Chapter 2 - How to Create a Character (2)

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Author: lipzoldyck


“Sister, you need this!”


“Sister, you need this too!”


“No, it’s okay…”


As I was packing, my younger siblings brought all sorts of junk and tried to squeeze it. It seemed like they thought of me, but I carefully rejected my younger siblings’ cute feelings.


“I will make a lot of money.”


I stroked the head of Kanghoon, who was seeing me off in front of a group of children and smiled.


“Don’t overdo it.”





I arrived at the entrance of Guardian Academy after leaving behind the warm send-off of the orphanage family.


Built like a huge island in the middle of the city, the Guardian Academy had an outer moat surrounding the large site.


There were large drawbridges in the east, west, south, and north, connecting the inside and outside so that people could come in and out, and many were doing so, perhaps because it was the day of the entrance ceremony.


As instructed, I went to the reception desk at the east gate entrance. There, I was  provided with a device similar to a tablet.


Soon after, a message appeared on the device.


[Kang Nahyun: Class F]


That’s it for this spec. Not surprising.


“The bus to the auditorium is leaving!”


In this vast academy grounds, transportation was also done by shuttle bus.


Various landscapes passed by through the bus window. Training center, dormitory building, a park, downtown area where shops gathered, and so on.


Equipped with all kinds of amenities, it was the Academy’s consideration for students to focus on improving their skills while living only within the Academy without having to go out.


The children looked outside and exclaimed or quietly lit up their eyes whenever a new place appeared.


I was amazed at the scenery exactly like the description in the novel, but then I looked down at the device and checked the dormitory and other precautions.


There was nothing particularly notable.


If there’s one problem, it’s that there is a school curfew rule. 10 o’clock at night.


…I think that in the original novel, the main character and his friends went out in the middle of the night, though?


No, if you care, you lose. Let’s not care.



When we arrived, the auditorium was crowded with people.


As soon as we lined up at the signboard that said class F, the entrance ceremony started right away as if we had arrived just in time.


Maybe it’s because I’m in class F, so the people around me kept glancing at me and whispering.


It’s like a dirty, skill-oriented academy. Just you wait. I’ll go up soon.


The boring rites of passage that are usually associated with entrance ceremonies have passed. The sermons of numerous outsiders passed, followed by the principal’s instruction.


A woman in her early to mid 20s at most, with impressive long wavy hair and mature aura.


Although she looks young, she is actually a sexy older sister-type heroine who is set up to be older. For example, ‘If you’re interested, would you like to spend the night with me? Fufu, it’s a joke.’


I lamented the rubbishness of this novel in which even the principal was a heroine, and I also listened to the sermons with one ear.


Time passed, and the time for the highlight part, the new student oath, finally arrived.


Is the one who does the freshmen oath Calmy, I mean, the main character of the game?


“Freshmen oath, Park Siwoo. As a student of this school…”


Come to think of it, I think there was a scene where Scammer chanted a line like ‘I will live, this world!’ while watching Calmy take the freshmen oath.


“I will live, this world…!”


Ah, this was it. It’s just the voice I was imagining.




Looking to the side, I saw a black-haired, cat-like young man clenching his fists tightly with a serious expression on his face.


Is this guy Scammer?


…The glances and whispers weren’t because we were in Class F, but because of this disreputable main character sitting next to me. As expected of a (used-to-be) villain character. His reputation is pretty bad.


Still… I can’t miss this opportunity. Operation ‘Sunshine’, execution.


Make eye contact with Scammer. I smiled wide as he looked at me calmly.


“Hey, hello!”


“Huh? Uh, hello.”




The character I decided on was ‘sunshine character’.


Like a harem novel, there are so many characters with different attributes, so this was the only option left. Dammit.


Scammer smiled broadly and replied in a bewildered manner as if he were bewildered by my appearance.


“What is your name? My name is Kang Nahyun!”


“You… don’t know me?”


“Huh? Who are you? Are you famous?”


‘Na Yuhan’ before Scammer possessed him, that is, Na Yuhan, the villain extra in the game, was famous in the awakened society. He’s seen as a ragged bastard representing awakened society.


Affairs? Basic. Violence? Essential. Drinking? Of course.


In a sense, should I say that he’s a kind of celebrity?


Occasionally, he appears on the news, yet strangely, his real name is always not mentioned and it’s treated as an ‘unknown’.


This is because the Na family is a prestigious family that wields tremendous power in the awakened society.


Of course, just looking at the Internet news comments, one can tell who he is, pretending to be innocent, but if you’re far from Internet news, then it’s a different thing.


In other words, civilians who weren’t interested in awakened society might not know Na Yuhan!


“…No. I’m Na Yuhan.”


“So you’re Yuhan. Please take good care of me!”


In this operation, ‘I’ am a dull and naive child from an orphanage who knows nothing about ‘Na Yuhan’. A ‘good to use’ child who tries to trust the other person first even if she hears bad rumors.


I smiled happily and shyly, as if I really didn’t know anything.


“I mean, I’m a government-supported awakener. That’s why it’s a bit awkward because I don’t know anyone.”


‘My’ background’ is naturally shed. It’s an appeal called, so maybe I don’t know much about you!


Scammer nodded as if he understood my words.


There are two types of awakeners in this world.


Awakeners from the ‘awakened society’ formed by those prestigious families wielding power after the entire family became awakeners, using the genetic traits of awakening.


And ‘government-supported awakeners’ who have been supported by the government to awaken those with qualities that often appear during private investigations.


“That’s why I’m worried about whether I can keep up with the Academy’s progress. Does Yuhan know a lot of people here?”


“Roughly, I’m from an awakener family.”


“I see! Amazing! Do you know how to deal with your ability? I don’t know anything!”


“…I’m not sure?”


Scammer smiled sullenly.


You know it very well. You brat fan of this original game.


This otaku kid is very proud of the original knowledge in the novel. Even I, who read it lightly, couldn’t forget it.


But now, isn’t that knowledge going to be of great help to me? I’m more than happy for him to know more about the game, the world.


“Ey, tell me please!”


I purposely put my hands together in a cute way (yuck) and looked up at him.


…If I’m going to eat rice cakes from this guy, I’ll have to get used to this. Tears come out.


I played an affable government-supported awakener who wants to depend on anyone.


Awakeners from awakened society generally show superior aspects in terms of ability control and information utilization compared to government-supported awakeners. It’s because they have been living in the awakened society since they were young.


In this Guardian Academy, which is based on skill and supports in order of skill, government-supported awakeners are, of course, often eliminated.


It’s not uncommon for government-supported awakeners to cling to awakeners from the awakened society they’re acquainted with in order to get out of such a swamp. In some cases, this vulnerability is exploited to create subordinates.


Even in the worst case, my actions now would be regarded as such a clinging. I won’t be suspected of intentionally approaching this guy.


“I’ll be moving.”


“Ah, let’s go!”


Just in time, the entrance ceremony was over and it was time to move to class.


As I hurried my steps, my conversation with Na Yuhan naturally cut off.


He doesn’t seem to have much interest in me now. He must be busy thinking of strategies for how to survive in the Academy in the future.


It’s fine though.


‘Because unlike awakeners from the awakened society who view scammers with extreme prejudice, the value of government-supported awakeners who are less prejudiced won’t disappear.’


The people who should be used as a stepping stone for Scammer to be active in the early stages of lacking specs are obviously the latter.


And among the government-supported awakeners, I’m a one-dealer type who can pay for a meal with a little support.


In addition, the operation that Scammer conducts to find the hidden piece in the first place can be carried out easily only with my skills.


Without me, Scammer would have to struggle alone with his poor specs. If that’s the case, it’s better for him to hire me and let me shoot.


If only I can appeal to that point, I will be able to join the main character’s party in the beginning.


Still, if it’s possible, I’d better increase my personal network, and make myself look more useful to Scammer.


“I want to make a lot of friends~”


With a face full of excitement, I started talking to government-supported awakeners like myself.


It was easy to tell them apart. Since most of Class F are government-supported awakeners, I just need to select children who have anticipation and tension for the new society.


Like when talking to the orphanage children, I chimed in well, so everyone quickly approached me in a friendly way.


The topic of conversation started with something that everyone could relate to, such as ‘the thrill of the first day of school,’ and flowed to a safe conclusion that we should all work hard together in the future.


“Let’s work hard together!”


“Cheer up!”


“F-class escape!”


“Ah, come to think of it, I heard some tips for school life, so I’ll share them.”


The atmosphere seemed good, and the group of freshmen surrounding me quickly grew.


Still, it’s the first day of school for the children who are full of dreams of winning the lottery called awakening. As we fanned hope, everyone chatted happily.


Soon after, the students arrived at the classroom and sat down again with the people they had become friends with.


I sat casually with the group I had just gathered and invited Scammer, who was catching up.


“Yuhan! Let’s sit together!”


Then, the expressions on the faces of some of the children were shaken.


Na Yuhan

First Year

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  1. Ooo, this is so interesting! I hope there’s a part in this story where she breaks the sunshine character in front of the OG MC and shocks the heck out of him ☺️

    1. Hahaha yeah, I’m such a sucker for that trope. That moment when the happy-go-lucky character shows that they actually have many worries? Seen it so many times, but fall for it every time. ε-(´∀` )

  2. He’s good looking! I do like a villain’s style.

    I love this concept for a transmigration.