Chapter 32 - How to Prepare for the Exam (7)

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Author: lipzoldyck



In fact, it wasn’t once or twice that Na Yuri questioned his actions.


Right now, when he was eating a lunch box…


[Don’t you hate meat?]

[My taste buds have changed.]


Even when we were training…


[You always used the baton, but I guess you changed your mind?]

[Isn’t the flag cooler?]


I don’t know whether it’s Scammer who shamelessly answers every time and gets away with it, or Na Yuri who lets him.


…It may be that she doesn’t suspect it because both before and after possession, he’s trash.


More than that, with how Na Yuri hates Scammer like that, our practical test… Will it be okay?


I was worried for a while, but eventually time passed.


After getting ready to go to the training center, I sat down on the bed. Since I had some time left before I left, I decided to check the meta system.


I checked the featured parts and reader reactions in detail.


[Meta System]


[Current meta points: 1500]


Meanwhile, <Academy’s F-Class Commander> had been serialized up to episode 30. I started reading from episode 24, where the fox bead incident begins.


As for the remaining episodes, I searched through them to find out Scammer’s thoughts during the fox bead incident, so I ended up skipping the episodes I didn’t read.


This was when the strange happenings reached their peak, and from the hordes of human zombies, they arrived at the lake and started talking.


[Episode 24 Appearance Part]



I was thinking of handing the information to Kang Nahyun, who was fidgeting, but I stopped.


The nine-tailed fox is a creature that has many easter eggs in the game.


One of them is, if the player goes straight to the lake and returns the marble without experiencing any unusual events,


She would say, ‘You knew what this was and took it out of there,’ and wouldn’t give compensation. If you don’t break the rules, you never know what might happen.


Try harder, Kang Nahyun. Take two items with you.



I can’t speak.


Why don’t you understand that this is best? It goes without saying that reducing variables is the most important thing.


…No, they don’t know anything, so what can I do? I held back the sigh that was about to come out.


The Will-O’-The-Wisp you can get there is an item that dramatically lower the difficulty of ‘abnormal situation’ events that occur in field training.


Although it’s possible to obtain one more Will-O’-The-Wisp during field training, I felt the need to secure it now as I wasn’t sure I would be able to obtain it.


If I could say that, Nayuri would understand.


But that can’t happen. Let’s deal with Na Yuri’s decline in favorability.


As expected, Kang Nahyun suggested that I choose all three items.


It would be good to show some courtesy here.


When I read the article, I got angry again and just skipped it.


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The main character is really using Kang Nahyun frugally hahaha


     > ㅇㅇ

        Ah haha, the heroine is originally a tool hahaha



Her crying is cute fr



Heroine tears lick lick


     > ㅇㅇ

        What else is wrong with this perv



If it was me, I’d just choose all three as I pleased haha.



Isn’t the heroine pushover? Ofc she needs to take all three haha ah frustrating;



It’s unlikely… Who in that situation would give all three to someone else?


      > ㅇㅇ

         No, she is originally that kind of character lol. What have you read so far?


I quietly raised my middle finger toward the comment window.


What do you mean by ‘originally’ that kind of character?


…No, no. It means I’m acting very well. Let’s calm down.


[Episode 25 Appearance Part]


The content of episode 25 was nothing special. I went and got the items. The end.


I looked at the items Kang Nahyun brought with insight. And I was shocked.


One was an item that, if possessed, would permanently remove all status abnormalities.


The other one…


…Yhe key to the tower? Besides, what about those guys’ blessings?


Was there something about the key to the tower that I didn’t know about?


I know everything about games, yet there’s something I don’t know?


Is this the nine-tailed fox, the incarnation of easter egg?


It seemed like Kang Nahyun didn’t know anything and only brought the key for protection, but it was fortunate that she did.


I’ll buy it later with a suitable excuse, or exchange it for another item.


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Oh hahaha she brought it well.



Eh? Unknown key? What? Is it a bait?



Now, something different from the game is coming out, right? Ah I know


…The identity of the key has been discovered.




I need to think of a way to prevent my key from being taken away by Scammer.


By the way, if the effect of the trinket is to remove abnormal conditions, will Lee Hana’s ‘that curse’ also have an effect?


I thought for a moment about who to give the trinket to, and then decided to put it on hold for now.


I turned off the meta system, packed my equipment, and headed to the training center.


Perhaps because it was exam period, the training center was crowded with people. They seem to be cramming for practical skills too. I thought about that as I looked at the crowd in a daze.


Finding my companions was easy. All I had to do was go to a place where people’s eyes were focused.


We’re a combination that attracts attention in both good and bad ways.


However, my gaze was more focused than usual, and I could roughly guess why.


I trudged on and joined that aggressive group.


Surprisingly, Na Yuri was in our group, as if she was preparing for practical training with a Scammer. She hugged me tightly and whined about letting go of Scammer, but that’s what she always does, so let’s just move on.


The training room was training room 101 as usual.


When we were about to take a step,


“Excuse me, Miss Yuri, senior Lee Hana!”


A girl spoke to us, to be exact, Na Yuri and Lee Hana. She was a gorgeous schoolgirl with flower-pink hair tied up in a bun.


Because it was a game world, I could see hair of various colors… Even so, that hairstyle really stood out.


Come to think of it, I think I saw that hairstyle during the club interview…?


Before I could think of anything, the girl came up to us and spoke cautiously but firmly.


“Would you like to join our team during this practical exam?”


From what I could see, the girl’s team currently consisted of three people, including herself, and there were only two seats left empty. She’s telling them to leave us and come their way.


Well, this is a development that was already expected when attention was focused on our team. For them, it’s worth giving casting a try.


Guardian Academy’s practical exam is conducted in a way that students autonomously form teams of five and engage in battle. Of course, the abilities of each team member are very important.


But now there are 6 people in our group. As it is, there is only one person left to take the practical test.


Seeing as she made the suggestion so openly, the team members over there must also be confident in their own abilities. So, it was decided that it would be possible to recruit one or two.


“I apologize. I have no plans to decide on a team yet.”


“I’m sorry.”


However, Na Yuri and Lee Hana flatly refused street casting. The pink haired girl stepped away, her face turning bright red.


Originally, I wasn’t doing anything public, whether it was public confession or public scouting. I expressed some sympathy to those who worked hard to gain courage.


However, even after that cold first rejection, love calls for Calmy, Na Yuri, and Lee Hana continued all the way to the training room.


“Oh, Siwoo! Do you want to join our team?”


“I’m sorry. I’m still thinking about it.”


“Senior Hana!”




I could clearly see what was going on in their heads when I saw them openly avoiding me, Scammer, and Choi Soojung.


Choi Soojung has great abilities, but they’re reluctant because she is of mixed race.


Although I achieved the achievement of clearing a gate once, they’re still in doubt about my skills since I’m in class F.


And Scammer… Well, because he’s Scammer. Such is Na Yu-han’s reputation.


If someone were to leave, wouldn’t one of those three who was love called leave?


Maybe all three will leave. Friendship is friendship, grades are grades. They might decide that it would be beneficial to work with other good team members.


So, is there anyone who can fill their places?


I thought of the faces of some of my friends in class F. To be honest, it was subtle… They’re still beginners and they’re in class F, so what can I say?


Still, since Choi Soojung and I are there, we should be able to cover at least two holes.


Making those calculations, I was watching the love call crisis like it was someone else’s business.


Someone spoke to me like that.


“Um, Miss Kang Nahyun, is you, correct?”


It was a woman with wild purple hair. At first glance, she seemed gentle, but there was a hint of madness in her eyes behind the glasses.


Who is it? The moment I tried to search for original story knowledge,


“Please participate in my experiment!”


The woman immediately made me realize her true identity with just one line of dialogue from her.


Wait. This woman, is she really that one?


I felt the color drain from my face.




Scammer let out an ambiguous exclamation.




Choi Soojung tilted her head.


“What do you mean, an experiment?”


Nayuri, who had been politely rejecting the love call, suddenly appeared as if she had teleported and stood between me and the strange woman.


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  1. I’m waiting for the day Scammer feels regret and gets jealous because Siwoo is wonderful. Only he deserves to be called by his name

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