Chapter 20 - How to Manage Your Connection (10)

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Author: lipzoldyck


After finishing our business in the reward room, we went outside through the real exit behind the altar in the reward room.


Surprisingly, the exit was directly connected to the outside of the gate.


When I came outside, it was time for the sun to raise its head.


Still, I should go to the dorm and sleep for a few hours. I made my decision, remembering Teacher’s words who told me that sleep is important.


“Today’s target is now over.”


“Thank you for your effort. See you next time.”


As Scammer casually said goodbye, Choi Soojung snorted.


“Junior, I guess you erased your memory of deliberately provoking me earlier? Do you think you’ll still be able to survive safely?”


Choi Soojung smiled brightly and condensed the wind again.


“So I can kill my junior right now~?”


At those words, Scammer smiled calmly and said.


“I know you won’t kill me. More than anything, I have one more thing to deal with you.”


Then he approached Choi Soojung and whispered something.


Then her expression immediately hardened.


What on earth were you talking about?


“How much do you know?”


“I know more than you think, Senior.”


I pretended to be fidgety and listened quietly.


However, there was no significant income. As the story seemed to deepen, Scammer even used an item to block the sound. He’s needlessly thorough.


I clicked my tongue inwardly. It’s even more disappointing because it’s not related to me, so I don’t think I’ll be able to see it as an appearance part.


A little while later, the story seemed to be coming to an end and Scammer retrieved the item. The two of them finish their conversation and come towards me.


“Are you going to accept it?”




Choi Soojung glared at Scammer crookedly and then smiled brightly.


“It was filthy when we met, let’s never run into each other again~”


“I will report the dungeon. Let’s meet again.”


“Screw away.”


Choi Soojung and Scammer ended their conversation amicably(?).


After finishing the conversation with him, Choi Soojung came flying to me.


“Ah, Senior! Can I call you like before at that school?”


“You can call me whatever you want~”




“Rather, give me your number.”




It’s surprising. Contrary to appearances, Choi Soojung is the type of person who doesn’t make friends or interact easily with people.


Still, since I had nothing to lose, we quickly exchanged numbers.


Meanwhile, the number of contacts saved on Choi Soojung’s device was still greater than Na Yu-ri’s, which made me feel somewhat sad. Yuri…


After watching a spy movie about sneaking back to the F-class dormitory with a conman, I lay down on the bed.


Perhaps because it was such a tiring day, I quickly felt drowsy.


My eyes quickly closed.




In a dark room, a woman hidden behind a red veil lowered her tobacco pipe and laughed.


“How dare you, little brat, say that you can solve my biggest problem?”


“Yes. I can tell ‘Gemini’ apart.”


A conversation in a dark room.


At that time, I was really desperate.


So, I searched and traced my memories of my past life, clinging to the ‘Black Libra’ even though it was an imperfect memory. I asked to make a deal.


“What are the conditions?”


“I’m issuing citizenship to the teacher at the orphanage where I live and all the children belonging to the orphanage and moving them to a safe zone.”


So much so that I decided that if I didn’t succeed, I would just die there.


Fortunately, the gamble was successful.


“I see you have some change left, tell me one more wish.”




The most desperate, most successful,


“Please make sure that the teacher and all the children at my orphanage never get involved with criminal groups.”


A turning point in my life that became the foundation for my life.


That was just those few minutes.


“Good. But you’re an exception. Because souls from the other world always bring storms.”


Those words still make me feel uncomfortable, they’re stuck tightly in my head and rarely go.




The alarm rang.




Maybe it was because I remembered the past when I was catching and killing the monsters at the gate, but I ended up having another nightmare.


Dealing with ‘Black Libra’.


It was an inevitable choice to move my precious orphanage family to a safe place.


Thanks to the deal with the Black Libra, we were able to move to a safe place, so it was a good thing.


However, when I think of this memory, I am reluctant because a series of unpleasant memories come with me like sweet potatoes (frustrating).


This is all because of Scammer. I cursed at Scammer one more time for no reason.


Let’s get ready for school.



I went to school in a calm mood from the morning, and there was a lot of commotion at school.


I woke up later than usual and arrived late to get a little more sleep, and it seems that rumors about Scammer and the gate have spread.


Every time I walked down the hallway, I heard whispering.


“That one?”


“She looks stupid, though?”


“A government-supported awakener belonging to Class F.”


“She was lucky.”


I can hear it all, these things.


I guess the rumor about the static gate that Scammer and I cleared has already spread.


However, when students go to the gate, it’s now just a barren grassland with nothing, so there is no need to worry.


It was a total carnage last night. When I thought about the hard work I had just a few hours ago, I felt like I was getting muscle pain that shouldn’t have been there.


I walked quickly and headed to class F.


And as soon as the door opened, a huge cheer was heard.


“Hope for government-supported awakeners!”


“One of class F’s double stars!”


“Yuhan, your partner is here!”


The children in class F cheered as if they were more excited and pretended to roll out a red carpet in front of me.




“What’s wrong, Miss Nahyun?”


“Are you thirsty, Miss Nahyun?”


“Please explain the story, Nahyeon!”


“What story… There is no such thing.”




I shook my head, cooled my feverish face for no reason, and went to sit down next to Scammer.


Scammer arrived first and was grinning as if he was thoroughly enjoying the compliments.


Is it good? The corners of your lips don’t lower. Unlucky.


“I reported the gate.”


“I see…”


“Normally, going out at night is a penalty point, but this time, based on our clearing achievement, they’ll make it invalid.”


“That’s a relief!”


I praised him while heaving a sigh of relief.

“You did a great job, Yuhan!”


“Oh, and I have something to settle separatelyㅡ”


At that time, the classroom door slammed open violently.


Ah, I think this has happened before.


“Na Yuhan, you piece of trash! Come out now!”




“I’m here.”


Scammer waved his hand leisurely. Na Yuri took long strides towards this direction.


“What’s the matter? Were you impressed by this Brother’s hidden skillsㅡcough!”


And she hit a straight shot at Scammer’s solar plexus.


He flew through the air splendidly, like an extra in an action movie being beaten by the main character. It was truly an unrealistic scene…


“How dare you, in the middle of the night! Forcibly! Dragged Nahyun into a gate?”


“No, it wasn’t forcedㅡ”


“Shut up!”


Na Yuri’s shoe stamped on Scammer’s solar plexus again. Well done, our Yuri.


I wanted to enjoy the scene of the beating while chewing popcorn, but sadly, I was the huwaaaa sunshine character heroine.


“Uh, Yuri…”


When I called out carefully, Na Yuri trampled on the impostor once more and quickly came over to me, grabbing my face with both hands. Then she looked around and spouted out her words quickly.


“Are there any injuries? That unscrupulous person didn’t put his hand on you, did he? Ah, if I had known this would happen, I should have let you sleep in my dorm…!”


“There are no injuries. Yuhan was kind. And sleeping in someone else’s dormitory is against school rules. Rather…”


Before I got scolded, I intentionally possessed myself as a depressed puppy who knew her mistake.


“I’m sorry for not telling you sooner. I signed a contract with Yuhan before I made a promise with you…”


“No. The person who cheated is bad.”


Na Yuri hugged me tightly.


It seemed as if she had just learned how to control her strength, and I felt warm in her arms.


Yuri genuinely cared about me and treated me kindly, so when I looked at her like that, I felt like a part of my heart sank for no reason.


“So, you signed a contract? Didn’t that contract have a subtle golden glow?”


“Mmhm. How did you know? It was so pretty!”


“…I see.”


Contracts processed with the original skill have a golden color. Yuri probably concluded that Scammer had tricked me into using a special contract.


Na Yuri walked quickly to Scammer, who was still lying face down, and stepped on his solar plexus once again.




“How can he never change like this…”


Those eyes coldly looking down at Scammer seemed like they were looking at irredeemable waste.


Still, why didn’t she use my skills and hit him like before? Hasn’t their relationship also made some progress?


“I thought something had changed, yet this time it was just for the purpose of taking advantage. Na Yuhan, you’re still the same. Let go! of Miss Nahyun!”


…It isn’t it?


I felt like Yuri was really going to isolate me from Scammer, so I decided to shield Scammer bastard a little.


“No, Yuri. Yuhan just encouraged me to clear the gate. It could be dangerous to leave the gate as is, so I decided to join in.”




Na Yuri, who had been preaching with a worried look on her face, pointed to Scammer and told me not to even talk to that bastard, before returning to her classroom when the ball rang.


Only then did Scammer shake off his tattered school uniform and sit down. There are footprints left on his shirt.


My class teacher tends to be about 5 minutes late even after the morning bell rings, so there is still time.


“Ahem… Anyway, speaking of settlement of dungeon by-products,”


“Is this the classroom where we are proud of o-ur double star!”


It wasn’t.


The homeroom teacher seemed to be quite excited and ran in with pounding steps.


Then he went on to explain how difficult it was for a freshman to clear the gate. Occasionally, he even actively sought consent from students.


In the end, Scammer, completely exhausted by the homeroom teacher’s last blow, spoke slyly.


“…Let’s continue talking next time.”


“I think that would be good…”


I smiled, trying to calm my blushing cheeks in the face of my homeroom teacher’s blatant praise.


Still, it didn’t feel too bad.


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