Chapter 5 - How to Create a Character (5)

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Author: lipzoldyck


It was absurd.


If crush is short for favorability, that would be correct. But making a fuss about me acting kindly in line with the concept of being a sunshine character!


Anyway, to Scammer, I seemed to be the character I intended.


Apparently, the ‘appearance part’ was prepared as a means to let me know what I look like in the novel, but it was quite valuable in that I could see ‘Kang Nahyun’ from the point of view of Scammer.


It’s a way to see myself objectively, so this is definitely valuable.


And getting information about the training room is definitely a benefit. It was also an advantage that this kind of secondary information follows as it naturally shows the flow of thoughts as if it were a novel.


It’s training room number 7. After we’ve sorted out the information, let’s go.


Next, I decided to check the reader’s reaction.


[Reader Reaction]


* This is the readers’ reaction to the appearance of ‘Kang Nahyun’.


* Reactions are constantly updated.


* You can see both the reactions of the latest episode and the reactions of the past episodes.



What is it? Heroine?



      Yep yep, heroine. But not the main one.



Harem is the best at the academy genre kkk



He needs a sniper to clear a dungeon? What, is it an adjusting dungeon?



      I think so? Looking at the skills, accuracy is also important, tho



Ah, the cliché is coming out, yeah? Extra-heroine is here! I vote that later on she has an unexpected talent and the MC will awaken him kkk



      Just die before becoming the heroine.



      DBH! DBH!


(DBH: die before becoming the heroine)


Who dies? You die.


I gritted my teeth and skimmed through the comments.


After seeing this, I was convinced.


Somehow, this meta system really seems to show this world to someone else like a novel.


And these comments are like comments from real people who read the novel.


If so…


The spinning brain produced the result.


Then, in order to earn meta points, I need to pay attention to their gaze and elicit a favorable reaction as much as possible.


In other words, I’m in this ‘novel’…


In the academy modern-fantasy web novel, it must satisfy the needs of male readers who pursue extreme cider and infinite harem.


(cider: a slang for good riddance when a bad person is being punished.)


And these readers expect something to happen when a female character of the same age as the main character appears. And when the female character is confirmed as the heroine, they express a great liking.


It means they’re responding and paying attention.


What am I saying?


In other words, my target position has changed from ‘just a colleague’ to ‘heroine’.





In the comments for this episode, there wasn’t much appreciation for the character of ‘Kang Nahyun’ itself. Most of them were expectations for the future harem, predictions for the story, and so on.


It’s my first appearance, so I can’t help it. Still, I seem to have been recognized as a supporting role that will appear steadily, so that was fortunate. It’s good to show up step by step.


It would be nice if I could make an impact right from the start, but isn’t it impossible to just start off with fluff just to leave a strong impression?


…No, I want to do it when I see that Scammer jerk, though.


To summarize…


This ‘meta system’ is definitely beneficial to me. I have to earn and buy with meta points, but I can only increase the stats I want.


This is a huge advantage as an awakener. Especially in this world.


It’s because leveling up in this world is literally drawn, completely random.


For example, let’s say my level went up by 1.


Then, if it’s a normal game, there will be a certain amount of points that can be invested, right?


First of all, the number of points is generated randomly.


There may be 1 point then 10 points, or 1 point and then suddenly 100 points.


The only thing that is certain is that it will happen.


I’d like to say, this is already a mess, but this isn’t all. A bigger problem is the fact that the points are automatically distributed randomly.


It’s not even distributed only to status.


Let’s say you’re lucky enough to raise 1 level and get 100 points.


My stats are bad, so I want to invest those 100 points in stats, but as it’s randomly and automatically distributed, I might get a new skill worth 100 points unexpectedly.


But what if that skill isn’t related to my position? I’ll become X.


To think that it’s double gacha, is this a game? No, it’s more a reality than a game, really.


Haha, damn it.


Those who are addicted to this absurd structure of messed-up-game must have a masochistic temperament. I have no doubt that Scammer has a maso talent.


Leaving aside the tendencies of Scammer, let’s weigh our strategy going forward.


The 10 points I have now are probably the money I earned from the previous entrance ceremony and the first day of class,


Scammer is under the illusion that I have a crush on him right now, so stick close to him… Dammit.


It would be better to stick closely and pretend to be likable, aiming to become a heroine naturally.


Still, thanks to the meta point system, I thought I could achieve my goal of becoming a useful hunter more easily.


Let’s suck up the connections and investments of Scammer and become independent as soon as possible.


In order to do that, the first thing to do is to get to know the characters in the main story.


The events that will happen in the future are also stories that lead to the end of the world, so there is nothing wrong with becoming friends with the heroes who prevent it.


As I thought about this and that and sorted out my luggage, it was all over before I knew it. I smiled at the neatly arranged room.


I wanted to spend the rest of the afternoon practicing while building friendships with the characters.


I changed into gym clothes and picked up the terminal.


Training center reservation… Training center reservation… It’s here.


[Reservation for training center]


[Room 6 – Busy]


[Room 7 – Busy]


[Room 8 – Busy]


The training center reservation system only indicates whether the room is currently in use or not.


Probably because if it shows the names of those using it, people who want to talk to famous students will get twisted.


But thanks to the meta system, I could roughly guess who was where. In number 6 and 8, there must be the main heroine of the original ‘game’ mentioned in the novel, ‘Na Yuri’, and the main character of the novel, Scammer.


In number 7, there will be Calmy, the main character of the game.


I was contemplating whether to book between number 5 and number 9, but I chose number 9 in hopes of meeting the main characters.



I finished organizing my luggage and moved to the training room.


For reference, the higher the dormitory grade, the closer the dormitory is to convenient facilities such as training rooms.


Living in a grade F dormitory and having no transportation means I have to walk a long way.


The grounds of the Guardian Academy were filthily wide, and it was early evening when I arrived at the training ground on foot.


I’m hungry. I should have prepared dinner.


When I entered the training room, it was the first day, so most of the training rooms were empty.


And in proportion to that, the training ground was quiet…


“Why are you here?”


…Or not.


“Why? I’m also a student at Guardian Academy.”


Oops, it seems that ‘that’ event that appeared in the novel is happening. An event that causes conflict between the game’s main heroine and Scammer.


Nice, do more.


I hurried my steps.


Na Yuri

First Year

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  1. Hmmm based on her appearance there’s an 80% chance of her being the tsundere and a 20% chance of her being the yandere.