Chapter 6 - How to Create a Character (6)

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Author: lipzoldyck


The quarrel between the two resounding in the training hall was intensifying to match the sound.


To be precise, only one voice was rising violently.


“Ha, you must have come to fool me again!”


“I’m here to train.”


“Training? You? Even a passing dog won’t believe that, you know?”


“Right now, just today, I practiced my skills all day long. Can’t you see here? Reserved.”


The smile of Scammer, who answered back in a straight line, was really disgusting. It’s a smile that really pisses me off, even if I know that he’s deliberately raising her temper.


Scammer’s ‘Aggro Operation’.


It’s a strategy to deliberately arouse Na Yuri’s temper and pretend to be attacked, to attract the attention of the righteous Calmy and establish a relationship.


I know, but obviously, there’s no reason for me to butt in.


“You must have been fooling around! Get out of here right now! You don’t deserve to be here!”


Ah, now would be nice.


Spreading my arms to the left and right, I jumped in front of Scammer as if to protect him.


“…I’ve been listening since before, but isn’t that a bit harsh?”


Seeing me suddenly intervene, the main heroine of the game, Na Yuri, paused for a moment before speaking to me in a slightly more relaxed tone than before.


“Who are you? Don’t you know how unreasonable the trash you’re covering up is?”


Na Yuri is a person who speaks respectfully to everyone, which often appears in male-oriented games and novels… It was a character with rather cheesy attributes.


It’s the usual heavy-handed lady character.


I stood in front of her and opened my mouth.


“Yuhan’s classmate. AlthoughI don’t know what your relationship is with Yuhan, he’s not trash.”


He tends to take care of his own interests, but as a result, he invests in his surroundings, so he’s not trash.




“And all academy students have the right to use the training room freely.”


At those words, Na Yuri raised her voice as if in a fit of rage.


“You can use it freely when you use it for a ‘legitimate purpose’! The training room is there for training!”


Scammer smiled crookedly as if in response to those words.


“I trained. It’s real! If you don’t believe me, do you want to check it out?”


“You’re lying!”


There is a tense tension between the two.


First of all, I’ll have to take Scammer’s side here.


“…Isn’t it too much to denounce everything Yuhan says as a lie?”


“You really don’t know anything about this man, do you?”


“I know. A kid who tries to get along well with us government-supported awakener kids, responds well, and says let’s work hard together.”


“Who, that thing?”






In response to Scammer’s and my nonchalant reply, Na Yuri made a sound like she was dumbfounded. Then she walked up to me and grabbed my hands tightly.


What? What is this sadness in her eyes?


“You… How pitiful, you’re at the mercy of that human’s whim…”




“Isn’t there an option that I’ve really changed?”


“Shut up, trash.”




W-What is this?


“It’s not enough to use the training room as a playground, to think that he’s trying to play with women again… Such vicious…!”


Na Yuri, who politely pushed me to the side and got right in front of Scammer, grabbed him by the collar.


Uh, um, I think sparks are coming out of her eyes. Is it because she’s in the mood?


It seems like sparks are flying in his hand too, but it’s because of the mood…


“Mother forgave all your sins and gave you a new chance by expelling you from the family!”


ㅡor not.


A flame made of magic burned in Nayuri’s hand.


“You never change!”


The moment when the fire, which has grown sharply, was about to strike Scammer in the face.




An unfamiliar hand grabbed Na Yuri’s hand.


The flame in Na Yuri’s hand was extinguished with a powerless push.


Ah, this ability… it’s Calmy.


The main character of the game.


His name is Park Siwoo.


A handsome black-haired youth with an old sword on his back and calm blue eyes.


Na Yuri seemed to be trying to take her hand out of Calmy’s hand, yet he didn’t let go of Na Yuri’s hand easily. Rather, he grabbed her other hand as if to subdue her.


I saw it and slipped back. Now that I’ve packed my portion, it’s time to get rid of myself. I’m not even in a state where I can do anything.


I watched the novel unfold with the feeling of an audience chewing on popcorn.


“Article 1, Paragraph 9 of the rules. The discovery of unregistered dungeons, the use of training rooms, or class time to improve abilities, except for these three, the use of unauthorized attack skills is prohibited.”


Calmy continued his speech as if he was breathing.


“It’s a rule. Keep it.”


Looking at Na Yuri, who opened her eyes wide, and Scammer, who was waving his hand lightly and smiling as if he was happy to see him, Calmly added words.


“Besides, we didn’t awaken to harm people, did we?”




Oh, that’s pretty cool. As expected, the type of main character who silently works on his own.


Na Yuri, who stared into Calmy’s blue eyes, lowered her head.


“I know the school rules well!”


Did she realize that she was overly angry?


Her face flushed red and roughly pulled her hand from Calmy’s, walking out of the training room with a quick stride.


Calmy watched her in silence until the end as she left the training hall.


Scammer glanced at the figure, then smiled smirkingly and spoke to Calmy.


“Thanks. I live thanks to you.”


“Don’t mind. I was afraid that if I didn’t stop her here, she would get a warning for aiding and abetting.”


Prohibiting the use of offensive skills is a school rule that is implicitly ignored. In addition, aiding and abetting is excluded from the charge even if it’s reported to the student department.


The fact that he just stepped out on his own must have been because he was worried about both Scammer and the emotionally runaway Na Yuri, who were on the verge of getting hurt.


Let’s give praise for our pure Calmy.


“Still, it could be dangerous, but you intervened and helped, right? You’re amazing! How brave!”


My words of praise made Calmy’s ears slightly red.


“It’s nothing.”


The way he slightly lowered his head as if embarrassed was really… No, it tasted like praise.


“A conscience in action in this era!”




“A true academy student!”


“A promising future hunter!”




“Wow, Park Siwoo! That’s really the top freshman of you! Rea-lly great.”


Scammer was also praising Calmy on top of my praise.




Scammer and I paraded our praises until Dum-Dum, whose face was as ripe as a tomato, covered both of our mouths with his own hands.


It was fun, to be honest.



After teasing Calmy for a while, we naturally sat down on the bench at the training center and had a conversation.


Maybe it’s because of the praise parade, it seems that Calmy’s wall has collapsed a bit.


“But how did you know when you were training? Isn’t it soundproofed?”


“Ah, I sensed the flow of mana nearby.”


“Sensing mana? It’s hard for even hunters to do, that one.”


“Really? That’s great!”


I hit the ball hard. At the same time, I acted as if I was interested in Calmy and eagerly asked various things.


It was a strategy to make it easy for readers to get information by asking questions, while also securing the amount of questions I asked naturally.


The information about Calmy will be very important, so my partwon’t disappear.


And it was also true that I was curious about Calmy, the main character in the game.


“When you make the sparks disappear earlier, is that a skill? A special skill?”


“No, it’s just a catch technique. Once you get used to mana, you can do it easily.”


At that, Scammer smiled and said.


“Don’t be fooled. It’s a pretty difficult skill. As expected of the top freshman.”


“As expected of this era’sㅡ”






The second praise plane grounded before taking off. Tch.


After that, we talked about this and that, but we came to the conclusion that Calmy is a type of genius without awareness. How envious.


As we talked, it became night beyond evening before we knew it. After getting closer, we promised to train together tomorrow afternoon and exchanged contact information.


I secretly clenched my fists.


Great. With this, I have succeeded in securing one of the golden connections. Let’s close the distance step by step.


I was slightly excited about the unexpected harvest.


I canceled the training room reservation I had made for tomorrow on my device and moved on.


After walking together, I said goodbye to Calmy, and headed to the dormitory only with Scammer.


And being alone with Scammer…


It means that the time to appeal to him with the sunshine character has come.


I thought about whether I should like this or not, then gritted my teeth and smiled.


Stay tuned, Teacher, kids. The way I lay a solid road in front of you!


“By the way, Kang Nahyun, why were you at the training hall?”


…Before that, though, there is one thing that needs to be addressed.


It’s hard to play a kind character, but talking to Scammer is a benefit because I can get information about this world and get the amount of appearances in <Academy’s F-Class Commander>.


I can do this!


I braced myselfㅡ


“Of course I came here to train. What, did I look like a lazy student from day one?”


ㅡand inflated my cheeks, pretending to be pouting.


Park Siwoo

First Year

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  1. I already like Park Siwoo way more than ‘Scammer’ lol. I know he has a name but Scammer feels more fitting

    1. I completely agree lol. Also I love your username. I see you are a person of culture.

  2. I suppose I like both scammer type and calm type MMCs depending on the novel