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Jung Yiyeon… Jung Yiyeon seemed truly unhinged. I knew he had a knack for captivating and seducing people, but this was too provocative. French cuisine or whatever, I just wanted to grab him and storm out.

When his deep laughter reached my ears, it was even more intense. It was difficult to contain the burning heat rising inside me.

Fortunately, Jung Yiyeon didn’t push my buttons any further. It led to a relatively peaceful time afterward.

He asked me about the taste of the food, and I tried to explain in detail until he nodded. Jung Yiyeon spoke about the wine accompanying the food. I didn’t know he liked wine, having always considered his taste childish, but unexpectedly, he had a deep appreciation for it.

It was a fantastic dinner. The food was excellent, the wine selection was flawless. Of course, being with Jung Yiyeon made it an inevitably imperfect time.

The atmosphere, the food, the wine—all left my body pleasantly intoxicated. My cheeks were warmer than usual. Trying to hold onto reason amidst this floating mood was quite an ordeal.

Sipping a warm dessert wine, I glanced at Jung Yiyeon wrapped in a soft aura. He seemed content and relaxed in that cozy atmosphere. Then our eyes met, and Jung Yiyeon smiled oddly.

Ah… At that moment, my brain’s fantasy circuit went wild.

Such a romantic moment, almost like a date. No, it was more than a date. It felt like… a romantic atmosphere that should lead to a proposal or something.

Then, as if a light bulb had turned on in my head, a sudden thought flashed across my mind.

Could it be… inside Jung Yiyeon’s embrace, is there a bracelet that Secretary Park bought and is planning to give me as a gift? He wouldn’t be bringing that out to present it to me, would he?

Don’t get your hopes up, Lee Nan. This is just your imagination. I tried to remind myself, but it was no help. My heartbeat, which had been racing, seemed to quicken even more.

“You seem to enjoy the food. I didn’t know you liked French cuisine.”

“Yes, it was really delicious. Thank you, sir.”

“Don’t mention it. Thanks to you, I could enjoy my meal comfortably.”

Thump. Thump. Thump. My heart pounded wildly.

Could it be that he wants to give me a gift? Or maybe… maybe now he wants something more serious than just a casual partner for sex?

Breathing became difficult. I crumbled under Jung Yiyeon’s gaze, eagerly waiting for his words.

“I wanted to be here with you. The truth is, I have something to say. What is it? The truth is, Lee Nan, I like you…” Something like that.

If not that, then it’s this. The bracelet. Now’s the perfect time to bring out the bracelet. Sir, this is it, right now. Right now. Right this moment, take out the bracelet and gift it to me!

My imagination was almost going on a rampage at this point.

Jung Yiyeon’s eyes held a soft hint of laughter as he looked at me. His gaze seemed to be screaming that he was head over heels for me. Even his lips, drawn into a smile, were excessively enchanting. With a face radiating charm, Jung Yiyeon gazed intently at me and spoke.

“It’s been quite a while since the menu here was renewed, and I forgot to check it.”


That was truly a statement that shattered my imagination into pieces.

“This secretary is so good at critiquing flavors. A complete gourmet. It would be nice if you could join our dining department meetings and share your opinions.”

…Renewed menu check… Flavor critique… Dining department… Meetings…

My mind froze, rendering me speechless.

For others, this was a place for a date. Bringing me here, taking care of me so meticulously, I was melting in that tenderness. That’s why I couldn’t help but have high hopes.

But damn it… I didn’t expect this to be an extension of work.

My heart, which had been racing, deflated instantly. The excitement was gone, and I felt deflated. I was worried someone might notice I had been lost in my imaginative world the whole time.

“I’m not that much of a gourmet. You expect too much of me.”

I was trying to be humble, but I couldn’t help feeling a bit petty without realizing it. I was embarrassingly and irrationally upset to the point where I couldn’t think straight. In that anger, I found him irritating.

However, Jung Yiyeon seemed completely oblivious to my upset state.

“I made the right choice bringing Secretary Lee.”

Ah, yes. Of course, you think so. How wonderful.

He was such an easygoing person that he didn’t even notice, knowing he was a picky eater, that he could freely pick what he wanted in front of me. He’d probably enjoy just tasting things since I’d switch it out for him even if he didn’t want to eat it.

Despite doing it all because I wanted to, I was unnecessarily twisted in my judgment. I felt miserable, wondering what I had hoped for alone. I shouldn’t have given it any significance. I was boiling inside.

“Should we try the Chinese restaurant at S Hotel next time? Do you like fiery dishes?”

“…Yes, I’m fine with that.”

Why? Did they also introduce new fiery dishes there?

“But personally, I like Korean food the most.”

“Korean food?”

“Yes. The spread of side dishes on a large tray.”

I pretended like it was nothing, but truthfully, it was a bit of a pointed comment made in a sullen state of mind. I wanted to say that everything you’ve bought so far, including what we had today, was honestly not to my taste, but it felt too childish.

However, I immediately regretted the words I blurted out in a moment of frustration. I worried if I had shown too much irritation and I started to think maybe I’d been too disrespectful, considering he’s my superior. Also, what I said was more of a personal matter than business, and that added to my regret.

“Surprising. Is there a specific reason?”

“Uh, well…”

Fortunately, Jung Yiyeon showed interest in my personal preference without showing any signs of being upset. Honestly, I hadn’t really considered my food preferences much. I just liked anything that tasted good.

I had to come up with a reason quickly for saying that I liked Korean food.

“…After I finished middle school, I went to the U.S. for my studies.”

“Oh, I see. But I remember you attended university here in Korea.”

“Yes. Well… there were family matters, so I had to return home. Since then, I’ve been living away from my parents, so I haven’t had many chances to have Korean food.”

My parents passed away. They were involved in the fruit wholesale business and had an accident while heading to an auction at dawn. I was studying in the U.S. at the time and immediately returned home, leaving everything behind.

I don’t remember how I came back to Korea at that time, or how we arranged the funeral. My brother took care of everything, and I was just in a daze. But life continued without me really feeling my parents’ absence.

My brother urged me to complete my studies in the U.S., but I knew it wasn’t feasible. I didn’t want to burden my brother by taking too much responsibility for me. I transferred to a high school in Korea and prepared for the college entrance exam. While I did enjoy my time in college, looking back, I had worked hard in my own way throughout those moments.

Of course, I never openly shared this with others. Especially the fact that my parents had passed away—I avoided mentioning it whenever possible because I didn’t like the atmosphere becoming awkward. It had been ten years, so it didn’t affect me anymore. I had become numb to it a long time ago.

“Memories from childhood certainly have an impact, don’t they? Same for me.”

Jung Yiyeon, who was listening to my story, said. Although I had mentioned my brother to him before, it seemed to be the first time I heard about Jung Yiyeon’s personal experiences.

“You know about my father not being involved in management, right?”

“Uh… yes.”

“He didn’t get along well with the chairman. That’s why, among the siblings, he was the only one sent away to the provinces. But my father was quite obstinate… They sent him to a provincial factory as a form of reflection, but you know, he refused to comply and left.”

I had heard a similar behind-the-scenes story before. There were rumors about a strained relationship between the chairman and his son, which seemed like a complete disconnect. While there were whispers about it for a brief time, considering Jung Yiyeon’s young age when he took over as a subsidiary company’s CEO, I assumed he had received a proper education and upbringing as a third-generation chaebol. But that was merely my misunderstanding, my bias.

“So, he raised me as a fisherman in a rural area.”

“…A fisherman?”

“A fisherman. While the other siblings were taking management classes and getting involved in the business, he was out there in the field.”

“…And the chairman just allowed that?”

“The relationship was at its worst. When the chairman shouted, ‘You’re not my child,’ my father replied, ‘Fine, then from today onwards, I’m an orphan,’ or so the story goes.”

It was an unbelievable story. The chairman, who dedicated his life to building the Eunha Group and still had an unwavering charisma, was the epitome of iron will. Yet, it seemed even the chairman, who seemed untouchable, couldn’t control everything about his children. Jung Yiyeon’s father’s personality was simply astounding. To think he could stand up to that formidable chairman was astounding.

“…It seems you didn’t inherit your father’s personality, sir.”

“Me? I’m quite like my father.”


“It’s not that common, but sometimes I can be quite stubborn. Luckily, I take after my mother more, so I’m more cautious.”

Jung Yiyeon’s parents. It was truly beyond imagination. Yet, when he talked about his parents, there was nothing but gentleness in his expression, as if it weren’t a bad memory for him.

“Anyway, when I was young, I lived in a fishing village. Then around ten, I first came to Seoul, and the first time I had a hamburger, it was just so delicious.”

“So, you still like it now?”

“I guess so. I never get tired of it and often crave it. But on the other hand, I can’t stand the smell of fish. When I was young, I had no other choice but to bear the fishy smell even though I didn’t like it.”

I suddenly wondered how many people knew about Jung Yiyeon’s personal life. The contrast between the humane side that didn’t match the surface of a capable young businessman who had established himself as a skilled manager might not have been known by many.

Surely, among the previous secretaries who briefly crossed paths with him, none knew these personal details. Even the head of the secretariat probably didn’t. Perhaps even his family or close friends might not be aware.

Only me.

“I was a bit surprised that this secretary noticed my dislike for fish dishes and my fondness for hamburgers. I never thought I would reveal my preferences.”

“…I have a good eye for detail.”

“Thanks to that, my work has become much easier these days.”

This was Jung Yiyeon’s way of expressing gratitude.

Knowing it was an extension of work to grasp the renewed menu of a rival company had softened the sharpness in my heart. Even if there were other reasons mixed in, the gratitude he felt toward me, wanting to treat me to an expensive meal, melted my heart without a trace.

“Let’s go have a traditional Korean meal next time.”

And that was a perfect statement—a hundred points’ worth. Accompanied by a smile worth a hundred points. I nodded with a smile, unable to manage my expression well due to being overwhelmed by too much.

“Shall we head out now?”

“Yes. Thank you for the meal.”

As he looked at me, Jung Yiyeon was also smiling. Even his faint smile seemed to glow, enhancing the beauty of the man. It was then that I realized, it wasn’t the fragrant wine or the delicious food that intoxicated me. It was solely Jung Yiyeon, that man.

Leaving the restaurant, we called a chauffeur and arrived at his apartment. I naturally entered his home with Jung Yiyeon.

His home, which I had visited a few times and had grown accustomed to. As I took off my shoes and stepped inside, Jung Yiyeon wrapped his arm around my waist. As expected, his lips met mine. I welcomed his sweet lips, meeting his gaze. His lips, tender and moist, were sweeter than the dessert wine of the last course. Despite just touching lips, it was more intense and sticky than honey.

Kiss. Kiss. Standing near the entrance for a while, Jung Yiyeon repeatedly made teasing sounds against my lips. That teasing sensation seeped through every corner of my body, heating me and squeezing my heart tightly.

“…Go shower and come to the bedroom.”

At the low whisper in my ear, I silently nodded. But neither Jung I-yeon nor I released our hands from each other’s embrace. And so, we lingered a little longer, exchanging kisses while still standing.

It was well after that when we separately went to our respective bathrooms to shower.

After thoroughly cleaning every nook and cranny and partially drying my hair, I dressed in a gown and entered Jung Yiyeon’s bedroom. Jung Yiyeon, who finished showering earlier than me, was drinking wine.

“Want a glass?”

“No, I’m fine, thank you.”

We had already consumed several glasses of wine during dinner. Despite quite some time passing and the alcohol having its effect, I didn’t feel like drinking more. I wanted to get intoxicated by Jung Yiyeon, not by alcohol.

Taking off my glasses and placing them on the bedside table, I climbed onto the bed. Jung Yiyeon, who had been drinking wine leaning against the headboard, looked at me. Approaching him, I cradled his head in my hands and kissed him.

The taste of tannin, bitter yet lingering, spread across my palate. A wine with an unmatched robustness in aroma and dryness. But it was also sweet. The sweetness came from Jung Yiyeon’s lips.

The plump lips brushed against each other countless times. I traced his soft lips with mine, sucking in his tongue as it slipped into my mouth. Our tongues met, teasing and creating a shivery sensation that sent a shiver down my spine. It was a strange tension, a feeling of anticipation that made my stomach flutter.

While I was kissing him,  Yiyeon put his hand inside my robe and stroked my neck and shoulder. I untied my robe and let it go. His body temperature was hot to the touch. The breath that dispersed between the lips that touched again was also hot.

“Ha …”

I tilted my head and swallowed the tip of the penis that was full in my hand with my lips. I sucked him off, and  Yiyeon’s hand grabbed my hair and pulled it back. I diligently licked and sucked what was growing in volume in my mouth. I couldn’t tell if the sticky liquid on the tip of the tip was precum or my saliva that had accumulated.

Lightly rubbing his testicles with my hands and kissing along the pillars, a languid moan poured out of Yiyeon’s mouth. I kissed him from the root to the tip, then pressed my lips together and sucked his genitals. I filled my mouth with a hard erection and swallowed it down my throat.

“Secretary Lee…”

I lubricated the saliva that had overflowed and moved my head. I spit it out until only a round tip remained in my mouth, then swallowed it up to the root again and tightened it with my throat. So many times, he moved my head and sucked his penis.


As if he was about to ejaculate,  Yiyeon grabbed my hair until it hurt. I spit it out of Yiyeon ‘s genitals and rubbed my cheeks against his wet genitals. When I glanced up at Yiyeon, his face turned red. When our eyes met, Yiyeon released his strength from the hand holding my hair.

“Come up.”

Yiyeon grabbed my arm and pulled me towards me. His voice was a little hoarse. Yiyeon turned my body over, kissing my mouth, even though I had just sucked him off. It was an instant when I laid my back on the bed and laid under him.

“You’re so good, I almost came.”

“Is that so?”

“But it’s too pitiful to end it like that.”

Actually, I didn’t think it was necessary to have penetrative sex every time. But there was no time for me to express my opinion. Yiyeon spread my legs wide and shoved a finger with gel in it.

“Ugh… !”

I twisted my body slightly at the foreign body. Yiyeon kissed the nape of my neck and poked my insides with his finger again. Goosebumps spread along the spine because of the fingers that pressed against the inner wall and went deep inward.


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