Chapter 7 - How to Create a Character (7)

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Author: lipzoldyck


Ugh. To think that I’m puffing out these elder cheeks.


To think that I’m pretending to be cute, which even Nana (7 years old), the youngest of our orphanage, doesn’t do!


“No, not that…”


Scammer waved his hand in bewilderment.


I know what Scammer really wants to ask me.


According to the story Scammer knew, on the first day, only Calmy and Na Yuri were at the training ground, but why did I suddenly appear?


That is, to build a relationship.


But I can’t answer like this.


“That, isn’t it rare for people to be at the training hall from the first day? So I was wondering if there was another reason.”


“You have been training since day one too.” 




I opened the door for Scammer, who seemed to be racking his brains on how to get information from me.


Here, take it.


“Well, but… Actually, I didn’t intend to work hard until I came to the training hall.”


The reason is, should I do this in moderation, I wonder.


“It’s not like you can level up by defeating monsters, it’s inefficient.”


“That’s right. Usually, we think defeating monsters is the most efficient way.”


Hey you brat, the way you talk.


In Scammer’s tone, there’s a nuance that, ‘I know a different truth from conventional knowledge’. I guess his mouth is itching because he can’t pretend to know.


Usually, when this happens, you just say, “That’s right.” and end it. You wanted to make it obvious, right?


“Mmhm. But thanks to you, Yuhan, I changed my mind.”


Irregular, or your very existence, caused the variable. Babam.


Is this reason understandable?


“Because of me?”


“Yeah. You listened to everyone and thought about it wholeheartedly, didn’t you?”


Scammer’s attempt to improve his reputation this morning translates favorably.


It’s the cliché so-called ‘Wow, ㅇㅇ! You’re awesome!’


At this moment, I became an extra-G who exaggeratedly overestimates and praises the main character’s actions without thinking.


(tbh idk what ‘G’ is. it just says so in the raws)


“You want everyone to study and develop together and become great hunters, right?”


“Uh, mmhm.”


Smiling broadly as I looked back at Scammer.


Be grateful. The only time I smile like this is usually in front of my family.


“Seeing you help others with such sincerity, I thought I would like to move forward faster as well.”


The concept is a shy heroine who confesses her true feelings. What do you think?


The romance comics that I diligently read and analyzed before entering school are really helpful. Right now my limbs are shrinking in real time, but I couldn’t help it.


“The only thing I can do right now is to train at the training ground. I need to try my best even there.”


“…I suppose so.”


“It’s all thanks to you.”


I tilted my head in embarrassment and scratched my cheek lightly with my finger.


“Ahaha, it’s a bit embarrassing to say this.”


I’m an actress! Great actress!


It’s the best for our puppy-like teacher and rabbit-like children!


“Did Yuhan go to the training hall to try his best? That’s cool.”


“It’s not a big deal.”


I made eye contact with Scammer with trust and goodwill in my eyes.


“It is. That weird kid? The kid who uses fire said you didn’t practice, but I don’t think so. Because I saw you, a sincere person who said let’s all work hard together, helped everyone, and rushed to the training hall right after school!”


Clench my fists, shake them lightly, and make a cheer-cheer sound.


“Let’s do our best together starting tomorrow!”


Scammer laughed.




Is he convinced now?


Yeah. Thanks…


Teacher, I’m working hard like this…


I eagerly stretched out my shriveled limbs and smiled brightly until I reached the dormitory.


My mind was exhausted.


Service jobs are so hard, guys…




After that, during the three days of basic theory education for students, I practiced with Scammer and Calmy all along.


Meanwhile I…


[Awesome, Yuhan!]


While applying ‘You’re awesome, ㅇㅇ!’ clichés diligently,


[I practiced Continuous Fire, and the results seemed to be better than I thought! How is it?]

[It’s fine, though? Great.]


I also worked hard to appeal that I was a resource he could use.


In particular, Scammer was more satisfied as I honed the Continuous Fire skill needed to clear ‘that dungeon’.


Other than that, I paired up with Scammer and proceeded with sparring by attacking Calmy as Scammer commanded.


And for some reason, Na Yuri…


[Today was pretty good.]

[Hehe. That’s a relief!]

[I, I…!]


Keeps on…


[Awesome, Yuhan!]



Glaring at Scammer every time she encountered us.


Is it because of the mood, or does she seem to stare at Scammer every time I try to approach him?


In the original novel, Na Yuri used to disparage the heroines approaching Scammer in ways I couldn’t understand, so I wondered if it was the same context.




After such a peaceful time, the day of practice classes arrived.


“Good morning, kids!”


The instructor shouted loudly.


“In this lesson, you will choose a weapon that suits you and try it out!”


The Academy’s early curriculum consists of classes to help awakeners who don’t know anything yet acquire common sense and experience as hunters.


This class continues until the first midterm exam.


The awakeners who ‘know nothing’ here are, of course, government-supported awakeners. The awakeners in the awakened society already know it all.


In other words, it’s the difference between children who only attend public education and those who attend private tutoring and private academies.


In any case, when conducting this curriculum, all first-year students are assigned only classes D, E, and F because they’re immature.


The basics are taught until the midterm exams, and during the midterm exams, in the name of a test, they start a real battle to defeat monsters for the first time.


After that, they’re evaluated and divided into classes A through F, and I heard said that students from the awakened society who have experienced monsters in advance are more likely to go to a higher class.


It doesn’t seem to be different from the education gap in my previous life. Such a filthy world.


Look, I can still see the difference.


“What are you going to do?”


“Me? I’m an archer… I want to try something with a bow.”


Government-supported awakeners wandering around and bringing a variety of weapons.


“You’re definitely that, right?”


“Of course. I’ve been dealing with it for years.”


People from awakened society skillfully bringing only one weapon that suits them.


It’s obvious that the quality of the weapons must have been significantly different because only the academy’s entry-level weapons were used during the time to identify their aptitude for weapons.


Whether past life or present life, social background is a factor that can’t be ignored.


Oops, this isn’t the time to watch. I have to choose too.


“Yuhan, what position are you in? I’m a sniper!”


Before that, let’s get some screen time.




I know. That’s why even with weak specs, you can somehow get through with skills and equipment.


Even in the game, Na Yuhan was able to get in the way in the early stages of the game because of the equipment he bought with money.


“Commander? Commanding armies? Planning strategies? Amazing!”


“Not really.”


“I think it’s great, though…? Then what are you going to do with the equipment?”


By the way, of course it’s a gun for me. Sniper is a job where the overall guns, including the sniper gun, are calibrated.


I thought it would be a good situation to hear this guy’s evaluation of me, so I quietly turned on the appearance part.



“Yuhan, what position are you in?”




“Commander? Commanding armies? Planning strategies? Amazing!”


Of course. Well-bred commanders and support characters were essential and human rights in the game. It was to the extent that it swayed the entire game.


“Not really.”


However, the problem is that the reputation of supporters in this game world isn’t very good.


The logic is that it’s better to be the one who goes through the hardships directly ahead of the one who makes lame attempts behind the scenes. Sure, it’s like that at a glance, but objectively, it’s different.


Well, humans are emotional animals, so we can’t help it, right?


“I think it’s great, though…? What equipment are you going to use?”


The question made me laugh without even realizing it. It’s like seeing a newbie asking, “How do I turn on the game?”


The equipment techs of characters, especially supporters, were common sense among common sense, but now only I know.


There’s only one initial piece of equipment for the commander.




I smiled and pretended to raise a flag.




Kang Nahyun, who was looking at me in bewilderment, wondering what I was doing by waving the flag, soon disappeared to get her equipment.


Yuri approached me immediately, as if crossing her, who went away.




I could feel Na Yuri’s glaring gaze from earlier.


Since the time to figure out weapon aptitude was a joint class between D, E, and F, I expected it.


“What the hell are you up to? Are you going to torture people like toys and then kill them?”


What else are you talking about? Killing people?


No, let’s think about this later.


The problem now was that she was looking like she was going to kill me with her cold eyes. How brutal.


This is why I built a relationship with Park Siwoo over the past few days. Seeing Park Siwoo looking at me and Na Yuri once, I felt a sense of stability. In case of emergency, Park Siwoo will act as the brake.


“I feel sorry for that child, so how about letting her go quickly?”


“I think there is a misunderstanding, little sister, she’s just my friend.”


“Who is your little sister…!”


As a result, my hard work at the training hall was something worth doing.


“I’m here!”


I also had a decent extra income.


I saw Kang Nahyun following me naturally like a chick.


“Huh? You…”




Na Yuri turned her steps as if she had decided to step back.


Na Yuhan you bastard, what the hell have you been doing to make Na Yuri react like that? I felt the need to clear up the misunderstanding quickly. Because likeability is important.


“Look, look. It’s all guns! Although there was only one sniper rifle…”


“Sniper is a rare job, so it can’t be helped.”


And since it’s a job that takes time to mature, there are few people in this world who have succeeded until they do. That’s why the Academy invests relatively little.


In the game, it was a one-deal that flies when you complete the training.


“Ah, I have one favor to ask of you. Can you listen to it?”


At my words, Kang Nahyun smiled brightly and said,


“However much!”


I stroked Kang Nahyun and smiled.




With this, all the pieces of the puzzle are in place.


I’ll have to show them my great performance.


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