Chapter 13 - How to Manage Your Connection (3)

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Author: lipzoldyck


[Episode 10 Appearance Part]


The content of episode 10… it was that.


Na Yuhan’s legend karma of shock and horror.


I roughly scrolled through the scenes where Na Yuri continued her explanation and the scene where Scammer was shocked.


My ability in that part was limited to just accepting what was said. Who cares about the shock Scammer received?


What is important is the scene where I appear. That’s also an impressive scene.


After being frozen for a while, I suddenly came to my senses after hearing Kang Nahyun’s words.


“…Your comment could be seen as a lie to keep Yuhan in check.”


“I know. I can’t provide any evidence right now…”


Is she still defending me after hearing those words?


“Still, Yuri, I can’t see you lying.”


It was confusing.


“If you have examined my surroundings, you would know that I have seen many people who want something so badly that they would die for it.”


That seems to be the same for Kang Nahyun, whose face is a mix of confusion and sadness.


“The look in those people’s eyes is so similar to yours that I can’t call you a liar…”




“But still, I want to trust Yuhan.”


She declared that she would trust me.


…I feel like something heavy has been placed on my heart.






With her fists clenched, Kang Nahyun shouted as if she were declaring with all her might.


“Won’t Yuri watch over us?”




“Mmhm. I still lack experience, so even if Yuhan is really that kind of person, I might not be able to notice. But Yuri is so smart and strong that you took second place during the entrance exam, right?”


With a bright smile like a fool.


“So, if Yuhan really hasn’t changed, if he’s still as bad as before, Yuri should scold Yuhan a lot on my behalf.”


…A stupid, naive, and really easy-to-use extra character.


That thought hasn’t changed even now.


“But if Yuhan has really changed, apologize to him sincerely. Please tell him you’re sorry. I will be with you then.”


“You… are really like a fool.”


“Is that so?”


Is it because it’s a game world? Otherwise, there is no way such a person could exist.


“Foolish, innocent, strange…”


For the first time, I sympathized with Na Yuri’s words. This girl is too easy to get scammed.


I’m not sure, but if she has a difficult environment, shouldn’t she grow up learning to be more wary of others? You set it up wrong, production crews.


“Alright, I will protect Miss Nahyun and make Na Yuhan pay for his sins! I’m a person who never makes the same mistake twice. Please leave it to me!”


“Yeah. Please take care of me!”


Still, I have benefited from it, so should I thank her?


No, it would be better to thank Kang Nahyun for being alive.


I looked at the leaves being blown away by the wind, the light shining through them, and the girls smiling among them from afar.


A beautiful moment.


Right. This world is so beautiful, unlike the reality I was in.


As I was watching Kang Nahyun and Na Yuri chatting, the bell rang.


Gosh, if I arrive later than Kang Nahyun, I might be suspected of following behind. Ill have to hurry.


I put on the wind boots I bought at the weapon shop and quickly ran out. Still, I was late, so I had to listen to what the teacher said.


I turn my head when I see Kang Nahyun sitting next to me. I spoke very softly, like a whisper.




For believing in the current me.


For seeing me as the current me.


[Story Fragment]


The cat ears on her head moved lightly.


“Hmm~ I overheard something private. What should I do?”


Contrary to her words that sounded like she was in trouble, the corners of her lips were turned up, with her extra teeth sticking out.


She wagged her tail lazily as if she was contemplating something.


“After listening to it, something reminds me of what happened with Hana last year. What conclusions do those kids come to?”


She hummed and muttered, hng.


“Great, let’s go closer and watch!”


She hummed and suddenly disappeared from the spot, riding the wind.


Well, I guess there wasn’t only one person eavesdropping.


Looking at the description of the appearance part I just saw, I think she’s one of the heroines in the novel. Probably the heroine who can control the wind.


Her name is Choi Soojung.


She’s a half-blooded beastwoman with cat ears and a tail.


She was originally supposed to be interested in Scammer after the midterm exams, yet the plot got twisted.


It’s an elusive character, so I can’t predict how her interest in Scammer will affect me at this point.


If Choi Soojung approaches us later on, let’s discuss this again.


The comments consisted of screams at this loyalist situation and praise for the angelic me who nevertheless believed in Scammer.


And also, out of curiosity, about the new heroine (presumed).


< Comment



What kind of life did Na Yuhan this j*rk really live before being possessed?



The karma is too strong;;;



Wow legendary bastard


      > ㅇㅇ

        Fr commander’s calling is accepted. He just swishes people.



Crazy guy… … Crazy guy… … Crazy guy… …



New heroine? Heroine? Heroine? Heroine?



Nekomimi heroine? Ah haha I should stock up on this.



Academy genre is all about harems.



Isn’t there any idiot who didn’t buy Kang Nahyun’s stock?


      > ㅇㅇ

         You have to have stocks to buy, you crazy idiot. Kang Nahyun is one-tool right now f*ck


      > ㅇㅇ

        She just appeared yk she has to do something for one to buy stocks or not f*ck



I buy Na Yuri stocks


      > ㅇㅇ

         Siblings hey


      > ㅇㅇ

         Siblings gtfo


      > ㅇㅇ

         Na Yuri’s stock will hit the jackpot someday.


      > ㅇㅇ

         Are you saying that even after seeing this episode? What a bunch of j*rks…



Even after hearing that story, she still believes in the main character? Oho~ this is love.


      > ㅇㅇ




Kang Nahyun! Kang Nahyun! Kang Nahyun!


It seemed that the rapid rise in meta points was due to the impact left in this episode and the heroine’s aspect. My heart suddenly became warm.


I’m always thankful. I will reward you with greater growth.


I think there are a lot of people who buy my stock, but that’s because I’m the only heroine that appears and appeals right now.


When other heroines appear in earnest, this unattractive heroine will quickly become unpopular.


From then on, I can gradually erase my presence naturally.


Since the pipe connection with Na Yuri was successful, let’s prepare to quickly build friendships with Na Yuri and Park Siwoo before new heroines appear.


Is it a blessing in disguise? After overcoming a difficult task, everything seemed to turn out well.


That’s certainly what I thought, until Na Yuri came to visit me, a little tattered, at the next break.


Why are there so many ups and downs in my life?



When I saw Na Yuri dressed somewhat disheveled, unlike usual, I couldn’t help but ask.


“…Yuri, what happened?”


“That cat jerk… No, no. It’s nothing.”


Aha, it looks like Choi Soojung touched Na Yuri just now.


As depicted in the novel, she was the type of person who rushed at whatever interested her.


Maybe she ran straight to Na Yuri and asked about this and that? She swayed all the while riding the wind with her unique ability.


If this happens, Choi Soojung will approach me faster than I thought.


Even though I knew it wasn’t a big deal, I gave her a worried look, as if I was thinking of Na Yuri.


“…Alright.. Please tell me if there is anything I can help you with, yeah? We’re friends, you know.”


“F-Friends… Of course!”


Na Yuri smiled brightly, as if she was never annoyed. There seems to be a glow around her.


Yeah. Are you happy? If you like it, I like it too, well.


“SisterㅡI’m also curious why. Are you not planning on saying something to me?”


In the middle of the day, Scammer who couldn’t see me and Yuri chatting amicably put an iron plate on his face and aggroed her.


This kid is also amazing. Even after hearing about the situation earlier, he mustered up the courage to talk to her calmly.


“Something to say to you? There is no such thing. Why don’t you drop out?”


I laughed out loud at Na Yuri’s extremely cold response.


Still, where is that fire-like anger. It seems like what I said to Na Yuri earlier had an effect. Give me the bonus, Scammer.


“Don’t be too mean to Yuhan, hm? You decided to watch, right?”


“That’s true, but…”


“Did you two promise something? You get along well.”


“Keep your mouth shut!”


Scammer, why do you keep being so rude? Are you hungry for attention? It’s strange, I took great care of him during the class earlier.


Scammer, who was trying to join in on the conversation, seemed to have become embarrassed as Yuri continued to treat him coldly, so he turned the conversation towards me.


“Ah, Kang Nahyun. You didn’t forget that we were going to the training center today, right?”


I intentionally didn’t talk about the training center. I thought it would be better to do it when everyone is together. It’s nice of him to talk to me first.


“Ah, yes. Of course! But Yuhan, about that…”


“I decided to go together too. That’s how it is, so don’t think about making a fuss.”


“You? With me? Training together?”


“No, I’m protecting Miss Nahyun and training with her.”


Na Yuri hugged me tightly.


…You’re too strong, Yuri.


Unable to bring out my true feelings, I watched the heated battle of nerves between the two.




“But Siwoo decided to join us too. Did you tell Siwoo too?”


“Park Siwoo?”


Na Yuri hugged me tighter and glared at Scammer.


“You’ve already approached Park Siwoo. As expected, I have to surveil…”


“Wow, you’re saying you’re going to do surveillance right in people’s faces.”


Scammer, who was looking at me and Na Yuri in bewilderment, shrugged his shoulders. It looked really unlucky. Indeed, aggro max level pace.


“Do whatever you want. Because I’m not agitated. You will understand when you see it.”


I guess so. Because you aren’t Na Yuhan before the possession.


If Na Yuri keeps watching him, she will eventually realize that. So will the relationship between the two become better than the original story?


I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing


After repeating the pattern of having a good conversation with Na Yuri and her fighting with Scammer, who was occasionally trying to talk to her, the break came to an end.


“Yuri, I think you should go now.”


“Shit… See you after school.”


Until then, if you touch Miss Nahyun, just see!


With those words, Na Yuri went back, glaring at Scammer until the end.


I’m not aware that Scammer was following me. So, I tried to tell Scammer indirectly about the conversation I had with Na Yuri earlier and give him some information.


It’s really hard to cover my eyes and play innocent…


“Mm, Yuhan.”




“I heard you did something bad before.”




“But, even if what Yuri said is true, I still believe in Yuhan, who is kind to everyone now…”


I hesitated and appeared to be choosing my words carefully so as not to hurt Scammer. I wiggled my fingers and lowered my head.


It’s a tear-jerking acting technique that has always been effective when used when you’re scolded by a teacher.


“So I asked Yuri to see how Yuhan has changed.”


“That’s all?”


‘I’ nodded my head with a dark complexion, not even noticing that a bit of guilt for lying had leaked onto my face.




Scammer, who was staring at me for a while, chuckled.


The sight of him clumsily clasping behind his head while making an, ahh, sound was, of course, truly sucks.


Still, it looks like he decided to let it go.


“I, gosh, really thought my younger sister was interested in her older brother, but that wasn’t the case.”


“Well, I think Yuri has always been interested in Yuhan!”


“The problem is it’s a negative one.”




To think that I said, “Uuu”, although it was just an exclamation I uttered, it really gave me goosebumps. No, our youngest one Nana (7 years old), doesn’t babble like this either. How smart she is. She speaks clearly and well.


Anyway, Scammer glanced at me creating a gloomy mood at his words, and roughly stroked my head.


“Why, why?”


Although the sudden pat on the head made the wind almost cause a cataclysm with a loud curse, I barely held it in.


“Because it’s cute.”




This is truly bullshit flirting. I hope he doesn’t behave like this to other heroines. Else he will get slapped.


“Yuhan, gosh…”


I played the role of an embarrassed heroine, covering my flushed face with my palms.


Then, feeling ashamed of myself, I stared at the empty blackboard and prayed in my heart.


Teacher, please give me the patience not to beat the crap out of Scammer.



The painful time passed and it was after school.


As if Na Yuri had delivered news to Calmy, Na Yuri and Calmy were waiting together at the central entrance.






Calmy silently raised his hand then waved, and Na Yuri…


“We meet again, Miss Nahyun! There is trash next to you, so I think it would be a good idea to throw it away.”


…was as usual.


Scammer, who had become accustomed to Na Yuri’s criticism, naturally ignored her and stuck next to me, and Na Yu-ri also stuck next to me as if to keep him in check.


Calmy walked next to Na Yuri, who was in the same class.


Then silence.


Silence, silence.


The endlessly quiet time continued. I was in a cold sweat. How did three kids with no conversation skills get together like this?


In the end, I took my gun and spoke up.


To be exact, I tried to take it.


“Nyahaha! Everyone is here!”


That is, until Choi Soojung suddenly appeared.



Choi Soojung

First Year


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