Chapter 16 - How to Manage Your Connection (6)

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Author: lipzoldyck


As I was rolling around, clutching my depleted mana, night had already fallen. The training ended around that time.


“Are you sure it’s fine?”


“I don’t know why my little sister doesn’t trust me like this.”


“You want me to trust you?”


Scammer said he would go back to the F-class dormitory together with me, and since Na Yuri can never trust him, she insisted that she would take me there herself, causing an uproar.


But fortunately, he was able to overcome the crisis by making an excuse that the curfew was too tight to go to the F-class dormitory and then to the D-class dormitory.


Scammer and Choi Soojung continued to quietly and secretly discuss the matter together.


I noticed it earlier, but as expected, he was trying to get Choi Soojung involved in this gate attack.


He probably discovered Choi Soojung’s secret and managed to survive. Even though he’s rotten, he’s still the main character. I just wanted to respect his trading skills.


For your information, I didn’t see the conversation between the two after that. Perhaps because I didn’t appear in any parts, I didn’t have an appearance part either. It’s a shame.


Anyway, Scammer and I safely separated from the three and moved to the F-class dormitory.


“Choi Soojung will join us in attacking the gate today.”


“What? Soojung too? Is it going to be okay?”


I expected it. She must have signed a contract herself.


“Yeah. She signed a contract earlier… Because she’s not someone who should be a burden.”


“That’s right. Will the burden be me, I wonder…”


I made myself look depressed because of my continued inadequacies in training.


“Can I really help you with your strategy?”


Scammer raised the corners of his lips and smiled, as if he thought I was cute. You like that?


“Don’t worry. Rather, you’re the key.”


“What? Won’t we fail, then?”


“I told you not to worry. Trust me.”


Scammer stroked my head, again!


What’s with this bastard stroking my head… Do you really think it can be a command? I think it’s an angry command.




However, I roughly portrayed the role of a ‘heroine who isn’t confident in herself but believes in Scammer.’


There’s still a little left, so let’s cheer up… Whew.


We returned to the dormitory just in time for curfew, having a (painful for me) conversation.


I flopped down on the bed.


First of all, it would be a good idea to check the current situation and strategy before going on an attack.


Meta system! Come out!


[Meta system]


[Current meta point: 950]


[ > Meta Point Shop]


[ > View Appearance Part]


[ > View Reader Reaction]


The points had just increased further. Let’s start with the appearance part and reader reaction.


[Episode 11 Appearance Part]


The beginning of episode 11 was mostly about Na Yuri and Scammer bickering, and me standing in between them.


There wasn’t much to see, but I could understand why Scammer was starving for attention.


I came to a cold conclusion after seeing Na Yuri holding Kang Nahyun tightly and looking at me warily.


As expected, Na Yuri’s ill feelings toward Na Yuhan are truly not a joke.


Even though she made a promise to Kang Nahyun, it seems like she’s just suppressing her temper and has no intention of becoming friends with me.


Now that things are like this, it would be better to go the ugly route. Because Na Yuhan’s karma was karma, it seemed difficult to target the normal route.



Is that why you touched Na Yuri like that?


And the second half of episode 11 was filled with the conversation on the way to the training ground, that is, the heroine fight.



While feeling suspicious of Choi Soojung’s clingy attitude and accepting it appropriately, Kang Nahyun spoke carefully.


“Excuse me, wouldn’t Yuhan feel burdened if you did that too much?”


“Let them stick together and go by ourselves, Miss Nahyun and Sir Siwoo.”


“But still…”


Kang Nahyun kept glancing at this spot as if she was worried about it. Um, is it because she feels like she’s losing her partner?


I didn’t know that she would trust me and follow me so much that she would be so jealous, though. I’m sure it’s not a romantic feeling. Is this the so-called imprinting effect?


I was convinced as I remembered Kang Nahyun following me like a chick.


“Hoo? Hooooo?”


However, Choi Soojung hugged my arm tightly as if showing off. It’s troublesome. She clung to me and flicked her tail as if provoking.




Kang Nahyun looked as if she was about to cry, not knowing what to do.



F*ck. No, I can’t swear.


But, Teacher, this was force majeure. I prayed for forgiveness from Teacher in my heart.


I couldn’t bear to read the rest of the chapter any further and looked at the readers’ reactions.


< Comment



The battle of wits from the very beginning is no joke hahaha but Kang Nahyun seems to be a bit behind.


     > ㅇㅇ

        Isn’t there any sucker who would take out Kang Nahyun’s coin after knowing this kind of bullshit?


     > ㅇㅇ

        Mmhm~ That Nahyun-Coin is shooting down~



The new heroine character is strong. I liked it.



Ah, as expected, the heroine fight is the most popcorn scene haha please just keep going like this, author hahaha



I buy Yuri X Nahyun stock. Yuri-Nahyun is the best


     > ㅇㅇ

         What else is wrong with this j*rk



Is this another harem?



The main character is insensitive hahaha she likes you hahaha and follows you, but you can’t sense the romantic feelings hahahaha


     > ㅇㅇ

        Ah, the default for harem protagonists is insensitivity.



Academy harem is the truth


     > ㅇㅇ

        I’m tired of harem stories now;; haha, how is it that academy genres often have the same content in harem? Self-replicating?


     > ㅇㅇ

        Harem? How about girls love? Yuri-Nahyun is shooting up


     > ㅇㅇ

        Girls love screw off


The shares were being divided more stable than expected. This could be considered ideal.


But associating Na Yuri with me… What? Should I be happy…?


Let’s see the next part.


[Episode 12 Appearance Part]


The content of episode 12 was the content of the training and returning home, which I read about in the appearance part earlier.


Since I saw everything during training, I decided to take a quick look at only the part when we returned home.


…As I was having a good time alone ♡ with Scammer, I was able to get over the amount of cute acts.


Guys, I’m doing my best.



I notified Kang Nahyun of the new party member.


There is no problem. The contract process was completed properly.


When I explained that point, Kang Nahyun understood…


“…Will the burden be me, I wonder…”


She was pretty depressed. It seems that the continuous depletion of mana during training was fatal.


“What? Won’t we fail, then?”


“I told you not to worry. Trust me.”


When I lightly stroked her head, Kang Na-hyun seemed to be worried, but then nodded her head.




Her cheeks were slightly red.


Does she really like being patted?


I don’t like it. Scammer, every time you pat me, I think about pulling out your hand hair.


The comments in episode 12 were pretty shit.


< Comment



Little sister, are you jealous? Little sister, are you jealous? Little sister, are you jealous? Yuhan-Yuri is shooting up


     > ㅇㅇ

       Get rid of the siblings ship


     > ㅇㅇ

       Yuhan-Yuri? Can’t you see Yuri-Nahyun?


     > ㅇㅇ

       What else is wrong with this j*rk this is dizzying fr…



The main character of the original game keeps breaking the flow when things get interesting;;; Annoying


     > ㅇㅇ

       Fr why do you need a male character? Cut it out quickly, author



Oh Kang Nahyun seems talented too


     > ㅇㅇ

       It’s a cliché hahaha discovering talented extras.


     > ㅇㅇ

       In the first place, academy genres are all cliches lol



She likes it because you pat her, you idiot lmao



Nahyun is now a total main character addict hahaha


     > ㅇㅇ

        Usually, this kind of kid gets pushed out to sub later on, so I’m a bit worried…


I’m looking to get pushed out as a sub. Please take care of me.


I’m becoming Scammer’s favorite, you say? It’s hell. I once again made up my mind to resolutely step down as a sub.


To do that, I need to plan more carefully.


Although it was a coincidence, another heroine appeared earlier than expected.


With Na Yuri joining the cast, it can be seen that the number of major characters that will attract readers’ attention has increased.


In this situation, I also needed to have one more appealing element other than just being a ‘megadere extra’.


Coincidentally, Scammer said something about me that raised my expectations by saying that I was the type of person with a long-term investment and that a diamond in the rough, so I thought I’d give some points in that direction.


Looking at the comments, readers are also hoping that Kang Nahyun’s hidden talents will bloom.


It’s been a while since I visited the meta point shop.


[Meta Point Shop]


* Buy a variety of special items with meta points!


* The point price changes depending on the probability of the story and the difficulty of acquisition.


[Story Twist – ? point]






[Physical Strength Status Level 1 UP – 20 points]


[Speed Status Level 1 UP – 70 points]


[Stamina Status Level 1 UP – 140 points]


[Magic Status Level 1 UP – 70 points]


[100-Shoots-100-Hits Level Up – 20 points]


[Clairvoyant Level Up – 20 points]


[Magic Bullet Level Up – 20 points]


If I clear the gate after a while, I will be able to level up without any discomfort.


At that time, the meta points obtained so far will only be transferred to two places: ‘Magic’ and ‘Magic Bullet’. Oh, it’s not as much as magic, but I’ll put a little bit into stamina and speed as well.


(disclaimer: i put mana as the amount of magic power so it’s similar lah)


My current position is a sniper who sits from a distance and continuously shoots.


The most urgent thing right now is mana. I need mana to catch more monsters and follow the training pace of other characters.


Additionally, I need to have high speed to hunt more monsters faster, and I need to have stamina to stay in the same spot for a long time.


If I have all of these things, I can establish myself as a gem worth polishing to some extent, rather than as a throwaway party member with vague specifications.


Right. What I’m trying to do is to speed up the time when the talent of a character with a long-time investment, called a sniper, will blossom.


So, my position is completely confirmed as ‘an extra character who has outstanding talent as a main character, but for some reason wasn’t discovered.’


At first, I didn’t know what direction to grow in when leveling up, so I decided to stick around Scammer only in the beginning and then disappear.


However, it’s different if I can adjust the stats as I want with meta points. It’s possible to stick with them for a longer period of time.


If so, it would be beneficial to stick around for as long as possible and suck the main character before falling!


I ambitiously clenched my fists and made a decision.


So, can I just wait until the appointment time and then leave? I looked around the meta point shop, fiddling with the homemade gun that Scammer had bought for me.


Now that I think about it, what function is this?


I clicked on the suspicious [Story Twist] with a ‘?’ written in the price field.


[Story Twist]


* You can change the contents of the novel to whatever you please.


* Points consumed vary depending on the probability of the content.


[_(Please enter the content)]


[? point]




I can change the content of the novel itself?


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