The tale of Hera Vol. 1.1 Chapter 5.1 - Son of Atreus

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5. Son of Atreus


The place I was in was indoors. The first thing I noticed was a large, rounded pillar resembling a pottery vessel, coated with red paint. There were a few more of such pillars, supporting the ceiling. On the flat wall beneath the golden frieze inlaid with riders on horses, there is a large painting. It was probably depicting the appearance of the owner who lived here, but I wasn’t interested enough to look closely.

I approached the door in front of me in the direction I was looking. Strangely, there were two lion statues standing above the door. Intrigued by the lion statues, I walked even closer to the door, crossed my arms, tilted my head, and began to carefully examine them in earnest.

The two lions were sitting facing each other, with their front and hind legs together. Their heads were so close that their noses almost touched, forming a triangular shape. Seeing that they had no manes, they appeared to be lionesses. Suddenly, I thought of the loyal lionesses that pulled my chariot. If I called them, they would understand and come running here in no time. However, they will not be able to pull the chariot because they cannot press the clasp of the leather strap with their front paws. But that’s okay. I can ride on a lion’s back.

Like this, I had firmly decided to refuse Zeus’ competition and return to my golden palace in Olympus to rest comfortably. At that moment, a young voice reached my ears.

“What are you doing here?”

When I turned around, there stood a boy who must have been about eight years old, with curly golden hair that covered his neck, and skin that seemed overly fair. He was holding a toy sword that seemed to be personally crafted, and his bright eyes were fixed on me.


I pointed to myself in disbelief and asked the boy.

“Are you talking about me?”

“That’s right.”

The boy said.

“I haven’t seen your face before. Are you a new palace maid?”

“Palace maid?”

When I asked again, the boy looked puzzled.

“You’re a foreigner? Seems like you’re not very good at our language. I can tell by how you’re repeating what I’m saying.”


“Why are you laughing? Are you laughing at me?”

As I suddenly laughed, the boy’s eyes seemed to shake in surprise.

It wasn’t just the boy who was confused. I was also confused. Can I reveal my identity to this human child who had suddenly appeared without warning? Moreover, there’s something I am curious about. How can this seemingly ordinary human child see me? Is this another trick of Zeus?

The boy said.

“It’s okay if you don’t understand what I’m saying, but you shouldn’t laugh at me. That’s impolite.”

The boy pretended to draw the toy sword from his elbow and menacingly swung the tip of the sword in front of my waist. And just like that, it was clear that the boy’s height had only reached my mid-thigh. Of course, from his perspective, I must have looked like a giant. I placed my hand on my knee and slightly bowed my waist.

“How old are you? Has your height only grown this much until now?”

I said while locking eyes with the boy.

“I am seven years old. But you seem to know our language quite well. So why didn’t you respond when you understood my words earlier? Why?”

“You suddenly appeared from behind, didn’t you? I was surprised, that’s why.”

“Oh… I see.”

As the boy’s misunderstanding cleared up, he softened his expression, let out a small sigh, and apologized.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know you would be startled. I was playing a war game with my older brother, and when I saw someone in front of the door, I thought it was him. So, I approached quietly, trying to suppress my footsteps.”

“Your older brother?”

“Yes. But unnamed palace maid. While I can call my older brother ‘older brother,’ you shouldn’t address him that way. You should address him as ‘His Highness Agamemnon’ or ‘His Highness the Crown Prince.'”

The boy pointed out the issue of titles with a determined attitude. I found it amusing to see the boy, holding a toy sword, trying so hard to behave like an adult in front of me.

“Never mind, there’s something else I’m curious about. Which kingdom’s palace is this?”

“Really? Have you become a palace maid without even knowing that?”

The head of the small figure, which had looked at me with pity, tilted horizontally as it let out a deep sigh.

“I’ll tell you just this once. You have to remember it from now on. This is the palace of My Father, King Atreus, ruling over Mycenae. And since you seem to be new here and don’t even know my name, I’ll tell you. I am Menelaus, the second son of King Atreus. When you see me, just say ‘Your Highness.’ I don’t really like being called ‘Prince’.”


“Are you stupid? I explained it, but you immediately forgot? I told you to say ‘Your Highness.'”

Menelaus looked at me as if I were the most foolish person in the world.

“Hey, you should know who I am when you see me. How can you not know who I am?”

I asked. Menelaus made a puzzled expression as if questioning what I was saying. With my arms crossed and my back straight, I looked down at the child and asked like this:

“The people of Argos consider Hera their protector goddess. Doesn’t Mycenae also have a temple for Hera? Moreover, as a prince, you must have participated in the annual event where offerings are made to Hera. And yet, why do you not recognize who I am when you see me?”

Menelaus looked puzzled.

“Why should I recognize you…? Ah, so you’re not a palace maid, but a priestess of Hera?”

“No, I am Hera.”

“You are Hera…?”

Menelaus fixed his toy sword with a serious expression, then lightly poked my lower abdomen with the tip of the sword.

“Seriously! Don’t play games with a Mycenaean prince. I’ll let it slide this time without punishing you, but if it were my brother Agamemnon, you would have been dragged away by his soldiers and whipped. Do you realize how serious it is to impersonate a goddess in Mycenae?”


I sighed, rubbing my throbbing head. Just then, footsteps echoed from outside—a heavy, robust man walking confidently and deliberately. Hearing that, Menelaus slightly bent his knees and lowered himself, motioning for me to be quiet by putting a finger to his lips.

“Menelaus! Who are you talking to? I heard your voice clearly. So, don’t hide and come out.”

He was right next to us. A deep, resonating male voice resounded from a room beyond the door.

“It’s all because of you. It’s only a matter of time before Agamemnon finds me.”

Menelaus spoke, gritting his teeth.

“Are you going to be in trouble if you get caught?”

Menelaus looked at me as if asking why I even needed to inquire.

“Of course.”

Menelaus’ complexion darkened significantly, sensing the impending defeat.

“Agamemnon is much taller and stronger than me, so there’s no chance if I were to confront him. In just a second, he would effortlessly lift me like a pebble and hang me in the air. That’s why I was planning to approach from behind and catch him off guard. But because of you, it all went wrong. You’re about the same height as him, and your hair color is the same, so naturally, I thought you were him…”


I gently wiped away the tears forming beneath Menelaus’ silky eyelashes, as if they were soft feathers, and I covered his lips and swiftly lifted the lightweight body of the child. I hid us both behind the red pillar that I had previously scoped out. It was a close call as a burly man entered, barely squeezing through the narrow gap between the doors.

“Menelaus! Where are you hiding? Come out quickly. I’m getting tired of this.”


Hmm. I’m certain I heard a noise coming from here. Where on earth has my little brother hidden himself?”

The apprehensive man, after thoroughly scanning the room out of suspicion and not finding Menelaus, scratched his head and exited through the same door he had entered, grumbling. Now outside, he began to call Menelaus’ name in a gruff voice. As his voice faded into the distance, I released the hand that had covered the child’s mouth.

Menelaus wrenched his shoulders free from my grip, distancing himself from me, and then stopped six paces away. He clenched his fists and fixed me with a dark expression.

“You… Did you help me out of pity?”



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