Chapter 12 - How to Manage Your Connection (2)

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Author: lipzoldyck


First, I speak as if I want to deny reality.


Because the ‘me’ I’m playing really likes Scammer.


“…Your comment could be seen as a lie to keep Yuhan in check.”


“I know. I can’t provide any evidence right now…”


Na Yuri, bit her lip in exasperation.


“Still, Yuri, I can’t see you lying.”


Nevertheless, I don’t deny Na Yuri.


Because Na Yuri was too earnest and spoke with too much sincerity for me to deny everything she said.




“If you have examined my surroundings, you would know that I have seen many people who want something so badly that they would die for it.”


I smiled sadly as if I couldn’t help it.


“The look in those people’s eyes is so similar to yours that I can’t call you a liar…”


Their faces are a mix of confusion and sadness at having their faith overturned.


Nevertheless, ‘I’ don’t want to give up my faith in people.


For the sake of someone who readily helps people… Blergh. For the sake of Scammer, who willingly gave me a gun, ‘I’ am trying to have faith for the last time.


“But still, I want to trust Yuhan.”






I firmly stopped Na Yuri from speaking. I continued like I have made up my mind about something with a slightly more determined expression.


“Won’t Yuri watch over us?”




“Mmhm. I still lack experience, so even if Yuhan is really that kind of person, I might not be able to notice. But Yuri is so smart and strong that you took second place during the entrance exam, right?”


The innocent ‘me’ gently smiles like sunlight.


It may be self-praise, but it’s the smile of a truly clean and pure person. A place without any clouds that anyone would want to protect.


“So, if Yuhan really hasn’t changed, if he’s still as bad as before, Yuri should scold Yuhan a lot on my behalf.”


And then her clear eyes meet mine. Through the eyes of someone who has already decided on a path.


“But if Yuhan has really changed, apologize to him sincerely. Please tell him you’re sorry. I will be with you then.”


How is it?


A foolish, naive, trusting child who confidently makes foolish deals.


I don’t think Na Yuri, who is upright, would refuse.


Because I know best how powerfully innocent affection and faith can shake a person.


“You… are really like a fool.”


“Is that so?”


“Foolish, innocent, strange…”


Na Yuri, who had been sobbing for a while, quickly nodded her head vigorously.


“Alright, I will protect Miss Nahyun and make Na Yuhan pay for his sins!”


When she lowered her head and raised it again, she looked refreshed even though it was more swollen than before.


“I’m a person who never makes the same mistake twice. Please leave it to me!”


“Yeah. Please take care of me!”


The two girls smile brightly together. It must have been quite a painting when viewed from a distance.


It seems like I solved it somehow. I internally sighed with relief.


Feel free to blame Scammer who couldn’t do anything even though he was eavesdropping from somewhere.


Give me the bonus, you scammer bastard.


“Then give me your number first, Miss Nahyun!”


“Mmhm! Ah, we decided to train together with Siwoo today, would you like to join us, Yuri?”


“Of course! People like Na Yuhan need to be constantly monitored.”


Na Yuri looked somewhat excited as she exchanged numbers with me.


“I will visit you every hour, so please tell me everything that happened with Na Yuhan!”




“You should eat lunch with me!”




“And make sure to spend time with me on the weekends! You must not meet Na Yuhan!”


“…? Yeah!”


“Besides, if you have any concerns or want to say something, please contact me anytime! No, you have to contact me! That way I can better understand the situation!”




She seems so excited, though.


Now that I think about it, Na Yuri’s phone book, which I briefly saw when exchanging numbers, was empty.


…Do you have no friends?


I swallowed the words that almost came out for a moment.


…In the end, with a bit of pity, I decided to accept her unreasonable request. The more I listened to her, the sadder it became as it seemed to be a list of things she wanted to do when she had friends rather than for the purpose of surveillance.


Anyway, Na Yuri’s request parade ended only when the bell rang.


“Then I can wait at the main entrance of the main building after school, right? See you later!”


“Mmhm! See you later!”


Although I quickly headed to class, in the end, I heard a noise for being late.


Scammer was also nagged as if he didn’t come in on time. Fortunately, he came in before me.


“Yuhan, what happened to you that you’re late?”


“…I took quite a long time… in the bathroom.”


You’re at a loss for excuses, you idiot.


I turned my attention to the board, deciding that I would give Scammer some yogurt as a gift later.


I pretended not to hear the faintly heard words, “Thanks.”





[You have acquired a ‘Story Fragment’!]


…What is this again?


I pretended to concentrate in class and then turned on the meta system.


The points had increased considerably.


[Current meta point: 800]


[ > Meta Point Shop]


[ > View Appearance Part]


[ > View Reader Reaction]


…Perhaps because the previous development was so shocking, the increase is quite large. My goodness.


No. Not this. This isn’t what I’m curious about right now.



[You have acquired a ‘Story Fragment’!]


This message just popped up…


[Current Story Fragment: 1]


This is a new item.


I tapped the item. Then the system window began to respond.


[The system update to play ‘Story Fragment’ begins.]

[There is insufficient information about ??? Update is not possible. Please obtain information about ??? for updates.]


[Searching for other ways to use…]

[Search complete.]

[‘Story Fragment’ is absorbed into the ‘appearance part’.]

[You can check ‘Story Fragment’ to a limited extent through the ‘appearance part’.]


And the item [Current Story Fragment: 1] suddenly disappeared.


What the hell is that?


I looked at the system window blankly and decided to just see what was there. I heard it’s in the appearance part. I can check it there.


I need to check the appearance part and reader reaction carefully.


[Episode 9 Appearance Part]


I skipped the first part of episode 9 lightly because it was about looking at weapons and talking about skills.


I only appeared as a backdrop to the confrontation. Anyway, that game and setting fanatic jerk. He talks filthily a lot.



Kang Nahyun kept looking back at the gun I was holding, as if she didn’t even try to hide her excited expression.


Even if she didn’t see it that way, I was planning on giving it to her as soon as she signed the contract. It’s yours, you know.


The content of the contract was simple.


First, if you go to a dungeon with Na Yuhan, don’t reveal that you’re going to that dungeon to anyone other than Na Yuhan’s party members.


Second, don’t reveal Na Yuhan’s skills.


Third, all by-products obtained from conquering dungeons with Na Yuhan belong to Na Yuhan.


This contract was a special product created by skill. It’s a rare item that exists only a few even within the awakened society.


It wasn’t easy to break because a penalty was imposed on the contractor in case of violation.


Therefore, anyone who knew the identity of the contract would have wondered whether to sign it or not, but Kang Nahyun, who didn’t know this because she was a government-supported awakener, tilted her head and stamped the contract.


I grinned. It’s a big deal.


Now that we’re in the same boat, I guess I can give her some information.


“The place we’re going to is a fixed dungeon within the Academy.”


“Dungeon? At the Academy?”


“To be exact, I should say it’s scheduled to occur today…?”


“It occurs today? How can you know that?”


“I have a special skill.”


“Amazing… A commander also has that skill…!”


Kang Nahyun looked at me respectfully with sparkling eyes. This is a bit embarrassing.


“But if a dungeon is created, shouldn’t you report it?”


“We will attack the dungeon without reporting.”


“Attack? We?”


Kang Nahyun’s shocked sight added, gasp.


“It’s not dangerous.”


“Dungeons are always dangerous!”


Um, no. It really won’t be dangerous. Because I plan to use a trick.


I can’t explain this.


And I scratched my head over Kang Nahyun, who had a mysterious sense of duty, saying, “If you don’t come to your senses…!”


< Comment



Oh, finally conquering the hidden piece! What kind of trick is he using?



Even if the skills have the same name, the details are different, so it’s difficult to distinguish it by skill.



Kang Nahyun QT



F*cking holding onto Nahyun’s stocks


     > ㅇㅇ

        F*cking holding on22


     > ㅇㅇ

        It’s definitely Kang Nahyun’s strong point. I wonder when another heroine will come out, author.


I’m always thankful. I will live full of effort.


I expressed my gratitude to the positive readers who contributed to my points.


Perhaps because I overcame the crisis well, my points increased significantly. As expected of me.


I didn’t bother to stop the corners of my lips from rising.


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