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Honestly, I was flustered. Just being inside his house made my heart race, but finding myself on his freshly-slept-in bed was beyond imagination.

And then Jung Yiyeon climbed on top of me.

Despite my bewilderment, Jung Yiyeon’s actions were unrestrained. His long, elegant fingers grasped my tie knot and pulled it loose, and then he deftly unbuttoned my shirt.


The moment his hot hand touched the exposed skin of my chest, I moaned. My mind went blank.

At that moment, I finally understood why he had called me to his house at this ungodly hour.

“Once wasn’t enough yesterday.”

In other words, he had wanted more since yesterday but restrained himself. So he had planned to do it again in the morning as soon as he sent me home.


Before I could even try to stop him, his lips were on mine. The soft, warm flesh invading my mouth was just as hot and sweet as ever. The saliva wetting my dry mouth tasted incredibly sweet.

With something like this in my mouth, it was impossible not to melt. My body went limp, and Jung Yiyeon swiftly pulled off my pants and underwear. My jacket and shirt got crumpled beneath me.


Seizing the brief moment our lips parted, he stripped off his own clothes. Despite my disbelief, I quickly removed my shirt and jacket and threw them off the bed to avoid further damage. I wanted to hang them properly, but of course, there was no time for that.

The mere contact of our naked bodies sparked a thrilling sensation.

“Secretary Lee.”

He called my name in a low voice. With his body pressed tightly between my spread legs, Jung Yiyeon was smiling. His hands explored the insides of my thighs, spreading them wider, making my face flush. I still had my glasses on. Wearing nothing but grey dress socks, my naked body felt utterly exposed.

He reached for a condom, which he held between his teeth, and a bottle of gel in his hand. Sticky liquid dripped onto his hand.


As his slippery fingers invaded and explored me, I couldn’t help but moan. His face, once groggy with sleep, now burned with the same heat as mine, and his gaze bore into me like molten lava. Embarrassed, I bit my lip to stifle the moans, but it was futile.


His fingers, unerringly finding my sensitive spots, made me arch and moan. Overwhelmed by pleasure, I rubbed the back of my head into his bed, which carried his scent.

Jung Yiyeon kissed me, pressing my thighs against my chest. Despite the uncomfortable position, I reached up and wrapped my arms around his neck.

As our lips brushed and his soft tongue parted my lips to delve inside…

He began to enter me.

It felt like coming back to life from the brink of death.

Being pressed under him in such an uncomfortable position was extremely hard. Jung Yiyeon showed no mercy, relentlessly driving me. I learned for the first time that too much pleasure could be painful. Out of breath and dizzy, he stole even my gasping breaths with his kisses. I felt like I might pass out, especially since I was exhausted from lack of sleep.

Yet, somehow, he managed to find every spot that made me feel incredible. His hard member repeatedly entered and exited, causing me to clench around him involuntarily, which only made him thrust harder.

Pinned between his abdomen and mine, my erection was rubbed until it finally released milky fluid. As he buried himself deep inside me and groaned like an animal, the intense morning sex finally came to an end.


Even after he ejaculated, the moment his substantial girth withdrew from me, my body trembled, and a groan escaped my lips. Through blurry vision, I saw Jung Yiyeon smiling faintly as he wiped my stomach with a tissue.

It was honestly embarrassing. I had felt too much because of his relentless thrusting. Showing such a side to anyone felt unfamiliar, especially since that someone was a person I liked but who didn’t like me back. The raw display of my unfiltered pleasure made me feel ashamed.

However, my body’s pain was more immediate than my emotions. Stretching out my body, cramped from being pressed, made my joints ache as if they were broken. My lower region, especially between my legs, throbbed unbearably. The unfamiliar sensation of being unable to close my legs properly made my skin crawl.

“Go wash up first.”

In contrast, Jung Yiyeon sounded cheerful. Blinking through the haze, I saw his face, relaxed and content. He looked utterly refreshed. Even as he discarded the condom and walked lightly into the bathroom, his movements were brisk. I felt heavy and sluggish, like waterlogged cotton.

The post-sex languor and my exhaustion overwhelmed me. Although the pleasure had been great, I was just too tired.

I wanted to sleep right there. I felt like I could pass out any moment.

But I couldn’t fall asleep, knowing that I had to get up, wash, and go to work once he was done. Even though there might be another bathroom, the thought of getting up and washing was daunting. I knew it was better to fight off sleep and get up, but I just wanted to sleep.

If I fell asleep now, I felt like nothing, not even a meteor strike, could wake me up…


The sound of a tongue clicking jolted me when I was on the verge of falling asleep. I hadn’t even realized Jung Yiyeon had finished washing and returned, so I must have dozed off. Struggling to open my eyes and get up, I heard his low voice.

“Go to work in the afternoon.”

The unexpected comment left me bewildered, even in my sleepy state.

No, it’s okay.

I thought I should respond and get up, but my body betrayed me.

The moment he granted permission for me to sleep, drowsiness swallowed me whole. I briefly thought of setting an alarm, but soon everything sank into a deep sleep.

“…Call me.”

I felt like I heard that voice just as I was about to fall asleep in an instant.

Bzzzz- Bzzzz-

There was a sound. Was it the loud fluttering of a large insect’s wings? Just as I was sleeping soundly, my consciousness was suddenly dragged to the surface. Annoyance surged up within me as a result.

But it seemed like a regular vibration was being transmitted to my skin in time with the insect’s fluttering. Was it my imagination?


The moment I realized it wasn’t the sound of an insect but the vibration of my phone, my eyes snapped open, and I was fully awake. Reaching out to the source of the vibration, I grabbed the phone that was indeed vibrating persistently. Without checking who it was, I answered the call.


“Morning call. Aren’t I kind?”

I was genuinely startled by the voice I heard over the phone. Quickly checking the screen, I saw the words “Boss.”

“Bo… Boss?”

“Come to work. I left instructions on a memo.”

Click. He hung up after saying only what was necessary.

I was dumbfounded. When I looked at the screen again, it showed 12:00. And then I was shocked again.

Late. I was completely late!

This was the first time it had ever happened. Despite my chaotic personal life, I had always been diligent at work. I might have taken sick leave if I were ill, but I had never been late before. That’s why I was even more flustered. I was already too panicked to think that since I was late anyway, I might as well take my time.

In my urgent state, I quickly got up. And immediately regretted my hasty action.


How could my body be in so much pain? My butt, waist, and back all ached so badly that I felt like I was going to die. I was also surprised by the heavy, dull pain. I had sex last night, but I didn’t think it was enough to make me feel this much pain…


When I lifted my head, trying to ignore the pain, the unfamiliar scenery made my mind freeze for a moment. I still couldn’t fully grasp the situation.

The ivory-colored silk wallpaper, the bed I was lying on covered in sky-blue sheets. My bed and blankets weren’t this color. No, this wasn’t my room.

Only then did I remember that I had come to my boss’s house in response to his morning call and ended up having intense sex. Afterward, I had fallen asleep like I was knocked out, and I vaguely recalled him telling me to come to work in the afternoon.

“Morning call. Aren’t I kind?”


A dry laugh escaped my lips. And soon, it turned into a chuckle.

Then it became a burst of giggling. Sitting on Jung Yiyeon’s bed, I couldn’t stop laughing. Amidst the absurdity and embarrassment, my heart felt ticklish. I couldn’t hold back the laughter.

My goodness, a morning call. Aren’t I kind? How can someone be this cute? Was he always like this?

I felt my heart melt warmly and gently. The fact that he had kept me up all night and called me to work in the morning, leaving my body in such a miserable state, wasn’t even an issue. I was just touched by the new sides of him I discovered through having sex with him.

Wow, Lee Nan. What if I had kept refusing his proposal to have sex? I would have missed seeing this side of Jung Yiyeon forever.

I felt incredibly proud and satisfied with myself for making such an excellent choice. This was the result. I was now at Jung Yiyeon’s house.

I slept in his bed, breathed in the air filled with his scent, in his house, alone.

This also meant he trusted me immensely. Unless he was a lunatic who always brought partners home.


It was so unbelievable that I couldn’t help but let out a gasp. I was afraid it might be a dream. I even wanted to pinch my cheek to make sure.

But of course, it wasn’t a dream. This was his private space, and I was allowed to be here. He even called to wake me up himself.

I couldn’t wipe the broad smile off my face. I felt like I could understand what it meant to feel like flying. To think I could experience such great joy from something so small.

Waking up in Jung Yiyeon’s bed today, I realized that happiness so overwhelming that it makes your heart ache truly exists.

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