Chapter 0 - Prologue

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Author: lipzoldyck


Today, I act as a heroine too.


“Let’s do our best today as well!”


When I greeted him with a broad smile, the main character of this world smiled coolly and stroked my hair.




Stroke my hair a little bit.


Although swearing rose to the top of my neck, I tried to hold it in and blushed shyly.




It’s basic to pretend to be pure and arrogant while inflating the cheeks.


When I pretended to be shy, my classmates watching from the side exclaimed in unison, Oh~.


While trying to keep a smile on my face, I took a quick glance at the male lead’s smiling face.


Do you like that? You like that?


I’m disgusted.


But the concept I came up with is a megadere sunshine character. The type of heroine who unconditionally pours affection towards that main character.


So today, too, I’m pretending to be in love with this ‘main character of the male-oriented modern-fantasy’ who is stroking my head without permission.


“Good job.”


“Ah, geez. Yuhan too. I’m embarrassed!”


…I want to die. Really.


Well, what can I do. I have to do it to make a living.


That’s why I’m energized today. Because it’s payout day!


With a pounding heart, I looked at the main character who was hanging around beside me.


Eventually, when the practical class was over.


“Can you give me your account number?”


The main character asked for my account number as if he had been waiting. As soon as I heard those words, I felt my heart race.


The time has finally come when the cost of my labor turns into a bank account balance.


“Yeah. Here!”


After I gave my account number to the main character, a notification came in shortly after. The deposit amount is 1 billion.


1 billion in return for playing with him for a while is a complete surplus, isn’t it?


With this, our orphanage can avoid the deficit. The orphanage younger siblings can also do what they want to do.


When I thought about it, I naturally had a big smile.


…Why do I live like this, you ask?


Do you know that? There’s no answer to poverty.




What kind of life do you think you would live if you were possessed or reincarnated?


The life of a princess who is spoiled by her father, the emperor, in the imperial family?


A life of dating after pre marriage under the guise of a contract marriage with a wonderful northern duke?


A life of being an object of obsession of a villain who is dangerous to others but kind to me?


Unfortunately, the odds of living such a wonderful life converge to zero.


The reality was heartless. Just like my life right now.


[Sister, if we don’t spare more, I think it won’t be enough for Kangyoo’s medicine.]

[Don’t worry. This teacher will somehow…! No-no-no! This isn’t an organ trade poster!]


A small orphanage that narrowly avoids a deficit every month. The eldest sister of the orphans living there.


That was the life I was given in this life.


[Don’t worry about the medicine cost. Because I got a bonus this time. And Teacher, I told you not to do organ trade.]


A life in which no answer can be found no matter how hard one struggles. I had to somehow escape from this life with no more answers than in my previous life.


At that time, I had an opportunity to get close to the main character of the world of ‘male-oriented modern-fantasy’ that I reincarnated to.


So Iㅡ


[Hello, Yuhan!]


ㅡseize that opportunity and decide to enter the ‘harem’ of the main character in this “male-oriented modern-fantasy” world.


Because, if you become a heroine, you can receive various benefits from the male lead!


Besides, that’s not the only benefit I can get from being a heroine.


< Reply



F*ck at this point isn’t the female lead definitely Kang Nahyun?


    > ㅇㅇ

      I agree



 The fact that Kang Nahyun is the female lead is regular in the Academy



Don’t get excited;;


    > ㅇㅇ

       Yes, the next loser please


[Current meta point: 10030]


The more important and popular character I become in the world of this novel.


The more passionate readers of this novel give me their support in the comments.


I mean, it gives me more system points.


[List of items that can be purchased with meta point]


[Physical Strength Status 1 Level UP]


[Speed Status 1 Level UP]


[Stamina Status 1 Level UP]


[Magic Status 1 Level UP]




[Magic Gun Mystilain]








I won’t bother to tell you what a great benefit it is to become stronger in this world on the brink of destruction.


So the longer I stay next to the male lead, the better it is for me.


Even though it’s so painful to play the ignorant sunshine character, I’ll definitely survive in this Academy while sucking the spine of the main character!


With that in mind, I continued to act as if I was a kind, affectionate heroine.


But after that…


“You… really seem to be a fool.”


“Are you worried of me? Thanks.”


“…So, I’ll protect you from now on.”


“I owe Nahyun, and it doesn’t look bad, so I’ll believe you.”


“Alright. Let’s die together! Then Nahyun is mine forever, right?”


The heroines clung to me instead of the male lead.


Besides, even the master who has to lead these heroines and form a harem,


“I like you, Nahyun.”


He’s doing this to me.


Hey, this brat. The world is going to collapse soon, so we have to stop it first, but you won’t come to your senses?


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  1. I’ve kept up with this novel for q few weeks and…I can’t stop laughing after I came back to re-read this. OG MC’s sister, even as of like chapter fourteen ir fifteen, has shown so much adoration for MC…One has already been captured as best friend material….Eventually going to fall for MC…Hahahahaaa!