Chapter 28 - How to Prepare for the Exam (3)

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Author: lipzoldyck


“I think that would be better, though~?”


“Yes. Please lift Kang Nahyun up.”




I climbed up on the wind sent by Choi Soojung and settled down at an appropriate height. It was a place where I could snipe at the yeti from afar.


The yeti’s appearance was visible in full. It has six cores. I have to hit all those cores.


It was different from before when I just quietly fired a gun, and I felt a sense of tension in an actual battle where my life was at stake.


For no reason, I stroked the body of the white gun Scammer gave me and focused my eyes on the scope.


Scammer quietly waved his flag.


It was the signal for the start of the operation.


Na Yuri’s flames exploded onto the soles of the sleeping giant yeti’s feet.


At the same time, Calmy’s blade was deeply embedded in the sole of the other foot. And Lee Hana’s magic that had enveloped the front was released.




The yeti woke up and howled in pain.


“Back ones, come out!”


The front group quickly distanced themselves from the yeti.


The yeti, awakened by the pain, stumbled to stand up and fell forward when the soles of its feet were hit hard. The core on its back was visible.


Should I shoot now?


No, not yet.


If I shoot now, the yeti, which still has room to move, will have room to defend its back.


Calm down. Let’s not be impatient. Do it according to plan.


In battle, you must keep your faith in your commander.


I held my breath as I felt my cool magic enveloping me.


The moment the enraged yeti raised its arms to strike down the humans who dared to disturb its sleep,


“Lee Hana!”


Lee Hana’s spear struck one of the yeti’s eyes like lightning.




It covered its eyes with both hands and, taking advantage of the painful yeti, Lee Hana went out and fired another ice spear.


The second ice spear penetrated the yeti’s hand covering its eye and reached its other eye. As a result, the movement of the yeti who lost both its eyes was almost blocked.




I fired a magic bullet towards the yeti’s core.




One of the yeti’s cores was broken.


Feeling its core strain, the yeti began struggling to free its hand, which had been pierced by the spear.


Just as the yeti felt a sense of danger and was about to turn over,


“Lee Hana, again! The rest of the front, attack!”


The new ice spear pierced the yeti’s hand again, then Calmy’s blade and Na Yuri’s fist headed towards the yeti’s arm.


As the humans continued to attack the yeti, who was unable to move, it writhed and screamed in increasing pain.


I destroyed two more cores in the meantime. There are now three cores remaining.


The yeti must have really felt a threat to its life and turned over without paying attention to the front’s attack. However, Scammer wasn’t someone who would just watch that sight.


“Choi Soojeong, turn it over!”


Choi Soojung, who was gathering wind in her hands, grinned.


The moment the wind blows and the giant body of the yeti turns overㅡ


“ㅡKang Nahyun!”


Bang! Bang! Bang!


Magic bullets were fired.


Three cores were completely shattered.


Slam! The lifeless corpse of the yeti collapsed into the huge pupil.


After a few minutes of silence, the flag was waved again. It was the signal for the end of the operation.


We did it.


All strength drained from my body. A sense of accomplishment and relief rushed through my body. I realized that I had been clenching my fists without realizing it.


As soon as Choi Soojung got me off from the high place, I ran to the group.


“Did anyone get hurt?”


“Don’t worry. I’m fine.”


“I’m well!”


“…I’m fine.”


“Nyahaha~ No one is hurt at all~”


“Who set up this plan, you know?”


Scammer shrugged his shoulders. As expected, it’s unlucky.


But I’ll admit it this time, you scammer.


That’s how we defeated the yeti without a single wound.


Since the body is so huge, I thought it would take some time to clean up the by-products, but we had a magical inventory skill.


As the huge body disappeared in an instant, the passage that the yeti’s body had covered was visible.


This leads to a room with a treasure chest.


“What… is that?”


I asked Scammer, pretending not to know.


“Well, the compensation room? Anyway, monsters won’t appear anymore, so everyone can relax.”


We cleaned up our seats and followed Scammer as he walked excitedly towards the aisle.


At the end of the passage, which was even cooler than the existing ice cave, was a platform made of stone. On top of it was a small, carefully carved blue box.




“It’s a treasure.”


Anyone with eyes will know, you bastard.


Scammer’s hands opened the box without hesitation.


Inside the box, there was a silver necklace with a blue gem. The necklace was clearly ice-attribute equipment, as it gave off a cool energy.


He said as he put the equipment he was carrying into his inventory.


“Alright, this concludes the Gate Treasure Exploration Club’s activities! Thank you for your effort!”


“Thank you for your hard work!”


As I applauded in response to his words, Lee Hana quietly opened her mouth.


“…Are you going to distribute items when we go back to school?”


“Yes. I  plan to sell the by-products separately and give you money, and distribute the items and magic stones as is.”


“I see.”


And then it was silent again. It seems like she was quite anxious.


Well, even if she can only receive a portion of the ice attribute magic stones obtained from this cave, Lee Hana’s family situation will be much better.




We went back the way we came.


Unlike when we came, we were able to return comfortably and quickly.


After briefly stopping at a trading post to clean up monster by-products along the way and a public institution to report the gate, we were finally able to return to school.


The time was already indicating evening.


When we arrived at the club room and sat down, Scammer slowly started talking.


“I promised earlier that I would give items to people who joined and were active in our club, right? I’m going to pay that now.”


For your information, that includes me and Na Yuri.


He could have left some out before declaring that the items would be given to participants. In times like this, he is quite a big guy.


“But before that, there is something that needs to be discussed. There was a rare item in this dungeon, right?”


A rare item obtained this time. ‘Sculpture of Winter’.


A rare item refers to an item that rarely appears in a dungeon, and it was an expensive item that was truly expensive.


“It’s an ice attribute item, and I think it would suit Senior Hana well. I want to give it to Senior Hana. Instead, when a good item comes out in another dungeon, if there is an item that matches their properties, the relevant person will get it, how is it?”


As usual, the manipulation continued.


So, he’s trying to increase his favorability by giving this to Lee Hana, who was desperately looking for an ice attribute item.


“Fine with me! Senior Hana also has an ice attribute, so I think she will go well with the equipment!”


But what can an employee do? You have to do what the boss wants. Gently control the wind.


“I agree too~”


“It doesn’t matter to me either. Because it was the opposite of me in the first place…”


“Yeah. I think that would be better.”


Although Scammer casually mentioned the next dungeon, the static gate isn’t that easy to find.


Although the problem is that Scammer knows very well where it is, common sense says so.


These kids who don’t know that fact are in fact expressing positivity just because it will help one person without thinking that it will actually be their turn.


Lee Hana must have been well aware of this, as she showed a surprisingly small smile on her cold, expressionless face the whole time. It was a slightly shy smile.


“…Thank you, everyone.”


“They’re all good kids, right~?”


“…Yeah. That’s right.”


In this way, the item <Sculpture of Winter> fell into the hands of Lee Hana.


We received some of the items that Scammer had lined up on the stall.


I received an item that looked like a bracelet. The skills it contained were quite good and the design was pretty, so I thought it was worth a lot of money and kept it carefully. I plan to exchange it later when I run out of money.


The mined magic stones were divided equally among everyone.


I don’t plan to sell this right away either, but keep it in my inventory. I heard that there are many uses for magic stones, so it would be a good idea to stock up on them in advance.

Lastly, the total money from selling the by-products was about 1.8 billion won, so each person received 300 million won.


This time, I plan to pretend to buy some equipment.


I have already donated the first 1 billion won to the orphanage, so there will be no problems for a while.


Thinking about that made my heart warm.


These days, the children at the orphanage are able to study as much as they want thanks to ample finances. It was my pleasure to receive photos of children with happy expressions. My younger siblings can do whatever they want.


Anyway, now the idea is to study for the exam before the midterm exam… 


It will be peaceful.


At that time, I thought so carelessly, without even knowing what Scammer was planning.




Scammer bastard.




You mean guy who takes advantage of people!




In fact, you aren’t the main character, but the villain, aren’t you!




I’m running at full speed now.


It was all because of that Scammer bastard.


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