Chapter 1 - How to Create a Character (1)

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Author: lipzoldyck


I’m a reincarnator.


When I opened my eyes, I was reincarnated in a modern-fantasy novel that I used to read for boredom.


Fortunately, I remembered the contents of the novel roughly.


<Academy’s F-Class Commander>.


It was a common male-oriented modern-fantasy where the male lead who possessed the villain in the novel defeated the villain at the Academy and created a harem.


It’s a common male-oriented modern-fantasy, but how do I remember it, you ask? I read this novel because it was recommended by a friend.


Harem is a landmine, yet I put my hand on it because it was so recommended, and after reading it, I threw it in the middle.


Fortunately, my needlessly good memory left me with quite a bit of information. Thanks, old friend.


However, until I grew up to 16 years old, there was no point in recalling the story of the novel. For I reincarnated, but at most, I became an orphan at a young age.


Because there was nothing an orphan with no special ability could do just by knowing the future. In the end, I was just busy eating and living without having time to pay attention to the information I learned in my previous life.


And when I was 16.


I received a notice that I had the qualifications of an ‘awakener’ in the national ability aptitude test.


I won the so-called ‘awakening lottery’!


My anticipation rose, wondering if my life, which had been all about hardships, would finally bloom in full bloom.


On that day, the orphanage I belonged to was literally in a festive mood.


[My goodness, to think that our Nahyun is an awakener!]

[Sister, then are you making a lot of money now?]


Anyway, I proceeded with awakening in anticipation of a life reversal, but…


[Congratulations! You have awakened as a ‘sniper’!]




– Name : Kang Nahyun


– Job : Sniper


– Level : 1


– Physical Strength : F


– Speed : E


– Stamina : D


– Magic : E


– Mana Attribute : None



[Possessed Skills]


– Passive : Clairvoyant


– Passive : 100-Shoots-100-Hits


– Active : Magic Bullet


To think that even if I awakened, I awakened with a position that requires networking and money!


A sniper is a job that can only be used properly with a golden spoon, which requires a lot of money to get the right weapon and a network to pass on the right experience.


I stared at the system window floating in the air.


If a person is reincarnated in a book, shouldn’t they suck more honey rather than in their previous life? Isn’t that the point? Huh?


“The documents related to awakening are over there. All awakeners are obliged to submit basic personal information.”


The civil servant who glanced at me stuttering indifferently recited the basics.


“You will be contacted in a few days for information on admission to the Awakener Academy, and admission to the Academy is an obligation of the awakener, so please submit your admission documents within the period.”




It was fortunate that the awakened academy’s tuition was fully covered by a scholarship.



Having finished all my work, I trudged down the street.


Well… Okay.


I don’t think being reincarnated means that you will definitely receive main character compensation.


Still, human psychology is that reincarnated beings are special in their own way, but when you find out that you’re special, kinda…


Can’t I just kinda expect that there’s something special for me in this world?


I didn’t even want something that big.


I just hoped that there would be a way to somehow help our orphanage, which is on the verge of finances.


This world is a world that is collapsing due to gates.


A world far less moral and ethical than in my previous life.


In such a world, an orphanage is a hellish place within hell.


It isn’t uncommon for orphanages to sell their children to make money. It also happens that daycare teachers often beat children to vent their anger.


The orphanage I was in was originally like that.


Until the orphanage was overturned and the current teacher became the director.


I quietly looked up at the sky.


A teacher who raised me without giving up in extreme situations. Younger siblings who always supported me.


And the finances of the orphanage, which has recently been in more crisis.


I’m not bold enough to ask the teacher to draw more money. I can’t be fooling around anymore.


If I woke up with decent abilities, I would try to invest in companies that will be good in the future after collecting seed money while working as a talented person, though…


The amount of money that this talented person can collect is less than expected. If there isn’t a big difference from the money I can earn by doing part-time work, I have almost no merit as an awakener.


Besides, I have to earn my own money to invest in myself.


You need money to make money, yet you don’t have any money. It’s a damned reality.


Then, suddenly, a loud sound rang in my ears and I raised my head.


A program related to the awakener was appearing on the large electronic display board.


[It’s already January! The Guardian Academy admission season is back! So, of course, you need to find out here, right? Ranking of prospective freshmen! Who will be the new dream heroes who will protect the citizens!]


A loud MC brings out familiar names.


The names of promising prospective hunters came out, and the names of the main characters in the original novel were called.


[“Of course we can’t leave out this person! The most prestigious of the prestigious, the talented girl of the Na family! Na Yuri!”]


Then, a flash passed through my mind.


Wait, come to think of it, I’m the classmate of this novel’s main character, right?


Guardian Academy.


The only awakened academy in Korea and the most famous awakened academy in the world.


It’s the main background of <Academy’s F-Class Commander>. I mean, a lot of accidents happen too.


And I’m going to enter that school soon as an awakener.


That means I can finally use the knowledge of the original story!


I rolled my mind.


Laws of the Modern-Fantasy Novel number one is that when an incident occurs, the main character solves it and receives a reward in return.


Laws of the Modern-Fantasy Novel number two, the main character invests in their colleagues, raises them, and eats them.


In other words, if you look at the big flow, the main character and their colleagues walk on the flower road!


If the world still feels like shit because I don’t have any special abilities and I haven’t received any main character compensation.


All I have to do is get on the main character’s flower path!


I can get investment from the main character!


Pride? That kind of thing died before the age of 10. You can be a loyal dog for as much as you want.


Risk factors? Doesn’t matter. I need money enough for me to be willing to take risks!


Thinking of my rabbit-like younger siblings and puppy-like teacher to support, I finally made up my mind.


Yes, let’s get on the main character’s bus!




As soon as I got back to my room, I opened my notebook.


In order to get on the main character’s bus, it’s necessary to have a good understanding of the main character and their surroundings.


Usually, the main characters of the modern-fantasy are divided into two categories.


First, the calm one, who works hard on what they have to do in silence.


Second, the scammer,  who earnestly seeks only profit.


There are cases of fusion of these two categories and there are exceptions, but if we divide the major types broadly, it’s like that.


The novel I reincarnated in, <Academy’s F-Class Commander> is a story of a ‘scammer’ type main character possessed as a villain extra in a game, in which a ‘calm’ type main character plays.


The approximate content of this novel, which claims to be the so-called ‘villain academy possession’, is as follows.


The main character of the game… I’ll call him Calmy for now.


The main character possessed a villain extra, who was defeated by Calmy in the beginning of the game… I’ll call him Scammer first.


Scammer knows all the information about this game because he was a game geek before possessing the character.


In addition, he even acquires a fraudulent skill called ‘Insight Eye’, which allows him to see everyone’s status.


So, Scammer uses various information and insight skills to gulp various treasures hidden in the game world, that is, ‘hidden piece’, to grow colleagues and increase their power.


At the same time, he helps Calmy’s work, and sometimes replaces him, defeats villains, and sets up a harem.


I threw it in the middle of reading it, so I don’t know how it ended.


First of all, I wrote ‘scammer’, ‘insight’, and ‘colleague’ in a notebook.


The noteworthy point is this.


That this scammer invests lavishly only in his colleagues.


To some extent, in the original game, there was even a time when he invested in an extra character who was supposed to be expelled and raised this character as a name.


Afterwards, this character becomes one of the heroines, but it’s only treated as a sub-heroine, and then their part disappears.


That’s why I’m going to take this investment and aim to take the position of… extra colleague instead of extra heroine, which isn’t great.


I remember Scammer’s initial spec as an all-F, lower than mine. Speaking in the novel, he was the weakest in the Academy.


My specs are pretty low right now, so I’ll probably get the lowest grade like Scammer… which is class F.


So, after befriending Scammer in the same class, I get what he invests in his colleagues.


Afterwards, after quietly changing to the golden connection around Scammer, I’ll naturally fade out! from the center of the narrative.


Anyway, since my level of specs will only be usable in the beginning anyway, it will be easy for me to get away from it naturally.


Nice. It’s perfect.


The only problem is that I don’t know how to approach the hot-blooded male students like Scammer in a friendly way.


Because the only men in my life were our cute orphanage siblings.


What kind of character should I show as an advantage to appeal to charm him…?


Tsundere? It’s already in the novel.


Kuudere? This already exists.


Yandere? As expected, it’s there too. And it’s hard for me.


Sunshine character?


Um, hmmm…


I don’t think there’s any of them, though…?


But sunshine-like… I mean, if I want to pull off a very friendly heroine character..


First of all, I have to show a lot of love to the main character.


Can I do that?


I remembered the guy’s tail from the novel and calmly tried to cross the word ‘sunshine’.


But then, I heard someone knocking on the door.


“Sister, what are you doing? Can I come in?”


It was the voice of Kanghoon, one of my cute younger siblings.


“Ah, yeah! Come in!”


At my words, he suddenly entered the room.


“What were you doing?”


“I’m making plans for the future of our orphanage.”


He, who heard this, was silent for a moment, and then spoke.






“Don’t sacrifice too much for us.”


Hearing that, I looked up at my younger sibling.


“…Now that you’re an awakener, you can live comfortably as long as you’re alone.”


It seems that Kanghoon was worried that I would overdo it.


“Don’t care about us anymoreㅡ”


I smiled lightly.


“Kanghoon, all the orphanage children are my family.”




I remember his face, which was always full of scars when he was very, very young.


If our orphanage collapses due to lack of finance and everyone scatters to other orphanages, the scars on my younger siblings’ faces will happen again.


My dear brothers and sisters will be hurt again. I can’t stand it at all.


“The family I love is in danger, how can I not care?”


That’s why I’m going to defend our orphanage by any means.


“And it was nothing! I won’t be able to work part-time for a while, so I wonder if the orphanage’s finances will be okay.”


“…That’s right. What about next month…? If finances really become negative…”


I smiled pleasantly at my younger brother who was tearing his hair out, and I promised myself that.


“Ah, but what should I do to get a guy to like me?”


“…A guy?”




At my words, he paused for a moment, then asked again.


“A guy?”




Why is he doing this?


The moment I thought so, my younger sibling ran out of the room and shouted loudly.


“Teacher! It looks like Sister Nahyun has a guy she likes!”


“Hey! It’s not like that! Hey!”


In an instant like that, my dating (?) situation was exposed.


“Sister’s romance!”


“Sister’s lover!”


“So spring has come to our Nahyun?”


For a while, I had to be a hot potato in the orphanage.


The warm gaze I felt every time I borrowed a dating book for studying was painful.


That’s not it, I told you it’s not!




Time passed quickly,


“…Only this one? Really? Ah…”


After anguish, I had a hard time deciding which character to play.


The day of the entrance ceremony was approaching.


Kang Nahyun

First Year

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  1. So interesting, thank you for translating this story for us! Also, this is my first time doing this since I’ve always seen it as a bit rude, but I just wanted to suggest an edit to help with understanding the novel a bit more, purely from a place of wanting to help a little 🙂

    – instead of “Wait, come to think of it, I’m the main character of this novel’s classmate, right?” It should probably be –> “Wait, come to think of it, I’m the classmate of this novel’s main character, right?” This just helps make it clear that she’s not possessing either the OG OG MC within the novel inside the story shes possessing or the OG MC in the novel that she read.

    1. hello, thank you so much for your suggestion! i just realized after rereading it that it did feel weird (and i’ve changed it too). feel free to suggest a better wording when you have any!

      1. I’m glad it helped, thank you so much for bringing such an interesting story!

  2. Actually, slight error in her name. It is Nahyeon, not Nahyun according to that badge.
    Badge: 나혠 = Nahyeon
    Nahyun: 나휸