Chapter 22 - How to Manage Your Character (12)

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Author: lipzoldyck


A noisy day passed like that.


After the morning class, lunch time had passed when Choi Soojung suddenly came out while we were eating with Na Yuri and shamelessly took the seat next to us.


Theory classes were held in the afternoon.


Most of the children in class F were dozing off, probably because the morning classes were tiring.


It’s truly a peaceful sight.


As the novel unfolds, it’s hard to believe that great hardships will befall us in the future.


<Academy’s F-Class Commander> is basically a story about preventing the destruction of the world.


Scammer, who possessed a villainous extra in the game, uses his vast knowledge of the game to run around and around to prevent an impending world destruction event, the so-called ‘Flood of Disaster’.


So, according to the development of the novel, it should be seen that the destruction event called ‘Flood of Disaster’ will inevitably occur in the near future.


Originally, I planned to stick to Scammer in the beginning and then separate to prepare for the Flood of Disaster, but things changed when the meta system appeared.


By using the meta system, I can increase my usefulness and stay by the main character’s side for quite a long time.


In that case, it would be more advantageous to use the story I remember as much as possible, so I decided to stick with him until the middle of the story. That’s why I decided to hold off on taking independent action for the time being.


But no matter which direction I choose, there is one character I must meet.




Oracle is a character who first appears about halfway through the novel. He claims that he is the creator of the game played by Scammer.


He was also the one who brought Scammer’s spirit from the other world for a specific purpose.


I suspect that maybe Oracle brought me here too. I’ll have to meet him to find out the details…


Anyway, the important thing is that the Oracle was an important support character in the novel, providing information to Scammer and helping him in many ways. He served to give direction to the conman on what to do. Should I say he’s a kind of guide?


Because it felt very suspicious, there were quite a few readers who thought, ‘Isn’t someone behind this guy’s back?’ However, as far as I read, it was just a mysterious being working to prevent the destruction of the world.


So it will be okay until the middle.


What if it’s not okay? Then… I should be the first to leave.


In any case, Oracle showed a tendency to control Scammer and the people around Scammer in order to achieve his own goals.


What I noticed is this.


Since I’m now a contractor for Scammer, Oracle will probably approach me someday. Then, I will be controlled by Oracle to a satisfactory level and attempt to obtain the desired reward.


In any case, Oracle approached Scammer around the ‘battle tournament’ event in the novel, so if he had the intention of approaching me, he would do so at that time.




Aside from this, there are still more important issues that need to be prepared for right away.


The next event in the novel’s development is a practical test attack that occurs during the midterm exam.


The extrude gate where monsters pop out of the gate only opens near the ‘tower’. However, for some reason, during the upcoming midterm exam, that extrude gate opens at the location where the practical test is taken. Naturally, the practical test site becomes chaotic and many people die or get injured.


However, I have no choice but to wait and prepare for the time when this will come. I need to train hard for a while.


Let’s check the meta system.


However, I opened the meta system without thinking and stopped.


Meta point was reduced.


I checked last night and there were a total of 130 meta points left.


When I leveled up, the system’s random distribution function luckily applied to the stats I wanted, so I didn’t have to spend a lot of points.


But the point I can see right now is 120 points. Although it’s a small amount, 10 points were definitely reduced.


Was this something that could be reduced?


I became confused.


Losing about 10 points wasn’t a blow, but the fact that the meta points I had earned could be reduced was shocking in itself. This is because the calculation may be incorrect when I use the points in an emergency later.


What is the problem? The amount? No, the amount was enough. There is little chance of there being a negative factor there.


So is the reader’s reaction the problem?


I quickly scanned the comments from last night to today’s episode.


There were no problems with the general comments up to the previous episodes. Rather, I was able to see that the meta points were raised a lot as the content was mainly friendly to me.


The problem was the comments in this episode. There was a change in some of the comments in this episode.


I took a deep breath and looked at the comments in the system window that gave off a dark aura.


Kind enough, the system seems to be trying to tell me why. Thank you so much.





This is the money he gave her to buy the equipment, but suddenly, a donation? It’s good that the kid is good, it’s sweet potato (frustrating);



Donation? Suddenly? There was no foreshadowing, right? Why all of a sudden? Shedding tears is like a child being overly emotional;


     > ㅇㅇ

         ? Isn’t it just cute?



It’s good to give her grace, and he said he would give her money, yet strangely she blew it. Next time, it would be better to buy her equipment. I think if he gives her money, she will keep giving it to the orphanage.



I’m getting off. Author, please do your part.




So this is it.


I felt confident.


‘I’ caused the so-called frustrating development, ‘sweet potato,’ which led to negative evaluations of my character.


The negative reviews in the comments so far were either playfully referring to coins or stocks, or were simply attacks on each other by readers or complaints about the development directed at the author.


These comments had no effect on me.


But now, it has affected me entirely because they have negative feelings about the character ‘Kang Nahyun’.


…Needless to say the reason. As it’s clearly visible.


I clenched my fists.


It was stupid. I should have thought and acted more rationally, yet I was swayed by my emotions and made a mistake.


Since the orphanage has been mentioned as a negative factor by readers, it is highly likely that points will continue to be deducted whenever it’s mentioned.


Until there is a reason to overturn this assessment, it can be said that all material related to the orphanage, Teacher, and our children is prohibited from being disclosed.


Objectively, that is the correct judgment.




I’m angry.


It was extremely infuriating to see that my actions, which included giving back to the people I love the most, much less than I had received, were dismissed as just a ‘sweet potato.’


I was so angry that the things I loved were being unfairly criticized by strangers because of me.


Suddenly, my palms felt tingly, so I opened my fists and saw clear fingernail marks.


What should I do?


I could use up all the remaining meta points right away before they’re depleted, but that is something I would do if I could only see one step ahead.


There is always Scammer next to me who has the ‘Insight Eye’ that allows him to see everyone’s status right away. It would feel strange if there was a change in the stats even though I didn’t kill monsters.


It also interferes with the plan to establish myself as a ‘talented growth character’ by using a lot of points at once.


First of all, the points weren’t deducted much. So, while looking at the situation, I should aim to maintain the amount and reputation as good as possible before the midterm exam and earn points.


It’s fine.


I can do anything for the people in our orphanage.


Let’s play a character who always gives priority to cheaters and doesn’t give any sweet potatoes. Whatever the readers want, as much as they want.


I told myself that, yet for some reason, my heart felt tingly.


It was a vague, long, unforgettable pain, like a thorn stuck in the tip of my finger.


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Comments (9)

  1. I feel bad 😔. She cares a lot about the orphanage and it makes me sad that the readers reacted like that. I mean, I would have thought that she’s poor and cried because of the money lol

  2. I guess that’s just normal reaction from male readers, that are expecting light novel with game and harem settings. But those comments are still frustrating. For any normal person it would be real hard to keep playing the role in those circumstances.
    Thank you for translation❤

  3. Hmm I know these type of comments. And I’ve had quite a bit of grievances with sunshine characters behaving carelessly, however bro;;
    Do they know that that’s the orphanage she was raised in?? It’s like criticising a child for giving their allowance to their hardworking mother;

    Anyways, thanks for the splendid chapter as always. I will patiently wait for the next chapters

  4. That stinks, like would it really be that annoying to force you to comment on it?! Can’t wait for the next few chapters, thank you translator-nim!

  5. We need Na Yuri to educate the readers in the solar plexus with her fist.

  6. Dang, frustrating that the readers reacted negatively when she acts like herself and actually does what she wants to do for the first time. I expected them to actually like her being a goody-goody who donates to her home/orphanage. I’m curious what Scammer was thinking when she cried, I’d have liked to read his perspective.

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