Chapter 4 - How to Create a Character (4)

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Author: lipzoldyck


I looked back to see if something special had happened to me recently.


Even if it’s special, it’s about awakening or meeting the main character, but it’s been a while since awakening for it to be a condition.


Maybe meeting the main character wasn’t a condition for the update. It’s a very difficult condition to meet.


Rather, ‘character’. Me?


I remembered the message I saw earlier.


[‘Kang Nahyun’ appears in the novel <Academy’s F-Class Commander>.]

[You’re a character and reader of this story.]


Among the explanations written in the message window, read the particularly noticeable part again.


‘Meta points are provided according to readers’ reactions and interest.’


So, does this novel have ‘reader’?


If my actions are visible to those readers, it’ll be a bit burdensome.


In addition, it says that if they show interest and reaction to my actions, they will give me something like points, but I don’t know if those points are valuable goods.


Well, first of all, there’s money called points, so let’s start with the shop. I have to know what I can buy with it to think about whether or not to earn it.


I don’t care if it’s worthless goods.


I don’t want to suddenly become a good kid just because someone is looking at me. There is no room for that.


I thought so and clicked the ‘Meta Point Shop’.


[Meta Point Shop]


* Buy a variety of special items with meta points!


* The point price changes depending on the probability of the story and the difficulty of acquisition.


[Story Twist – ? point]


[Academy Entry-level Magic Gun – 1 point]



[Elixir – 10000 points]


[Magic Gun Mystilain – 100000 points]


And I opened my mouth.


As I scrolled down, various things such as potions and items appeared.




[Physical Strength Status Level 1 UP – 20 points]


[Speed Status Level 1 UP – 70 points]


[Stamina Status Level 1 UP – 140 points]


[Magic Status Level 1 UP – 70 points]


Status was also sold.


…Is it really selling it?


If it’s real, it’ll be very useful.


I pressed the screen to purchase the ‘Academy’s Entry-level Magic Gun’.


Then, a gun appeared out of thin air and landed in front of me. Looking at the status window, the point was deducted by 1 point.


After examining the gun, it looked like a really usable gun.


Wow… This is real.


It was a better feature than I thought. The corners of my lips went up automatically.


However, the corners of my mouth went down again when I saw the points item I had floating on one side of the screen.


It’s a nice feature. But then, what do I do? All I have is 10 points!


I had to suck my fingers while looking at my small and precious points.


Fortunately, there is also a search function by point price, so I tried it once.


[Price: 10 points]


[Academy Entry-level Magic Gun – 1 point]


[Sturdy Mass-produced MAgic Gun – 5 points]


[F-class Potion – 2 points]


[E-class Potion – 5 points]


[D-class Potion – 10 points]


There are more things I can buy with 10 points than I think.


Points seemed to be a more valuable resource than I thought.


I decided not to use the points right away, but to save them.


The following is the appearance part and reader reaction…?


I can roughly guess what this will be. Literally, the part where I appear in the novel, and the reaction of the readers who see me in the novel.


I decided to look at the appearance part first.


[Episode 5 Appearance Part]


* This is the part where ‘Kang Nahyun’ appears in this episode.


* Parts are continuously updated.


* You can view both the records of the latest episode and the records of past episode.


The cold, glaring gazes seemed to see me as a foreign object that shouldn’t be here.


Now that the bastard, who only believed in the family’s back and ran amok, even made a deal to give up the family’s support, I must be an easy prey.


Ha, do you think I’ll give up?


I clenched my fists.


“Freshmen oath, Park Siwoo.”


I’m a fan of this game, having mastered everything in it.


With all my knowledge!


“As a student of this schoolㅡ”




“I solemnly swear that I will be the bulwark of mankind.”


I will live, this world…!




In order to do that, what should I do with this stabbing gaze first?


“Excuse me,”


How to reverse reputationㅡ


“Hey, hello!”


As I was thinking, an unfamiliar girl’s voice spoke to me.


“Huh? Uh, hello.”


“What is your name? My name is Kang Nahyun!”


To think that she’s talking to me without flinching from these hostile glances. She’s not paying close attention. Or the news is very slow.


“I mean, I’m a government-supported awakener. That’s why it’s a bit awkward because I don’t know anyone.”




So that’s it.


She made a full statement and continued small talk.


A government-supported awakener who is slower to hear the news than those from the awakened society… Maybe it’s a card I can take advantage of.


I walked half way and quietly observed my surroundings.


Certainly, the unfamiliar faces tended to look at me less though. Their gaze was closer to curiosity than hostility, and at worst, it was as if they were looking at something they should avoid.


I rolled my mind.


The lower the class, the higher the percentage of government-supported awakeners. So, in order to establish a foundation at first, it seemed that I had to target the government-sponsored awakeners first and gradually reverse my reputation from the bottom up.


In a way, I’m lucky to be in class F.


I approached the students in class F, answered the questions pouring in, and looked at the status of the classmates with the ‘Insight Eye.’


Except for class D, where the main character is, there are no special characters in the class. At least, that person from class E who was about to be expelled.


Class F is all extras that don’t even appear in the story, but unfortunately I had to use even these guys. If I look carefully, there might be a card worth using.


For example…


“We’re in class F, but I believe we can rise if we work hard! Let’s do our best together!”


[Kang Nahyun]


Job : Sniper


Like this.


‘Sniper’… The gun will be calibrated. It looked useful when clearing ‘that’ dungeon.


I lightly glanced at her skills.


[Possessed Skills]


– Passive : Clairvoyant


– Passive : 100-Shoots-100-Hits


– Active : Magic Bullet


Not bad. Although her specs are class F low-like, her skills are good.




[Huh? Are you famous?]

[Yuhan! Let’s sit together!]


Seeing that she talks to me without hesitation, it seems like she really doesn’t even know about ‘Na Yuhan’…


Whether it’s because I look decent or because I responded appropriately, I think she has a moderate crush on me.


Shall we take a closer look and bring her into my team?


Still, I seemed to have managed to win the favor of the class F students. Accepting the smiling children with a friendly tap on the shoulder, I reorganized my plans for the future.


It would be better to go to the training room first and build a bond with the main character. Was the training room the main character often reserved for training room number 7?


At that time, Kang Nahyun smiled and started talking.


“Yuhan, do you have a younger sibling?”


The topic seemed to jump to the story about the family.


“I do. A very bad one.”


A bitter laugh came out.


I’m the older brother of the main heroine in the game. But the fact that my relationship with that younger sister was extremely bad made me sad.



Wow, you bastard, I didn’t even describe the fact that I laid the reputation plate for you!


Everyone knows that you were just staring at our group from afar, man! You ungrateful bastard!


And what? I have a crush on you? Crush? Cruuuush?


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