The tale of Hera Vol. 1.1 Chapter 3.1 - Zeus, the King of the Gods

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3. Zeus, the King of the Gods


“Ignorant fools…”

I murmured quietly through clenched teeth.

“Someone who doesn’t know would think that he is the man getting married to Thetis today. Oh my, this pathetic man is the ruler of Olympus…”

It was a blatant lie to say that he would let the woman he loved go without grief. Zeus was still struggling, unable to let go of Thetis, whom he must finally relinquish, despite never before having laid a hand on her. I downed the nectar poured by Hebe in a golden cup.

Amidst this, the shouts and cheers were growing closer. Whether they truly couldn’t perceive anything odd in Zeus’ appearance or were simply caught up in praising his greatness, everyone seemed to be in a frenzy. Obvious flatteries, superficial words. Well, how could those living under the sky ruled by Zeus dare to utter any criticism about his appearance?

The only one who could mock him was me, Hera. Because of Zeus’s philandering, which is well-known both within and outside of Olympus, even if I, the goddess who protects the family, belittle him in public, everyone tacitly lets it go because they think it’s understandable.

Moreover, Zeus also tolerated my impertinence to a certain extent, even though he might frown and show some annoyance.

And so, I am the only one who could see the meaning behind Zeus’ attire, which was overly dressed up for this occasion. Because only I, his wife, am immune to Zeus’s royal charisma and fatal charm, which befits the supreme god.

Amidst the crowd’s cheers, what thoughts could be running through his mind as he waves his hand with a sardonic smile?

Perhaps a firestorm is brewing within him.

The heat will be burning hotter than lava spewed from a volcano, gnawing at his insides.

Due to the trivial prophecy that the son born of Thetis would surpass his father, Zeus found himself unable to embrace the woman he loved with ardor. Instead, she was snatched away by some irrelevant mortal man. Though it was something he brought upon himself, it must have been quite a blow to his ego.

Such humiliation was a first for Zeus in his life.

Therefore, he would not cower in front of the rival who stole Thetis away. Rather, he meticulously adorned himself like the sun, intending to outshine the groom and erase his presence altogether.

When the ceremony begins and the wise centaur Chiron is presiding at the altar, the bride will be completely captivated by Zeus, who is sitting in the front row of the bride’s side of the guest seats, not by the human Peleus, who is standing in front of her.

With that, Zeus hoped that Thetis would keenly realize the irony of her situation: that she had missed out on a dazzling, handsome, and magnificent man under the sky and ended up marrying a significantly lesser mortal man.

Isn’t it rather ironic?

I stopped Hebe from pouring more wine into my cup and left the throne. Zeus, upon reaching the bride and groom, was presenting them with a bull as a gift and sharing marital jests. I approached from behind Zeus.

As Zeus and Peleus were engrossed in conversation, they didn’t notice my presence, but Thetis, who was looking in my direction, gave a slight nod of acknowledgement.

“O mighty Zeus, the one who gathers dark clouds, truly you embody the majestic presence befitting a king.”

When I spoke up, Zeus turned towards me with a surprised expression.

“Hera, I didn’t realize you were here already.”

Although laughter filled Zeus’ face, his voice held a trace of bewilderment.

“I tried not to be late for the celebration. Zeus, have you seen the golden necklace that Aphrodite has gifted to the bride? Doesn’t it complement Thetis’s bridal attire perfectly? What do you think?”

I asked discreetly.

Zeus glanced at Thetis with a sidelong glance. His Adam’s apple seemed to bob up and down. If I hadn’t been beside him, he would have undoubtedly gazed at her as insistently as he wished. However, as I reached out and began to stroke the neck of the pristine white bull he had presented, Zeus turned his head stiffly towards me, as if I held a noose around his own neck, offering a forced smile to evade the looming crisis.

“I see. Indeed, the discerning eye of the goddess of beauty is remarkable. It’s a perfect gift for a bride on such a joyful day.”

Zeus spoke eloquently.

“Hera, I’m curious about what you gave as a wedding gift. Neither Thetis nor Peleus has told me anything yet.”

“Oh, my gift, you mean. It’s a small token of my sincerity for the beautiful bride, Thetis.”

“What kind of token?”

Zeus asked curiously. I looked towards Thetis, hoping she would speak, but the goddess, perhaps feeling overwhelmed by the presence of two esteemed immortals before her, only lowered her delicate eyelids and gazed at the ground.

With no other option, I spoke up.

“I gifted her a sword.”

“A sword?”

Zeus chuckled mockingly.

“Well, that’s certainly a fitting gift for a bride-to-be, Hera.”

“Is that so? Are you going to listen to the whole thing, or would you prefer I stop talking here?”

I wiped the smile off my face and spoke. Zeus followed suit, letting his smile die away, and briefly apologized for his rudeness.

“My mistake. Please continue, Hera. I’m truly curious to know the meaning behind your gift.”

I continued.

“The sword I gave her is the only one of its kind in this world, a weapon that every warrior would covet. So, I explained to Thetis that if she were to bear a daughter, she should sell this sword and use the proceeds as her dowry for marriage.”

“And if… she bears a son?”

Zeus asked in a cold voice. His eyes were no longer smiling.

“And if she bears a son?”

I smiled brightly and met Zeus’ gaze. Even if his gaze felt as icy as frost in midwinter, I didn’t mind, as I couldn’t feel both the warmth and coldness.

“When the time comes for him to wield a sword, I told her to give the sword I’ve given her to her son. That sword will bring him endless victories and glorious honors.”


Zeus’s expression hardened completely. He glared at me with a look that seemed to convey he wanted to tear me apart right then and there.

“Don’t worry, Zeus.”

I said, raising one eyebrow.

“That sword is not sharp enough to pierce the skin of a god, let alone your own, the supreme ruler of Olympus. It would merely cause a slight irritation, nothing more.”


Zeus pronounced my name with a warning tone.

“This is what Hebe gave, isn’t it, Zeus?”

I pointed to the silver himation he was wearing. The color of the fabric matches that of Thetis’ bridal attire, giving an impression that Zeus was wearing it to match her, as if he were the groom of Thetis.

Clad in the garment my daughter had crafted, his efforts to impress Thetis didn’t quite have the desired effect. I let out a nonchalant chuckle and asked him to do me a favor.

“I didn’t realize that the weather in the human world could be so unpredictable in May after being away for a while. The god of the south wind, Notus, must be carrying the dry and cold air from the Sahara, making it quite chilly. Look at this. Can you see the goosebumps on my arm? So, my kind-hearted dear, could you lend me the cloth so I can stay warm?”

“The cloth may be too thin to keep you warm.”

Zeus frowned and spoke with displeasure.

At that moment, Heracles, who had been watching us, seemed to find the right opportunity to join our conversation.

“Please, put on my clothes, respected goddess Hera. Even if I were to be bare, I would not feel the cold!”


I gave a cold look to the unwanted intruder who had interrupted our smooth conversation. Zeus, seemingly pleased to have his predicament averted by his admirable son he had not seen in a while, once again donned a beaming smile on his handsome face.


I called my daughter, sending her a signal as if to suggest how to deal with her immature husband. Hebe, in response, deftly poured the nectar onto the back of Heracles who was about to remove his chiton.

“Oh my.”


Drenched like a rat in the rain, Heracles stumbled forward awkwardly, his clothes clinging to his broad shoulders and his upper body.

“Heracles, I’m sorry. My hand slipped. Ah… we need to take these off quickly before they turn into a shade of wine and wash them.”

With a somewhat apologetic tone, Hebe, holding onto his thick arm, hurriedly led her husband away from Zeus and me.

“What should we do now that the clothes of the hero that was supposed to be taken off for my sake got soaked? Zeus?”

“… Put this on.”

He looked at me as if he found me repugnant, then hesitantly extended one arm. I swiftly grabbed his garment. I tugged with such force that his bent elbow made the sound of a tablecloth being yanked with heavy dishes.

Zeus went through a sequence of expressions. He started with annoyance at having his clothes taken away forcibly by his wife, but quickly returned to an indifferent and serene expression, as if no one was paying attention. However, beneath the surface, his deeper emotions were likely simmering in a complex manner.

“Since the ceremony is about to begin, let’s take our seats. Hera.”

He walked past me and headed towards the front row of the bride’s side, where there were a pair of golden chairs brought from Olympus. Seated on the right golden throne, Zeus looked around the ceremonial hall with a solemn expression. He exchanged greetings with the gods who had arrived punctually, then gestured for those who hadn’t yet taken their seats to do so.

Even though I could have gone to the left, I deliberately chose the right path and walked across in front of Zeus, who was seated on the throne, and reached my seat.

Naturally, the seat next to him was mine.



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