Chapter 3 - How to Create a Character (3)

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Author: lipzoldyck


That’s right, if you’ve done only a little research on the awakened society, you won’t know.


“That Na Yuhan…?”






Scammer approached us and smiled.


You like that? Of course you do. Don’t forget that I just laid the plate.


“Hello, Na Yuhan. Please take care of me, everyone.”


A neat and tidy school uniform buttoned up all the way. A calmly set head and a soft voice.


Now, he was different from the image that would come to mind if one was a ‘bastard’. If I had to argue, should I say that he’s like an aristocrat from a fairy tale?


Anyway, some of the children who were expressionless made a startled look at his appearance, which looked tidier than expected unlike rumors.


“Yuhan is from the awakened society!”


“Really? So you know a lot?”


“Of course. If there’s anything you don’t know, feel free to ask.”


“Really? Then… rumor has it that there is a way to level up well, you know what?”


“Hey, how to handle abilities…”


Scammer answered every single question and acted gently.


Look at him, pretending to be kind because he’s got a reputation while passing over when I ask him. It’s imaginary that he’s trying to tear up his image from the first day.


Indeed, as much as he knows the game, he knows very well how the world will roll to ruin.


He possessed a body that had poor specs and even personality, but if he wanted to live, he had to try somehow.


Still, it was clear that he wouldn’t treat anything other than ‘game main characters’ as important, so even the way he was kind to children didn’t look very good to me.


I’m sure he will think of me, and the other kids, as extras just to improve his reputation.


With a smile on his face, Na Yuhan was adjusting the flow of conversation so that he could blend in naturally with us, when the homeroom teacher came in as if the time was up.


“Welcome to Guardian Academy, kids!”


The homeroom teacher, who is characterized by his rugged, muscular body, said with a smile that showed off his healthy teeth.


“As you all know, what you learn is how to kill monsters.”


At that, a student jokingly shouted.


“I want to be a researcher, not a hunter, though!”


Laughter erupted from everyone’s lips. I laughed too. The homeroom teacher also smiled as if he was happy with the situation.


The atmosphere is pretty good. I glanced at Scammer next to me, who awkwardly raised the corners of his lips as if he had been swept away by the atmosphere, then looked ahead again.


“Great. Still, you learn the basics of how to deal with it, so keep that in mind!”




In response, the homeroom teacher gave a thumbs up and nodded his head. He’s one lively guy…


“Then, before everything, I have a question for you.”


Slam! The homeroom teacher’s hand struck the podium.


“Why do you hate monsters?”


The homeroom teacher asked us with a serious expression, as if he had never had a pleasant face.


“Simply put, what we do is kill. Even monsters have intelligence. Maybe we can be friends.”


The class was agitated by the homeroom teacher’s words.


Can you say something like that? Monsters must be killed! A variety of reactions emerged.


And I…


“Nevertheless, we must antagonize monsters. Because most of them are driven by the goal of killing humanity.”


I didn’t think much.


“That was my answer.”


What is important to me is my family. And what my family needs is money.


If I need to kill monsters for that money, I can kill them.


It’s not just a judgment limited to killing monsters. Because I can do anything for my precious things.


That was my unshakable, firm answer.


“I hope you all find your own answers too! That’s all!”


With those words, the homeroom teacher finished the lecture then distributed notices and timetables.


I checked the updated apps on the device while watching the back of the homeroom teacher leaving the classroom after the briefing.


Today’s lesson ends with this. Now let’s go. I stood up, fixing the suitcase I had dragged all this way.


I could hear the chatter of the children I had just become friends with, as if they were making plans to go out to play.


Scammer refused the children’s invitation and left the classroom alone. He’s going to go to training.


Hmm, I think there was an event where he met the main characters.


The main characters will definitely be valuable connections, so I need to build a relationship with them too. But it must feel strange that I, whom he met for the first time today, chase after Scammer


Let’s give up this opportunity.


…It would be nice to know the training room number, though.


This school was filthy and spacious, so there were many filthy training rooms.


“Nahyun, there are no classes today, so would you like to go to a cafe together?”


“Sorry, I have to pack my things today. Let’s go together tomorrow!”


I can’t help it. Let’s aim for the next opportunity.


I moderately declined the offer to go out to play with the children I became close with and decided to unpack my things in the dormitory.


Other kids who can afford to have sent helpers to organize things in advance, but I don’t have the money for that.


Guardian Academy differentiates support for students by grade in line with the slogan of skill supremacy. Of course, accommodation is also divided by class.




I sat down on the soft bed and looked around the room.


It’s better than you think, though?


The room provided to me was a great studio with basic furniture, clean and spacious. This is the F-class’s lowest-quality room. As expected of Guardian Academy.


I think it feels better because it’s my first room after reincarnation.


I sat at the desk set aside for no reason.


Well, now that I’m doing this, I vividly remember the time when I was contemplating which heroine character to present in the study room. The eyes of the younger siblings were stinging… They’re still misunderstanding, what can I do…?


And we have to give each of the children of the orphanage a room of their own…


House prices in this world are no joke. Whether in my previous or current life, it’s the most difficult to prepare my own house.


No, this isn’t the time to get sentimental. It’s more beneficial to plan for the future at this time.


Status window!




– Name : Kang Nahyun


– Job : Sniper


– Level : 1


– Physical Strength : F


– Speed : E


– Stamina : D


– Magic : E


– Mana Attribute : None


Looking at it again, it’s filthy low specs. A better one is only the extent of stamina?


Is there no other choice than to look forward to an increase in stats through leveling up?


Leveling up in this world has a strong random drawing feel, so I don’t want to rely solely on leveling up.


While looking at the seemingly unchanging contents, I realized that strange letters were floating at the bottom of the status window.


[…System update in progress (99%)]


Update? What else is this?


Besides, why is it proceeding on its own?


The moment I have such a question,


[System update progress complete (100%)]


Light emanated from the status window.


What is it?!


[Update complete!]

[The meta system is activated.]


[Searching for ‘heroine’… Confirming user awareness.]

[Confirming relationship with the main character.]

[Congratulations! You have been safely incorporated into the story of ‘Na Yuhan’!]

[‘Kang Nahyun’ appears in the novel <Academy’s F-Class Commander>.]


[You’re a character and reader of this story.]




While I was bewildered, the status window spewed out random words.


[Reader reactions updated!]


What the hell is this?


I looked at the new texts filling up my field of vision in awe.


The texts spewed out random information and then disappeared.


I wondered if I was dreaming, but the few windows that were still in front of my eyes were telling me that this was reality.


…Let’s calm down.


Update, what the hell is this?


It’s not actually a downdate or something scary like that, right? The world isn’t giving me more shit, is it?


Teacher, please help!


I summoned imaginary Teacher in my head.


After kicking out the violent director, the orphanage was cut off from all the money we had been barely able to get through, and a serious financial crisis came.


[Hm? Money? Don’t worry. Teacher will do something.]


Smiling faintly and urgently hiding the organ trade poster… Our puppy-like teacher.


I, who witnessed that scene, felt the greatest fear in my life…


There is nothing more terrifying than that! Good. I’m not afraid of anything now. Come on, man!


After taking a deep breath, I calmly glared at the window.


[Meta system]


* A system for you as a reader!


* Characters can’t see the meta system.


* Meta points are provided according to the frequency and importance of the story appearance of the character ‘Kang Nahyun’.


* Meta points are provided according to readers’ reactions and interest in the character ‘Kang Nahyun’.


* Strengthen yourself in various ways with meta points!


[Current meta point: 11]


[ > Meta Point Shop]


[ > View Appearance Part]


[ > View Reader Reaction]


Hmm… So, this is a reincarnated compensation?


A dedicated system, something like this?


No, I’m thankful, but… Why has this only now appeared?


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