to satisfy desires without much effort.

But right now, I liked him.

“Fine. I’ll ask one last time. I won’t make the same offer again.”

He was deeper in my heart than anyone I’d ever met…

“Secretary, sleep with me.”

…I was just confused. His ultimatum made my stomach churn, and my head spin.

I couldn’t decide anything, but I had to choose. If not now, I wouldn’t need to worry about it anymore.

And it would hurt.

I’d regret kicking away the chance to hold him and suffer because I couldn’t reach him.

“You won’t be able to resist eating it.”

I remembered our conversation from the morning. The melancholy look on his face flashed before me. At that moment, I might have sensed my future. So, I forced a bitter smile.

Swallowing that smile, I chose my words carefully. With a steady voice, I finally said,

“Will you be the bottom, sir?”

“…Damn. I didn’t think of that.”

Although my question implied acceptance, Jung Yiyeon’s face twisted in frustration as he muttered. Seeing his unexpected expression, I felt a strange relief.

I mean, do I look like a bottom? Not that I expected him to be the one lying beneath me, legs spread. As I expected, Jung Yiyeon was a top.

He thought deeply for a moment, then looked at me and spoke.

“I’ll do it with my mouth.”

He sounded like he was doing me a great favor.

“I’ll allow you to leave early once a week if you feel like holding a man. That’s fair, right?”

Oh, so I’m supposed to bottom for him, but on days I want to top, I get to leave early to find someone else?

How generous. My heart sank but only for a moment. I was clear that Jung Yiyeon didn’t see me as a romantic partner.

It made my heart ache a bit, but soon, a thrill settled in my chest instead of pain.

I glanced at his office door. Most people had already left, so there wouldn’t be any visitors, and nothing would happen if I locked the door.

Suddenly, my throat felt dry. I swallowed nervously. Maybe I had felt this thirst from the first time I saw him.

“…I’ll lock the door. You shower first.”

His low murmuring voice was slightly cracked but not trembling. However, Jung Yiyeon must have felt the strange warmth it carried.

The moment he received permission, his eyes widened. Jung Yiyeon’s eyes sparkled as he headed toward the attached bathroom in the office. We both knew there was a shower booth in there. He smiled like a child who finally got the candy he’d been begging for, and he looked so handsome that I was momentarily dazed.

There was no way I could refuse a man like that when he reached out his hand… Damn it, E-Nan. Why are you so weak-willed?

A surge of self-loathing made me want to bang my head against something. And yet…

I was excited.

My heart pounded and my body trembled.

When I locked the office door and entered the bathroom with the shower booth, hot steam greeted me. The naked body of the man washing himself under the hot water from the shower came into view.

Damn. A curse slipped out. I hadn’t been this nervous even during my first time having sex, but now my hands were trembling. My heart was racing, my body was burning, and I felt like I was going crazy.

Jung Yiyeon and I made eye contact. His gaze, licking over my body, made me turn slightly and undress while trying to keep a calm expression. After placing my clothes on top of his, I took off my glasses last.

The single-person shower booth was too narrow for two men. However, it also created a close distance that was just right for two gay men. I briefly felt his manhood brush against my body and let out an involuntary moan.

Judging by his half-erect member, it seemed he was quite aroused. His size was impressive enough to compete with that of Western guys. My heart thudded uncontrollably.

Oh, fuck. Oh, damn. Oh, oh, oh. I’m really going to go insane.


His lips touching mine were hot.

His normally neatly combed back hair was wet and stuck to his forehead, making him look incredibly sexy. His kisses, which only teased my lips, were slow, unlike his persistent demands for sex. The tantalizing kisses made me more impatient.

No, since the moment I first saw him, I’ve wanted this.

I wrapped my arms around Jung Yiyeon’s neck, trapping him, and pressed my lips against his, pushing my tongue inside. He seemed momentarily startled by my forwardness, but I didn’t care as I explored his lips and tongue. The sensation of his soft tongue made my reason flicker out.

My kisses were not gentle but forceful, more like an invasion than something sweet. The wet sounds of our tongues mingling filled the air. The sticky saliva was as sweet and thick as honey. My thirst was quenched only to resurface, driven by the growing heat. Frustrated by the unquenchable thirst, I bit down on his lips. The feeling of teeth scraping against lips and tongue was overly stimulating, and I couldn’t help but moan.

Then Jung Yiyeon’s hand started rubbing my member.


When our lips momentarily parted, I moaned and shuddered. He squeezed some shower gel into his hand and began to wash my body with slippery hands. His hand slid down my chest and created foam over my pubic area.

Then his slick fingers started rubbing between my buttocks. The sensation made me bite my lip. His fingers prying apart my cheeks made my legs feel weak, and I just wanted to cling to him and have him inside me.

When his lips touched my neck, I tilted my head back. The soft feeling of his lips interspersed with the occasional scrape of teeth was electrifying. As the hot water washed away the foam, he gripped my buttock with one hand and stroked my member with the other.

The water was too hot. The steam filling the shower booth made it hard to breathe. The pleasure he was giving me was overwhelming. I panted with a dazed look on my face.

“Your sensitivity is incredible.”

Jung Yiyeon teased with a laugh. I had no time to retort. He knelt in front of me.

“Oh, boss…!”

When he took my member into his mouth, an electric current shot up my spine from the tailbone. My vision flashed white as if my spinal cord had exploded and my brain had short-circuited.

“Ah… Ugh…”

Jung Yiyeon gripped my buttocks with both hands and began moving his head back and forth. I flinched every time his tongue tickled the tip inside his mouth, but I couldn’t escape his grip. Not that I wanted to.

Though his oral skills were a bit clumsy, the pleasure I felt was supreme. The fact that it was Jung Yiyeon giving me a blowjob made me feel like I could cum instantly. Seeing his obedient face, sucking my member, was more than enough.

I wanted to thrust violently into his mouth. The urge flared like a fire inside me.

However, I couldn’t just shove my member into the throat of a man who couldn’t even manage a deep throat. Normally, I wouldn’t care about my partner’s pleasure and would do as I pleased, but because it was Jung Yiyeon, I held back.

While he diligently worked on my member, I ran my left hand through his wet hair and turned off the shower with my right. The soap bubbles had long since rinsed away. The streaming water was only a distraction from enjoying his face.

“Ah… Boss… Boss… Ah…”

When his fingers suddenly invaded my rear, I reflexively curled my body. The moisture made the intrusion less painful. It had been a long time since I bottomed, so the sensation was unfamiliar.

Despite being clumsy with his mouth, his fingers were relentless. More fingers joined, stretching me deeper without causing pain. His fingers inside me found the right spots, making me shiver.

“Wait, wait… Just a moment…!”

Finally, I couldn’t hold back and released a load of white, sticky fluid into his mouth. Maybe a part of me wanted to cum in his mouth. However, I didn’t want to be rude by climaxing in his mouth on the first time.

Jung Yiyeon welcomed my release, sucking harder as I came. It was inevitable that I would climax under such pressure. While I shivered in orgasm, the fingers exploring my rear slowly withdrew.


I didn’t intend to finish in his mouth. I glared at him with a mix of frustration and bewilderment, but Jung Yiyeon only smiled sweetly. Then his lips parted.


The white fluid I ejaculated trickled down his lips and pooled in his palm.


The sight was so arousing it sent chills down my spine. So sexy, so insanely sensual that I couldn’t help but stagger back with a moan. Who could have imagined? Jung Yiyeon spitting my semen into his own hand!

The heat flared up as if I hadn’t just ejaculated. My face must have been burning red, and my eyes undoubtedly glistening.

I couldn’t hide it anymore. I couldn’t bear how much I adored him. The emotions were so overwhelming, it felt like my chest was about to burst.

When he stood up and saw him rubbing what I had ejaculated onto his erect penis, I was utterly shocked.

“Turn around. Spread your legs.”

At his low command, I trembled and turned around.

Even though I didn’t prefer standing or being taken from behind, his command carried an irresistible force. I didn’t want to resist. Just his low voice had me so excited that my legs were shaking.

As I stood with my arms braced against the shower booth wall and my legs spread, his penis soon touched my buttocks.

“Uh… Hoo…”

He grabbed and spread my buttocks, rubbing the head of his penis against the cleft. My hips jerked each time the sensitive wrinkle was teased by his tip. I wondered if being penetrated quickly might calm my racing heart. But as he continued to tease my anus, my attempts to relax were in vain as I kept twitching down there.


“Ugh…! Ugh, huuugh…!”

When what I had been longing for finally started to push through the wrinkle, a stifled groan escaped my lips.

Even though he had prepped me with his fingers and applied lubricant to his member, it was still huge. Attempting it without any gel was simply impossible. It was by no means easy. Especially since I hadn’t had anything back there in a while, it wasn’t a size I could accept nonchalantly.

“Haa, ah, ugh…! Ugh!!”

As his penis pierced in and lodged inside me, I gasped and swallowed a scream. But Jung Yiyeon showed no mercy. He grabbed my waist tightly and pushed in to the hilt.


When his penis opened me up and delved deep inside, my vision went black momentarily. It soon cleared, but the feeling of being filled up to my core left me breathless. It was only then that I realized, despite him being fully inside, my heart hadn’t calmed down at all. It was pounding even harder, as if it would break through my ribcage.

Thump, thump, thump, thump. My heartbeat was so loud it seemed like he could hear it. Fearing he might, I turned to look at Jung Yiyeon standing close behind me.

What I saw was his face, flushed with heat. His handsome face, slightly furrowed, looked at me as if he wanted to devour me. When our eyes met…


Jung Yiyeon grabbed my chin and fixed it in place. His hot breath, and then his lips touched mine. His tongue invaded my mouth just like his penis was invading my lower half.

The way his tongue dominated my mouth was incredibly erotic. Even the taste. The fact that his lips had been around my member, swallowing my fluids, made it all the more tantalizing. I felt like I was going to lose my mind.

As he showered me with kisses, Jung Yiyeon began to move his hips. What had been wedged deeply inside pulled out, only to thrust back in without mercy. Heat flared from within as if a fire had been lit. The overwhelming sensation made it impossible to think straight.

Each thrust of his hard glans inside me made red and blue flowers bloom in my vision. Pleasure surged through my entire body, following the rushing blood. As he stirred and rocked me from within, waves of ecstasy overwhelmed me.

“Ah, ahh, ah!”

When I could no longer even kiss due to the panting, I couldn’t hide my moans anymore. High-pitched cries spilled rhythmically from my mouth in time with his movements. Every time his penis hit a spot inside, my body convulsed. I tightened around the intruding member.

“Uhh, hoo! Ugh! Ah!”

Through the steam, my moans and his rough breaths intertwined and echoed. His lips rained down on my nape and shoulders. Wherever his lips touched felt like a branding iron. His hands held me so tightly it felt like they would leave burns.


When his thrusts speared into my inner walls, I shuddered. White-hot pleasure flashed through my mind as his scorching grip encircled my penis. Despite having already come once, I was hard again thanks to Jung Yiyeon’s relentless thrusting.

“Ah, ahh, ah…!”

Jung Yiyeon’s hand wrapped around my penis, stroking it. His member plunged into me repeatedly. The stimulation from front and back made my hips move on their own. To rub against his hand. To embrace the member thrusting into me.

Heavy breaths and moans escaped both my lips and Jung Yiyeon’s. His breathing, rough like an animal’s. My heart pounded in my ears. His heartbeat resonated through my back. All of it drove me into ecstasy.

Ah, fuck it. Whatever comes next.

Lost in time and space, trembling in his arms, the boundary of reason blurred.

I thought it was truly a good decision to have sex with him.

‘Sorry. I came inside.’

‘Ah, you should’ve at least pulled out if you weren’t going to use a condom…’

‘Okay, I’ll make sure to use a condom next time.’

His excuse about not having a condom at the office was audacious and brazen. Regardless, because of that, I had to endure his hand scooping out the semen he had left inside me after sex. Having already climaxed twice, feeling anything more was almost painful.

The aftermath was considerable. Having experienced three climaxes during intense sex in a steamy room left me dizzy and nauseous. I was so completely drained that even taking a shower was grueling.

If only I could fall asleep in a soft bed wrapped in warm blankets, I’d ask for nothing more. But, damn it, there was nowhere to lie down in the office.

Moreover, Jung Yiyeon didn’t leave right away, so I had to stay at my desk. Sitting at my desk in front of the president’s office, groaning, I felt like the biggest fool in the world.

It was great until I did it. Yeah. It felt so good that even though I was bottoming, my member kept getting hard, and I climaxed multiple times. But damn it, I should have remembered we were at the office… As the belated ache in my hips and lower back turned into a deep, throbbing pain, sitting became an excruciating ordeal.

An hour of groaning alone like that. Suddenly, the office door opened, and I straightened up as if nothing had happened and stood from my seat. Finally, Jung Yiyeon appeared, ready to leave.

True to his reputation of relieving stress through sex, his face looked much better. Despite how it twisted my guts, I was also oddly relieved and proud of myself for enduring it. Who could have guessed I’d end up like this?

“Let’s go home.”


I answered nonchalantly, but the creeping shame was inescapable.

It was past midnight. I had to get up at six-thirty in the morning; could I even wake up? It would take 30 minutes by taxi to get home from the office. If I brushed my teeth and went to bed, it would be past one o’clock. If I could get five hours of sleep, I’d be lucky.

Could I keep going like this? The local housing prices were too high for me to consider moving nearby; maybe I should at least rent a studio apartment.

Sighing quietly with unspeakable worries, I put on my jacket. And as I took a step…


When I put weight on my legs, my back and butt throbbed painfully, and I couldn’t help but groan. Moving made my insides feel uncomfortable.

“Does it hurt?”

The president, who had gotten into the elevator and was waiting for me, asked.

“…It’s been a while since I bottomed.”

“No wonder you were so tight. That’s why I couldn’t help but come inside.”

He made such embarrassing comments so nonchalantly, it was a bit annoying. How could he not feel sorry or concerned about my pain but instead comment on how tight I was? Was he this self-centered because he was a third-generation chaebol? It was shockingly selfish. So, I found it a bit, no, very irritating.

I wanted to glare at him out of frustration, but I suppressed it with effort. Instead, I responded as brazenly as Jung Yiyeon.

“Still, that was quite rude.”

“Your face without glasses was so erotic that I got carried away. Sorry.”

Argh! I screamed internally. This time, I couldn’t just stay silent; I glared at him in anger.

Who is he calling erotic-faced? I almost shouted.

Seeing my face, he chuckled. That slight upward curve of his lips sapped away my anger so easily that I felt completely drained again.

Ah, really, he must have been a hero in a past life. Or maybe a villain who ruined a country. I’ve never seen someone who fits my tastes so perfectly. God must have put extra effort into creating him. That’s why I fell for him at first sight and got so swept up in this…

Ding. The elevator arrived at the underground parking lot. Typically, he drove himself to and from work. As his secretary, I usually saw him off at the parking lot and then took a taxi home.

But just as I was about to say goodbye, he spoke.

“Be at my house by six in the morning.”

His offhand comment left me genuinely stunned.

What the hell? It’s midnight now, and he wants me there by six? That means I’d have to wake up by five to get ready and rush over. What kind of nonsense is this?

“See you tomorrow, then.”

Tomorrow? It’s already past midnight, and he says tomorrow??

Before I could respond, Jung Yiyeon turned and left, smiling cheerfully with his immaculate face. His car quickly exited the parking lot.

Not even a word about giving me a ride. No concern or consideration at all. He just left me there, after all I went through, following him to the parking lot.

“…That bastard…”

He’s the guy I like. He’s my boss!

I cursed him, experiencing again the beauty of his face and the ugliness of his personality. But cursing wouldn’t bring him back. I was just a fool.


In the end, I took out my phone to call a taxi and moved my heavy legs. The elevator was still waiting for me.

I wished I could get on it and arrive directly at home instead of the first floor. Knowing it was a futile hope, I could only pray to a god I didn’t believe in. My body and mind felt utterly exhausted.

At exactly six in the morning, when I arrived at his house, Jung Yiyeon, who answered the phone, told me his apartment number and instructed me to come up. Though I had been to his building’s parking lot a few times for work-related reasons, this was my first time entering his home.

Taking the elevator as he instructed, I found that there was only one door. When I rang the bell, Jung Yiyeon appeared, and I was somewhat taken aback.

He looked like he had just woken up, rubbing his eyes, dressed in what could only be described as home wear. Damn, I had a bad feeling from the moment he called. Why summon me at this hour if he wasn’t even going to be awake? Why make me come out without letting my exhausted body rest properly?

Internally grumbling, my complaints were short-lived.

Entering his house filled me with such excitement that all those complaints vanished. Who could I blame? I was just a fool for the person I liked.

“Did you sleep well?”

I was still marveling at the high ceiling of the living room, which surprised me for an apartment when Jung Yiyeon asked.

“…I slept alright. I’ll send you the taxi fare.”

“Mm. You smell nice.”

Well, I did wash up quickly because I had to go to work… But I didn’t have time to explain that. I didn’t get to look around his house either.

He grabbed my arm and dragged me along. As soon as we entered the room, he pushed me, and I fell. Where to? The bed.

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