Chapter 23 - How to Manage Your Connection (13)

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Author: lipzoldyck


Although I was very complicated inside, fortunately it didn’t seem to show on the outside.


Scammer didn’t notice anything and was concentrating on class.


Perhaps because he was such a fan of the original game, Scammer was excited and devoted himself to studying whenever he took a theory class like this.


I didn’t feel like checking the meta system any more right now, so I tried to focus on class.


The teacher was in the middle of taking notes and tapped the blackboard.


“Just like that, the attack on the Tower of Desire was stopped, and communication with the tower was cut off. And a few decades later, the first raised gate appeared at the entrance of the tower.”


It was the ‘Hunter’s History’ subject that talked about why the world came to be like this.


The first content learned in this subject is the first and essential content learned in all compulsory education courses in elementary, middle, and high school.


That’s probably why all the other kids are dozing off too. Because they heard it so many times. You’re the champion with twinkling eyes even though you already know it, you Scammer.


Anyway, the outline is like this.


Long ago, strange towers suddenly appeared in the capitals of every country.


At the same time, awakeners with strange abilities appeared.


Each country believed that the birth of the tower and the awakeners had an impact on each other. Since they couldn’t have an unidentified tower in the middle of the capital, they tried to lead the army and enter the tower, yet the tower’s entrance was tightly closed.


They, who were perplexed by the tower door that wouldn’t break no matter how hard they tried to, and the person who solved the problem was an awakener who was in the military at the time.


Korea, seeing a door that only opens in the hands of an awakenern, realizes that only the awakeners can enter the tower, and dispatches a unit of awakeners to the tower.


By then, other countries had made the same decision and sent awakener troops into the tower.


And then a shocking fact is revealed.


Although I don’t know what the principle is, the towers built in the capitals of each country were actually one tower.


Then, a proposal was made, centered around global distribution companies, to make the first floor of the tower a hub for global logistics distribution. Through lobbying, governments around the world also agreed to this.


The plan went smoothly, and when the first floor was established as a stable trading city, a way to climb the tower was discovered.


Korea, the first country to bravely attack the second floor, will receive numerous resources as a reward. This is the first strategy that led Korea to its second heyday.


When Korea conquered the tower and gained numerous rewards, other countries’ eyes turned.


Eventually, after a battle of conflict, the International Attack Force, ‘Savior’, was created.


Anyway, Savior attacked the tower, leaving behind countless legends centered around the hero ‘Park Siyeon’.


The more you conquer the tower, the more it pours out.


There were monsters, but that wasn’t the problem. People who were blinded by desire climbed the endless tower over and over again. Even up to about the 111th floor, monsters completely disappeared and people began to reside there.


And the 333rd floor.


Humans encounter ‘different races’ for the first time.


When they first met this race, humans defined this race as ‘a group of monsters with whom they could communicate.’


The raiding party initially only cooperated with them on a temporary and personal level for the tower’s quest. However, as they conquered the tower together, they gradually realized that they also had their own society.


In the end, the different races officially request to form a cooperative system as a group.


After lengthy discussions, a cooperation system was reached. This race gradually began to move out of the tower and interact with humans.


However, strong discrimination occurred against people of different races who looked different from humans. Various laws were also proposed to check the abilities of different races.


Although the dissatisfaction of different races was increasing, human strength was still needed to defeat the monsters.


Under a tight cooperation system, they manage to reach the 666th floor.


And the 666th floor.


Through ‘The Six-Tailed Fox’, part of the tower’s operating method and principles are revealed.


It was revealed that the tower operates based on human desires. It has been revealed that as long as human desires exist, there is no end to the tower.


A tower made up of human desires.


In other words, as long as human desires exist, there is no end to the tower.


This means that new monsters that invade the residential areas of different races are constantly appearing.


Although these races were monsters, they were intelligent. However, because they could become friendly with humans, it was an ambiguous being that was hostile to other monsters that were hostile to humans.


Eventually, these races came to demand for survival.


Don’t attack the tower anymore!


Don’t increase the monsters any more!


Their demands and human desires collided.


It was war.


There were also humans who sided with this race. There were also other races that sided with humans. The confrontation was endless.


Because these tribes were small in number, they mainly used guerrilla tactics. The humans continued to try to attack the tower, yet they judged that the damage caused by terrorism by other races was greater than the compensation for the attack.


In conclusion, humans closed the tower.


A few decades after peace finally arrived, a extrude gate appeared around the tower.


This is the background of the game in this novel.


Originally, each country gave the tower its own name, such as the Tower of Babel or the Tower of God. However, after the experience on the 666th floor, the name of the tower was unified.


Tower of Desire.


That is the name the tower is called today.



Currently, they’re actually training hunters to clear the gates in order to clean up the shit created by the previous generation.


Unfortunately, over time, the extrude  gates began to appear further and further from the tower, making the current ‘danger zone’ a rather large area.


Currently, the human residential area is divided into three with the tower at the center.


A ‘danger zone’ where extrude gates have occurred.


A ‘middle ground’ where extrude gates are likely to occur.


And, literally, a ‘safe zone’ where there is the lowest chance of a protruding gate occurring.


Static gates occur sporadically depending on the region, but there is no problem. Anyway, monsters can’t appear there.


This Guardian Academy is built in a safe zone. So when the incident occurred during the midterm exam, everyone went crazy.


I’m guessing that the ‘Flood of Disaster’ that Scammer is talking about is probably an extension of the midterm exam incident.


If the Flood of Disaster actually occurs, there is no guarantee that even if the orphanage is moved to a safer location, that location will be safe.


Therefore, I must find a way to safely protect the people in the orphanage before disaster strikes.


If anything were to happen, I was thinking of doing business with ‘Black Libra’ again. Because I still had a few things left to do with her.


Even if there is nothing worth trading for, if I were to risk my life, she would pay roughly the price. She seemed to value me quite highly.


In any case, I need to raise my ransom even more to find another way for her or to make a deal with her that she doesn’t know about.


I smiled as I scribbled Teacher and children on the corner of the textbook.


Cheer up.


In the novel <Academy’s F-Class Commander>, small episodes such as joining clubs and studying for exams continue until the midterm exam. In these daily episodes, I will try to build up the goodwill of readers by portraying Scammer and tiki-taka as much as possible.


Since we’re in the same class, I will be able to accumulate enough points since I will spend a lot of time with Scammer.


It’s okay, I can make up for it.


I spent the rest of the day trying to get my sinking feeling back to normal as much as possible.



Time passed and it was after school. The now familiar training camp party members gathered.


Unfortunately,  Choi Soojung didn’t appear. It can’t be helped because Scammer has treated her like that.


I stopped Scammer and Na Yuri from bickering and smiled as normal as I could. Calmy just watched the scene in silence.


Sometimes he would look in my direction and try to say something, yet I couldn’t figure out why he was doing that.


I’m having a hard time between those two, is that what he wants to say?



The training went without any problems.


As my mana increased and I was able to carry out a joint attack with Na Yuri for a longer period of time, I was able to last longer at the gate than when Choi Soojung was with me.


Na Yuri was happy and praised me, saying that if I grow up like this, I will become a famous hunter.


I planned to be like that, but it’s too much of an assessment for me right now. Na Yuri is always so generous to me.


Thanks to this, this training went smoothly. Finally, when all party members’ mana ran out, it was agreed to take a short break.


“I’ll buy you drinks!”


I said I would buy drinks for everyone and went out.


I have always managed my image for the sunshine character concept, but somehow I feel more tired today. I absentmindedly remembered the tastes of other kids and chose drinks.


As I crouched down at the vending machine and picked up drinks for four people, someone’s shadow hovered over me.


“Kang Nahyun.”


It was Calmy.


“Can we talk for a moment?”


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