Chapter 29 - How to Prepare for the Exam (4)

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Author: lipzoldyck


The beginning was trivial.


That day I was checking the meta system.


[Meta system]


* A system for you as a reader!


* Characters can’t see the meta system.


* Meta points are provided according to the frequency and importance of the story appearance of the character ‘Kang Nahyun’.


* Meta points are provided according to readers’ reactions and interest in the character ‘Kang Nahyun’.


* Strengthen yourself in various ways with meta points!


* Strengthen yourself in various ways with meta points!


[Current meta point: 1200]


Since I performed quite well during club activities, the meta points also rose steadily.


[Episode 17, 18 Appearance Part]


The content of episodes 17 and 18 was simple. It’s just a brief description of Lee Hana’s recruitment and our club’s activities.


All I could tell was that Scammer had a lot of faith in me.


However, I was a bit concerned about the content at the end of episode 18.


I seriously skimmed through the appearance part.


After I finished it, I sent all the guys away.

But I still had an unsolved task left. I searched my pocket, took out a fox bead, and held it in my hand.

I need to use this, but who should I ask?

No, there is someone who listens to my requests well, is always with me, and has high agility.

In the end I decided to leave the fox bead to that girl.


< Comment



A cool, calm, talented heroine? This works.



I’m purchasing all shares of Lee Hana.



Kang Nahyun? Choi Soojung? Screw them, it’s Lee Hana’s era


What does the fox bead as an unsolved task mean?


I read the comments closely to see if I could get any hints, but readers were focusing all their attention on the new heroine, Lee Hana.


Well, calm, cool female characters are traditionally a popular type, so it can’t be helped. Moreover, I couldn’t do it because it was a part that focused entirely on the heroine.


But who is he giving the fox bead to?


I skimmed through the comments and skimmed through more recent episodes to see what bothered me.


At that time, Scammer approached me.


“Kang Nahyun.”


“Yes, Yuhan! Why?”


“Take this.”


…It’s a bead.


Although it was overall blue, it had a strange five-colored glow, and even at first glance, it looked very precious.


I was reminded of what I had just read in the appearance part section.


There’s no way this guy can just give me something good. Plus it needs someone who has high agility. It must be something to avoid!


Just looking at it is ominous. What is this guy planning again?


“Yeah! But what is this?”


However, the joy and sorrow of a service job is that you can’t refuse a request.


“A special bead.”


Scammer laughed evilly. It became more ominous.


“For now, just keep it. If anything strange happens, please tell me.”




What is this? What’s happening?


Hey, I’m breaking this, you know? I’m breaking this!


I shouted in my mind, but there was no way my shout could reach Scammer.


In the end, I, the sunshine heroine who would listen to anything, had no choice but to accept what at first glance appeared to be the lucky letter bead version.


…If I destroy it later, pretending it was a mistake…


…The meta point must be affected, damn it.


So, I decided to cry and ended up carrying around something called the ‘fox bead’.


I checked the appearance part again, yet all I got was a useless monologue like, ‘Now all I can do is hope that Kang Nahyun escapes successfully.’


What is it, really!


I felt like I was the main character in a ghost story, and every day I held on to my fearful heart.



Meanwhile, strange things began to happen.




Other classmates started talking strangely to me.


Plus, if you look closely at these guys, there’s something in their eyes.


“Today is a round day like a bead.”


The conversation is also strange.


“Y-Yeah. Good day, right?”






“Beads would be nice today.”


I don’t know what the words mean.


And one day, I opened my locker and found strange love letters… no, bead letters.


– Beadbeadbeadbeadbeadbeadbeadbeadbeadbead.


– Will you accept my love for beads? I was captivated by your bead-like beauty. I would risk my life if I could have the bead.


The letters arrived anonymously, in various forms such as collages, blood letters, etc.


And it was all filled with a desire for beads…


This is also because of the bead! You crazy Scammer, what did you give me!


The bullying became more and more severe as the days passed.


“Do you like beads? I like it.”


“Wait, Miss Nahyun is talking to me, you know.”


“It’s round, pretty, strong…”


“Excuse me?”


So much so that even people around me can feel the strange current.


When I reported this fact while suppressing my desire to swear, Scammerㅡ


“Ah, that? …Just wait a week and it will be resolved.”


ㅡsaid something like this.


Just take it back now!


As I was going about my daily life with a distraught mind, Calmy cautiously asked me if I was okay.


Their level of personality was really different.


I quickly confessed my concerns.


“You know, I received a bead from Yuhan, and after that, strange kids kept being obsessed with the bead and talking to me!”


“With the bead?”


“Yeah. Not long ago, letters written in blood arrived… I’m worried.”


Calmy, who was silent for a moment at my words, then spoke calmly.


“…Let’s destroy that.”


“B-But this was given to me by Yuhanㅡ”


“You’re more important than those things.”


Oh, Calmyㅡ!


I handed the bead to Calmy with a happy heart.


Calmy took out the sword he always carried on his back.


That sword is trustworthy, isn’t that! I watched in anticipation as Calmy lowered the sword towards the marble.




The sword landed precisely on the round bead.


Finally, no more headaches!


I looked at the bead happily.


However, there wasn’t even the slightest scratch on the bead.


We fell into silence for a moment.


…Is this really a cursed item?


[The stuff that trash gave you? Let’s destroy it right away!]


Just in case, I sent an SOS to Na Yuri as well. However…


[Ugh! To think that my knuckles are cracked! What on earth is this?]


She couldn’t break it. It even withstood the extreme flames spewed out by an angry Na Yuri.


What is this? It’s no longer a bead.


[Nyahahahaㅡthere’s no way~]


Choi Soojung also failed.




Even Lee Hana, to whom I clung as a last hope, failed to break the bead.


I had to wrap my head around it again…


If this happens, should I just risk losing my meta points and punch Scammer in the face?


At least if I could get some information from the appearance part, I could at least prepare!


But all he thinks about is ‘I guess I’ll have to put the others on standby just in case.’ ‘Hmm… It might be quite dangerous.’ That’s it!


To the topic of unhelpful monologues, recently, extremely ominous self-talk like ‘Hmm, is it almost time?’ has been added!


Instead, I was able to survive thanks to the kind and nice club members (excluding Scammer) who offered to take care of the bead.


I expressed my gratitude to them and continued to hold the bead as if I were holding a treasure trove.


I have to do as I’m told, what can I do…?


Still, I received a lot of help from good club friends.


Na Yuri, who was very worried, came to my class every hour and surrounded me, blocking people who tried to talk to me.


Every time Calmy encountered me, he would try his best to break the bead.


Lee Hana and Choi Soojung left a request to contact them if anything goes wrong.


There are only good people in our club… Except for Scammer…


He was the cause in the first place, that son of a bitch!


Also, the club members who couldn’t stand it asked the Scammer during training class what the bead was.


However, Scammer didn’t pay attention to everyone’s angry eyes and only spoke leisurely.


“You will find out later. It doesn’t mean any harm.”


“Do you still say that when you see people acting strangely and approaching Miss Nahyun? What are you…!”


Na Yuri got angry, yet Scammer…


“I’m calling everyone out for dinner in a week. As long as you come then, everything will be resolved.”


He didn’t leave any explanation until the end and just told me to keep the bead.


“Let’s see, you.”


Na Yuri was glaring at Scammer, gritting her teeth.




As Scammer said, about a week later, the incident finally occurred.


After the training, me and Scammer were returning to the dormitory, but a huge group of people were blocking the way.


“Ah, is it today?”


Scammer muttered calmly and then he spoke to me.


“Kang Nahyun, take the bead and go to the lake under the full moon.”


“The one near the main building’s trail?”


“Yeah. I’ll hold on to these guys as long as I can.”


At that time, the group of people moved unnaturally, as if they were being controlled by something.


It was like zombies in a movie.




“It’s mine though, why? Sowhatsowhatsowhatsowhat.”


I had no idea what the situation was and started running.


Scammer, who said he would stop them ,couldn’t last a few seconds and was immediately trampled by the crowd.


I knew it would be like that, crap stats!


I suppressed my desire to cry and sent an SOS to my club members.


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